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					Reality and reality fiction novel
   A novel, one soil, a number of people, heave ups and downs, life and death Geku,
the hustle and bustle of materialism in the world and what impact it is only natural.
But "the township party secretary Guide" (see
"Zhong Shan" 2009 novel B roll) to late autumn 2009, the novel
industry, we are still pleased to pay attention to it because of the name of Mr. Zhang
Yichun almost unknown; unknown The author brings the subject matter that people
are no strangers to show the reality of it is a disturbing picture of contemporary
literature to bring some new quality and Universities.
                     ?1. Novel environment and practical field
   This subject matter is difficult grassroots reality. The reason why the grassroots
reality of difficult, first, because its author is far from the seemingly close but in
reality, the reason is self-evidence; Second, because the public experience of the
writer is almost complete coverage, difficult to break. Familiar Guanren Hill, LI
Pei-fu, Zhang equality writer readers, for their work fully familiar with the
characteristics of approaching reality; but practical problems of literary works for the
decoupling in fact incompetent, radar alleged by Mr. "Realism",
in recent years to also gradually decline. Literature and reality from what should be
considered more nearly appropriate, may never tear unclear, so we prefer to cancel the
issue to resolve problems; works in reality always the pseudo-reality, is a product of
fiction, created by the author "reality" show and reflects how
the reality is that people should be attention. It is in this sense, "township
party secretary Guide" in the source counties and longtanzhen Huang, Huo
Dahai and Jiaozi Guang, Wen-Hua Cai and Liu, Yi, Lin and Lin Zhongfei, Qin Liang
Tong and Joseph and other characters began to appear out of literature value.
   Fictional county in the pond source, since the "township party secretary
Guide" began to enter the Chinese novel environment. Perspective in the
reader, Mr. Huang described by the source counties compared to Faulkner's
Yoknapatawpha County, may not much; but it loads and reflects contemporary
Chinese society, and the information content of the grassroots, very rich. In particular
the work of the protagonist Huotai Hai longtanzhen, no doubt has learned from the
writers ink the vitality of perverse; when superimposed on natural disasters and
man-made disasters, were more difficult to predict water depth. Of course, the lake is
not the source of Kafka's Castle County, but the virtual in a county in east
China coast; Similarly, the time lost in an era of turn of the century.
   Despite the age of evasive, and readers will find it is the specter of Primary GDP
dusk years. Mr. Zhang Yichun leads us to believe, Huang source county cadres at all
levels, most suffering from the economic development of anxiety disorders. Effect
under the influence in official circles, is not only unable to relieve symptoms, local
has been certified dead. Economic operation mechanism has become the
"cadres             economy"           and        "economic
pressure": targets at different levels, the pressure step by step transfer, and
the 1000 lines, 10000 lines, wearing a pin township. It is at the eye of a needle
position of the hero Huo Dahai township party secretary, to cope with a multitude of
things, like not full of holes, to be wise and brave, resilient, and principles, understand
the response, curb desire, conscience does not vanish. This kind of definition, almost
to the altar about to figure the. Huo Dahai can do, is only one aspect; the other hand,
facing the township party secretary, how is it the reality of the magnetic field? The
spread of economic development, anxiety disorder, and the bureaucratic rules and was
"hidden rules" infiltrated deep-rooted social networks, ethical
swamp infested the opposite sex, the growth of grass-roots vision of hard ... ... Mr.
Zhang Yichun is good at laying novel environmental matrix writer, he makes the hero
Huoda Hai in both the magnetic field such conviction, without losing moral integrity,
but also make contributions, confirmed the value of its outcome to where, for
literature and reality do not but constitute a double significance.
