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					37th Year of Publication

March 2007—Issue #198               PUBLISHED BY AMERICANS FOR A SAFE ISRAEL

                                                               prisoners and detainees, the fence and the settle-
Saudis Outbid Iran                                             ments.” Under heavy Saudi pressure Fatah was
Herbert Zweibon                                                forced to pay the chief price. Khaled Abu Toameh in
                                                               The Jerusalem Post quotes a Fatah official, “On
          Last month in this column I argued that our          Thursday evening the Saudis told us that we had only
policy in the Middle East is increasingly shaped by            two hours to sign an agreement and they wouldn’t ac-
Saudi Arabia. Military columnist Ralph Peters has              cept any excuses.”
described Baker’s Iraq Study Group Report as chiefly                    A Hamas official said Fatah had made 90% of
“the Sunni-Arab-Wahhabist view from Riyadh.” While             the concessions. Abbas agreed to bring Hamas into
the Bush administration has rejected the call for nego-        the PLO, thus facilitating its objective of taking control
tiations with Iran and Syria, it shows signs of embrac-        of the organization. And he agreed to incorporate
ing what Peters aptly terms its “lunatic suggestion to         Hamas’s 4,000 man paramilitary Executive Force
tie Iraq to solving the (unsolvable) Israeli-Palestinian       into the Palestinian security forces, which means they
conflict.” Thus Condoleeza Rice hastened to the Mid-           will be paid with the $84.5 million the U.S. has desig-
dle East to “accelerate progress on the Road Map,”             nated for the PA security forces. Abu Toameh points
i.e. to skip the awkward first phase (dismantling terror-      out that prior to signing the Mecca Accord, Abbas had
ist infrastructure) and jump to the final stage (“a per-       outlawed that same Executive Force which was con-
manent status agreement”). The notion behind this              demned by his aides as a “bunch of murderers and
foolish (for the U.S.) and suicidal (for Israel) policy was    gangsters.” As for Israel, in the Mecca Accord the
that this would strengthen the position of the                 word is not even mentioned: Hamas spokesman Is-
“moderate” Abbas among Palestinian Arabs (look                 mail Radwan declared: “Hamas’s position remains firm
what I can achieve for you) vis a vis Hamas (which             and unchanged: we will never recognize the legitimacy
even the State Department cannot yet bring itself to           of the Zionist entity.”
define as “moderate”).                                                  Will the agreement hold? Despite the billion
          But Saudi Arabia had other ideas, i.e. proving       dollar bribe, one suspects not long. It is a recipe for
that it could do more for Hamas than Iran, up to now           Fatah to be swallowed up and Fatah’s gangsters are
its chief patron. By erasing the supposed gap be-              unlikely to submit quietly to the gunmen of Hamas.
tween the Abbas-led Fatah and Hamas, King Abdullah             The question is whether it will last long enough to en-
sought to force the U.S. to accept the “democratically         able Hamas to win international legitimacy – and
elected” Hamas government without Hamas meeting                Abbas immediately embarked on a diplomatic offen-
the “preconditions” the “Quartet” had set in the Road          sive in Europe to sell the “unity government.”
Map. Not only would Saudi Arabia provide the political                  The chief significance of the Mecca Accord is
cover Ahmadinejad could not hope to offer Hamas, it            in once again revealing the extent to which Saudi Ara-
would outbid Iran financially. Iran had offered to pro-        bia is prepared to undercut U.S. policies and to foster
vide funds for Hamas when the West initially cut them          the most extreme elements in the radical Arab world.
off, but Saudi Arabia now promised a cool billion.
          And so Abdullah summoned Fatah and
Hamas to Mecca to fashion an agreement that would               In This Issue
stop the violence between the rival factions, allowing
them to focus their energies against Israel, or in the          Only the Left May Interfere by William Mehlman      ...3
words of the agreement “liberation from the burden of           Splitting Evangelicals from Israel by Ed Lasky     ...5
the occupation…first and foremost in matters concern-           Dr. Pipes Goes to London by Melanie Phillips       ...8
ing Jerusalem, the refugees, Al-Aqsa mosque [the                Know Thy Enemy by Martin Kramer                     ...9
Arabs have whipped up hysteria with trumped up                  Indefensible Assumptions by Ruth King              ..11
charges that Israel is undermining the mosque], the
From the Editor                                                 was recently fire-bombed, has documented more than
                                                                160 incidents of attacks on Christians in the area. “The
                                                                situation is very dangerous,” he says. “I believe that 15
A New Low at Brandeis                                           years from now there will be no Christians left in Beth-
         Brandeis’s President Jehuda Reinharz, smart-           lehem.”
ing from the defection of major donors in the wake of                    Already Christians, in 1967 a large majority,
the university’s welcoming of Jimmy Carter, now                 make up less than 15% of Bethlehem’s population.
lashes out – against Daniel Pipes!
         Here’s the background. Flush with the
“success” of the Carter speech (students gave him
                                                                Baker Advisers “Surprised”
several standing ovations), left-wing students want to                    The Jewish Daily Forward (Jan. 30) reveals
bring Norman Finkelstein to the campus. Finkelstein,            that advisers to the Iraq Study Group complain they
a prominent figure on the anti-Israel lecture circuit,          were blindsided by the Report’s claim that success in
never misses the chance to identify Jews with Nazis.            Iraq depended on solving the Israel-Arab conflict. In-
Paul Bogdanor, who titles his chapter on Finkelstein            deed, several said they were shocked the issue made
(in The Jewish Divide Over Israel, Transaction Pub-             it into the final report, since they had been specifically
lishers) “Chomsky for Nazis,” provides a cornucopia of          told not to address the conflict..
samples, of which space permits only one: “I can’t                        The modus operandi of the Iraq Study Group
imagine why Israel’s apologists would be offended by            was to divide the expert advisers into four working
a comparison with the Gestapo. I would think that, for          groups, with different areas of expertise. They offered
them, it is like Lee Iacocca being told that Chrysler is        their recommendations to the panel’s professional
using Toyota tactics.”                                          staffers, who wrote the final report. Any recommenda-
         A group of students supportive of Israel de-           tions on the Arab-Israel conflict should have come
cided to invite Daniel Pipes, the respected (and coura-         from the “strategic environment working group.” But a
geous) Arabist and policy analyst, director of the Mid-         member said that group was never asked to deal with
dle East Forum and founder of Campus Watch, which               the issue. And a staff member of the United States
monitors the growing anti-Israel onslaught on U.S.              Institute of Peace, under whose auspices the Iraq
campuses.                                                       Study Group operated, told the Forward “We were as
         Reinharz, in what is described in The Jewish           surprised as anyone else [at the Iraq-Israel linkage].”
