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Mr. Feng Lu speech in Vientiane Bookstore: (Part I)
Theme: As long as you work, everything is possible!
?Thank you teachers, guests and friends come, in the cold season, to have the
opportunity to share with you the joy of culture, very honored. In particular, Chang
Rock Hill teachers, seniors down a large office, Mr. Yang Guangliang, Lu Lu brother,
sick man man, thank Jianhua Feng teachers and bookstores set up the total common
cultural platform Sanjin First, the provincial capital appreciation from various
mainstream media friends, grateful to friends who have come from Changzhi and I am
familiar with are not familiar with the Ladies and gentlemen, I used my sincere
gratitude to everyone present, bowed.
The salon is very exciting subject, that Lee would take the teacher, but in a limited
time, it is difficult to grasp, I used to illustrate a point, this is a story from my book,
"high-profile" of a story. Before that, I give you recall the way
my culture associated with the regional culture, which is a line. All in all down, the
contents of my presentation is twofold: one point, a line.
Let me first introduce personal experience: born in 1966 in the Yangtze River village,
13 years ago, has been activity here, a small basin, the Taihang concept, high-Taiwan
and China thus born; then I jump out of Shangdang basin, to Taiyuan to study, a close
relationship with the Taiyuan; in 1988 after graduating from university, the
complexity of life began - working one month on Hainan Island, back to Changzhi,
the spinning mine in February, East Street sell Zhu Tourou in January, life in turmoil.
Then do a small press, also did organs secretary, responsible for writing materials to
the leadership, not how successfully. So, everything is not successful, I can do? Often
asked myself. There was a ad, I'm Born with, there are roads there Toyota;
born I will be useless material, Feng Lu nor a road trip; said this, I have to think about
a question:
Why do I feel nowhere to? A Coban news students, not that rare, is very small, the
family is not too bad, but why is it so difficult line? Apart from external factors,
personal factors that should be with the personality, talents, interests have a great
relationship. Some hard to say because people can not set a password for themselves,
where the fate of the hands of God, man can only obey, in obedience to be played
under the premise that you can open the road of life. I did not understand the reason
that, with bloody hard, hard process, but the water hard to save themselves, the result
is hardship and hard. Everything goes wrong.
November 22, 1995, the fate of change, I left university seven years later back in
Taiyuan, another 14 years, the same day of the day, lectures at the provincial plan.
Press I to do an edit, go the way of culture, mind gradually improved, but the editor
does not meet the pursuit of my heart, and gradually took writing, study, study the
road, this is the Cultural Journey.
The last ten years, I experienced a lot, three car accident experience, 2 hospitalized,
the winter of 2006, life fell low, I was sick in 2 years northbound retreat home, health,
get martial arts to help, gradually improved. Meanwhile, Sheng Wenlian, Netcom
open Bo, the establishment of poured drink website, and second, formation of
mountain culture, clubs, organizations, a group of people in southeastern Shanxi,
Shanxi begin discovery. This is my life, I live in the culture of alcohol in Shanxi, the
Taihang Mountains is my grains.
I like local culture, speaking of life's wonderful.
With three complex is related to idealism, heroism and other complex dominates my
life. Cuban hero Che Guevara, even today, the market economy as Boulevard, still
this feeling does not disappear. Dream walk the Yellow River, Yao Mao books, Yu
Chunshun, I worship the idol is Bruce Lee, me, like many things with him, of course,
I did martial arts, only 1.69 meters tall and weighing 70 kg, but the thinking is similar.
Recently his wife run a Hong Kong and Macao visa, do? Avenue of Stars, and Bruce
Lee photo, the photo made into slides, meet me this complex. On to this picture. So,
the word knight, like, Jindongnan Three Musketeers, I like. Idealism, I like to do
things according to their own wishes. Because of the dream, we are different! This is
my life.
I was fascinated by local culture, there is a reason for that is a feeling of Shanxi. Start,
and many young men, not like here, go far, environment, culture, eager to Western
culture, civilization and blue. Now middle-aged, ideas change, look at the foot of the
progressive impulse had. Understand, nostalgia, dna, like hidden body, can not refuse,
regardless of accepting that it exists, influence you. What is it? Emotion, love! On the
southeastern Shanxi, Shanxi, on the Taihang Mountains, could not resist the love! Tell
you, I still want Western culture, and that, from the mountains to the sea, is the
inevitable route of Shanxi. From the academic thought by overseas scholars Hsu
Cho-yun, Huang, Fairbank, Huntington impact on the subject from the writing style of
Wang Xiaobo, Li Ao influence of religious ideas from being 克里希拿穆提, Hu
Yin-meng impact. These are the things from overseas. But I do not rule out the native
civilization, civilization needs to integrate inclusive!
