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					Risk decision analysis tools
Lansys PV 1.2 1CD (chemical container strength calculation software)
Lansys PV 1.2 user manual
Winsim Design II v9.31 1CD (chemical process simulation software. Can learn
hydrocarbon and petrochemical products and natural gas process.
                 Natural gas pipeline injection, ammonia. Methanol. Hydrogen
device provides a rigorous process simulation)
Tripos Lithium v2.1 1CD
ELISA standard curve fitting analysis CurveExpert 1.38 1CD
Electrophoresis analysis of BandScan5.0 1CD
Reservoir connected graph software GeoCon v1.0 1CD
ECSS Chemical Star Technical Manual
PDSOFT 2.5.3D Piping Manual
Chemicals, electronic manual 3.0 1CD
Equipment through the latest version 1CD

Chemstations products:
ChemCAD v6.13 Pro-ISO 1CD (used for chemical and oil industry, oil refining, oil
and gas processing in the field of process simulation software for computer)
ChemCAD 5.0 English Version User Help File
ChemCAD 6.0 English User Manual

Gaussian, Inc. Product:
Gaussian 03W Rev.C-01 Full for WinALL-ISO 1CD (quantum chemistry calculation
Gaussian 03 Rev.B-02 for Linux 1CD
Gaussian Optics Divergence Calculation (Gaussian beam calculation tool)
Gaussian03 User Reference Manual Chinese
Gaussian98 User Reference Manual Chinese

Chemcraft v1.5 build 286 1CD (used in conjunction with quantum chemistry software
graphical user interface, for displaying chemical data and preparation of computing

ProCAD products:
ProCAD.2D.Designer.v2008.1 1CD (pipeline design to maximize efficiency)
ProCAD.3DSmart.Create.v1.2 1CD
ProCAD 3DSMART v2008 1CD (Professional Edition, an intelligent complex
three-dimensional piping design software)

Heastad Methods, Inc products:
FEFLOW v5.0 1CD (features the most complete computer simulation of groundwater
quantity and quality software system)
FEPipe v4.111 1CD (pipelines and equipment finite element analysis software)
Flow Advisor v1.01 (used to estimate the channel from a variety of shapes and
containers out of the water velocity)
FlowMaster 2005 1CD (open channel hydraulic analysis software)
Hydpro.v1.2.19.WinALL 1CD (hydrographic survey software)
Nozzle Pro v5.2 1CD (fast and easy to set up the nozzle, saddle seat, pipe shoes and
ear model of the plate finite element stress analysis platform)
Pipe Flow 3D v1.042 (pipeline fluid dynamics three-dimensional analysis software)
Pipe Flow Expert 2008 v2.052 1CD (pipe network design and analysis of complex
software, especially for pipe flow and pressure to balance the situation)
Pipe Flow Wizard v1.07 (pipeline fluid dynamics three-dimensional analysis
WaterCAD v6.5120n 1CD (water supply network system software, can the static
water distribution system analysis and design, dynamic simulation and design)
Watercom Drains v2006.02 1CD (storm drainage system design and analysis tools, is
ILSAX widely used in Australia and New Zealand design and analysis of urban storm
drainage systems)
Watercom Pipes Plus Plus v2005.8 1CD (calculate pressure and flow of the water
supply network, tools, Typical applications include sub-diversion pipes, fire hoses,
Watercom PiPes v2004.5 1CD irrigation water, cooling water pipes, water pipes and
pipeline construction in the design of plumbing pipes, etc.)
CRANE calculated reference pipe

PipeNet v9.0 1CD (complex pipe network flow analysis software)
PipeData-Pro v8.0 1CD (Process Piping Software)
PipeSUPPORT-Pro v3.1.55 1CD

EPCON products:
Epcon Chempro Engineering Suite v6.31-ISO 1CD (including CHEMPRO 6.31,
SINET 6.11, APITech Database v3.0,
                              Environ v2.0, process piping systems for the advanced
analysis techniques, including
                              Engineer's Aide SINET's full
functionality. Flame through the analysis of complex multi-system
                              System and database-driven design system that allows
direct input by adjusting the existing valve data)
EPCON.Engineers.Aide.Toolbox.v7.0 1CD (Chemical process calculation tool)
EPCON.SYSTEM.Process.Explorer.v7.0 1CD

Environmental Modeling Systems. Inc. Product:
Aquaveo.GMS.v6.5.6 1CD (groundwater modeling software)
Aquaveo.WMS.v8.2.1 1CD (very famous waters of water resources and water
pollution simulation software)
Aquaveo.SMS.v10.0.11 1CD (very well-known surface water and surface water
modeling software)
Riverware v4.4.5 1CD (a river basin modeling software, can be modeled on any river,
modify your model, dynamic data, fast operation, simulation or optimization)