Week (Feb. 16) as “a contentious meeting with faculty”                    So what happened? As many have sus-
denounced both Finkelstein and Pipes as “weapons of             pected, it appears Baker was behind it (and behind
mass destruction.” Now there’s a breathtaking moral             him, Saudi Arabia). Baker’s front man seems to have
equivalence. Reinharz actually equates distinguished            been Edward Djerejian (director of the James Baker
scholar and staunch friend of Israel Daniel Pipes with          Institute for Public Policy at Rice) whom staff mem-
Finkelstein, the vicious ignoramus celebrated by neo-           bers identified as the person who inserted the lan-
Nazis around the world.                                         guage regarding Israel. Djerejian is a State Depart-
         If there are any donors who did not drop out           ment Arabist, a former ambassador to Syria with stints
as a result of the Carter affair, surely they should shut       in Beirut, Morocco, Jordan, and one year in Israel.
their wallets now.                                                        And so, it would appear, the major policy
                                                                plank in the Iraq Study Group Report was planted at
                                                                the last minute by James Baker. One staffer told the
Bethlehem’s Christians                                          Forward that one disgusted adviser quipped “Does
         While the likes of Robert Novak and Jimmy              anyone think that if we solve the [Israeli-Palestinian]
Carter hold Israel responsible for the plight of Chris-         conflict the insurgent in Fallujah will say, ‘Great, now I
tians in the Holy Land, more and more Christians are            can put back my AK-47 and go home.’”
identifying the real culprits. In The Jerusalem Post            (continued on page 12)
(Jan. 25) journalist Khaled Abu Toameh describes
how Fuad and Georgette Lama of Bethlehem woke up                                         Outpost
one morning to discover that Moslems from a nearby                            Editor: Rael Jean Isaac
village had seized their six dunam plot south of the               Editorial Board: Herbert Zweibon, Ruth King
city. Senior PA security officers offered to help them
kick out the intruders. Says Mrs. Lama: “We paid them                      Outpost is distributed free to
$1,000 so they could help us regain our land. In-                      Members of Americans For a Safe Israel
stead…they simply decided to keep it for themselves.”                       Annual membership: $50.
When her 72 year old husband went to his land to ask
the intruders to leave, he was severely beaten and                          Americans For a Safe Israel
threatened with guns.                                                1623 Third Ave. (at 92nd St.) - Suite 205
         Samir Qumsiyeh, owner of the Beit Sahur-                               New York, NY 10128
based Al-Mahd (Nativity) TV station, who has been the                 tel (212) 828-2424 / fax (212) 828-1717
subject of numerous death threats and whose house               E-mail: afsi web site:

Outpost                                                     2                                                March 2007
            Israel’s Policy Decisions—Only the Left May Interfere
                                                   William Mehlman

         The next time some know-it-all tries to disqual-       “outside meddling” in Israel’s internal affairs with the
ify you from voicing your objection to the policies of          indifference that has greeted the efforts of leftist bil-
this or any other Israeli government on the grounds             lionaires George Soros and Peter Lewis and their as-
that you don’t live in Israel, be sure to check your wal-       sorted hangers-on to create a new lobbying organiza-
let. You’re being targeted by the most transparent              tion, certain to weaken an already wounded AIPAC,
shell game of the past half century.                            and clearly aimed at increasing State Department
         The “if you don’t live there, you better shut up”      pressure on Israel for whatever concessions may be
scam is two-dimensional -- historical and political.            deemed necessary to the realization of a “two-state
Israel is the shared legacy of the entire Jewish people.        solution” to the Arab-Israel conflict. Soros, whose
With all due respect to the percentage of that number  website has pilloried President Bush for
residing there at any moment in time, their right to de-        his support of Israel’s refusal to deal with Hamas, has
cide its destiny, even within the most idyllic democratic       yet to set foot in the Jewish state, but his still unnamed
context, is mitigated by the                                                                lobby’s perspective is spot-on
impact of that decision on a                                                                with his stated conviction that
global Jewish constituency to                                                               Israel must bear at least par-
whom Israel may represent                                                                   tial responsibility for the rising
anything from a dream waiting                                                               tide of European anti-
to be fulfilled to a critical life-                                                         Semitism because of its alleg-
line in a world becoming in-                                                                edly overly harsh reaction to
creasingly inhospitable to                                                                  Palestinian terrorism.
Jews.                                                                                                To the noble cause of
         From flag-waving ide-                                                              ensconcing a sovereign Pal-
alists to the frightened Jewish                                                             estinian entity along Israel’s
escapees from Paris and                                                                     southern and eastern flanks,
Strasbourg to the impover-                             First Aliyah                         Soros & Co. have rallied the
ished Falasha of Ethiopia, the                                                           usual gallery of far-left organ-
“ingathering” of which Herzl                                                          izational elites, including American
dreamt remains an ongoing proc-                                                       Friends of Peace Now, the Israel
ess, a stream that could burst into                                                   Policy Forum, Brit Tzedek v’Sha-
a floodtide with one twist of tomor-                                                  lom and the Jewish Reform Move-
row’s headlines,                                                                      ment’s Religious Action Center.
         From Day One of its re-                                                      Individually and as a group they
establishment, the Jewish state                                                       are well documented case studies
and its governments have been                                                         of blatant offshore interference in
vested with two categorical im-                                                       Israel’s policy-making decisions. It
peratives---guardianship of the                     Ethiopian Aliyah                was the Israel Policy Forum, com-
global Jewish lifeline and its assets                                               mandeered by David Elcott, an ad-
and custodianship of the dream of national Jewish re-           vocate of erasing the “illegal” Jewish communities of
newal. They are embodied in Israel’s Declaration of             Judea and Samaria, that convinced Condoleezza Rice
Independence and the Law of Return, which vouch-                of the wisdom of pressuring Israel to effectively relin-
safes to any Jew seeking it, automatic citizenship with         quish control of the Gaza Strip border crossings at
rights equal to his compatriots. Any Israeli government         Rafah and Karni. The predictable result was the influx
that breaks faith with either of those precepts can and         of vast quantities of advanced weaponry into the
should be held answerable to the heirs to the universal         hands of Hamas. Seymour Reich, past president of
Jewish legacy Israel represents.                                B’nai Brith International and a founding member of
         From a political perspective the “if you don’t         IPF, remarked of this diplomatic guerilla operation that
live there, you better shut up” put-down is an even big-        “I have no doubt that we bolstered the secretary of
ger scam. First and foremost, it is extremely selective;        state’s instincts and strengthened her opinion that ag-
it is almost never applied to Diaspora Jewry’s liberal-         gressive involvement was needed to achieve practical
left. Those who were in fullest cry against any excep-          results.”
tion taken to the Sharon-Olmert government’s catas-                       The precedent for such offshore interference
trophic destruction of 25 Jewish communities in Gaza            in Israel’s strategic affairs by the hypocritical left goes
and northern Samaria knew exactly who their target              back a long way. Its employment captured headlines
was---the national Zionist camp in America and                  in the summer of 2003 when ultra liberal philanthropist
throughout the world. Contrast that uproar over                 Edgar Bronfman, in his capacity as president of the

Outpost                                                       3                                                 March 2007
World Jewish Congress, co-authored with former Sec-        additionally hung padlocks on PA offices in the U.S.
retary of State Lawrence Eagleburger a letter to Presi-    and placed restrictions on the travel of PA and PLO
dent Bush denouncing Israel’s security barrier as an       representatives within the U.S. Finally, it would have
obstacle to peace and urging the president, on the eve     prohibited contacts by American personnel with offi-
of a meeting with Ariel Sharon, to treat with the Israeli  cials of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the al-Aksa Martyrs Bri-
prime minister no differently than with Palestinian Au-    gade and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Pales-
thority chief Mahmoud Abbas. It was the same Mr.           tine..
