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									Ren Zhengfei: We learn what the American people
97 years end of the year, the week before Christmas in the West, hurried visit to the
United States, Hughes, IBM, Bell Laboratories and Hewlett-Packard. Americans are
preparing to leave, we have to in such a short time, from east to west across the
continental United States to visit. Many of these senior officers of large companies are
waiting for us and gave us a warm and sincere reception, focusing on their
management, we have a lot of harvest.

1, one after the wave of innovation from the spirit and innovative mechanisms for
cloud Chung
I have many times been to the United States, the American people's
innovation system and the innovation spirit left me deep impression. They even play
too bold to innovate, who nurtured from generation to generation, transmission, wave
after wave of immigrants brought different cultures impact, balance and optimization,
form the American culture of innovation.
A growing number of science and technology heroes emerge and die, all scientific and
technological progress in promoting the United States contributed. The United States
accounted for 60% of the world electronics market, we can not but keep those in the
information flow in the short-lived hero, given the highest respect. Information flows
unpredictable, rapid evolution, so a group of a number of large companies in trouble,
and even die; group of a number of small businesses, growing trees for the support
days, trees will again be hit by lightning. Continued health, constant death, which is
characterized by the information industry. Huawei entered the information as naive
and unfortunate industry back is death, forced on the road of no return, entrepreneurs
and successors are eroding the health, survival and development for enterprise
tenacious struggle.
Throughout the rise and fall of the U.S. information industry, alarmed. Five years to
the day of the Spring and Autumn, if reduced within, who is a hero? Huge information
flows, rises and falls, with the network technology and processing technology, the
speed will be faster metabolism. So hard to have the coffin of the hero, the hero of
any crossing will give information to promote the development of the industry. We
should respect them and learn from them, critically inherit them.
IBM is the world's giant old information and allows the small companies
"joke" was almost impossible to survive, and even the
dissolution of almost 92 years. In order to relieve the plight of Regent logos, IBM
back on the reform path, and paid a heavy price. United Nations staff have been
subject to pay tribute to the Wang company, from annual sales of 3.5 billion U.S.
dollars, have disappeared without a trace. Creation of Apple personal computers, after
several precarious, we can eat the apple the next century? ... .... Develop further so
that developing countries, how many people dare to enter the information industry.
This innovative mechanism to promote the United States, the surging, endless stream
of high-tech all-powerful, enterprise regardless of who killed who die are in the
United States land, assets and personnel are still in the United States, bankruptcy is a
legal leash on employees but also into a new struggle. This position of speaking from
the national macro-strength permanent representative of the U.S. overall strength. As
the information industry's progress and changing, we must scale in order to
shorten the new product investment of time, and tens of thousands of companies and
easily bureaucratic. The United States advanced in technology management is forced
out. Developing countries in terms of manpower, material and psychological
investment risk for both failed to accomplish. If developing countries into the
information industry can not fight, and gradually converted into strength, then the U.S.
market share will improve from 60% to 70%, 80% ... .... It accounts for the more, the
more you do not want.
Market demand for technological advancement has been launched, the world over the
past twenty years, the people's livelihood has improved, people began
seeking knowledge from the food and clothing, information, cultural enjoyment, so
that electronic technology was quickly developed. Lubricated by huge profits, the
information industry, with greater input to guide people to the new consumer. Such
flows have been lubricated for all industries, to promote mutual development.
For example: Chinese farmers are mainly the lack of education, culture and low, not
farming. If the electronics industry to provide them with adequate, the ideal network
services. Through the network, so that they get all kinds of training and business
communication (eg: cattle, farming, assume that hundreds of thousands of ... ...) to
make 900 million to improve the quality of farmers, labor, liberation. One kind of
good land now, and the depth of processing of the product, greatly improve the added
value of agricultural products; second, redundant labor and capital can not find the
way out would be to develop the barren hills, barren hills green. Greening of barren
hills and improve people's quality of life, people have to progress to a
higher level. At that time China's large surplus of high-quality workforce
for a long period of time, still relatively cheap, and China's processing
industry will always have strong international competitiveness. As long as the
self-development efforts to improve gradually, China is expected to enter the next
century economic power status. So, technology and education is the necessary road to
prosperity, only by adhering to XII's "improving the quality of
the whole culture," China will have hope.
