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Your article, "people are gone, you still support what? !
"Administrators have been transferred to the Recycle Bin. Inconvenience
caused to you, sorry. Today, 09:45
Bo opened six months ago, on Sina has been grateful, after all, borrowing other
people's sites, a diary should also understand the hard headed people, so
Zan basically not "deviate."
Today to see the information above, still a little surprised, really can not think of
where Mr. Liu. Originally, the article put it, will not necessarily lead father again,
delete the also deleted, and are not deleted Wins, the main product - Parenting picture.
However, always a bit stubborn, this deletion, but wanted to see their own in the end
was what? However, once the article into the recycle bin, only to see the restoration.
As others have already deleted, and their recovery if on, we not
"knowingly violate the law do?" This Zan quit!
Google the title a bit, but fortunately there are reproduced, not deleted, how-to articles
on the poisonous weeds is not enough, the site is also not among the "high
degree of consensus", deleted posts are not in front of the grounds of
equality, a little dizzy, but not surprising .
Reprinted                                       link                                    1,
Reprinted link 2,
Common sense is prone to crash or malfunction, not a virus that is too long or too
much mess there is no defragmentation software, so targeted maintenance. A while
ago, accidentally drew on the written several articles criticizing naked on, we quickly
removed himself, mainly his naked not stand accused of some anonymous, so now to
avoid write blog post does not stir up trouble, after all, enough hits fragmentation
Wins productivity. Even so, it still fails, its probably still do some defragmentation,
and then delete some, make some more concise blog.
Guide father used to be a liberal, could not understand a lot of things that very few
could not understand themselves, who control Anan whom urgent. However, since the
child-rearing, things have greatly changed, have begun to understand "the
child is the mirror of self-cultivation," the constrained tube was not a bad
thing. Write a blog for the children to leave some of this growing little by little, they
would be less out of mixed, you can learn, have fun, but there is no margin for fun,
someday music to a show is not worth it, so the actual network administrator Zan is
the best firewall on, and now to "fight the enemy from the loss of three
hundred thousand" of the firewall, the firewall is very good.
Write a blog Zan is the initial stage, lack of knowledge. But in fact blog has surpassed
the private diary, in foreign countries that are "blog is a citizen
media", since it is the media, Bowen should be relatively clean. Although
the look may not be anonymous bare their criticisms, but his blog post also appeared
indecent words indeed, although not "Yegong Long" and also a
little bit, "calling the pot black", I remember the day before
yesterday a bit Bo leave comments friends, probably meaning ".. . to say
that the chicken's fart GDP uncivilized "(deleted due to Bowen,
if not the original quote) on, we humbly accept the criticism, since we do not fart a
chicken, and for the" standard eight-legged essay "transition.
Another: tape from 2000 to present Paul before Paul 1900, slowly down, the basic line
Zan "Li 2 split 3, stable down," the judge, the next two days
will probably repeated, but the majority will turn next week Paul 1800. Or the Friends
of Bo xudongping said is less than low determined not to approach. But not too small
Huozhongquli not, do some small-band narrow order, eat and run, can not go on