Bronfman, as reported by Jerusalem Post columnist                   Despite huge majority approval in the House
Caroline Glick, who took the Palestinians to task for      of Representatives, an AFPN-IPF-Brit Zedek steamrol-
failing to confine their activities to Judea, Samaria and  ler, one of the more intensive lobbying campaigns the
Gaza . “If the Palestinian suicide bombers only went       Senate has recently witnessed, flattened AIPAC and
to the settlements and told the world they were            succeeded in watering the bill down to such a degree
wrong,” he is cited as declaring, “then the whole world    as to leave virtually no room for compromise between
would have had a case against Israel and there would       the House and Senate versions. In the end, with the
be a two-state solution by now.                                                    echoes of an anti-bill telephone
Instead, they sent them into Is-                                                   campaign that outnumbered sup-
rael proper (emphasis added),             The Olmert government                    porting calls 3 to 1 ringing in their
which is ghastly.” Were we to                                                      ears, the legislators decided to
infer from this that the murder of        stood mute before this                   drop the whole matter.
Jews beyond the borders of                                                                    The Olmert government,
“Israel proper” is less “ghastly,” or
                                          mugging of its own AI-                   trigger-quick to condemn any
perhaps not “ghastly” at all?”            PAC lobby and the em-                    imagined interference in Israel’s
          American Friends of                                                      vital interests by U.S. Jewry’s
Peace Now and Brit Tzedek                 barrassment of Israel’s                  national Zionist camp, stood
v’Shalom are particularly noted           most dedicated support-                  mute before this mugging of its
for their offshore involvement in                                                  own AIPAC lobby and the embar-
issues affecting Israel’s security.       ers in the House and                     rassment of scores of Israel’s
AFPN makes no secret of its                                                        most dedicated supporters in the
generous funding of Peace Now                                                      House and Senate. That proba-
(its Israeli parent organization)                                                  bly shouldn’t have come as a
and the latter’s endless lawsuits                                                  surprise. Olmert and Sharon be-
against Jewish hilltop communities in Judea and            fore him have for years stood in worshipful admiration
Samaria. One of those legal vendettas led to the vi-       of the machers of the American Jewish left and their
cious police assault--captured on video and viewed         multimillionaire enablers. After all, it was an Israel Pol-
throughout the world--on teenagers and members of          icy Forum dinner in 2005 that provided the venue for
the Knesset defending the Jewish residents of Amona        Mr. Olmert’s famous assertion that Israel had become
against an Olmert government evacuation order.             “tired of fighting…tired of being courageous...tired of
          More recently, the PN-AFPN partnership per-      winning…tired of defeating our enemies.”
suaded The New York Times to devote a full page to                  Almost on a par with the prime minister’s ac-
the claim that the Jewish communities of Judea and         quiescence to the Jewish left’s vaporization of the Pal-
Samaria, plus entire Jewish neighborhoods in the Je-       estinian Anti-Terrorist Act, was the relative silence of
rusalem metro area, are built on “usurped Arab private     the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jew-
property.” The allegation, as The Jerusalem Post’s         ish Organizations, of which American Friends of
Sarah Honig observed in a recent column, is “brazenly      Peace Now and the Israel Policy Forum are a part.
fraudulent, in part relying on the fact that the Arabs     While the Presidents Conference is not, per se, a Zi-
continue to claim lands they sold the Jews for exorbi-     onist construct, it is difficult to see, Glick argues, how it
tant prices.” It should come as no surprise that the       can justify sheltering under its umbrella, groups whose
Times’ knee-jerk coddling of the self-loathing Jewish      apparent goal is “to weaken Israel, to weaken Israel’s
left again trumped any bothersome checking of the          alliance with the U.S. and to strengthen Israel’s ene-
facts.                                                     mies.”
          In terms of negative impact on Israeli fortunes,           Obviously emboldened by its success in
nothing matches the “victory” AFPN, in league with         crushing the Palestinian Anti-Terrorist Act, AFPN has
the Israel Policy Forum and Brit Tzedek, achieved last     embarked on yet another spate of offshore meddling in
fall in scuttling an AIPAC-backed “Palestinian Anti-       Israel’s internal affairs – this time in collusion with a
Terrorist Act” that enjoyed the warm support of both       group of Israeli leftists orgasmically aroused over the
houses of Congress. The bill would have cut off U.S.       prospect of making Syria’s Bashar Assad a gift of the
direct aid to the Palestinian Authority as well as assis-  Golan Heights. There are any number of possible ex-
tance to any NGO or UN agency with connections to          planations for the “peace” gestures Syria’s puppet dic-
Hamas operating within the PA structure. Defining the      tator has added of late to a policy mix that includes
PA as a “terrorist sanctuary,” the measure would have      periodic threats of war, the rearming of Hezbollah, a
March 2007                                                 4                                                   Outpost
firm alliance with Ahmadinejad’s Iran and continued                    In the face of this mounting intervention in its
hospitality to Hamas boss-man Khaled Mashaal. He             policy decisions by the American Jewish left, what pre-
might believe a deal with Israel would relieve the           text of non-interference in Israel’s affairs could justify
American political and economic pressure being ex-           further silence on the part of the national Zionist camp
erted on him, compensate for his waning influence in         and its Christian Zionist allies? Even as the forces ar-
Lebanon or simply enable him to cash in on an Olmert         rayed against the Jewish state gather renewed
government so dislocated by last summer’s Lebanese           strength and confidence in their ability to terminate its
debacle that it would be willing to trade the Golan          existence, rumors of the formulation of a plan involving
Heights for any flim-flam agreement that could be con-       high-ranking representatives of the Israeli Foreign and
strued as “peace.”                                                               Defense ministries for the withdrawal
          The fact remains, however,                                             of Israel from most of Judea and
that more than 70 percent of the                                                 Samaria and the dispossession of
Israeli public, across the political                                             up to 150,000 of their Jewish resi-
spectrum, is dead set against any                                                dents are gathering increasing reso-
surrender of the Golan Heights with                                              nance. The reported appointment of
its strategic link to the defense of                                             Yossi Amirani, former Israeli Consul
the nation, its critical water sources                                           General in San Francisco and fund-
and its unique economic and tourist                                              raiser for far-left Meretz party chair-
values. The Bush Administration’s                                                man Yossi Beilin to coordinate the
corresponding aversion to any deal                The Golan Heights              effort, adds small comfort to the pic-
that would enhance the Assad re-                                               ture. It was Beilin’s 2003 “Geneva Ini-
gime’s strategic posture might have been regarded as         tiative,” calling for the establishment of a Palestinian
of secondary concern in a Middle East not seething           entity within “temporary borders,” that some believe so
with Syrian-aided terrorist insurgency, but that was         spooked Ariel Sharon that he succumbed to the archi-
precisely AFPN’s cue to weigh in on the issue. De-           tects of the Gaza evacuation. Ominously, the estab-
manding a public pronouncement from President Bush           lishment of just such a “temporary” PLO entity as a
that he does not oppose Israeli “peace talks” with           prelude to a permanent “two-state solution”--the
Syria. AFPN, in a co-sponsored letter to the president,      “political horizon” the Olmert government is so eager
lamented that “unfortunately many in Israel and the          to lay at the feet of the Fatah-Hamas newlyweds--is
U.S. believe that your administration is standing in the     precisely what Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has been
way of renewed Israeli-Syrian contacts. We urge you          beating the drums about in her relentless march up
to clarify publicly and expeditiously that this is not the   and down the diplomatic circuit.
case.”                                                                 If such a scenario is unthinkable to those who
          The stentorian tone of the letter was far more     hold Israel’s security, the Zionist dream and God’s
explicit in AFPN’s follow-up action. Irked by reports in     promise to the Jewish people in sacred regard, then
the Israeli media that Bush was pressuring Israel to         Israel’s friends--Jews and Christians in America and
reject Bashar’s “peace” overtures, AFPN president            throughout the world–had better make their voices
Debra DeLee labeled the alleged pressure                     heard, loud and clear.