China's own huge market demand, China is also the history of adventurers,
the party's 15 largest open-door policy is better, China should have some
courage to make a difference in the high-tech companies and the times of beach-goers,
Lenovo, Founder, ... ... not have started it? We are not alone.

IBM's vice president sent me a book published by Harvard University, on
the management of large projects very reasonable. Finance Minister Liu Zhongli to
visit me in the company, sent him the book again (we later purchased hundreds of
this). We listened to a whole day in the IBM Management Experience, and very much
appreciate his management model, preliminary research on the project from the end of
the investment reached their service life assessment, integrated management,
structured project development, decision-making model, screening pipeline,
asynchronous development, cross-functional departments group, manager role,
resources, process management, scoring model ... ..., from morning until evening to
hear, my body is not good, but not feel tired, with rapt attention. Later I found the
management of Lucent is so, all from Harvard University, a number of management
and other famous writings.
Christmas Lights of the United States everywhere, we are locked up in Silicon Valley,
a small hotel, lit fireplaces, three days did not go out, held a working meeting, digest
notes of our visit, sort out a thick stack preparation of the presentation back to the
domestic communication. Only careful study to these large companies, will make
their own detours, pay less tuition. IBM is paying billions of dollars in direct costs
summed up their experience of pain is a human treasure.
IBM as the industry giant has been in excellent position for personal computers and
network technology development, a serious blow to his survival mainframe market.
IBM in the early 80's peak earnings, the market value of his shares and
stocks more than the former West Germany. Has become the world's most
profitable company in history. After 10 years, it found itself crises before they make a
determined effort, the implementation of reforms begun layoffs in 92 years, from 41
million to 26 million cut to the present. To pay 80 billion cost of administrative
reform. Because of victory in a long time, causing the redundant, bureaucratic, so
difficult. Smart people are very much, very many ideas, product lines are many and
long, not focused on investment advantages. Youyi to plan the year, reflecting the
slow pace. The disorder, so that IBM almost disintegrated. Huawei will not be blindly
optimistic, but also lead to difficulties in it? This is the purpose of visit.
93 early, when Gerstner (Lou Gerstner) to the first non-IBM IBM internal promotion
of persons as president, he put forward four ideas: 1, to maintain technology
leadership; 2, the values of customer-oriented, organized by object marketing . For
different industries provide a complete solution; 3, enhance service, the pursuit of
customer satisfaction; 4, e-commerce focused on products in the network class to play
IBM's scale advantage.
1, Article 4, is facing IBM for 92 years with the disintegration of the seven companies
of the situation said. Scale advantages, scale advantages are based on management.
IBM cut last 5 years, 15 million workers (including inappropriate methods of
redundancy, also take away a lot of good people). Sales increased by 10 billion, 750
billion, market capitalization increased by 4 times.
After listening to day management of introduction, we are big companies like IBM,
management system standard, flexible, slow response speed is not a new
understanding. On the effective management of such a monster with understanding.
Fewer detours on our growth, with new inspiration. Although Huawei's
bureaucracy is not heavy, but the signs have been many. Corporate downsizing will
lose competitiveness, expand the scale, can not effectively manage, facing death,
management of internal factors, it is hard. Small, in the face of all external factors, is
an objective law, it is difficult to man's will, and it must Kangbu Zhu storm.
Therefore, we only strengthen the management and service, no return in this, the only
existence. This is the scale of Huawei go, revitalizing the internal driving mechanism,
strengthen the management and service point of the strategy.
In the expansion process, poor management is a very serious problem, Huawei has
always wanted to learn how to manage the world's largest companies, and
IBM had the honor to introduce our sincere. Back to the company has carried out two
days in the high-level of communication and discussion, the 100-page briefing
sparked new reform sparks.

