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Rich and poor


									Rich and poor
1, the poor like the consumer, the rich focus on investment

  The poor get a chicken stew with chicken will eat the rich make chicken-and egg
and then hatched chickens.

  The poor work for money, the rich have money work for themselves, making the
money. General abundance (100 000 -100 million) of U.S. households only 20% of its
revenue from investment activities, while the super-rich (500 million or more) 43% of
income from investment activities. This is the attitude of the poor and the rich on the
money difference.

  The poor are frugal, but often because of lack of money, once thought to spend
some money on, had seen better days, and not to invest. The rich are spending, and
even luxury consumer, but they are spending money from extra income (such as
investment income), a larger share of the money or investment.

  There are 200,000 annual salary of the poor, because their money into the clothing,
cosmetics, cars. Annual salary of 50,000 is also rich, because their money into assets
that can add value to raise interest rates - real estate, growth stocks, and then they use
the investment earned money to enjoy life.
  2, poor research on the technique, the rich learning management

   Apart from the rich with money to make money, but also to let others make money
for themselves, I should learn to manage, understand the art of taking charge of
people. The poor need jobs, wants to be everyone else, so to delve into technology, so
that other people enjoy themselves, to use them smoothly.

   Needs of the poor stability, and hope other people to pay themselves a steady
paycheck, do not know what others earn more money. Others made the rich pay more
to take risks, benefits also may be greater.

   Management is an art, technical means can not be completely realized, as it should
be well versed in human nature. Good managers can not understand technology, such
as the Gerstner to IBM back from the dead a former biscuit factory, and only know
how to manage people who do not understand technology, it is difficult to become
   3, poor people buy lottery tickets, rich insurance

  Why do poor people buy lottery tickets, because it can make a fortune overnight.
Too want to change the fate of the poor, and always wanted "in
case", but do not want to "10000", keen on such a
hopeless gambling.

  Why do rich people buy insurance, they need insurance to cover the risk of extreme
uncertainty of living, then go to create a positive investment and business.

   Lottery and insurance, is a reflection of the poor and the rich are two different
concept of wealth. The former is full of unrealistic fantasies of wealth, while the latter
is based on reality and go up based on the ideal practice of wealth.
   4, poor risk-averse, risk-averse rich

   Risk and return are twins, do not want to take risks also want to make huge
amounts of wealth, exhausted I'm afraid we can do. Because the wealth is
often hidden in unknown territory, known in the field of competitors, profit margins
have long been divided.

  Not dare to take risks, hoping to follow in the footsteps of others behind, of course,
can only pick up the rest. The rich like to risk, he knows the risk is enormous wealth
behind. Of course they are not blind risk, but understanding of the laws based on the
objective to manage the risk.

   Buffett not seem adventurous, but he likes a crisis, when people have fear, were
frightened when the opportunity came, he said. So he is rich.
   5, the poor spend their time, the rich use of time

   The poor feel that time is not valuable, or even know how to spend. The rich
sensory time is money, because there are many important things to do. The poor also
seem busy, but often due to poor time management. The rich have leisure time, but
did not stop thinking leisure business development, or the next move in order to
recharge your batteries.

  When you are too busy or too busy, when not normally need to make changes.

  Rich people are good at making money using other people's time, let
others implement their own ideas, and put energy into the development of the future.
  6, the poor visit relatives, friends rich

  Poor people like visiting relatives, it was no good, the problem is when relatives get
together is going on at the family and neighborhood over and play mahjong,
completely killing time. Rich people are good at making friends, expand their network
of contacts to find suitable business partners to prepare for the cause of dry fan. Do
not feel rich interpersonal too materialistic, utilitarian mind that everyone has, and
relatives is also another competition, poor and rich relatives and between relatives
was quite hard to get along, not as out of sight out of mind.

   Together with what kind of person, what kind of person would become so rich and
the poor have nothing despicable climb, only to change their destiny. You want to be
rich, we should approached with the rich more, do not always have "hatred
of the rich" psychological.
   7, the poor small profits, the rich grasp the general trend

  People are poor chi short, the poor would be petty profits temptation to grasp the
general direction, penny wise and pound-foolish. This psychological performance in
the stock market the most obvious failure of the individual is always a good stock to
hold on, make a little money, throw, bad stocks could not bear to cut the deficit 1:00,
and finally fell to the floor price. The results make a little money, big money loss.

   The eyes of the rich long-term and firm conviction, I believe at our sole discretion,
to firmly grasp the trend of big money. The poor in front of a small risk of temptation
or become shaken, always no big deal.
   8, said many poor people, rich people do more

   Some poor people like to complain about the moment, some poor people like to
talk about the future, no matter what kind, are just saying no. So the former continue
to complain about has not changed; the latter to continue the Imagination hardly had
any action.

   The rich is made to say, they know it is useless to complain, no matter how good
the planning is only planning, no action is almost zero. Even in front of difficulties
and risks, unknown things, they have to brave step to run into problems and then
solve the problem, rather than waiting and complaining about the killing morale and
lost opportunity.
   9, the poor good at calculating, skilled workers into account the rich

  Poor good at calculating, surrounded by leading a poor Youyanjiangcu tea every
day, naturally so. Calculating the poor more likely to gain and loss, because of too
much care about temporary gains and losses, so hard to become a major event.

   Rich and skilled workers account, one entitled "Pipe Stories"
book, a story: a pair of good friends to the village water supply, the start of each day
fetching water with a pole, get low pay. Later, one of the suggested repair a pipeline to
the village from the river water, the result was because of high costs and opposition
peers - this is poor thinking and thinking of the difference between the rich.
  Who will organize the proposed diversion of resources to work with the scientific
method, so that a sustained and steady profit. And that opposition peers are always
mindful of short gains and losses, the lack of win-win thinking. Rich is to have great
wisdom and not just smart people.
  10, the poor could not bear to tasteless, the rich could not bear the opportunity

   Poor decisions are always hesitate, hesitant to face the future uncertainties, there
are too many concerns. Such as fear of losing a steady income, but not to start their
own business. In fact, think of it, immediate stability is merely tasteless gesture of
much use, but still not to the abandoned poor result, a better opportunity lost.

   Rich opportunity to miss most, if opportunity knocks, they will immediately seize,
take great risks even does not matter. Because they know that a missed opportunity
not come back, regardless of the answer can not come up, raised his hand first to say,
this will force themselves to find ways to bring opportunities into wealth.

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