Hydrus.v1.06 1CD
U.S. Corps of Engineers channel surface line computer program HEC-RAS v3.0.1

BOSS products:
BOSS.RiverCAD.XP.for.AutoCAD.v8.1 1CD (CAD modeling of complex river
BOSS.StormNET.v4.18 1CD (the most advanced hydrological software)

PREMIER Biosoft International products:
Beacon.Designer.v7.51 1CD (real time quantitative PCR molecular beacon
(Molecular beacon) and TaqMan probe design software)

Sulpak products:
Sulpak v3.0 1CD (computational fluid dynamics software packed column (packing

Sage.Informatics products:
ChemTK.v4.2.1.WinALL 1CD (Windows systems the chemical tool for the
pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry to provide low-cost research tools)
Merck.Index.13th.Edition.V13.1-ISO 1CD (Merck Chemical Collection reference,
there are more than 10,000 monographs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biological
products and other data)

Wavefunction products:
Spartan.2006.v1.0.2-ISO 1CD (multi-chemical software)

FUJITSU Product:
Cache.v7.5.0.85-ISO 1CD (unique desktop molecular structure package)
Materials Explorer v4.0 Ultra 1CD (material modeling tool for visual analysis. Can be
used to build molecules, crystalline materials, polymers, surface and catalyst
graphical model)
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Hydraulic, pneumatic device design and analysis software:

LMS International Products:
AMESim v7.0 1CD
Induction training AMESim Chinese

Hydraulic Design Manual (software version) v1.0 1CD

Festo products:
FluidSIM v3.6 Full CHS 1CD (English Version, festo pneumatic circuit design and
simulation software)
FluidSIM v3.6 Full EN 1CD
FluidDRAW 4t-12.20.2004 1CD (hydraulic analysis system)
FluidDraw Version 13.04.2004 1CD

Piping System Fluidflow v3.09.1 1CD (pipeline design and flow analysis software)
Parker O-ring Division Europe v2.0 1CD (U.S. Parker Hydraulic &
Pneumatic Seals software)

Pneumatic Teaching CD-ISO 1CD
Hydraulic teaching CD-ISO 1CD
Festo-PX training and teaching-ISO 1CD
Multi-Media Fluid Mechanics v1.0 1CD

Tyco products:
SprinkCAD.N1.v16.4.5 1CD (Fire control system design software)

Flowmaster International Ltd. Product:
Flowmaster.v7.5.0.29018 1CD (fluid hydraulic system simulation tool for fluid piping
system simulation)

AutoMation.Studio.Pro.v5.0.0.122-ISO 1CD (a circuit design, simulation, project
documents, automatic control and hydraulic package. For
                        Ability in automatic control and hydraulic applications,
including design, maintenance, and teaching. Is a new generation of self-
                        Automation and hydraulic power tools industry, is also an
ideal of the independent IC design package
                        PRO version can be schematic design, simulation and project
file management)
Zhangde You complete package:
Pressure CAD2000 (PVCAD2000) 1CD
Pressure Calculation Software SW6-1998 v5.0 1CD
Pressure Calculation Software SW6-1998 v4.0 Chinese Materials
Pressure Calculation Software SW6-1998 v3.1 Network Edition 1CD
Pressure Calculation Software SW6-98 for 98 v2.0 1CD
SW6-1998 User Manual
General Machinery Parts Design System GMCAD
Ship related software:
ShipConstructor 2006 v1.00 1CD (Canadian ship construction software)