Third, the opportunity is the driving force for business expansion
IBM clear technology leadership strategy, especially in Bell Labs. The purpose of all
U.S. high-tech companies are all so, no one made with someone else behind the
company, imitate the strategy will not last long.
We are fortunate to visit the Bell Labs, noon, and Fellow of Bell Labs who had lunch,
he is a Fellow of Bell Labs, General Secretary Jiang Zemin visited the meeting when
one of the 20 Chinese.
I am a very young age to worship Bell Labs, the heart of admiration than love. Was
fortunate enough to become a rival (referring to some of the products in the field).
Today, the opportunity to personally visit, very happy.
I first visited the hall in the Bell Labs celebrity Exhibition. Memorial column in Badin
photographed image. Later visit the laboratory, they just looked at Badin original
work in a room, I deliberately, with respectful feelings to Badin invented transistor 50
years ago, the work of the stage stood a moment, and said that Badin is not only the
Bell experiment room is all humanity Badin. Bardeen invented the transistor, creating
the electronic era of human and promoting the development of human society great.
Just last month, General Secretary Jiang Zemin also stood there before, scientists are
very pleased that they be sent to the invention of a transistor of the fiftieth anniversary
commemoration of Badin souvenirs to me, he said he sent a to President Jiang.
Bell Labs has a great contribution to mankind, had produced seven Nobel Prize
winners here. Bell Labs is the original AT & T, the telecommunications
business by the state monopoly profits gained tremendous support of its annual 20 to
30 billion dollars in research funding. Therefore, they are very much out of the
invention, to promote the advancement of all mankind. When I was young, they heard
a patent produced daily, it is produced every four patents. Bell Labs, now part of
Lucent, research and pre-research significantly shift the direction of The Past products.
Its research capacity in the whole world is still very much in advance.
We visited a major breakthrough in their 97 years of WDM, and to WDM-based
optical router, now can realize wavelength multiplexing several paragraphs later still
more. Optical switching is not based on the exchange of air separation, but the
wavelength switching. Carved in a 6-inch silicon optical routers with the exchange
capacity of hundreds of thousands of doors, which means that the exchange and
transfer within a decade there will be a major breakthrough. I joked that, after a
minister of posts and pocket hides a switch, I went to an unemployment protection

"Phone as a communication tool, there are many defects, this should be
added to seriously consider. This equipment has no value."
─ ─ the Western European Union in 1876
"I think the world market could sell five computers."
─ ─ IBM Chairman Thomas Watson ? 1943
"Future computers may not more than 1.5 tons weight."
─ ─ Popular Mechanics magazine in 1949
"No matter who will find, 640K of memory is enough."
─ ─ ? Bill Gates in 1981
Mading introduced a number of important predictions about the future, for example,
in 2010, 0.07-micron chip will be practical to achieve the highest possible silicon
limit. The single-chip capacity of up to 40 million transistors.
After 2000, single fiber capacity 120G, practical WDM system began.
Wireless access in 2005 will be lower than the cost of cable loop access.
Of course, this prediction may also include descendants joke.
Asians accounted for 11% of Bell Labs, which for most Chinese. Many people have
made significant achievements.
We visited all the companies attach great importance to research and development,
and research and development to the marketing, technical support, cost and quality of
responsible, and only pay attention to China's R & D personnel R
& D differs greatly.
IBM invested 6 billion U.S. dollars per year R & D funding. R &
D funding for all big companies are about 10% of sales, in order to create
opportunities. China's relatively backward in this respect, the
understanding of the opportunities are there after the opportunity has made the correct
decision to seize the opportunity to create a successful, Huawei is one such. And has
reached the front of the world's leading companies, they rely on research
and development to create opportunities, guide consumption. They swept in a short
time "opportunity window" for profits, but also create more
investment opportunities, which they develop faster than the underlying causes.