“outrageous.” “It takes a lot of hutzpa,” she railed, “to
tell Israel not to even talk about peace with its            William Mehlman represents AFSI in Israel and is co-
neighbor.”                                                   editor of the internet magazine ZionNet.

                                                                 timized by Islamic terrorism, as have we. Israel is also
Splitting Evangelicals from Is-                                  a strategic ally in the war against Islamic radicalism—
rael                                                             a lone Western outpost in a faraway land that gave
Ed Lasky                                                         birth to two major religions, Judaism and Christianity,
                                                                 the foundation of Western civilization. However, the
                                                                 core reason that Evangelicals have an affection for the
         While there has been much attention given to            Jewish people and a strong desire to protect Israel is
challenges Israel faces on college campuses, in the              found, unsurprisingly, in the Bible.
media, and increasingly in the halls of Congress, the                     What may surprise people is that the founda-
historically solid and vitally important support given by        tion of this support has nothing to do with end-of-days
Evangelical Christians towards Israel is now being               scenarios or the desire to convert the Jews. Instead,
threatened. How is this happening and who are the                there is a belief that God has a covenant with the Jew-
actors?                                                          ish people and with Israel. Christians have a religious
         Evangelicals support Israel for a variety of rea-       mandate to support Israel. The promise of Genesis
sons, among them a belief that Israel is a fellow de-            12:3 is that "he who blesses Israel will be blessed, and
mocracy with which we share a common Western cul-                he who curses Israel will be cursed."
ture and that we value as a friend. Israel has been vic-                  To people who interpret Israel to mean the
March 2007                                                   5                                                  Outpost
Jews—such as evangelical Christians--Genesis be-        dent.
comes an exhortation to both Zionism and philo-                  Jimmy Carter also wants a role in trying to
Semitism.                                               divide Evangelicals. His recent book, Palestine: Peace
         Efforts are now underway to erode this base    Not Apartheid, is indeed replete with factual errors,
of support. The tactics seem to rely on a few simple    misrepresentations, plagiarism, and outright fabrica-
but potentially perilous ideas. One avenue of attack is tion. But what seems to have escaped the critics is
to question the theology behind the Biblical mandate    that Carter is primarily speaking to a Christian audi-
to "bless the Jews." Another is to portray Israelis as  ence. His narrative may resonate with them in a way
oppressing Christians in an attempt to evoke imagery    that reviewers do not appreciate. For, in attacking Is-
from the Bible regarding the trials and tribulations of rael the way he chose to do, he is promoting a view
Jesus. Those who do this are attempting to weaken       that there is no longer a covenant between Jews and
the sympathy that is one of the hallmarks of Christian  God that Christians are bound to honor. His book, in
Zionism.                                                short, is a brief in support of "replacement theology."
         The theological argument that a bond no                 How can this be so? In Carter's view, Israel
longer exists between God and                                                   fails a "religious test": it is no
the Jews (and by extension Is-                                                  longer a nation of Jews. In his
rael) is known as "replacement"         Sabeel has at times cast                book, Carter describes visits to
theology. The Jerusalem-based                                                   several kibbutzim and found that
Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation            Israel as the new                       on the Sabbath only two worship-
Theology Center, an anti-Israel                                                 pers appeared at the synagogue.
Palestinian Christian group, has
                                        “Rome” whose govern-                    When he asked if this was typi-
been among those groups most            ment is a “crucifixion                  cal, the "guide gave a wry smile
actively promoting this spurious                                                and shrugged his shoulders as if
doctrine. Adherents believe that        system.”                                it was not important either way."
Jews fell from divine favor when                                                When Carter participated in a
they refused to accept Christ and                                               graduation ceremony at an Israel
that God chose the Church (Christians) to replace       Defense Forces training camp, he presented a He-
them. Therefore Christians have no religious obligation brew bible to each graduate, "which was one of the
to support the Jewish people. Sabeel has at times       few indications of a religious commitment that I ob-
gone to the next "step" and cast Israel as the new      served during our visit." At the end of his visit, he
"Rome" whose government is a "crucifixion system."      meets with Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. He told
The head of Sabeel has called Israelis "Herods" and     her that he had taught lessons from the Hebrew Scrip-
has linked their behavior to the acts of the Romans     tures and that a common historical pattern was that
that killed Jesus. The Anglican Church in England       Israel was punished whenever the leaders turned
seems sympathetic to this view. This might be ex-       away from devout worship of God. I asked if she was
pected since "replacement "theology has taken hold in   concerned about the secular nature of her Labor gov-
Europe while it has been rejected so far by most        ernment." Not only does Carter seem to castigate Is-
American churches.                                      rael for losing its religious bear-
         However, there are disconcerting signs that    ings but also he seems to call
this favorable state of affairs may be changing. The    upon the wrath of God to punish
old "mainline" churches such as the Presbyterians       her for her transgressions.
have leaders who support the Palestinian narrative.              Michael Jacobs, writing in
As Hugh Hewitt has noted about his own Presbyterian     The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Church, whose leadership has been very receptive to     notes that Carter seems to take
proposals to disinvest from companies doing business    the same tack as the Sabeel in
with Israel, the governing body seems to be heavily     trying to depict Israelis as oppres-
influenced by key leaders who are either Palestinian    sors of Christians. He writes that
Christians or have close ties to Palestinian Arabs.     Carter "repeatedly refers to Israeli
         Sabeel periodically gives road shows to        oppression of Christians, destruc-        Church of The
propagate this view. The group has had some suc-        tion of Christian holy sites and the         Nativity
cess: at a recent conference in Chicago, attendees      imprisonment of Bethlehem."