Formsys products:
Maxsurf v11-ISO 1CD (Australia Formation Design Systems Inc. for ship design and
construction were developed for a variety of ship design,
             Analysis and the construction of a very comprehensive computer-aided
ship design and construction of software in the world already has extensive
distribution in Australia
             Australia, China, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, the United
States and other countries, more than 1200 ship design and construction of the user, in
             Kind of ship design and construction of the fields have been very popular
application, this CD is included in the Hullspeed, HydroMax,
             Multiframe, NeoFORM, Prefit, Seakeeper, Span, Workshop of these
Maxsurf 11 compl & manuales 1CD (English Course)
AutoShip v8.2 1CD
DSCdecoder.v4.5.2.WinAll 1CD
HydroComp.NavCAD.2004.v5.08 1CD (ship hydrodynamic performance (propeller
and CMP match) design)
HydroComp Propcad 2005 Full 1CD (blades generate dynamic three-dimensional
CAD software)
HydroComp.PropExpert.2005.Full 1CD (on the ship's propulsion system
(propulsion system components) for selection and analysis)
NeoForm.v4.52 1CD (the complex surfaces of arbitrary shape design software)
Proteus Engineering FastShip v6.1.29 1CD (This is a complete manufacturing
software ships. It includes vessels from the
                           Design to cost estimates, material procurement, human
resource management of the management)
Proteus.Engineering.Maestro.v8.7.6 1CD (ship manufacturing design software, which
includes ships from the structural modeling, analysis, and optimization of sub-systems
Proteus.Engineering.RhinoMarine.v3.5.2 1CD (ship manufacturing design software,
which includes ships from the structural modeling, analysis, and optimization of
sub-systems engineering. FlagShip structural design capability is based on this
Shape3d.v6.10 1CD (a concept under the sea and sailing, windsurfing with a
computer numerical control machine design professional tools such as 3d graphics)

Sweden Tribon Product:
Tribon M3 SP2-ISO 1CD (ship design and construction information system)

Cadkey Products:
CADKey Workshop v21.5-ISO 1CD (aviation, marine, automotive design leader)
Cadkey Workshop EX v21.5.incl.SP2 Multilanguage 1CD
Cadkey 99 R1 1CD

Aerospace design software:
Sculptor v2.1 1CD (for the aerospace industry graphics software)
SCulptor v1.7.1 HP-UX 1CD
SCulptor v1.7.1 Red Hat Linux 1CD
SCulptor v1.7.1 Suse Linux 1CD

Advanced.Aircraft.Analysis.v2.5.1.53 1CD (aircraft design performance analysis
AIS-Sim v2.40.01.2006 1CD (AIS and NMEA is a simulation software, can use the
built-in AIS Information Simulation HS-NMEA, AIS of the information received and
displayed on the radar)
Approach.v2.15.WinALL 1CD (radar, navigation control and the airport terminal
simulation training software)
Arch.v1.02.WinALL 1CD (a calculation of the arched beam fixed at both ends of the
stress, torque and pressure of simple tools)
Engine Analyzer Pro.v3.3 A028 1CD (a simulation engine improvements and
correction tool. You can try a different cam, heads, intake manifold and compressor,
                      Then observation of the torque, horsepower, air, fuel flow,
maximum cylinder pressure, volume efficiency)

NLSA.Nova.v2.2b36.WinALL 1CD (real-time accurate calculation of satellite
position tracking software)
Optimal Solutions Sculptor v1.8.6 1CD (for the aerospace industry graphics software)
Plane Failure Analysis v2.1 1CD
PlanTracer Pro v3.0.79 1CD
Profili.v2.24 1CD (for aircraft wing design and analysis of wing aerodynamic analysis
and design software)
Proach v1.05 1CD (radar, navigation control and the airport terminal simulation
Reflexw v5.0 1CD (GPR processing software)
Satmaster Pro MK 6.4F 1CD (satellite computing software)
SatPC32.v12.7.for.European.Users 1CD (calculated around the earth satellite orbit
calculation software version for the European users)
SatPC32.v12.7.for.North.American.Users 1CD (calculated around the earth satellite
orbit calculation software, the version for North American users)
SpaceCAD.v3.1.0.320.WinALL 1CD (rocket-aided design software)
TraCFoil v3.1.20 1CD (airplane wing and propeller design software. You can draw
the thickness of the edge of the aircraft wing and propeller blade)
X-Plane v7.50 1CD (flight simulation software, features the most complete and most
realistic flight training simulator)
Helicopter Rotor Calculator 1CD

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AMI Products:
AMI.Vlaero.Plus.v2.0 1CD

NTI Newmerical Inc. Product:
NTI.FENSAP-ICE.R1.0.Windows-ISO 1CD (numerical simulation aircraft ice
protection system)

Neural network design analysis:
NeuroDimension products:
EasyNN-plus.v7.0e.WinALL 1CD
IQ.Trainer.Pro.v1.1.WinAll 1CD (widely used in biological physics, psychology, and
artificial neural network modeling)
NeuroDimension.TradingSolutions.v3.1.051209 1CD (neural network simulation
NeuroSolutions.v5.07.Developer.Edition 1CD (neural network simulation)
Sniffer Pro v4.70.530 1CD (network analysis software)