                         ?2. Complex personality and character choice
   I always thought the novel and a complex shape out of the proper meaning of the
characters are; more importantly, were this character in the whirlpool of
contradictions deduced picture of what life has demonstrated how the fate and
thinking. "Township party secretary Guide" in the Huoda Hai,
face the reality of the absorption field struggled constantly choice. Hengshan Town,
before taking office, the reader is not customary to see Huotai Hai active fraction,
heavy responsibilities, but with the organization strong words, hope that a substantial
amount of reduced revenue. But people quickly realized that this person on the county
party secretary Wen-Hua Cai dare say "no", precisely because
the spirit of seeking truth from facts, because the heavy assessed to "death
tax resistance by farmers to wash down medicine hanging things occur." In
the face of unexpected events and complex issues, readers see is not a bargaining
Huoda Hai: Master Fengxian and longtanzhen fishermen armed conflict, he struggling
to resolve; storm surge struck, he washed in the line. The experience of the township
party secretary, at work often show extraordinary wisdom: the Wang Xianxia blame
cause passive contrary, they took the opportunity to the whole off the
"puddle of water" and other places where evil forces Yokoyama;
in     longtanzhen       5     Lam       Tsuen     Wu-hsiung        to    40,000      yuan,
"knock", not only did not fall into the trap, but a petition
stranglehold remedy situation; the face of family planning households with financial
difficulties, "justified thorn" strength, not only not punished, but
against prevailing circumstances to be incentives to break the dilemma of family
planning; by the construction of Hong Kong Revised from "Dragon
Temple", also see a person's forward-thinking and minds of
circular economy.
   However, Mr. Zhang Yichun described by Huo Dahai, more than one character and
Zuopai face, not even a Zhiyong unique and success to the British hard; show some
flexibility in the meantime, readers are more difficult to hide the helplessness:
Although the saw through the "Western Times" reporter to bear
much of the news blackmail, or by taking 40,000 yuan false "positive
news" of money; to raise dikes, paragraph Qiuqin compliance notice to
help, the last town cadres to raise funds only; was named "Industry Park
demolition commander "to mobilize people Drainage ponds, and only
moved to Kill drinking village party secretary; raise Drainage compensation is not
enough, had to dip home mortgage loans; in girlfriend, Liang Tong and his wife, Zan
difficult balance between the rows, and only swallow bitter; interference in the will of
the disadvantages of business negotiations, in order to give people suspected of a
water plant, only the staged drama of Sadness; year drew to acceptance of foreign
capital can only harm than good "buying numbers"; although
very busy popular election, but the organization had to give up after the conversation
Elected opportunities; to strengthen investor confidence Lindbergh, can only accept a
political    risk     Shoushan      stone,   "Shadow         of    Tu     Huang
freeze" ... ... Huoda Hai numerous "only" and
"only",                   "only"                  and
"only" will caught between the grassroots cadres keep living,
the dilemma of seeking a balance of basic fields, engraved was scratching is
   Strong magnetic field works in the real absorption capacity, which is so nearly like
the line to Huotai Hai fly trying to get rid flypaper; even struggled to fly, but also
toward the glass, tired at the invisible barrier, eventually die off in the bright side of
the window. Huo Dahai Hom, however, to the "bleak out" is
inevitable, desolate and stunning. This person is not chapaev and Li Yunlong; their
literary scale, at least some "faulty hero." In the public view, but
also not really a hero or even defective Huotai Hai. Of course, feel how Huotai Hai
justice, pleading, not the reader's expectations; he did but why not do it, is
disturbing, it implies a more profound literary and sociological information volume.
                        ?3. Experience and common position of public
   "New realism" brought "a Science", the
public can give lessons; "troika" of sorts and to the
"Realism", as the public likes and dislikes can be bluntly. This
is because the writer to provide picture of life, did not escape the scope of the public
experience. Mr. Zhang Yichun's "township party secretary
Guide" into the perspective of contemporary fiction, does not enjoy a
special right to speak. In the Chinese political system, the township party secretary
position at the end of basic, it works it can be said to take a grass-roots perspective.
Both grass-roots perspective, works in the drying time of our lives, many of the world
as irony, it must establish a common position with the public. From this perspective,
we can understand why Mr. Zhang Yichun will Huoda Hai as a narrative into
perspective. Otherwise, the face of the Sun come to organize study ministerial
pretending to economic experts, when the town party secretary courteously but
without sincerity; give City Water Secretary satellite 20,000 yuan industrial park
construction in order to achieve compliance with the seawall Game success, readers
psychologically it is difficult to understand the tendency of the hero and his
   Valuable experience in public is that, when the writer writes the authenticity of
petitions, news blackmail, manipulation of foreign capital, economic and Hot,
Communist allies and enemies, political, gambling, promotion shady, dangerous
career, moral conflict, as the germinal world, the reader can be interpreted as work for
the contemplation of reality and reveal the twists and turns, and can take the test
school writers familiar with the extent of life, necessary to develop and refine efforts.