included representatives from a clutch of organiza-              That Christians are fleeing the Holy Land
tions: Churches for Middle East Peace, American         should not be surprising. Tony Pearce, pastor of the
Friends Service Committee (Quakers), the Lutheran       Bridge Christian Fellowship, notes “the Christian Arab
Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America,     population within the pre-1967 borders of Israel has
and the Wheat Ridge Ministries. Their efforts have      grown from 34,000 in 1948 to 130,000 in 2005. Ironi-
begun to transcend trying to spread their "gospel" be-  cally this is the only part of the Middle East where the
yond Church groups to lobbying Congress. An upcom-      Christian population is growing The main reason for
ing Sabeel conference will feature Congressman Den-     the departure of Christians from PA administered terri-
nis Kucinich, a former Democrat candidate for Presi-    tories is the religious persecution, murder and land
Outpost                                                 6                                             March 2007
grabs which stem from the increased Islamization of                the left-wing of the evangelical movement, has a
the region. This is the result of the PA adopting Muslim           clearly anti-Israel history. He has written: "It's time to
religious law in the territories in contrast to Israel which       challenge the theology of Christian Zionism advanced
safeguards the religious freedom of its citizens."                 by many of the American Religious Right, who are
          Lest we forget, it was Muslim terrorists who             completely uncritical of Israel's behavior and totally
defiled the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem in                 oblivious to the sufferings (or even the existence) of
2002. While fleeing Israeli Defense Forces, they                   Arab Christians in the Middle East." He writes in an
forced their way into the Church and held clerics hos-             article highly critical of Israel's activity in Lebanon
tage. They knew Israel respected religious buildings               (titled "The Body of Christ in Lebanon" — clearly in-
more than they themselves did, and they were right.                tended to evoke the sufferings of Christ) of Arab Chris-
Israel eventually agreed to let these terrorists leave             tians who are "certainly not supportive of the highly
the Church and travel to Europe in order to avoid harm             disproportionate military responses of Israel which
to the Church. Regardless of the deal reached with                 now target their own families and fellow Arab Chris-
Israelis and church officials, the Church itself had been          tians."
ransacked and damaged by the terrorists.                                  Israel "targets" Christians? Not true. Israel takes
          Even within Israel's pre-1967 borders, Mus-              great pains to avoid harming civilians. Wallis's silence
lims have been attacking Christians so there can be                regarding Hezbollah-Muslim-oppression of these
no claim that Israel's security fence is the cause of the          Lebanese Christians is deafening. His magazine So-
conflict. In Nazareth, the home of Jesus and the site of           journers has long been a forum for anti-Israel voices:
many Christian shrines, Muslims have held large mili-              one article was entitled "Inside Israeli Apartheid".
tant marches through the main street, shouting, "Islam
will dominate the world" and exclaiming "Allah is
great." Christians report attacks against Christian
                                                                             The sudden prominence of Wallis is just one
shops and have told stories of violence against women              indication that forces are at work to shift the allegiance
and men perpetrated by Muslim residents.                           of Evangelicals. Recently, Jimmy Carter (along with
          This pattern of oppression of Christians at the          Bill Clinton) has announced a new effort to bring to-
hands of Muslims is part of a widespread Middle East-              gether moderate Baptists in a "robust coalition" that
ern phenomenon and has a long history which people                 would serve as a counterweight to the conservative
such as Jimmy Carter and columnist Robert Novak                    Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). It had its spring-
ignore. Conversely, Christians have found Israel to be             board launch at the Carter Center in Atlanta. (The
a very comforting and congenial place to live. Former              Carter Center is heavily-funded by Arab Muslims: will
Congressman Jack Kemp wrote in response to a                       Arab oil wealth be used to influence evangelicals
Robert Novak column criticizing Israel for the pur-                against Israel?) The invited churches have a combined
ported effects of the security fence on Christians: “In            membership of more than 20 million, outnumbering the
planning the route of the barrier, particularly in the vi-         SBC. Dr. Richard Land, head of the SBC's Ethics and
cinity of Jerusalem, where population density, religious           Religious Liberty Commission, probably spotted
and international interests intersect, Israel has demon-           Carter’s goal in forming the coalition. In noting that
strated particular sensitivity to Christian concerns. The          there would be areas of disagreement with the group
route was determined and in several cases altered,                 being assembled by Carter and the Southern Baptist
                                                                   Convention, he wrote in a Washington Post article
after a comprehensive dialogue with representatives of
the various Church denominations. The ongoing con-                 " of the areas where there would be significant
sultations and effort to accommodate denominational                disagreement would be our view towards Israel, as
interests put the lie to the notion that Israel supposedly         highlighted by President Carter's new book." That cer-
seeks to ‘destroy’ or ‘shatter’ these communities.”                tainly is a prophetic comment.
          All this was of little interest to Jimmy Carter,                   Is it a coincidence, given the deliberately pro-
Sabeel supporters, or their allies in trying to turn Chris-        vocative use of the word "Apartheid" in the title of his
tians against Israel. Nor have they been satisfied with            book, that many of the church groups behind Carter’s
mere written and verbal attacks. A new front has been              coalition are historically black churches (among the
opened in the battle for the hearts and minds of evan-             fastest-growing evangelical populations in America
gelical Christians with the goal of supplanting the lead-          and the world)? Did Carter hope by charging Israel
                       ers of the evangelical community            with "apartheid" to turn African-Americans against Is-
                       who have been strongly pro-Israel           rael? Will he attempt to lobby against Israel among the
                       with leaders and groups who are             evangelicals in his new coalition? Why not? He has
                       noticeably less supportive of Is-           everywhere else.
                       rael.                                                 Clearly, Israel enjoys
                                For example, Jim Wallis            strong support within the evan-
                       has enjoyed a blaze of publicity            gelical movement. Groups such
                       lately as an Evangelical leader             as the International Fellowship of
                       that Democrats in particular have           Christians and Jews (founded by
                       tried to enlist. Wallis, who is on          Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein) have
    Jim Wallis                                                                                             Yechiel Eckstein
Outpost                                                        7                                                March 2007
pioneered in fostering close ties between the Jewish            end-of-days or for conversionary motives. .
community, Israel and the evangelicals. Former Presi-                      Lastly the differing domestic agendas should
dential candidate Gary Bauer has also been a leader             not unduly bother American Jews. We are both heirs
in mobilizing evangelicals to support Israel. More re-          to a grand Western Judeo-Christian heritage and
cently, Pastor John Hagee formed Christians United              share many common values. We are both groups un-
for Israel to serve as a lobbying group for Israel. The         der attack from the forces of Islamic extremism. In the
superb recent book by Michael Oren, Power, Faith and            words of Pastor Hagee, "...what we have in common
Fantasy; America in the Middle East 1776 to the Pre-            is far greater than the differences we have allowed to
sent, illuminates the fact that affection for the Jewish        divide us."
people is part of the DNA of America's religious and                       Evangelicals have not asked Jews to promote
civic culture, and predates the rise of evangelicals.           their policies; there is no quid pro quo (or political trad-
          However, history has taught the Jewish peo-           ing of favors) involved in their support for Israel which,
ple that complacency is perilous. The belief that there         for them, is a biblical mandate that predates the con-
is a covenant between God and the Jews that must be             cept of democracy. Perhaps the best prescription to
honored by Christians has only recently (when consid-           reduce anxiety might be to remember this phrase: be
ering the grand scope of Christian history) enjoyed the         not afraid.
prominence that it does now. Efforts to convince Chris-                    Zev Chafets (a Jewish American who made
tians that this covenant has been broken will erode             aliyah to Israel years ago) has written a new book on
Christian support for Jews and for Israel, as will spuri-       the relationship between American Evangelicals, Jews
ous accusations that Israel harms Christians in the             and Israel, A Match Made in Heaven: American Jews,
Middle East.                                                    Christian Zionists and One Man's Exploration of the
          What can we do to help ensure that the evan-          Weird and Wonderful Judeo-Evangelical Alliance. He
gelical and Jewish communities remain friends during            also is mindful of their different domestic agendas.
this time of worldwide anti-Semitism and existential                       His response? So what? In a time of turmoil
threats to Israel?                                              when Israel faces peril as never before, the affection
          Friendships need to be appreciated and nur-           and support that evangelicals extend to Jews and to
tured. Yet there are still many Jews who are wary of            Israel should be cherished and appreciated for what it
this embrace by Christians. The reasons commonly                is: a gift from God.
given for this reluctance are fear of Christian anti-                      Will Jimmy Carter and his allies rend asunder
Semitism, a misunderstanding regarding the motives              what God hath joined together? Only time will tell.
for Christian support, and differing domestic agendas.
