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					Robots Patent Situation
Bill. Gates has predicted that robots will be as popular as the popularity of personal
computers. Completely changed the lifestyle of this age. At present, domestic and
international field of robotics is the rapid development of related technology, China
should give full play to its own technical advantages. Seize the opportunity to seize
market opportunities in the future.
Also known as automatic machine or robot manipulator, robot arm, the development
has been 60 years. Famous scientist Qian pointed out: "The so-called robot,
that is, those that have specific functions of automatic machine, it is the mechanical
and electrical integration, with artificial intelligence elements of the 20th century, the
high 80's, is an important part of the new technological revolution of 1.
"Some experts predict that the 21st century is the century of revolution,
robotics, robots as a full extension and expansion of people's physical and
intellectual means to achieve" the highest sense of the contemporary
automation. "
Mainly used in traditional robot welding, assembly, handling, processing, painting,
palletizing and other complex operations. As complete sets of equipment, robots and
automation to improve the product quality and productivity, enhance market
competitiveness, improve working conditions Deng has a vital role, combined with
significant cost reduction and performance is rapidly increasing, with the robot as the
core of industrial automated production line has been Zou Xiang production areas, has
a broad market prospect and strong vitality. Currently, more than a million industrial
robots worldwide active duty units. In developed countries, the robot automated
production line has become a huge industry, the annual market capacity of about 10
billion U.S. dollars. Japan Robot Association predicts that by 2025, the global robotics
industry, "cake" to reach the scale of 50 billion U.S. dollars
annually. Internationally renowned company ABB, Sony, BOSCH (Bosch), Fanuc,
Honda are all robots and automated production line equipment, logistics and
warehouse automation integration supplier.
Into the 21st century, the industrial robot is a robot from a narrow concept of robot
technology to the broad concept of the transition from traditional manufacturing to
non-manufacturing industries and the transition from industrial to industrial robots,
human-centered personal and micro-miniaturization change, and serve all areas of
human activity. With the development of computer and network technology,
standardization, modular, reconfigurable, network, digital robot into the direction of
the robot in the manufacturing industry, and gradually toward the direction of
complete sets of technology and equipment development. In the non-manufacturing,
service robots will focus on human life, so that tends to be more comfortable, humane,
intelligent, making them a close aide of human life and partners.
Status of domestic and foreign patent robots
Industrial robot originated in the United States. Since the Government funded
research and development of robots and related technologies in promoting the role,
Japan, USA, Germany and other industrial powers in the smart robot technology holds
the Ming Xian advantage of South Korea in the recent rise of the robot Yanfa respect
Ye Zhu Jian Zouxiangqianyan. Robotics research and development work in China
began in the late 20 century and 70 in the national "863",
"973", "Ninth Five-research" and other
high-tech development plan focuses on support, achieved significant development. On
the one hand, to Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Chinese
Academy of Sciences and other research institutions represented, with emphasis on
the basic technology of robots, such as robot kinematics, dynamics analysis and
synthesis, robot motion control algorithm multi-sensor control system, remote
operation Swift progress made considerable progress in technology; the other hand, a
large number of robots and automation equipment specializing in the production
company set up to promote the industrialization process of robot technology.
1. Franchised distribution analysis
According to the Chinese Patent Office, the relevant statistics, the end of 2007, robots
were 2266 patent applications, of which, after 2000 for a total of 2110 ,2005-2007, a
total for 1618. Shows the robot from the field after 2000 sustained substantial growth
in patent applications. This also reflects the robot-related research in recent years is
gradually warming up, is the rapid development of related industries.
In these applications, domestic applications 1545, 69.4% of total applications; abroad
for 681, 30.6% of total applications. Top out at home and abroad applications are 102
of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shenyang Institute of Automation Chinese Academy
of Sciences 68, 50 Harbin Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Aeronautics
and Astronautics 46, 47 Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute
of Automation 44; Fanuc motor 89, Sony 78, Honda 43, Samsung 54, Yaskawa
Electric 27. From the statistical results showed that the majority of domestic
applications, the applicant mainly in universities and research institutions, mostly to
research institutions; foreign applications to the majority of large companies.
Statistics on country of applicant (except for domestic applications), the number one
country of Japan 461, followed by South Korea 73, 59, Germany 43, France 17.
If the number of patent applications from the point of view alone, the domestic robot
technology seems dominant, but the combination of those areas and the distribution of
patent protection, we can find, the domestic application of technology involved in the
breadth, depth is often less than abroad, the right the actual scope of protection
required is very small, which means less likely to be infringing, and thus does not
embody the patent system in the Technical Barriers to advantage. On the other hand,
financial resources due to funding constraints, leading to early failure of many patents,
and patent people, premature loss of these patents in their rights.
