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      Sliding speed is not fast for the fish population, I think the line group to be fine,
but the opposite can not be too small hook and bait to light, taste the original pond
approach, the best fishing bait is rubbing.
      Fishing Tackle: 3.6 m day air (super hard) shot, the main line of 0.4 #, 0.2 #
sub-line, thin strips 4 # sleeve hook, 2 # 4 head soft tail drift adjustment.
      Feed: 85% of the original powder particles Tong Kowloon + pill yellow carp bait
a 15% rubbing (a); pill 40% + 9 yellow pill nine crucian carp the new pills Jiuchi 40%
+ 20% twist on a Bait (B ); 45% of the original powder particles Tong Kowloon + pill
pill yellow carp 15% + 15% + 9 Universal lure drawing powder 25% pull a bait (C).
     ?2, polyculture
     ?Polyculture of the same unpleasant for speed, carp and crucian carp is the main
direction, the group also called for fine lines, bait taste the original pond mainly do to
the taste of proper treatment, the main fishing bait twist, supplemented by drawing
     ?Fishing Tackle: 4.5 m day air (super hard) shot, 0.8 #, 0.6 # main line, 0.6 #, 0.4
# sub-line, 6 #, 5 #, 4 # sleeve hook, 1 #, 2 # tail long legs short body hard Last drift
adjustment 7 orders.
      Feed: 60% of the original powder particles Tong Kowloon Odyssey + pills + pill
9 10% 10% + waste water pill nine universal lure of 10% + 10% of pill nine yellow
carp bait a rub (a); 70% of the original powder particles Tong + pill nine yellow
expansion of crucian carp powder 18% + 3% + pill 9 unparalleled in the world 10%
of the twist of a bait (B); of the original powder particles Tong nine yellow pill 50% +
10% + pill nine crucian carp 10% + Kam Lung carp Seasons handsome brushed
powder 5% + 25% pull a bait (C).
      ?Third, actual
      The first
      The first one on the draw of the big 3 # pool, but there have been several times
the big games are Plunger first, my heart at sixes and sevens, and I do not know the
happy or sad. Hay is always to catch fish, the direct use of the main line of 0.8 #, 0.6 #
sub-line, 6 # Sleeve hook, 1 # drift. A and B were dry as the two diets and scattered
scattered, each with a portion of water and get soft.
     ?For these the fish situation is not very good De polyculture, Xian Yu Hui Zai on
psychological, Keguan on Zhan great advantage, so the start, I took the position drift
pulled almost depth, Yong and of a very Ruan bait, the size of almonds, throw to first
shot, floats in 8 orders. Hey, whether it be a few projects, so to say, probably over a
minute when there was a long absence, under the Dayton signal from the pole in the 1
452 small carp, the floats pulled down about 3 orders , same old tactics, even in the
four carp of different sizes, just waiting for a long time more and more partial. So I
used the dry powder of a bait fish burrow fighting side, there is action on the fish to
continue, there is no previous action on the small fish on soft bait, do not pull on the
fish bait to use, well I do not eat the fish on the exchange the small sub-line, it is so
slow embarrassing, but basically on the rate of good fish, although the run level 3 kg
carp, but a dozen of different sizes the end of crucian carp, carp there 4.8KG, so I
more Another fishermen, she got to take advantage of the weak 0.1KG 1 min.
      The second to be able to get across the middle of the first place, this is a
maximum of five consecutive bits of fish less than 0.5KG place, my heart again at
sixes and sevens, only to himself and blow himself: "Nothing I should be
able to catch good! "stabilize mood, my analysis of this is the second game,
and for this type of breeding fish, almost to the opening" dinner
"time (usually farmed fish fed feed around 10 am), should be a better
overall than before, so I decided to use the main line of 0.8 #, 0.6 # sub-line, 6 #
Sleeve hook, 1 # drift. Still want to review the first start of the dream, and very soft
with a bait, the almond size, throwing opinions on sticking to the first bar (water
depth less, keep the bottom), but no action, the second shot is still no action The third
shot I used soft bait B, floats near in the end when there is a small abnormal
movements, in order to stabilize I can play I do not Yang shot, hey, the results of the
series of shots made no movement. I realized a small fish in the nest yard, then
quickly put on 0.5 # sub-line, 5 # sleeve hook, pushed a head floats around, the small
B soft bait, shot down the first base is a nice pick , from the poles of a carp of about
150 grams of tranquility again later. See you on the fish are not very good, and then
think of floats on the specious little trick, I think fishing with a big group. So still on
the soft small B bait, dropped, and quickly got up, took out 4.5 meters, "the
wind" Insert section rod, on the main line of 0.6 #, 0.4 # sub-line, 4 #
sleeve hook, a # float (before has adjusted the 6 mesh). Then the wind brought day
shot, hey, actually there are carp in the hook on the end! After unloading the fish to
insert it in the bar wrapped with a soft shot on a small fishing Groups B bait fishing
soft small. Then is thrown rod, wait a minute, bringing a halt, starting from the pole or
fish - hey, surprise, changed on, and finally to eight crucian carp 2.6KG 2 of 4 points.
