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And pay homage to my love
My love in heaven, the heart is no longer sad, no longer anxious eyes, singing is still

Walking in the familiar campus, passing strange face. When the sun shines on the
body, it will feel light. I am a drop of water, looking for my river. Why roll the
Yangtze River East PASSING, but why leave me far from home. Not flip diary, not
open atrium. Love has evaporated, it is in heaven. Like the coldest winter, ice, pierced
his chest, I feel sad heart.

Was removed contained more than seven, time never been cast, how can I forget the
name. Past joys and sorrows often ear, like a blur of sunshine, short and long, across
the apical That Road injury, did not think things vicissitudes. Seven years ago, you by
my side, now far from home. A person how to face the wind and rain impermanence,
a good thing not in pairs. Memories are pain killers, give me a moment frivolous.

That year my snow filled heaven, that was tears flowing all night. That
year's heart-breaking no longer share with others. A person walking in the
street, eyes full of sad eyes. Fireworks are no longer beautiful, rose is not than usual.
Why since the spring, flowers are not open, add me desolate. The only love of this life,
forever from their native place. The same sun, different sentimental, and only their
own taste.


If we breathe, the pursuit of more than. I went to where to find the sun, how do I get
out absurd. See the night sky stars, Vega and other less than Cowboy. Gone heart love
tap from time to time, disturbing my sleep. Say that things change, people are

Afraid to face real life, not to know what his current situation, let that lost love of
peace of mind to stay in heaven, not mess with my heart hurt.

Spring has come the arrival. I also enjoy singing, and singing is still bleak,
heart-rending people any better. Wandering alone in the deserted street, when to give
up the bags, go home. Let the sun warm light of my life.

Let love in heaven, not of pain.