Yu Hua said Faulkner, "wrote the brilliant chapter to fascinate us so that
we sigh, we can also find these exciting chapter in the life of no less than brilliant,
because they are living. He was always one of the few in this world and life on an
equal footing, a writer and not the few able to demonstrate that literary writers than
life. "[1] It is often lamented the works of creative writers is more
wonderful than life strange. True. Because the authors write, is in writing; and life,
that God in creation. In this sense, "township party secretary
Guide" in contemporary fiction community has shown a particular value. It
is understood that the writer has done work in the five towns in the township 20 years
long and the party secretary. For the literary world, he really was not familiar writers;
but the content is written by life, he is not "experience" in
which he lived. So his characters live picture of a solid presentation to the readers, are
"dry", so you do not suspect that writers have a rich mine, pick
life are the most convincing rock specimens.
   On this basis, "the township party secretary Guide" is facing
the ultimate mission, and that is to write the hero Huo Dahai almost squeezed to the
edge of political conscience is not willing to give up the stick: "I know
what I did I know what I adhere to. I just do not understand how to really do
something for the common people so hard on it? "give birth to feelings,
and Desolation is not only Huoda Hai, will have" the township party
secretary Guide "for all readers. In order to complete the mission of
conscience, expression Huoda Hai stick, on the one hand, Mr. Zhang Yichun to stick
to the edge because of the hero, keep too hard, bitter, alas; the other hand, due to the
edge of the stick to write Huotai Hai, and the brute force hold, which can not fail to
reach a common position with the public. Therefore, the work of grassroots cadres in
the wisdom, solid style, sense of responsibility, the ordinary people of the plain, old
members of awareness, human relations and the bitterness of warm affection, have
become Huoda Hai adhere to the background and reference system, so that readers
can see, the hero of the stick While Sad, but they are based, compelling. Slide the
edge of the Huotai Hai has finally adhere to living. This is a writer for the reader, for
the people, for life, for the conscience, leaving the last ray of hope; frustratingly stand
by, will never disappear as light waves, so that mankind is not the way to the first row
is a darkness. Because the spirit of the character map of the human spirit, always
showed a sequence of states exist, and any times, the authors are not ignored. Mr.
Zhang Yichun empathy in times of our depth reflection on life to his work reveals the
mechanism of the mainstream within the social system and a dilemma, and the two
laws conflict back to the crux of the embarrassment, is not to point blame the ruling
party, but reveal the logic and laws of evolution of life, clear to all the world like the
inevitability of hair growth.
4. Critical Consciousness and Fictions
   Since the square of the "Peach Blossom brilliant" connected
to the "Silence of the Lambs," the pulse, the growing awareness
of Freud and Jung's theory of the last century eastward to China has not
only psychology thing; writers for on the complexity of human nature and penetrate
deep, wide performance gradually. This phenomenon for Mr. Zhang
Yichun's creative psychology has also created a beneficial effect. Although
the writer is a step by step toward the value Huotai Hai desolate township party
secretary, from the perspective of his narrative, by Man his vision, and he and hi were
sad, but not to the protagonist as the ideal spokesperson. In this sense, the author of
his narrative beyond the point of view. Huoda Hai again important, but one person;
the hero role in the novel. Mr. Zhang Yichun to understand the dialectics of
characterization, gives the hero with a full understanding and aesthetic functions: Huo
Dahai character and even what is the weakness of human nature; is who, what and
how to push the tragedy of his life.