Shanxi, high platform above the average elevation of 1,000 meters above activities,
the 34 million compatriots, I would call high platform in China. I in which
insignificant. Were small, and it is extraordinary, in my mind because of my presence,
Shanxi, and more that one petal! He can Shanxi blooming, this is what I understand
the value and meaning of life. Although I call the marine civilization, but not been
abroad, my father passed 40 countries, most of the people, my intention is, so I visit
the Shanxi, Shanxi write the password, I will go out for a traveler , visiting scholar!
Of regional culture, and unlike the majority of graduate students, not from the
beginning of the concept, field trips, academic culture, I began! Then to regional
culture, to study human culture, to historical geography. From the kitchen to learn to
build high-rise lid. My works are not enough professional knowledge is also shallow,
literary enough to learn, learning by doing, the hope of reducing the teacher, Yang,
Zhang, Lu Lu so many people help me. In addition, the study of human culture, these
things, nondescript thing, a bad development in China, Cai introduction of the most
influential Fei Xiaotong, "Peasant Life", also love Wenzao Bing
Xin, Li Chi, etc.. Not popular at the local level, plus I belong to the class without a
teacher, and later by the instinct to consciousness, so invite some skepticism. Not
going to go into detail.
Finally I come to a summary of my life: Life is not easy for everyone, even if the
work is not easy; but as long as you work, everything is possible! Everything is
possible! I proved my life. Teacher with bright words, is all are possible! Everything
is possible! Possible! There can not be!
Thank you, finished the first question.
Mr. Feng Lu speech: (Part II)
1940: Yangcheng shake the world
- British women 士格里蒂丝 Gladys Aylward led the 100 orphans out of line in
mind too
Hot spots:
? From Ingrid Bergman into Gelidisi ? Gladys Aylward;
Gladys Aylward personal characteristics and the Trans-Siberian
Protection of 100 children
Stir in the world and return to China
Death in Taiwan!



Ingrid Bergman (1915-1982). Jpg
001, from Ingrid Bergman to Gelidisi ? ? Gladys Aylward
Let us first introduce an international movie star, she called Ingrid Bergman ?
Born in 1915 in Stockholm, Sweden
Died in London in 1982, home, lived 67 years.
Education: Royal Swedish Academy of Drama
Orphans origin, was brought up by relatives and nurturing.
After graduating from high school to join the Vocational Theatre
(London, lymphatic complications after breast cancer),
Sweden will soon become a big star.
Marital status: There are three marriages, four children
Constellation: Virgo. Perfect!
Life and death is on August 29, the same day! Life and death in the same day
Get two Oscar for best actress twice
To star in "Casablanca," "Murder in the Orient
Express" and engraved in the hearts of many Chinese fans. Height of 1.75
meters, with a beautiful, holy, nature and world-famous, is 40 years since the most
popular actress, one of the fans, so you have to believe that the perfect Virgo exist, are
made in heaven. Words can not describe it, perfect really existed, God, a collection of
the rose.
?Had a more perfect, this is the play -
In 1958, she starred in "Luk Fook Inn", plays the female lead
missionary Gladys Aylward, the film sensation of the international community, won
the Academy Award that year for best director nomination. Surprisingly, the story had
a more perfect! In mainland China, is in Shanxi Yangcheng.
002 "London Little Sparrow" to China Yangcheng
By the end of December 1930, a 28-year-old British woman has made the decision to
change his life: a man came to China Road Work. She told Geleidisi ? Gladys
Aylward, in Chinese eyes, a very strange name.
The resume is this:
Gladys Aylward, M, February 24, 1902,
Born in London suburb, his father was a mailman.
Because of a poor family, she did not take in high school,
But as a maid, nanny, London "living room maid"
How to care for aging writer Young couple Lisbon, Sir.

No technical content, level of education is very limited, dysplasia, only 4 feet 10
inches tall (1.45 m), 7 jin, skinny as a toothpick, gives the impression that it is
"much,      the     lack   of    education,    general    General     links
"(" Gladys Aylward and the Mainland ") and
However, the inner qualities are Superman. 27-year-old belief in God, the first to
apply for the Mainland will, the other for her lack of formal education, curriculum
vitae and refused - UK Inland Dr Hudson Taylor (1832-1905 years) was founded in
1865, specializing in China missionary, the largest organization . To participate in
theological training for older, results are not good, get fragmentation.