The main reason leading to this phenomenon You, domestic applicants, an agent of
the patent document level Huan 相对 weak to write, especially Shen Qingren not
hire Dailigongsi, Ziji not Shuxizhuanli France, in Dijiaoyuanshi Shen Qing
O'clock to write many of Xi Jie into an independent claim of sovereignty,
therefore, artificially designated smaller scope of protection, have inflicted irreparable
damage. Technically, some of the innovation patent application itself is very low, only
for some small improvements of existing technology; written form from the level of
stress, some worry that the scope of protection the applicant was not easy to authorize
a large, active narrowed the scope of protection. Because the lack of writing
experience, most claims focus only on protection products, equipment, and neglected
the protection of the corresponding methods, which include some control, detection,
information processing method of claim mode suited to the technical writing program,
also correspondingly reduced the scope of protection.
2. Patented technology in the field of
As the robot technology is an integrated high technology, involving mechanical,
electronic, control, computers, artificial intelligence, sensors, communications and
networks, a number of disciplines and areas, and thus the development of robotics
technology will certainly suffer the constraints. In machinery, electronics, control,
communications and so on is an international leader in Japan has a solid technical
foundation, while another strong government support, intelligent robotics in cutting
edge internationally. In addition, since Japan and China work closely with economic
and product share in the huge Chinese market, the Japanese patent applications in
China has always been to spare no effort, and robot-related patent applications
covering many areas of technology.
Fanuc of Japan in three-dimensional visual sensor calibration, servo tool cut from the
combination of movement, movement control, collision control and so dominant.
Representative patents are: prevent interference between the robot control device, the
robot motion control method, the robot trajectory control, learning control with a
robot and robot control methods. Sony and Honda Humanoid Robot (humanoid)
invested a lot of energy, the results reflected in the structural optimization of
humanoid robot, perception, gait control, vision, etc, the representative of the patent
are: humanoid robots, biped walking mobile system and its control foot controller and
walking legs and walk on foot mobile device control device, using the ground reaction
force sensor for walking robot and its control methods.
Domestic patent applications in the field concentrated in the mechanical, electrical
structure, since this area is relatively developed in the international more mature, and
therefore its inventions, mostly concentrated in the mechanical structure, electrical
structure of a small improvement on this. Artificial intelligence for robots, automatic
control, information processing, sensing, communication, etc. for a relatively small,
making domestic applications dominate in quantity, the overall strength is not strong.
However, in domestic patent applications, there are some bright spots. For example,
the CAS Shenyang Institute of Automation of "a full three-dimensional
visual images to the method and device", will be a perspective camera lens
axis and the two mirrors are placed on a common axis of symmetry coincide, a little
space in each of the two mirrors, after reflection , respectively, as described in
perspective camera planar imaging at different points, the equivalent of two camera
imaging; device includes two mirrors, cameras, camera lens above the optical axis and
the two mirrors the common axis of symmetry coincide. The invention has the image
clear, simple system structure and geometry, high precision and real-time system
without blocking the advantages of imaging. Shanghai Jiaotong University,
"Online hand-eye calibration for robot adaptive motion selection
method" when using online calibration samples to the sequence of
hand-eye movement data movement reflected the characteristics of adaptive threshold
determination can be carried out continuously robot hand-eye calibration operation
online. The school's "appearance model based face tracking for
video recognition," greatly improved video tracking and face recognition
performance, widely used in vision-based control, video surveillance systems, video
conferencing systems, robot vision navigation system, military target tracking and
other kinds of identification systems for civilian and military systems. Beijing
University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Medical robot series applications: medical
image based on the pre-show limited surgical needle trajectory planning method, the
medical robot vision registration method for automated corneal suture closure body,
the five degrees of freedom medical robot alignment structures. The patent application
involving a large number of medical and surgical robot key technologies, the
formation of a valid patent clusters, indicating the level of medical surgical robot has
reached the international advanced level.
Many companies have domestic robots have patents, for example, Shougang
Motoman Robot Co., Ltd. has the patent on the pneumatic clamping assembly; Robot
Co., Ltd. Shenyang has a new song bus, multi-joint, automatic guided vehicle-related
patents ; Partner Robot Co., Ltd. Shanghai Guangmao up teaching robots have a
patent; Qingdao Haier Robot Co., Ltd. has the patent of industrial robots. In addition,
Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Shan Si, Ningbo Bulls Robot Co., Ltd.,
Foshan Robot Co., Ltd., Harbin Institute of Technology Hiromi Precision
Measurement and Control Ltd, Langfang Zhitong Robot Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tongji
Construction Po Ye Robot Co., Ltd. Shanghai Ying Luo intelligent robots Co., Ltd.,
Beijing Huayu robot technology development company and so on in varying degrees,
have the robot's own intellectual property.