Huawei has 98 years of research and development funds will be more than 800
million yuan, and are beginning to engage in strategic pre-study and start to conduct
basic research, because to understand it, also resulted in internal confusion, therefore,
this visit we emphasis learning management. Learning a small company to scale
changes, is how out of the chaos of. To really train a group of people, take decades to
explore theory and based, at least on the psychological Kuanshan heavy, long way to
go. Also I wonder no one likes to sit in full swing era Gan years back seat, and
unsuccessful efforts to bear the life of "regret." Even if success
is not for people to understand, in addition to heart and hardships, also possible
layoffs at the big time, bring him to the invention of light Bian Xiang Xiang IBM
method of cutting the wrong Lee Vinson, like so IBM lost in the high-precision
processing technologies Xinpian leadership and dominance.
The entrance of science, the real hell's entrance into the real experience of
people get. The suffering of basic research is successful no one understood, or even be
misinterpreted, misunderstood. Like Van Gogh, as starvation, death of a painting sold
for several million U.S. dollars. When I saw the Bell Labs scientists, laboratory dense
spider web, confusion, could not help these warriors, awe. I do not know whether
Huawei will have such a warrior.
Look for opportunities to seize the opportunity, is the famous latecomers. Create
opportunities, guide consumption, is the motto of the pioneers. Communications
industry within a decade will face a revolution. The revolution comes Huawei Where?
I have some senior people in the United States and exchange some of them said that
the progress of computer networks will be replaced by communication, the
world's largest network. Communications experts say advances in
communication technology will make communication network accommodating a
computer network, combined. I think both are reasonable, in the next century, perhaps
in 2005, the real revolution will have a network, this is a great opportunity for human
beings. Computing technology rapidly, possible human spread of information
technology. High-speed optical transmission, and advanced switching and processing
technology, the number of times to lower communication costs, enhancing network
coverage to the point where people can not imagine, for information dissemination
and use of paving the way for. With WDM and wavelength switching, optical
switching to the success of the single core laboratory can now send 2000G, in the
future will become reality, time, communication costs will be hundreds of times were
reduced, then the user's rapid growth, rapid business growth, difficult to
predict. For example, a large network in China when there 600 million, what would
be a situation, you imagined it?
Seize opportunities and create opportunities is two different values, which determine
the enterprise and the country's development. Chaos is full of hope, hope
and from reality into a new chaos. Human history is the realm of necessity into the
realm of freedom history of the development. Will in the realm of freedom in the
update steps in the realm of necessity. Therefore, the human is always full of hope,
there will be another 5000 invention, is for aspiring, never have the opportunity. Late
at any time of lament, are doing nothing of those self-mockery.

I said that Bell Labs scientists, their spirit of selfless struggle is admirable. I have seen
a Nobel prize for feature film scientists, stating that they like science, like a madman,
full of "nonsense", busy, where to go where the painting does
not consider the shirt can not write the formula, can not be experimental record.
The United States is driven by private venture capital funds, making a number of
group of patriots, Ruchirukuang way to succeed, not just the kind of fighting spirit we
communists have not. We ignore that we are to social justice, they are to pursue
personal interests. From a pure spirit of struggle, the U.S. has Jiao, Kong Fansen.
Over the years I have met quite a number of U.S. scientists, as a mechanism driven by
a lot of people are very dedicated, hard quest for a successful, this is a common
phenomenon, not one example. ? Bill Gates initially not TV, but by his father to help
him read the news and then told him that some people do not understand, and
therefore will not understand many Chinese scientists in so low income struggle and
sacrifice of the selfless . Do not understand how out of bombs and one satellite is to
understand why so farmers can not Yuan Longping. Daqing is the Iron Man Wang
Qiming not explore such a hard two or three decades, researchers stratified injection,
fracturing, so that the world high and stable yield in Daqing miracle it?
Desperately fighting a common phenomenon in the United States technology,
particularly successful with senior managers. Struggling by the millions to promote
technological progress, management and progress, good service network, and
achieved. Examples of this are many.
For example: IBM's master own very high, will be sent to "stick
Jack," the department to work. By him to test them, this is a must to pass.