She continued to do maid, what? Save money. Early in 1930, she was close to the
Methodist Episcopal Church, at a party, she heard that in China, an old missionary
Jenny ? Lawson (Jeannie Lawson), already 73 years old, would like to retire, but no
one is going to replace her. Gladys Aylward heard immediately wrote to her a few
months later, Jenny replied to welcome her to come and tell her that as long as the
arrival in Tianjin, China, someone will pick her to - Yangcheng.
Why come to China? China, Shanxi lack of missionaries. 1900 Boxer Rebellion, 1900
"Boxer of the persecutions," the largest massacre of Christians
in the place, Shanxi Provincial Governor Yu Xian missionaries killed in the Mainland
will be 58 and 21 children, the family was Daughter, even nursing infants are escape
the calamity it has suffered. Yuxianshouren several others. To Shanxi to become
"the most bloody parts of the Christian."

This case, the Chinese mainland Taylor will still insist on belief in mind, do not give
up, do not leave, no complaints. Also advertised a statement on the Chinese mainland
will give up the claim. This statement shocked the British and American Christian
missionaries to continue more in-depth China. Mainland China will, in the 19th
century the largest missionary organization in China, in 1865, Taylor founded by
British missionaries, to 1914, a missionary of membership, the worse it will be the
world's largest. In January 1929, the year before to China Gladys Aylward,
missionary stations in Mainland China will reach 840. It is the peak time period.
Shanxi mission station may be the most early distributed in the following 13 areas:
Hongdong (1886, Shanxi Province, the headquarters), 1933, in the first half, 38
counties in the diocese.

October 1930, the 28-year-old British woman has come to China.
After a simple preparation, she received the savings from the wage paid to buy the
one ticket from London to the Netherlands, time is October 18. Leave that day, she
took two boxes, one box puts a Bible and clothes, the other food and cooking alcohol
stove. Also for all the maids earned savings - £ 2 9 pence. Off the parents and sister,
Wei-Lan (Violet), they sent her to the Hague, the Netherlands by boat from the port.
Then she took on the train bound for Russia, the waving farewell to their loved ones.
Europeans choose the best route is a direct boat to Tianjin, but costs twice as
expensive. Gladys Aylward To save money, have chosen to go the railway. Travel
routes are: along the east line of the railway, after crossing Siberia, to China,
sub-Eastern Railway south from Dalian to Tianjin by boat.
The journey was very difficult. Originally she planned direct Northeast China. She
was forced to move to Moscow, then she ride in the vast Siberian wilderness travel.
One night, the train suddenly stopped, the original third-class car that contained only
the laborers out to the local, to continue to walk east, must bring their own baggage
over the mountains to walk to the next stop, Chita (Chita) place.
This is the Siberian wilderness in a desolate town. Gladys Aylward share over
snow-covered desert, arrived, found the station guard of soldiers everywhere He
Qiang, also heard the gunshots sparse. Local officials in checking her passport
allowed her in, she would not Russian, can only gesture, the other replied with blunt
language: visitors to the Northeast of China can not move forward, where to where to
go. - Later, she knows the Soviet confrontation with the Japanese, Chinese Manchuria
railway is also under the control of Japan. She was forced to stay in local hotels.
In a hotel, an English-speaking women, solve a mystery: she carefully read her
passport and smiled, pointing to the passport column wrote: The problem is in the
missionary (missionary) was mistakenly written as engineers (machinist) . The
mechanic was a great need for the Soviet interior, so local officials took her forcibly
Gladys Aylward understood why. The woman warned her to run away quickly;
otherwise they will be strong to stay in Siberia. Gladys Aylward Shuangshouyitan,
undaunted, she said she would not speak a word of Russian, how to leave the cold of
Siberia it? That woman helped her, that evening someone will knock on your door,
you follow him, and take the train to Vladivostok, will arrange for someone back. The
face of this mysterious woman, Gladys Aylward skeptical. She can not determine the
authenticity, she encountered the issue, a local official in the negotiations for her to do,
he suddenly want to rape her.
Night there really a man to pick her up, she went with him on the train. After a long
drive, the train arrived at the east end of the Soviet Union - Vladivostok, Chinese
named Vladivostok, a beautiful small town. After a night off, travel information has
been depleted. She met a woman near the station, begged her to find someone to catch
the overnight take her pier. The other helped her. She finally boarded a parking bay of
the Japanese merchant ships, the captain was touched by their spirit, promised to set
her free to Kobe, Japan. A few days later, she arrived by boat onward, Tianjin, China.
