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     "I do not like the girls cry!" Cheng Road opened tent:
"really cold outside, I have come Bibi cold."
     "You made me cry," I said: "I had full confidence
on this adventure, I've always been able to rescue the animals are happy,
though I do not want to miss when in the test, but I still feel This is worth it. I would
like to return after the success of the human world, to create a beautiful fairy tale
world, allow people to enjoy the appreciation. But today was such a thought as you
said, I even did not explore the success of self-confidence, and positive I became a
negative. "
     "This is where the human world is the human world, you have to create
a fairy tale world in the human world? Quit it!"
     Cheng Road, lying on a quilt he brought, and then said: "things have to
have a marginal have a plan, right? Example, I want to go as an astronaut, I go to
Mars, how well I first of all how, exercise Rights, Rights to study hard, and then find
ways to sneak into NASA's Rights, then I'm going to liberate the
United States for example, how the first I have to join the People's
Liberation Army friends, or to seize political power, military power, and then
concentrate the productive forces, the first ready friends, and so powerful a bang
winning the final liberation of the Russian invasion of Canada, the United States ...
you ...
Even say that you want to create a fairy tale world, and that line, the first
"fairy tale world" some abstract concept, as we have capitalism
in the real world, there is a socialist, a feudal monarchy, only that there is no
"fairy tale world" - other trouble, you do not want to What fairy
tale world into reality, the reality of things is to think so much; First of all you have to
have a specific idea, fairy tale world is Ze Yang is in power, said the prince, princess
palm house, a hero to the rescue, witch is hit, killing the dragon, and then cut? Then
come back to a specific implementation plan, such as the prince in power, responsible
for love affairs or simply to find the princess, then how can you control the prince of
good and evil? How to ensure that this prince would not be flowers Thieves? Heroes
go to knives to injure, you guarantee that this hero is absolutely good ye? Will not kill
the princess and then seize power after the first rape usurp the throne? And so on. Or
not you system, you just want to create a talking rabbit, flying broom, will become
money-tinderbox, then you have to engage in scientific research, the invention also
find these theoretical foundation of things. or do not you just abandon science and
take the other extreme, want to develop human potential, people can send magic, is
not impossible! - These require specific programs. Well, La La weave that so much,
my aim you in the clear: quit it, not even think about these things mess, though I
admire your frankness. "
   ?I could hear confused, and "just, dare such a blow to my
self-confidence, break my dreams? First you call something to say!" I
thought, then said a lot of things , concluded that the sentence: "big bad
   ?"Well, I want to sleep." Finish, I lay down, closed his eyes.
   ?"I am a bit wary of you have not you?" Cheng Road, and sat
   ?"You're just a rotten guy, but not bad! Although my mother
always said to me before, 'unless it is your father, can not believe that any
one man.' But I believe you are good people, otherwise you will not be
here a, right? "
   ?"Oh, I wordless ......" He got up, took a quilt, but also out of
the tent.
   ?In this way, we had the first night here.
   ?The next morning, I woke up and found a man next to none. A sense of security
did not appear suddenly, I shouted: "Honesty Road!" No
   ?Second time: "Honesty Road!" Or did not respond.
   ?I rushed out of tent: "Honesty Road! To know you again in the
tent!" Look, or a person at all.
   ?"He, he would not be wild animals to eat, right?" I said:
"how can I do?"
   ?Before me, for a man is not afraid of adventure, but after coming here in person,
I'm the Heart of a man afraid of adventure. "Or is he funk,
and" "No, he was so bad it?" "Perhaps
that's it!" a mess of my thoughts.
   ?"No, I must find him! Now, only two of us together, to risk the success
of a small animal rescue. If I am the only one after the immense mystery of this world,
then?" I shoot racking our brains, can not think of going: "No
no, I must find him! if he is eaten by wild beasts, then I'll find out his body,
if he is desertion, I must find him, and now This time, he is Shuaibu Diao me, even if
he thought I was a burden. "
   ?Just do it, I used pen and paper Cheng Road, left a note: "I find you, if
you come back, soon as the opening gun, the gun in the tent." I note
hanging in the tent on the left.
   ?I can walk, walk, walking and shouting: "Honesty Road!"
   ?In this empty lawn, I look forward to. Despite the beautiful scenery around, but I
did not see one. I only know: If I did not find Cheng Road, I finished!
   ?I constantly discovered, into a forest. Forest the silence of death, so I'm
a little scared.
   ?I am in the forest and turn, do not know how long turn, at last, faintly from afar
seemed to have white smoke. "Is a gun, a gun, Cheng Road is
back!" I immediately turned around and headed back, but I seems lost.
   I used the largest volume: "Honesty Road, hear? I lost!"
   I continue to like walking in the forest around the maze, walk up gradually.
"Tired Oh!" I knelt to rely on a tree. Suddenly, the left front of a
large lion impinge upon me. I wanted to run but no strength, I shouted:
"Mother, mother!" seeing the big lion that blood-red mouth with
great speed to me open, my hands closed: "God, Please, God, it appeared, I
met to big trouble! "
   ?"No time!" I said, closed her eyes, waiting for me to
swallow the lion.

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