          In fact, Christian anti-Semitism has been a           Ed Lasky is the news editor of The American Thinker.
primarily European phenomenon. Evangelical Chris-               This is an edited version of an article that appeared
tians are probably the most philo-Semitic group in the          there on January 30, 2007.
world today. Evangelicals do not support Israel for

                                                                horns and a tail, it was assumed that Pipes would be
Dr. Pipes Goes to London                                        disembowelled and his head stuck on a Greater Lon-
Melanie Phillips                                                don Authority turnpike. So great was this certainty that
                                                                Pipes was advised of his terminal foolishness in ac-
          Like bookends at the beginning and end of a           cepting Livingstone’s deadly invitation.
week, two significant events occurred recently which,                    How wrong everyone was. By all accounts, it
because they conflicted with the received unwisdom,             was Livingstone and his seconder, Birmingham coun-
were simply ignored by the mainstream media. The                cillor Salma Yaqoob, who were eviscerated by Pipes
first was the Dispatches TV documentary about Brit-             and Murray. Pipes, with his gentle, scholarly demean-
ain’s radical mosques. This provoked virtually no com-          our and authoritative learning, would doubtless have
ment from either the media or politicians. The second           disarmed his audience by his steadfast refusal to de-
was the encounter between the London Mayor, Ken                 monise Islam and all Muslims; not at all what would
Livingstone, and the American scholar of Islam and              have been expected by those who had previously
director of the Middle East Forum, Daniel Pipes, at a           been fed the ludicrous propaganda caricature of the
day-long event organised by the Mayor to discuss                ‘Islamophobic’ anti-jihadi. Murray, meanwhile, went
whether or not there was a clash of civilisations. Since        straight onto the attack and in a series of devastating
this was an enormous left-fest on Livingstone’s home            blows apparently took apart both Livingstone and
turf, with virtually no speakers other than Pipes and his       Yaqoob and brought the audience cheering to its feet.
seconder Douglas Murray (and elsewhere in this jam-                      The blogosphere has duly recorded this vic-
boree, Oliver Kamm) to put up any opposition, and               tory; you can see the links on Pipes’s website, as well
with an audience overwhelmingly composed of people              as his own take on the event. But although, as he
who thought that American neoconservatives had                  writes, some 150 journalists attended the day, not a

March 2007                                                  8                                                      Outpost
single word has been written about this in the British         with it for so long is simply because he has been al-
press. To read a mainstream press account by a Brit-           lowed to do so. Thanks to a media that slavishly laps
ish writer of this British event, you have to go to Amer-      up his every utterance and largely supports his odious
ica. In The New York Sun, Daniel Johnson entertain-            world-view, and opponents who tend to be intellectu-
ingly notes:                                                   ally spineless (think of the Tories, who can’t find one
         “The audience—eccentrically attired and               single candidate able enough to stand against him) he
coiffed, sporting cranky badges and sandals—were               has never effectively been held to account. Faced with
atypical political activists, and to judge from their ques-    opponents who are formidably well-informed and intel-
tions, heavily inclined to the left. ‘This is liberal hell!’   lectually fearless, he is promptly exposed for the
muttered one New Yorker, contemplating                                      empty ideologue that he is and duly crum-
the ‘Free Palestine’ and anti-racism stalls to                              ples.
which the mayor was giving house room.
Yet the loudest cheers were not for him, but
for the Daniel who had ventured into this
                                                                                     The second reflection is that, de-
lions’ den. As soon as the self-styled ‘young                               spite all the opprobrium that fashionable
British mom’ in a hijab who was seconding                                   opinion generally heaps upon the Pipes/
the mayor, Salma Yaqoob, referred to the                                    Murray view of the world, despite all the
July 7 London suicide bombings as ‘reprisal                                 name-calling of ‘Islamophobe’ and all the
events,’ I felt the audience shudder. There                                 rest of it, below the surface at least some
was another shudder when Ms. Yaqoob                                         people have clearly been listening hard and
refused to utter the word ‘Israel.’”                   Daniel Pipes         thinking for themselves. They have un-
         The victory by Pipes and Murray was                              doubtedly noted that the Islamists are not
surely a development of no small significance in these         exactly committed to fundamental human rights, and
savage and degraded times. Here were two neocon-               that the alliance between sections of the left and those
servatives, both staunch anti-jihadis and robust sup-          committed to the genocide of the Jews, the killing of
porters of Israel and America, making the case to              homosexuals, the beating of women and the extinction
thousands of progressives in a left-wing bear-pit that         of individual liberty is as loathsome as it is lethal. In
London’s very own version of Che Guevara was help-             other words, opinion has shifted. That’s why they
ing promote and endorse an evil ideology—and the               cheered. And that is immensely cheering.
audience, which might have been assumed to be vis-                      It was a defeat for the totalitarian left and a
cerally anti-America, anti-neocon and anti-Israel              move towards sanity and decency. And that, no doubt,
(which interestingly, and hearteningly, was never men-         is why it has not been reported.
tioned) duly turned not on them but on Livingstone.
         This remarkable reaction provokes two reflec-         Melanie Phillips is author of Londonistan. This article
tions. First, the reason why Livingstone has got away          came from

                                                                 emy but know yourself, your chances of winning or
Know Thy Enemy                                                   losing are equal. If ignorant both of your enemy and of
Martin Kramer                                                    yourself, you are sure to be defeated in every battle."
(This speech was given at Israel’s annual Herzliya Confer-                 Now it's true that your societies are self-
ence on January 23.)
                                                                 critical. The purpose of your conference is to look hard
                                                                 at yourselves. We follow it closely for what it tells us of
         My role here this morning is to serve as a
                                                                 your strengths and weaknesses. This self-knowledge
proxy for "the enemy." Now it might have been more
                                                                 works in your favor. But fortunately for us, your knowl-
interesting to invite "the enemy" and have him speak
                                                                 edge of us is deeply flawed. That's the prime reason
for himself. But Israel has so many enemies that one
                                                                 why you've been losing every other battle.
wouldn't know quite where to start. In a mere ten min-
                                                                           It's not that you don't understand our decision-
utes all I can do is give you a flavor of how Israel and
                                                                 making processes. Your intelligence agencies proba-
the United States might look to a composite enemy. I
                                                                 bly have a good idea of who answers to whom in Da-
know it's hard, but imagine me as some sort of com-
                                                                 mascus and Tehran, and among our brothers in
posite of Ahmadinejad, Nasrallah, Osama bin Laden,
                                                                 Hamas, Hezbollah, the Sunni mujahadeen in Iraq, and
Bashar Assad, Muqtada as-Sadr, and Khalid Mash'al.
