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Same mistake again, T195 times to 131 km / h high-speed ahead. It is the most
difficulties of the time, only about 300 meters line of sight at night, the driver did not
see speed limit signs, the loss of the last of life. About 4:41 pm a sudden off-line train
No. 9-17, invasion adjacent track, and off 5034 times the normal operation of a
collision ... ...

Therefore be classified as end-term driver responsible. Plausible, speed limit sign is
said to only about 30 cm in diameter, 2557 times and 2245 saw the train drivers. A bus
driver must bear in mind the very first day: "No jumping, car in the car
crash." But they understand the current state of work, you can understand.
This involves the reform of the railway in recent years, a sharp increase in labor
intensity of the employees, general feeling of insecurity. Usually before the driver and
the locomotive in this pipe run, now run a lot of lines to an inter-bureau, said,
"of long distance." T25 times that of long distance. Thus the
Council business overlap, but the administration is still fragmented, as in Mandarin
and working, then disconnect and conflict is inevitable. Workload from more than 100
km one-way 56 hours, increased to 3 400 km 14 hours.
Usually before a group of two drivers, a car two shifts. Rotation is reduced to two
drivers. If there were two T25 plays the same value, square foot may be able to see
that the license card. And the maximum speed limit is lower curve is called the
"paste line run", also pay a fine for speeding to impose fines
and late. Shift schedule to remind T25 plays catch-points, with a good intention, we
also have to pay a fine or late.

Other sectors is similar. It is reported that during the construction period, some
dispatchers work continuously for more than 1 day. While the regular 24 hours a day
divided into 4 classes, each class two dispatchers. April 30 T25 plays 17 temporary
workers in the collective resignation of half an hour before departure. This contains
about 20 temporary workers, said that a monthly salary of only 500-700 yuan.
Of long distance and paste all the service lines running speed. From 1997 to 2007, six
major railway speed, average speed of passenger cars from 50 km to 200 km above
mentioned. There are many other needs of the market, and expand transportation
capacity there are four ways: speed, road construction, heavy and passenger
separation. Focus on speed, because the most easy to see, quantify and short-term out
performance. Security is negative as the success of huge infrastructure investment,
customer satisfaction, different opinions, no one is very difficult decade from 50 to
200 so obvious.
Speed also has two ways, first upgrade, completely rebuilt using new technologies,
speed more space, if the magnetic levitation, or even catching up with the aircraft. But
the cost of consuming this way, the introduction of magnetic levitation technology but
also subject to overall national strategy. Tapping the potential of the approach taken
by the railway to carry out detailed technical improvements, but there are a large part
of potential is in dug out from the flesh and blood, and also includes the cost of
tapping the potential.
Can not six times in six areas, a reference to 200 km? Technical and operational needs
may be gradual, such as marketing people may be stressed to keep the public focus.
However, there is always potential to do digging when the railway in 2007,
announced Humble technology has reached world advanced level, there will be no
seventh speed. Line has also been posted throughout the system running. Focus on
building high-speed passenger line in the future. Is still relatively easy to see and
quantify task.

System is faltering. Railways were introduced in the last century's big
contracting 80,90 and modern enterprise system, have let the matter rest. 1997, Fu
Zhihuan in power rail, tend to the EU the "separation"-style
reforms. <Railway reform program> is said to modify the three dozen,
but it was still a discussion draft Fu departure. Proposal process to stabilize the social
grounds of the Ministry of Railways closed. Served in the Ministry of Railways
Institute of Economic Planning Power Evaluation text: "close the door out,
how can the program reasonable? ... ... Do not be feasible in practice it may cause
Separation of network operation started from 1999 to 2003 the Board established
passenger transport companies in succession. Called the company, still bear the heavy
public interest, but no right to configure the transport resources. Is not legal, but the
impulse of interest, and the station profits. Conditions in the Zhengzhou Authority
Bus 70 million loss in 2002, not to mention remote bureau. Losses affect the welfare
of a small number of staff assaulted by traffic jams slow down or even leadership.
Scholars are not optimistic for Railway Transport mode: road network monopoly will
be decisive, transport only a weak competition between enterprises. China also need
to merge many countries like the EU road network.