   Huo Dahai wise and brave, make compromises, why in the performance and career
advancement in the frequent display of the miscues, lost to a smooth and slick, do
superficial Xiao Qiao? Zhao Wei to his students is not without reference to the words:
"You Taiqing boundaries of right and wrong, love and hate is too clear,
sometimes not all right, why?" The township party secretary ultimately
frustrated political reasons, the surface , and his outspoken, blunt and overwhelming
offense admonished not unrelated to the cold humor; in fact, lies in the political layout
of the "Parkinson's Law" has set his mask, Zhu was
promoted when the track is circumstantial evidence. As "this"
hero, Huo Dahai thinking, wisdom and literary talent, charm, character, Methods, and
duty to defend the cherished people, entry-day site, dare say, give vent to dare, mouth
or is the heart, not mannered, hardworking, and calm enough; as the primary leader of
men and is more mature. However, Mr. Zhang Yichun did not let him escape the
demons of alienation rights. Election imminent, the investigation by the organization,
the soft underbelly of human nature as he was hit, could not help but guilty of
"dinners" taboo; Organization Department statement read after
the industrial field, he organized manufacturing site busy scene. This is also not, the
writer inadvertently, also stemming the flow of the party secretary for longtanzhen but
can not accept it, while understanding the subconscious: satellite to the Secretary of
Water Resources and Hydraulic Industrial Park started Earthwork sets national
HRWRC, he Huoda Hai also land reclamation in order to set national development
and public loans Huang poverty relief projects; Liang Tong to emotional duress, he
Dishouxiaxin took to the county clerk to officer; Zan line although his wife is guilty,
emotional stranglehold still not live on Qin Joseph's fascinated. Works that
use of official Huotai Hai "hidden rules" in work, the heart is
bitter; because even if the person chest there and clean the bottom line, he has to
admit that they have the "hidden rules" bowed our heads. Mr.
Zhang Yichun on Huotai Hai emotions are complex, because the latter is not a doll,
has a soul is flesh and blood characters, according to their character, will and
emotions to act, even if the author himself can do nothing. Here, the writer
protagonist through and beyond the individual, the economy overheating, official
corruption and other real life expressed clear positions, issued a challenge to the
sound, which would point to a critical consciousness and cover the body in
contemporary society,
   Novel ethical discourse in recent years rarely discussed, perhaps Freud's
theory mentioned earlier related. However, in my view, psychoanalysis theory useful
for shaping the individual character, out of moral fetters, you can further penetrate the
human; but for the Evaluation of the image does not help, because man can not be
completely disposed of value judgments. In this sense, the novel must have their own
ethical values. Huo Dahai though complex, Mr. Zhang Yichun, or let him stick to a
certain bottom line: favorite Qin Joseph, finally dared not overstepped; face
Personalities such Authoritative disciples, he afraid to crash; official position is not
important for Liu Dongnan important livelihood so camp, he was particularly
objectionable. In the book's climax, the writer will Huotai Hai storm surge
into the calamity it has suffered a stirring, carefully written, hearty to write the party
secretary of the longtanzhen seawall crevasse rescue plane in the courage and the
spirit of quality and Personality. But after the storm, creating a "three
major economic indicators among the county's first leap"
achievement of Huoda Hai, he was summoned to City Commission for Discipline
Inspection, almost "double" of the interviews, the reader can not
but apart from the shock would produce a desolate's money. Zi-Ping Huang,
Chen Pingyuan, Mr. Qian Liqun 24 years ago pointed out: the tone of the twentieth
century is the sadness of Chinese literature [2]. Now the initial years of the 21st
century, literature in the desolation of a pulse is still hanging by a thread. Mr. Zhang
Yichun to "township party secretary Guide", by adding a
confirmed fall of 1985, three scholars prophecies ranks. This means that he does not
want to give his first full placement of a bright tail. Flaubert used to think, to the
works of the placement of the tail light, it is hypocritical perspective, it brings illusion
and reality of the situation is not as people have seen. When people say they only
believe to see, indeed, they were fooled in their own vision.
                                    ?October 4, 2009 at the China Institute of Metrology
[1] Hua, warm, and mixed feelings of the journey [M], Beijing, writer Press, 2008,
[2] Zi-Ping Huang, Chen Pingyuan, Qian Liqun, of "Twentieth Century
Chinese Literature" [J] literary criticism, 1985, No. 5.
                                      ?("Fiction Review" 2009
No. 6)
iction Review" 2009
No. 6)

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