                                                                 Al-Qaeda. What you don't begin to understand is how
         In the name of God, the Compassionate, the
                                                                 we see the world.
Merciful. I'm flattered that you wish to know me better.
                                                                           To summarize your problem in a sentence:
As it happens, the phrase "know thy enemy" isn't in
                                                                 you don't give us credit for having what you have,
our Holy Quran, but comes from the ancient Chinese
                                                                 which is vision. In America and Israel, you keep your
general Sun Tzu. The full quote is this: "Know thy en-
                                                                 greatest thinkers in tanks, where they come up with
emy and know yourself; in a hundred battles, you will
                                                                 grand visions and strategies. These minds produce
never be defeated. When you are ignorant of the en-
                                                                 fresh ideas of how to engineer a "new Middle East" to
Outpost                                                      9                                                 March 2007
your liking. Then you give these ideas imposing            East away from America and its extension, Israel.
names: the peace process, globalization, democratiza-      Every move we make thus has the ultimate purpose of
tion. Your ideas usually fail, but you keep generating     pushing you back, out, and away. We have no interest
them, because you have a sense of destiny. And your        whatsoever in "final settlements" or a "new Middle
destiny, so you think, is to remake the world in your      East" that would fortify the status quo. We're out to
image.                                                     defeat you—and to replace your vision with our own.
          Too often, you aren't prepared to give us                  You may think this is impossible. We admit it:
credit for having visions of our own. And when you         the Arab and Muslim world isn't a seat of great techno-
overhear snippets of our own big ideas—a map with-         logical achievement. It struggles with poverty, illiter-
out Israel, a resurrected caliphate, and so on—you         acy, and ignorance on a daunting scale. But our cad-
say: oh, that's not really serious. No, you assure your-   res have taken Sun Tzu to heart. We know ourselves,
selves, all that the Muslims want is that we address       and we've made a careful study of you, from Bint Jbeil
some of their grievances and accommodate a few of          to Baghdad. We demand of our followers sacrifice, but
their interests. A gesture by you here, a concession by    we promise them victory, and we prepare for it. Of
you there, and before you know it, you think you've        course we make mistakes; we're human too. But on
turned us into your servants.                                                     balance, we've played a weak
          We find it amusing how                                                  hand with skill, while you've
you persuade yourselves that just        The Sunni-Shia strife is                 played a strong hand ineptly.
one more gesture, just one more                                                           Now you may enjoy a
concession, is all that's needed to      a warning to you: our vi-                brief respite from us, because
impose your will.                        sions, our history don’t                 Sunnis and Shia are regrettably
          Here are some examples                                                  at each other's throats. Your dip-
we've collected from your press,         ever go away, they al-                   lomats whisper to you that this is
mostly from Haaretz. If only Israel      ways come back.                          an opportunity. Don't rejoice. If
would give up the Shebaa Farms,                                                   Sunnis and Shia can demonize
our brethren in Hezbollah would                                                   and massacre one another—
surrender their weapons. If only                                                  fellow Muslims who profess the
our imprisoned fighters were released by Israel, we        same faith, speak the same language, share the same
would allow your "peace process" to be renewed. If         culture—what does this portend for you? The Sunni-
only the United States would wink at Syria over the        Shia strife is a warning to you: our visions, our history
Golan, our brother Assad would ditch Iran. If only Iran    don't ever go away, they always come back.
were given economic incentives, it would ditch its nu-
clear program. If only Hamas were recognized, it
would recognize Israel in return. If only Israel acknowl-
                                                                     Let's set aside the Chinese general, and end
edged responsibility for the plight of the refugees, the   with a quote from our own Bin Laden. "When people
Palestinians would shelve the "right of return."           see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature, they
          And on and on. There's even someone at Har-      will like the strong horse." He's right. We sense, not
vard who claims that Al-Qaeda "is likely to bring an       that you're weak, but that you're weakening. We see
end to the war it declared in return for some degree of    America's "wise men" produce an alternative plan for
satisfaction regarding its grievances." Our brothers in    Iraq comprised of gestures to us, disguised under the
Al-Qaeda felt insulted: just what do they have to do to    thin euphemism of a "new diplomatic offensive." We
be regarded as visionaries, and not as angry Arabs         hear America's best-placed foreign policy analyst de-
with so-called "grievances"?                               clare that "the American era in the Middle East has
          Not a single one of these "if-thens" is true;    ended." And Israel, defeated in the summer, now de-
time and again, we've told you so. Yet still you're dis-   bates concessions and initiatives toward us, all of
appointed when your "generous offers" are spurned.         which suggest that Israel is anxious to forestall further
The offers are generous, so you think; but to us, such     defeats.
"generosity" is a mark of weakness, a signpost reas-                 We know you will launch more offensives, to
suring us that we're on the road to realizing our grand    reverse your decline, or at least create the illusion of
vision.                                                    its reversal. We expect many "surges." We can't de-
          And we do have a grand vision. It's as deeply    feat you yet in a straight confrontation. But you are
rooted in our hearts as the idea of liberty and freedom    already defeating yourselves, in your think tanks, in
is rooted in yours. Our leaders, thinkers, intellectuals,  your universities, in your editorial boardrooms, in the
and clerics have spread it to millions of people. Untold   conclaves of your "wise men."
numbers are prepared to fight for it. It exists in several           Finally, you ask us about the place of Iran's
versions—Islamist, Arabist, nationalist. But in the end,   nuclear program in our vision. It's an excellent ques-
all of these versions revolve around the same idea,        tion. Unfortunately for you, Martin Kramer's time is up.
and it's this:                                             We return him to you—unharmed.
          We Arabs and Muslims can and must seize
control of our destiny. This means wresting the Middle     Martin Kramer is an authority on contemporary Islam.

March 2007                                              10                                                 Outpost
                                                                 ethnic Germans to punish the Nazi aggressors. In-
Indefensible Assumptions                                         stead, Israel adopted and practices a double standard
Ruth King                                                        on itself.
                                                                            Second, we heard the theory of the
          Two days after President Bush reiterated his           “demographic time bomb,” a scare scenario of bur-
vision of “the establishment of a democratic Palestin-           geoning Arab population growth in Judea and
ian state living side-by-side with Israel in peace and           Samaria. Thanks to Yoram Ettinger’s actual census
security," former CIA director James Woolsey, speak-             study, and the stubborn Zionism of the settlers of the
ing in Israel, called the Israeli-Palestinian peace proc-        areas, the whole concept has been debunked. In fact
ess a “scam”, adding “Washington should not be push-             an increasing number of Arabs are leaving the area,
ing Israel to make a "land for peace deal now.”                  and given a minimum promise pf permanence, the
          We welcome Jim Woolsey to the club. Scam               size of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria
or swindle or wishful thinking….regardless of what you           would double.
call it, Israel within defensible borders and Arab sov-                     Third, Israel has been willing to take “risks for
ereignty in any part of Judea, Samaria and Gaza are              peace” based on American guarantees. Yet according
incompatible. Just look at a map. End of story. None-            to Israel’s retired Major General Yaakov Amidror’s ac-
theless, this oxymoronic (emphasis on second half of             count of a private conversation: “Henry Kissinger…,
the word) policy is now the enshrined paradigm for               when asked for American guarantees in exchange for
solving the Israel-Arab conflict. James Woolsey is               Israeli territorial concessions….explained that South
right: the whole thing is a scam but the “scamees” are           Vietnam had international guarantees from twenty
willing participants.                                            countries. Yet when North Vietnam invaded South
          It was not always so. In the aftermath of Is-          Vietnam, no country took Kissinger's telephone calls.
rael’s victory in 1967, Defense Secretary McNamara               His implication was clear: do not rely on guarantees
and the United States Joint chiefs of Staff concluded:           and risk withdrawing to the 1967 lines.”