To abandon the ship ashore, the Gladys Aylward has been penniless. Mohr-McClune,
a rickshaw puller in order, insisted on her in, she was ready to own piece of dirty old
scarves be used to arrive account. When the rickshaw parked in front of a large, she
saw a sign in English, have a "missionary center in Tianjin,"
when the word, surprises.
From London to China, how difficult a trip itinerary Oh. 10,000 km. Relying on the
center of missionary, she found the China Inland Missionary Society office. From
Tianjin to get there, the less there are 1,700 in ah.
Next spring, the spring of 1931, a road name of Christian businessmen to go to Shanxi
Jincheng, agreed to go with Gladys Aylward. So, they first train across the North
China Plain, the further transfer coach arrived in Jiaozuo, the Taihang Mountains, the
wheel face a rugged narrow mountain road, then across the Pacific after the rough trip
through the natural barrier, the road above the high platform. Jincheng coach arrived
after staying in the Mainland will be mission station. This is equivalent to finding an
She is old and good reception of female missionaries Secretary Mrs. Mead, the
husband, who was internationally famous missionary Division Mead, young man
known as "the Cambridge Seven," one after the long-term in
southeastern Shanxi Ze, Lu two mission, and it will do business. Three in Shanxi.
Unfortunately, before her death because she had repeatedly asked the Church to the
British general sent to take over Jenny Yangcheng, and now finally halted by.
After a few days rest, the fellow under the guidance, take the mule train, sedan chair,
after two days of hurry, get Yangcheng. From now to the Yangcheng Zezhou only half
an hour.
003 links between China and the international "Beatitudes Inn"
To do a few things. The first collaboration Jenny, by opening an unused courtyard inn,
called the 'Beatitudes inn'. "Why is it
called"         Beatitudes      "?        And        the     Bible     of
Jesus's" Sermon on the Mount, "the original text
of" Beatitudes "discipline. This is the blessing was hit eight
western inn. Gladys Aylward use this to shelter orphans, aid to the wounded. In 1958,
that Hollywood films on this as a title. slight difference is that the
"Beatitudes Inn" to "Luk Fook Inn" (The
Inn of the Sixth Happiness). internationally quite well known. another, In 1936,
Gladys Aylward Chinese nationality. Western missionaries the first.
Why the Pacific them? Here is a causal relationship. February 1939, Gladys Aylward
told the Japanese to leave the Zezhou, she made a special trip to the Zezhou to
temporarily took the guard mission station. A few days later, the national army into
the city hopes staying, Gladys Aylward to "neutral" refused. At
that time, bad policy is strict neutrality will. Visit was an intelligence officer, Colonel
Linnan, he refined and polite conversation, to Gladys Aylward left a good impression
- perhaps this is the interpretation section of the film was clear Love it? Linnan
advised her to resist the evil of good help. Gladys Aylward also been touched, the two
still on many city streets Zezhou rhetoric.
There is also a man so she changed her neutral stance, this is the Europeans, General
Ray. She encountered the deep mountain legendary guerrilla leader, so she was
surprised that mine was originally a Catholic priest, General, and now has become the
anti-Japanese armed hero. He did this, why did I not? She had been touched.
In Zezhou accepted the U.S. "Time" (Time) magazine reporter
declared that access to Gladys Aylward: Missionary group is neutral, but she hated the
Japanese atrocities. She also know the secret Japanese intelligence passed to the
military. Spring, the Japanese were "mopping up" the
approaching Zezhou, only a day away. Out notice which use Chinese, English words:
reward for the capture, "Little Women Gladys Aylward," 100
U.S. dollars reward. Decapitation action. - This is the Japanese intelligence and
sensitive enough, but some of them are too small gas, District 100 US dollars, would
capture the world-renowned British woman? !
Gladys Aylward with the rest of the day nearly 100 orphans, they fled to the
Yangcheng. On the road, encountered Japanese planes strafe, shoulder gunshot
wounds. Packed and returned to Yangcheng, to analyze the situation, she and
missionary stations have not weaker, she decided to take 100 orphans to
Xi'an, where their base.
The 100 orphans, who are mainly descendants of southeastern Shanxi. One of the
biggest Sulan a maid, a large adoption of the United States with her ex (the little girl
known       as     "ninety",          learning    the       name      of
"US-en",                  and            "little",
"baby." Orchid, and other Two boys; the youngest only four
years old, needed someone to move forward hold.