He because the heavy to really Mingbotelun Fandao unknown. Many people resented
his teeth itching. He only slept for 3,4 hours a day, sometimes three to get up to his
middle of the night under the jurisdiction of a plant to stroll. To see what the problem,
any reports are not hiding him. His working methods have hampered him for
promotion, but earned for him a long time or after a mythical status.
After years of constantly wounding the feelings that people have started to accept him,
he was sick, not much has been to Japan. 56-year-old to make love in bed, still
continue to criticize the work that IBM invented the workstation, so that someone else
created this industry, because of bureaucracy and inertia itself foolishly missed the
opportunity. Reform must be IBM.
His boss Curle to the hospital to see Bertram, see Bertram breathing with artificial
organs, would not survive for a few days. So boss surprise, Bertram died not forget
IBM's reform, when the workstation is also recommended over the work of
Heller. Heller is from IBM, by the rebels, the most wild wild geese.
Another example: Cumberland is the concept of the authors of IBM Enterprise
Alliance, and later grow into hundreds of sectors. IBM Enterprise Alliance is not first
go to school sales to customers there to sell hardware, but first sent a group of
programmers to communicate with customers, understand customer needs, according
to the requirements of customers in the 30 to 90 days, some customers need the
software, This left a deep impression to clients, customers buy the machinery, we will
surely think of IBM. As IBM continued to provide assistance, customer consumption
standards have been directed to the IBM standard will come up. Customers are
looking for business alliances, and dozens of departments not under his control. His
position as no member of the Cabinet posts in the same government, but because of
the huge IBM's organization, the manager is more difficult to promote. He
warned IBM that if he wanted to be an unprecedented achievement, the best
comprehensive reform.
Then he fell ill. 50-year-old head of a long brain cancer. Doctors surgery and found to
have spread. He lay in bed, installed in a terminal ward, spent several hours each day
to track the progress of his plan to issue dozens of letters to hundreds of e-mails.
Before his death, he said, "I am unable to move, the same as
If the narrow concept of money to understand some of the striver capitalist world, it
could not understand Bill Gates ? also work 14-15 hours a day, not intermittent efforts.
Chen does not see to understand the competition with a seriously good things to learn
from them, there is hope to catch up on them.
If there is no lack in our country there are many fathers of Deng Jiaxian two bombs as
the hard work of those outstanding, as long as we inherited from generation to
generation of outstanding young people their heritage, develop their spiritual,
continuity and future, China is promising.
Fifth, how long can the red flag Huawei
The visit had the pleasure of Shenzhen Party Secretary Li Youwei original
counterparts. Coexistence of ten days, the two sides exchanged a lot of knowledge.
When he was in power, it is difficult to have a half-hour communication, this is the
most vividly.
Municipal government many years to Huawei moral, macro, policy support, Huawei
has been no small piece of land in Shenzhen Development. But not people have
knowledge and understanding of Huawei's development. Not only to banks,
officials, friends ... ... are worried about the development of so quickly, will one day
collapse. Of course, there are some very few competitors in the ill-informed, made
some do not understand, incorrect and misleading analysis.
Of course, Huawei also difficult to keep growing at a rate of 100%. Occurred when a
small base, is possible. 97-year growth rate has dropped, and the future will keep
down. Although the absolute value of annual net increase greatly, but the relative
value decreased gradually down to the international high-tech enterprises, the average
growth rate of 35%.
This time we also investigated a number of small companies, and Huawei start almost
simultaneously, the annual output has reached 20 to 30 billion U.S. dollars, the United
States and Huawei are almost the size of the company's output of 50 to 60
billion USD for 3 Huawei 5 times. Huawei reasons for the development of unpleasant
internal causes and external causes.
Internal factors are not managed. Huawei no one has done before large-scale
high-tech companies, from development to market, from production to finance,
from ... ... to ... ..., are all amateurs, students do not Sheshi side while groping forward,
came to be finally in sight . A lot of energy company executives for staff training,
rather than decision.
Inevitably slow pace of exploration. Huawei soon to see some of the external staff to
break all the expense, the waste of the money from the life of another province back.