"From a strictly military point of view, Israel would re-                   Fourth is the dangerous assumption that in
quire the retention of some captured Arab territory in           view of advanced military equipment, strategic depth
order to provide militarily defensible be          is no longer relevant. Amidror explains :”…. missiles
determined according to accepted tactical principles             in flight cannot be stopped at a country's borders. In
such as control of commanding terrain, use of natural            the face of such a threat, the dispersal of infrastructure
obstacles, elimination of enemy-held salients, and pro-          installations and weapons systems, as well as com-
vision of defense in depth for important facilities and          mand and control mechanisms, becomes critical. With-
installations." In 1974, another study undertaken by             out Israeli control of the relevant territory east of the
the U.S. Army's Command and Staff College reached                1967 line, there is no way the Israel Defense Forces
the same conclusion..                                            can prevent the firing of rockets and mortars from the
          President Lyndon Johnson only a few days               hills dominating Ben-Gurion International Airport. One
after the end of the war said: ”… a return to the status         mortar shell per week in its vicinity will be enough to
before the outbreak of hostilities is not a prescription         stop air transport completely.”
for peace, but for renewed hostilities. What is needed                      Fifth is the outright silly notion that Arabs will
are recognized boundaries that would provide security            choose peaceful coexistence when given the opportu-
against terror, destruction and war."                            nity for elections and independence. See Gaza and
          Shimon Peres, before he became a serial ap-            Hamas and laugh. It is also a fact that as Hugh Fitz-
peaser, often reiterated his opposition to the pre-1967          gerald astutely claims, the Arab-Israel conflict is a
lines and Abba Eban, hardly a hard-liner, dramatically           “little jihad” with goals identical to the “big jihad” and
referred to the pre-1967 boundaries as the “Auschwitz            this imperative is far stronger than the desire to rule by
Borders.”                                                        the ballot.
          Even after Oslo, Yitzhak Rabin, in his last ap-                   Finally, Israel’s present rulers remain unwilling
pearance in the Knesset, said: "We will not return to            to insist that the only viable borders for Israel are from
the lines of June 4, 1967 – the security border for de-          the Jordan River to the Mediterranean. Missiles rain
fending the State of Israel will be in the Jordan Valley,        on Israel from Gaza, the purported area of Palestinian
in the widest sense of that concept."                            Arab “independence.” Only months ago they hit Haifa
          How did these cogent arguments morph into a            from Lebanon. And now Iran is preparing nuclear ca-
“two state solution?” What assumptions altered Is-               pability to strike Israel. And what do those auditioning
rael’s view of its own security?                                 for the Prime Minister’s role say about all this?
          First is the false premise that moral high                        Benjamin Netanyahu, the so called “hardliner”
ground is achieved by capitulating to one’s enemies.             who gave up Hebron and collapsed at Wye, offers
No claim was sustained for Israel’s historic or religious        “Allon Plus.” The Allon plan envisaged the return of
or strategic rights. No case was made for legal altera-          territories not annexed by Israel to Jordan. Perhaps he
tion of boundaries by the victims of illegal aggression.         has not noticed that Jordan no longer controls the
No one emphasized that after World War II the victori-           area. So what exactly is his strategy? To make an
ous allies adjusted borders and transferred millions of          “independent Arab state” out of territory roughly the
March 2007                                                  11                                                       Outpost
size of Central Park?                                               effort is, as Saul Singer, usually a thoughtful journalist,
         The ludicrous Tzipi Livni babbles of an “Oslo              declared in a recent Jerusalem Post op-ed “how to
plus.” Avigdor Lieberman? Uzi Landau? Anybody                       make the Arabs say yes to peace.”
there?                                                                        Well how about saying no to the Arabs, no to
         The “A” word in Israel stands not for                      another terrorist state; no to national suicide and finally
“annexation” but for “Arab Rights” including all the out-           a big resounding no to the indefensible assumptions
rageous and escalating demands Arabs make. The                      that make defensible borders impossible?                  •

(Continued from page 2)                                             if you value Israel’s survival). Israel is to pursue
                                                                    “visions,” no matter how divorced from reality and how
Tzipi at Davos                                                      disastrous their impact on the future of her people.
            One of the more discouraging revelations
from Israeli opinion polls is the soaring popularity of             U.S. Funds Terror Tributes
Tzipi Livni, the shallow creature who fills the shoes of                     “A Palestinian street named for Saddam Hus-
long time (and equally preposterous) Foreign Minister               sein was paved with USAID money.” So write Itamar
Shimon Peres. At the World Economic Forum at                        Marcus and Barbara Crook in Palestinian Media
Davos, Livni declared: “Gaza now is a terrorist nest,               Watch. The Palestinian Municipality of Yaabid de-
controlled by Hamas, by terrorist organizations…                    cided to name both a school and its main street “to
Nevertheless, I still believe that this [destroying the             immortalize Saddam’s memory and to emphasize the
Gaza settlements and turning them over to Hamas]                    values of Arabness and Jihad which he represented.”
was the right thing to do. I do not regret it….The vast             The authors note that there are plenty of similar exam-
majority of Israelis believe in the two state solution, in          ples. After the U.S. gave the Jenin municipality money
the fullest sense of the term. I need to convince them              for road works, a block in the center of town was
that this is not a risk for Israel and that this is the true        named for the first Iraqi suicide terrorist who killed four
and right vision.”                                                  American soldiers in Fallujah. USAID also funded the
         The implications of this are breathtaking.                 building of the Salaf Khalef Sports Center in honor of
Leaving Gaza was a failure – but no regrets. Clearly                the man better known as Abu Iyad, the head of the
Livni does not believe in assessing policy in terms of              Black September terror organization, who was behind
its impact on Israeli security. Now her task is to con-             the killing of U.S. diplomats Cleo Noel and George
vince Israelis that leaving Judea and Samaria is “not a             Moore in Sudan and of the 11 Israeli Olympic athletes.
risk for Israel.” Why should it not be a huge risk, in-             And USAID financed renovations of the Dalal
deed, based on experience, a certain catastrophe?                   Mughrabi School, named in honor of the terrorist re-
Apparently because it’s “the true and right vision.”                sponsible for the death of American photographer Gail
          Peres could not have said it better (or worse,            Rubin and 16 Israelis.                                    •

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