This is the very reason for the line, to escape the Japanese soldiers to kill, to lead 100
children to Xi'an.
004 100 orphans began to lead a thousand miles Migration
That remarkable large migration. On migration routes, have different views, my
analysis, south Wangwushan, west of Xi'an is more reliable.
?Look at the map, Yangcheng, Shanxi and Henan at the junction, around all over the
mountains, they went to Shaanxi Fufeng can only climb in the article, wangwu
mountains, across the Yellow River, the westbound off Xiaoshan into Tongguan to
secure them. From here to go to Xi'an is about 480 km mountain road, such
a young team, they can go a long way to do so? The short stature of the Choice
between Love by Gladys Aylward, 1.45 m and a few followers care to complete it?
- Write this, I can not help but think of the "Bible" to describe
the Israelites out of Egypt. This is the Bible's most spectacular scene,
Moses (Moses) led 600,000 young men with their families and future generations,
about 23 million people who to get rid of an Egyptian pharaoh's slavery,
left Egypt for the desert adventure to begin a new life free .
Followed by a large number of pursuers Pharaoh in the Red Sea, they got into a
hopeless situation. Now, Gladys Aylward to get rid of Japanese persecution, but also
3000 years later, 10 children from the Yangcheng lead the 100 foot was removed in
the mountains, go to Xi'an Fufeng. Although size, no comparison, but the
plight and reflect the dedication are very similar. This is also the most touching scene
of Gladys Aylward, her feat in the 1950s shook the Western world.
Let us return to the story - the procession in the mountains, around the adults hold the
line, children are each other's arm, and the youngest child, by a few adults
with baskets Dan Zhao, and 38 years of age before and after the visit with Gladys
Aylward , also kept holding a child tired hurry. County sent several people, carry bags
of millet, and sent up the Yellow River.
They dare not walk on the path, only the local people led by the towering peaks
Jujuerhang. Tired of collective rest, hungry mule Remove from some millet porridge,
camping at night on the spot. Children often cried to pee, the road would have
intermittent; often worn child's shoe, foot wear swollen, walking
difficulties, dreams of crying, once again showed their helplessness. Their clothes torn,
like a bunch of little beggar.
Only once, they encountered a military guerrilla dozens of people, they left the kids
some food, which makes them happy for a long time.
After they boarded a high mountain, in front of the children started cheering and
dancing: "Yellow! Of the Yellow River!" Gladys Aylward
rushed over to look, it really was the Yellow River. Yangcheng to the Yellow River
from the shore, mule needs 5 days to go the way that they actually go for 12 days.
Near the Yellow River when few people would send their return to the.
The thought of a train, they excited - they have long lives in the mountains inside, no
sitting on the train could not be said, is never seen. At this point, the broad cross in
front of the Yellow River, not a ferry.
Wait three days, on the fourth day, from planning to a boat across the river, then down
several military soldiers - they observe these small refugees have been for several
days. In the absence of a danger before help came. Contact until after all, only a
second lieutenant, from the bag and took out a large mirror by the sun to the other side
of the light flashes a few times; the opposite way also with the same response. Soon,
there is a large wood case ferry approaching. Some of the children cheered, while
Gladys Aylward Jin did not even cheer up.
This hundred people spent a few hundred meters wide and three installments of the
Yellow River, until the last batch of Gladys Aylward landed her relief, she knows now
out of danger of.
The children there to catch a freight train, because it is the first time, so we are very
excited. Train stop and go, they stop eating and get off to refugee relief. Article go
near the mountain in a small village, they are in trouble - because the bridge was
blown up, the train can not go farther. Can only continue on foot, as ancient as the
soldiers climb over Xiaoshan path, we can reach Tongguan. They quite trouble is, the
legendary piece of trails, no one knows, not even the local villagers walked none. She
was told: This mountain Juegu Xiaoshan, known since ancient times to steep, has
always been to Henan, Shaanxi in Central China's natural barriers. Luo is
also a tributary of the Yellow River and its watershed. So much a mountain, who can
clearly? !
?Half of the march, their physical strength has reached the limit, many of the children
cried too tired to sit on the floor do not go. - Too out of line they encountered the
greatest difficulties.
  Gladys Aylward too tired to lay on the roadside, what do not want to pipe up.