Results show that, in the layers of patent offensive large foreign companies, the
domestic 的 companies are beginning to respond with patent 这个 pick up weapon
to protect their own interests, and those interested in the robot industry, Zuo Wei
Qiang Zhang Qi enterprise development. Research organizations to master a number
of patented technologies, and the corporate control of patents is relatively small,
which makes the further transformation of the patent has become a serious problem.
However, we were pleased to see companies with universities and research institutes
of the "marriage" also is playing a role, for example, the new
song Robot Automation Co., Ltd. and Shenyang, the cooperation of Chinese Academy
of Sciences, Haier Robot Co., Ltd. and Harbin Institute of Technology co-operation .
Overall, the domestic industry has been good in the robots to find the starting point
and direction.
Development of China's robot industry
In recent years, automated robotic production line in China has been the emergence of
significant benefits to users. With the automation of industrial enterprises continued to
improve, automated production line robot market will be growing and becoming the
main form of automated production lines. Robot equipped with automatic production
line in China's market has just started, while the domestic equipment
manufacturing industry is changing from traditional to advanced manufacturing
equipment and equipment during the transition, give robot research and development
of automated production lines, bringing huge business opportunities. It is predicted
that, at present, China is only the automotive industry, electronics and home
appliances industry, tobacco industry, new energy battery industries, the annual
demand for these automated lines reached more than 100, the output value is about 40
billion yuan. According to preliminary estimates, "during" the
needs of automotive industry market capacity will reach 900 billion yuan. In addition,
education, family services, the robots more and more applications, therefore, also face
(1) technological advantages, expand the depth and breadth
Promote the development of the automotive industry the development of
China's industrial robots. Since 2000, stimulated by China's
macro-policy and raise the level of consumption, the rapid development of
China's automobile industry, the industry capacity increase, increased
industry demand for industrial robots. According to the survey, in recent years, the
domestic robot manufacturers of industrial robots produced by more than half the
supply the automotive industry, automobile industry in recent years, the driving force
behind China's growth of industrial robots. At the same time, statistical
analysis shows that China's penetration of industrial robots, compared with
other countries is still at a relatively low level, and thus contains a huge market
potential. With China's further economic development and improvement in
the automation industry, not only in the automotive industry, in mechanical processing,
IC manufacturing, tobacco, coal, petroleum, light industry, construction and other
industries, robots will be more widely used. Robot manufacturing companies should
play their own advantages technology, its for the stance, strengthen related research
and development, gradually expand the depth and breadth. At the same time, should
focus on intellectual property protection, and timely reporting on the core technology
patent, patent protection on the one hand, on the other hand can also be patented in the
financing, joint venture, cooperation with greater benefits.
(2) the quality of education as an opportunity to promote the development of
educational robot
With the quality of education in our country more and more attention, education
requirements for the robot to form a huge market. In the promotion of quality
education, general education, research university model of today, using robot-assisted
instruction, for stimulating the imagination of young people to develop their creativity
will play a significant role in promoting. At present, many primary and secondary
school robotics program has been identified as areas of information science education.
In addition, the annual primary and secondary students for the "primary
and secondary computer production" activities and for the national
scientific research institutes of the "China Robot Competition"
and "international robot soccer (Robocup)" will be held, also
greatly inspired the students to learn and master the enthusiasm of robotics. Therefore,
the number of robot manufacturing company has aimed at this market and started to
develop related products. For example, the Shanghai Hiroshige up the capacity of the
robot storm produced series of robots, it provides an interface platform for users to
extend, to achieve the second development, in software, machinery, electronics and so
have a strong extension capacity. Upon introduction of robots in the series will be
welcomed by many universities and secondary schools were selected for the quality of
the experimental curriculum development platform, enterprises are therefore made
good economic benefits.
(3) service of human life, to open up new markets robot
South Korean scientists have predicted that by 2015 every household will have at
least one robot. Service robots as human services and popular consumer goods, 其
industries is expected to develop the national economy to provide new economic
growth point and driving force, which Ye Zheng Shi, Japan, Korea and other countries,
the development of Fu Wu Dali's Zhongyaoyuanyin robot. With the aging
of the population of our society is increasingly prominent, the demand for service
robots will grow significantly. Cleaning robots, care robots, robot guide dogs belong
to the scope of service robots. Our robot companies to develop service robots should
be related to core technology, rational distribution, start from the low-end products,
cost-effective in improving the competitiveness of our service robot, while actively
developing high-end products, and strive to account for in the future market have
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