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   Air China, Shenzhen, tensioned membrane structure exploration Technology Co.,
Ltd. is the earliest membrane structures technology development and application of
the company, along with internal membrane structures in recent years, the rapid
development of the construction industry, exploration aviation has become a mature
professional company.
   Air exploration company with technical department, production and processing
department, customer service department, quality control department, Finance
Department, Purchasing Department, project department and administrative office and
other departments, with the domestic research and development early in membrane
structure of outstanding technical team. Title 8 of them are senior engineers, 15
intermediate grade engineers, experienced technicians 36. Through years of running
the team, as well as the actual operation of hundreds of works temper, in technology
development, design, production, installation and maintenance management, tired set
of rich professional experience.
   In recent years, our footprint throughout the country to undertake a number of large,
complex technology, advanced technology projects, such as Henan Commerce
Secretary mm high-speed toll collection membrane structure, membrane structure,
landscape Kashi Plaza, Hainan Yangpu (P Sweden Xintiandi) membrane structure,
membrane Xinjiang Kashgar South Gate Automotive station building, Huaihua
Wanchang school stadium bleachers membrane structure, Zhuhai and so on rabbit
ceramics factory parking lot. Through these works not the membrane structure in
China to promote technology development, as well as our company has established a
good reputation and brand image.
   Exploration companies continue to draw on the international aviation industry of
the advanced technology of drawing on the experience of related projects to
strengthen its own power. In addition, not only with the relevant institutions and
Design Institute in cooperation with the United States, Australia, Japan, Italy and
other countries of advanced cooperation and regular exchange of professional firms.
   Air China, Shenzhen, tensioned membrane structure exploration technology
company using good social image and reputation, strong financial, technology,
dedicated to promoting China's membrane structure, and promote the
development of film construction techniques. Looking ahead, we will continue to
adhere to the "serious input, active communication, rapid response, close
with the" service approach, the construction of better, more beautiful, more
excellent works.
   We look forward to sincere cooperation with you!

 ?Our recent projects:
* Huaihua Wanchang school membrane structure stands
* Henan Commerce Secretary mm high-speed toll collection membrane structure
* Square, landscape membrane structure in Kashgar
* Guangxi Nanning City Garden pool shade film
* South China University Sports Ground stand
* White Rabbit Ceramics factory in Zhuhai, Guangdong car park roof
* Citic Mangrove Bay Flower City Club tensioned membrane shade
* Guangdong Foshan Sanshui Park Landscape Sketch Films
* Hainan Yangpu (Precede Xintiandi) Membrane structure
* Shennan Road pavement repair and traffic improvement projects membrane shade
* River City, Guangdong Zhuhai tai
* Zhengzhou Venice
* Guangxi Nanning Ning Haitian Tianchi Hill real estate landscape film
* South Gate bus stop signs membrane architecture Shule
* Hainan membrane stage
* Yoshida square membrane structure landscape of Shenzhen
* Guangxi Nanning Yilin Jiayuan membrane structure
* Zhuhai Sunrise Terrace
* Xinjiang Wensu square membrane structure sketch
* Mm high-speed service area in Henan Business shade film
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 ?We are dedicated to provide you with:
Sports facilities - sports grounds, stadium, fitness center, swimming pool, tennis court,
basketball hall, skating rink, etc.
Landscape facilities - building entrance, swimming pool sketch, residential
promenade, outdoor plaza, park comedy, marking of construction
Transportation facilities - lounge, boarding House, Station station, bus station,
charging stations, piers, stations, parking sheds, bridges Corridor
Commercial facilities - shopping centers, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, shops
door first (overhanging), kiosks, exhibition, wholesale center, commercial street
Cultural Facilities - Exhibition Center, theater, conference rooms, museums (aquarium,
aquarium, etc.), botanical gardens, music, parks, etc. Place
Industrial facilities - factories, warehouses, sewage treatment centers, research centers,
terminals, greenhouses, logistics center, docks, etc.
Marking of construction - the city and local signs, park entrance logo, exhibition signs,
Interior Film Building - interior styling, decoration, lobby, entrance
Welcome to call us:
Northeast District Services Commissioner: 13751118313
North Park Service Commissioner: 15989585725
Services Commissioner in East China: 13510722635
Central Park Service Commissioner: 15013581236
Northwest Services Commissioner: 15989585775