China has always been the tradition, people s affairs, Renwangzhengxi. Liu Zhijun
took over in 2003, set the tone "leapfrog development" and
"Separation of Main," is mainly the speed across the ground.
The former has already begun the separation of major industry is certainly the main
rail, stripped and unrelated enterprises, accounting for 2.7 million of the 1.17 million
employees. Separation was neglected transportation network, the corresponding
passenger transport company quietly prodding.

But the leap is still extensive, the railway as the flow and capital-intensive industries,
should be to management for efficiency, optimize processes, improve asset utilization,
rather than simply downsizing by labor. Welch at GE, Lou Gerstner at IBM have
implemented some kind of separation of major, but as a preparation for reform rather
than replace. Passenger is the rash of new thinking is conservative. On the other hand,
separation of network operation is the separation of major monopolies, not very
Primary and secondary is relatively the project than the main school. Jinan Council
the same year, the last major accident occurred at 8:48 p.m. on the 23 January,
running from Beijing to Qingdao to Jinan-Qingdao line D59 times Anqiu to Changyi,
the clash of iron 16 Council staff, resulting in 18 dead 9 wounded. Railway
construction were often gaps train, jargon is called "open a
window." Admitted earlier incidents of the workers, to communicate
clearly wrong. So closely in collaboration with the main industry and whether some
need to separate? Accepted the premise of outsourcing is the process specification. It
is a matter of the contracting team found no qualifications.
Railway is also March 18, 2005 to withdraw the railway stations. Previous 15
Railway Bureau, which has 10 branches, a total of 41. It claimed that the railway
laying, but generally not flat and the company flat, but close to the market. If you
must withdraw, it should withdraw rather than sub-bureau. Pyramid-type organization,
the information flow as the Qiantang River tide, the more the more tightening up,
need to increase the level of the buffer, although the lower efficiency, to avoid the
collapse of high-rise block. Branch may not be withdrawn efficiency, it is clear that
the resumption of power. Merge with branch dispatching, this incident may have an
indirect relationship with this. During the Great Leap Forward in 1958, has withdrawn
branch, only three months to restore.
Remove branch, and yet open Zhengzhou Bureau, add Xi'an, Wuhan
Municipal Councils, resulting in a lot of friction. Behind the province's
game, which is very dissatisfied with Henan Hubei very happy. March 21, 2008
Bureau of the Ministry of Railways will Jinan tube sections of the original in Xuzhou
Railway Branch Bureau assigned to Shanghai, and Beijing-Shanghai line adjustment
of the two Council area. This is considered a prelude to withdrawal Board.
Momentary panic. April 28 accident happened.
Withdraw withdraw Points, Railway Bureau is still just the name of the corporation,
beginning with the Ministry of Railways signed an annual plan by the end of the
completion of rewards and punishments based. Ministry of Railways strictly control
the whole railway's financial and investment, revenues and expenditures.
Therefore, the Bureau does not power efficiency, cost savings, to avoid being
"exert more", but to persuade superiors to reduce the target,
increase     investment,     known      as   "running      the   Department
forward." This is a planned economy, a common problem. However,
passenger and freight railways have the right to decide, in accordance with one
kilometer from the main Development and Reform Commission and the
ton-kilometers pricing.

In short, the reform of the railway is split so far, the small number of bureaucrats
decided to reform, has never changed to his head, instead of expanding power. Most
employees are to be the object of reform, can not participate in relevant
decision-making, stress has increased.
Reform of the future is not clear. Most of the State Council in 2008 to promote reform,
not yet integrated into the Ministry of Railways, but grace in 2010. Not know what
the executable corresponding to this period the objectives and programs, it is
whispered that full separation of primary and secondary, it will set up five groups. We
hope the pressure will not overwhelm the railway has been severely strained, or as
before, after the first aggressive conservative.