But can not cover it naive nature. Once State Councillor Song Jian and talk to me and
asked me what the biggest gains, I say "waste" a lot of money
for staff training. Maybe in the next century to see these long-cooked apples.
External conditions is difficult to hire both social good quality, but also high-tech
business management experience in major international airborne troops. Even able to
hire one person, not two lines, and must have a group. Domestic policy and corporate
strength is still too poor to feed a group. If U.S. companies out of a product, a clarion
call, and soon had African experience, European experience, or are familiar with
Asian culture elite fan set. Good agreement as long as the two parties, the
international market on the full swing of dry away. Huawei set up for ten years, go
overseas for three years, and been defeated, will keep on fighting until now there are
some small gains.
No large-scale marketing, it will not copy the value-added software superiority.
Enterprises lack of further opportunities for innovation and strength.
Another of China's technical staff re-function development, light technical
services, leading to slow the growth of maintenance experts, seriously restricted the
growth of the balance of talent, foreign companies generally attach great importance
to service. Without a good service team is not big sales to sales, there is no good
service network will collapse. We talk with foreign companies, they have stated how
much they have a network of services. In contrast, Huawei is not fast development,
resource use is not sufficient, there is the potential to play.
Huawei attaches great importance to the internal management of enterprises and
potential growth, the development of enterprises have a very strong driving force and
traction. So full of opportunities for expansion, so that the expansion of the internal
contradictions in digestion. Early experience rapid expansion, so that generation of
good workers is growing to become the backbone for the company stabilized and
accumulated experience of formal management and management of power. They
experience a difficult struggle, with a good psychological quality, the company avoid
precipitation. As long as we persevere in higher or lower the standard of liability by
assuming the use of cadres, Huawei will be able to continue flying the red flag is to go
on. Huawei's internal cohesion is a shield against external turmoil. Analysis
of their own as long as the long-term adherence to find their own inadequacies and
weaknesses, continue to improve. Avoid major decisions of the autocratic, high-level
implementation of democratic decision-making committee system, Huawei will be
able to spark into a raging fire burning.
Within a decade, communications industry and there will be a revolution in network
technology, which has the top leaders, Huawei, in the revolution comes, Huawei grip
the reins of cattle, but also to seize the cow's tail. The only way to become
a major international companies. This revolution has been "Rain Comes
from Wind," the. Only in the revolution, before the emergence of new

6, the ups and downs of Sino-US relations does not affect the learning of the
American people
The U.S. government needs for its domestic and foreign policies, long hostile to
socialist China. It seeks hegemony in order to protect its enterprise resource access
and market share. Elimination of socialism, to implement its values, to dictate to all
Sino-US relations good times and bad, is the need for the U.S. government, our
country without splitting the policy is also flexible measures for the protection of their
own. The U.S. side to use human rights as a cover to attack the Chinese desperately,
with the Taiwan issue, Tibet issue ... ... interfere with you so that you could only parry
the force, while it took the opportunity to receive the benefits of trade.
China has constantly strengthened its reform, continuing a decade of economic
growth, help solve domestic problems. 15 Congress, state-owned enterprises has been
strengthened, as long as the sustained and stable development of China's
international image will be more improvement. But the hope for a complete change in
U.S. policy is impossible. But as power, there will be a talk position. Future will be a
strong society, the first industrialized countries through trade liberalization, so that
long-term post-industrial countries in the auxiliary position. China is a big country, we
must then engage in bombs and one satellite, as did the great boldness of vision to
come up in the economic, technological feet. At present, the development should be
increased in education, raise the general quality of the people, and seriously thinking
of learning the advanced countries, the concept of its own to achieve liberation.
High-tech industries should be more involved in the American people to learn from
their innovative spirit and innovative mechanisms, emerging revolution in software
technology today, we are always full of opportunities to catch up.
Therefore, the ups and downs between the United States will continue to occur, but
does not affect us to the American people learn from their spirit of innovation and
innovative mechanisms to promote the faster we are rich and strong.

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