Accompanied by only a few adults, they can save a few people first-hand. She could
not help but cry, cry the children followed suit. Thus, crying around, they are not
afraid to kill the Japanese came. After crying, had to struggle to move forward. Her
bottom line is: "One can not fall behind!" The only hope is that
by means of the power of faith.
In desperation, the mountain gradually brightened, they see a large front-intensive
housing construction, it was exclaimed: Tongguan! Gladys Aylward think: We are
Tongguan Shaanxi East gate in the Yellow River bend. This indicates that they have
the dangerous trek across the Xiaoshan. There, hanging on to their coal trains. Also
only few more bus ride, and finally arrived in Xi'an. An orphanage - like
Song Meiling founded. Gladys Aylward sets up the children named in the final result
is not 100 kids a little time, sleeping in the past.
When she woke up, Xi'an Baptist Hospital's doctor told her: You
have brain injuries, has a high fever, malnutrition, have to a typhoid fever, with
pneumonia. Shoulders are a bullet.

How it will be so many injuries? Brain injury is the Japanese fought with rifle butts;
malnutrition is hungry out; typhoid fever, pneumonia is caused by the way ... ... wow,
it is hard to imagine, so many injuries, so a weak body, thousands of miles away, she
can support down. Oh really a miracle!
  "Where are my children? ... ... I have 100 children."
In the absence of adequate food and the money situation, the body of Gladys Aylward
to injury with 100 children aged 3-16, come from the Shanxi Yangcheng, Shanxi
Fufeng escape enemy territory and, after traveling about 480 km.
005 dead should stay in China
- Gladys Aylward her in the hospital for a year, 100 children have gone to Fufeng.
Gladys Aylward in Lanzhou and Chengdu, to help the poor and lepers. 1948 winter,
the body of Gladys Aylward also soon collapse. Secretary Dr. Tao Wei advised her to
rest back to England. The spring of 1949, Gladys Aylward finally returned to Britain
after an absence of 18 years. Parents and siblings are still alive, she enjoyed a happy
reunion. But she often more difficult for the Chinese sadness, this time she found that
she already can not be separated from the soul of the East that troubled country.
At this time, London's Gordon Reid (Hugh Redwood) Gladys Aylward
wrote after hearing an interview; British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) journalist
Burgess (Alan Burgess) Reading again to visit her, and wrote a The "Little
Women" (The Small Woman). This book was published, it is popular, the
station will also adapted into radio plays. In 1957, the United States Twentieth
Century Fox (20th Century Fox) signed with her, her experience in the Yangcheng
made into a movie, "Luk Fook Inn", big stars Ingrid Bergman in
the film was brilliant ? interpretation of make this little woman in the United States
and Europe became a household name among the public hero.
  Gladys Aylward after the training period, has always wanted to return to China -
China has become her country, the United Kingdom but not see her looking feeling.
However, for complex political reasons, the new China does not allow foreign
missionaries to enter China in 1957, 55-year-old Gladys Aylward pocket in
China's southern coast, a circle, the entry into Hong Kong, in her view, into
the British control of equal access to China Hong Kong. When she thought back to the
mainland unpaired again after the adoption had to find her an orphan, relief of
Chinese refugees in Hong Kong. Because the Chinese passport visa period of stay in
Hong Kong has to, she decided to go to the other side of the Taiwan Straits, leaving
her looking at the mainland, in tears, saying that the Chinese do not want to leave the
land of life interest.
Gladys Aylward Taiwan, the establishment of a "Gladys Aylward
Orphanage", 1959, U.S. Vision, invited her to travel to the United States
preaching. This American audience was surprised to find that she is not a movie that
long body Yuli beautiful actress, but a little small old woman. Then she was invited to
Australia, New Zealand tour sermon, then returned to the United Kingdom. British
Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) television program again reported that she met her
Archbishop of Canterbury. Queen Elizabeth has invited her to visit Platinum Khan
Palace, and to raise funds to help orphans in Taiwan.
1970 New Year's Day, Ai Wei is suffering from a cold, but still attend the
women's prayer meeting, back to the orphanage after a disease do not.
Diagnosed with the flu to pneumonia. Two days later, the death of Gladys Aylward.
Her death caused great repercussions in the international community, but it is not
known to the mainland. But this does not affect her the 20th century is worth bearing
in mind the profound historical figures.
Tomb of Tamsui in Taipei "Christ's College" campus.
Chiang Kai-shek handwritten inscriptions are "Hiromichi spreading
love." According to her wishes, her head-continent, the British expressed a
wish on that land.

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