Risk Analysis Software
Dyadem PHA-Pro v6.0.0.23 1CD (failure mode on the efficiency of management and
systems to improve product quality and reliability,
                 ?Including automotive, consumer electronics, aerospace safety,
general manufacturing, etc.)
Dyadem.FMEA.for.Medical.Devices.v6.0.0.23 (in-depth analysis of various medical
devices and generate consistent 510 (k), GMP and ISO standards document)
Dyadem.RiskSafe.v6.0.0.23 (products to help you avoid the risk)
Dyadem.SVA-Pro.v6.0.0.23 (chemical equipment security risk analysis software)

Crystal.Ball.Professional.v7.3.1 1CD (to help understand the size of the risk and help
you make better decisions)
GoldSim.v9.60.SP4 1CD
Palisade.The.Decision.Tools.Suite.v4.5.2 1CD (risk decision analysis tool)

Medical, pharmaceutical software
BIO-RAD PDQUEST v8.0.1 1CD (imaging system control functions + +
two-dimensional gel analysis of the database management system + Spot Cutter Gel +
MS data feedback control function)
BIO-RAD QUANTITY ONE v22 1CD (1D gel quantification software)
BioSolveIT.ReCore.v1.8.14-ISO 1DVD (bio-technology design tools)
BrainVoyager QX v1.10.4 1CD (functional and structural MR image analysis and
visualization of data sets of packages)
Calcusyn.v2.0 1CD (accurate analysis of the role of combination therapy, the ability
to automatically quantify the phenomenon, such as synergy and inhibition)
Cytel.East.v5.0 1CD (Clinical Trial Design System)
Dnastar.Lasergene.v7.1.Win2KXP 1CD (biomedical software for DNA and protein
sequence analysis, contig splicing and genetic engineering management)
Dnastar.Lasergene.v7.1.0.Proper 1CD
FieldAlign v1.0.2 1CD
FieldTemplater v2.0.1 1CD

Life.Sciences.Clinical.Genomics.Assimilation.Module.v3.2 1CD (used for clinical
genomics analysis software.
Life.Sciences.Clinical.Genomics.HL7.CDA.Builder.v3.2 1CD They are used for
sequence identification, specific gene functions built)
Life.Sciences.Clinical.Genomics.Universal.De-identification.Platform.v3.2 1CD

Materialise Simplant Pro v11.04 1CD (CT data into 3D image tools)
Merge.eFilm.Workstation.v2.1.2 + User Manual 1CD (in medical image processing in
first place in the diagnostic and treatment tools. It can also
                            ?Check multiple images, to cross-reference, measure, rotate,
zoom and annotation)
MestREC.v4.9.9.9 1CD (data processing, visualization and analysis functions of
high-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance data)
MestRES.v1.12 1CD
Molecular.Operating.Environment.v2008.10-ISO 1DVD (drug development)
Netter.Interactive.Atlas.Of.Human.Anatomy.v3.0-ISO 1CD (anatomy interactive
Orthocrat.TraumaCAD.v2.0-ISO 1CD (surgical CAD)
Vector.NTI.Advance.v10.0 1CD (integrated nucleic acid analysis kit)
Vitrea 2 v3.7 for Win95_98_NT-ISO 1CD (cardiac function analysis)
Sante.DICOM.Editor.v1.0.21 1CD (DICOM editor, medical software, you can see,
handling and any form of DICOM image editing tools)
Sante.DICOM.Viewer.Pro.v1.0.21 1CD (DICOM viewer, medical software, you can
view DICOM images tool)
Schrodinger.Suite.2007-ISO 1CD (solve the challenges of drug research in the full
software package)
Tripos.Muse.v1.0.1 1CD (new drug design)
Tripos.Sybyl.v7.3.Unix-ISO 4CD +1 DVD
Tripos.Sybyl.v8.0.SP6.Update.Only.Linux & Irix 1CD
Tripos.Sybyl.v8.0.Linux & Irix-ISO 1CD +2 DVD (SYBYL package,
Tripos molecular simulation platform produced a professional, covering molecular
modeling and display, QSAR
                            ?Relations and ADME, pharmacophore models,
bioinformatics, structure-based drug design, chemical informatics and database
                            ?Combinatorial chemistry and molecular diversity, NMR
data processing, compounds and other entities and drug research and development
                            ?Direction, to provide users with comprehensive drug
design and biochemistry of the solution)
Astronomy Software
Chris.Marriott 's.SkyMap.Pro.10-ISO 2CD

Sound engineering software
EASE v4.1.0.7-ISO 1CD
EASE 4.0 Instruction Manual
EASE 4.0 User Guide

Professional lighting design software, WYSIWYG 1.14 1CD
Neon software NEON2005.v3.6 1CD
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