Think back really scared - this began to change from shot less than 10 minutes!
Constant or slow spots on the fish died!
      Third pumping the near-side position, feeling pretty good. In accordance with the
guidelines laid down, accompanied by 0.4 days of wind shot # main line, 2 # soft tail
drift (transfer of 4 mesh), 0.2 # sub-line, thin strips 4 # sleeve hook. Start with the
main pieces of the original pond bottom with a blow to find a bait nest to attract and
catch the bottom. Any action after feeling relatively steady, the shot rate can be. So
catch it, but do not forget to always remind myself to maintain a certain frequency
throw shot. Probably had a half after the sensorimotor too many confused and
frequently empty bar. Frequency of fast cast rod, lure the fish too much, the fish in
turmoil, the problem is not small ah. B quickly on small soft bait, due to lighter
weight, then the bait was small, it floats, after turning over the whereabouts of a very
slow speed in the end, when the often very small pause, drop action, the typical end
then, from the pole is fish, hit a high rate of nearly 10 consecutive fishing after
calming down, move it a little, and then put a bait fish. In this way, two kinds of bait,
two different Voted, interspersed with each other to use, and finally to 51 by 1 pm.
      Fourth field
      Fourth field pumping had a more intermediate position, not especially good, not
too bad, with the first field experience, should be able to catch right! The same fishing
group, the same bait, same Voted. But the problem again, no matter how cast rod lure
fish, bottom fishing is not action! Nest did not fish? Or fish from the bottom up?
Or ... ...? How can so many "or"! Quickly change it, do not
know how to change to try it. I use soft tail drift, from the bottom if the fish is too
high, it is difficult to reflect, so most likely a fish from the bottom and go up high!
Will lead seat closer to 50 cm, the small B soft bait, throwing full bar. Results 5 of
which appeared to catch the two movements of two interfaces - At this point, we can
identify the fish really floating high up! Float down to about 50 cm, lead seat back bit,
because the third pull-feeding is not, and therefore did not pull the fourth field on the
bait, had to rub bait fishing with B of floating bait. Action a lot, but also many empty
bar, estimated to be caused by slippery fish. In order to assure the fish eat more, once
again pulling to drift lead pedestal foot, with "ants on a tree"
method fishing. Sure enough, no extra action, action, great, but very real - they all die
mouth. Look at other Diaoshou, still in the "no action" status,
heart feel pleased but not.
      Hey, old saying goes, "the unexpected outbreak,"
"sometime in" poor 20 minutes in the end, I guess I have more
than 50 fish, and secure in 1 minute, and God jokes to a sudden burst of lightning,
storms, large hail peanuts sandwiched downpour. Can be said that a man had to fight
not live to fight an umbrella! This is the "King's Cup Koi
fish" will end early, but the referee only to Yunnan's national
"pause"! Ever catch a market confusion: Some people from
place to shelter from the rain, it was in situ rain, some braved the storm to continue
fishing, ... ..., and the fish pond area to the residential district judge shelter long gone.
So about an hour after the storm, some fishermen, she said, "It was fishing,
was not fishing, not fair!" Some fishermen, she said, "This is
not, plus a game!" Some fishermen, she said "Now the end of
an inventory of fish!" ... .... I do not know how to the national referee, and
declared that "this achievement is not the only three scores count as a total
score!" Some fishermen, she was very pleased with the fish down, and
some start BS-ing, and some find Magistrates theory "was fishing a carp
polyculture two, was fishing a two carp polyculture and fair it?" So they do
not think it fair to judge. Subsequently, after the referee group discussions, debates,
decisions: in situ plus 60 minutes game as the fourth field results! That's
when the fifth.
      I clean the water, and the A and B two baits were ready to fish. Just heavy rains, I
do not know where is she, not the bottom, floating and no, I have wasted nearly half
an hour to find: the middle of the fish to the pond and float on the water surface on!
Do not pull bait, small floats over after the wind storm is difficult to cast in place, but
also a twist bait, so the frequency is low, while others are not allowed to throw shot,
and finally get 31 fishing only 2 points (1 point 35) to a total of 8 points after his
     4, end
     Hey, if there is no accident, I get 1 point fourth field, you can get the first score
of 7 points 1; If the count of three results, I can slightly better than second place (6.5
points) was the first score of 6 points 1, but now ... .... Let it be, the heart to relax
more, let it go.
Results out thankfully I still have the first 8 points, second 8.5, third on 9 points, 9
points fourth, fifth 9.5, ... ....
     It seems my luck, later to be good fishing!

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