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Pronunciation billboard_ billboard speaker_ audio billboard by fdjerue7eeu


									Pronunciation billboard, billboard speaker, audio billboard
Beijing motto Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
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Maxim promotional billboards, the recruitment of agents around the country
No initial fee, no deposit
Company promotional support, technical support, marketing, training
Specific agent, please contact the company Business Department
Beijing motto Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
   Maxim media company, located in the political center of Beijing Science and
Technology. The company is the leading digital signage technology industries,
developed a series of digital signage support upgrading and updating of the Chinese
cultural industries. Based company of Beijing; look the country, rooted in
China's ambitious goals, plans to use a strong technical background and
financial strength, to create a people from the consumption of high-quality digital
signage. And to OEM customers in need and raw materials. At the same time, the
company will also actively participate in the global profile of China's
construction and development, we will be in five years, dedicated efforts in the joint,
set up a Chinese family, the business expanded to more than 500 cities nationwide, so
that Our brand "motto promotional billboard" for the Chinese
people. Customer needs is our need to provide users with high quality and reliable
service is our obligation, we will spare no effort to satisfy customers effectively fight
the spread of the pursuit. Sincerely hope a pleasant cooperation with all walks of life,
hand in hand to create the future.
Maxim promotional billboard project
   Ears for the gold, seeing is silver, with the motto promotional billboards, to perfect
it, so that communication more effective. The traditional speaker promotions
everywhere, it is kind of strong favorable business promotions, but it also brings to a
trace of trouble, not only affects the store's image, but loud selling single
and also a noise.
To this end the Secretary under the brand name products, supermarkets, shopping
malls, stores and other places, with the language features of promotions to attract
customers, especially the development of a vision to automatic speech billboard
promotion and integration of high-tech products - - motto promotional billboard.
Motto promotional billboard is a commercial advertising a new type of equipment,
when the people through the billboard, the billboard will automatically sense and
sound to do advertising, and advertising content can arbitrarily taking, but also
commissioned the design of our professional recording studio. Has a motto
promotional billboards the same as having a non-salaried and will not rest promoters.
Product Installation
1. Where you can hang:
  ?No rugged hard flat surface, new materials wood, metal decorative surfaces,
stainless steel, plastic decorative surfaces, glass, tile, metal coating surface
?2. Not hanging where:
  ?(1) earth walls, plaster walls, wallpaper, artificial fabrics, water-based coating
  ?(2) bathrooms and other places where there are water droplets
  ?(3) uneven, rough surface and stripping
3. Can also be directly placed in the triangular easel

Maxim promotional billboard scope of use
?Application of a huge market: banking, securities, hotels, supermarket chains,
beverage industry, dairy industry, food industry
?Bookstores, schools, automotive, real estate, entertainment, leisure, commercial
batch of the market, shops, enterprises, institutions ,,,,,,,,,
Five investment advantages
Price advantage
1. Profit maximization: enjoy the high-tech patented technology, the price control
initiative. Dealer profit margins.
2. The new creative industries: new technologies, new materials, more powerful and
more widely used, easier to operate and meet the "one-up, instant
provision" demand for services.
3. Synergies
More with the protection of the interests of community-based long-term goals
established, we partner as a head part, can be unified brand and unified standards,
common co-operation.
4. Investment Advantages
The overall project output: the classification of components, materials, marketing,
training, publicity support, supervision and a series of support programs, the
development corporation all of the templates, technology, ensure that the market
5. Market Advantage
Profits come rolling in: the basis of high and new technology, developing advertising
products, the application has a huge market, enterprises, shops, offices, office, family,
or even to each person's needs.
2 competition beyond
1. Brand
Partners around, can Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Beijing motto expand the
name of "promotional billboards motto" business.
2. Innovative technology and product integration
We are authoritative experts, advertising products, we have the most advanced and
extensive advertising product technical, and we continually develop new technologies,
new products, latest technologies and products for every one in the market Dushi
unique charm. We call these the most advanced technology, products, complete
package, to produce finished products to you. Used in advertising products business,
so you are in the local market with a unique appearance, shocking consumers to easily
get the business.
10 business protection
The two sides connected to the future to keep its promise
To protect the interests of partners, head protection policies formulated 10 escort for
business customers to ensure business success.
  ?1. Ensure that the popular business not a bubble: the high-tech products used in
advertising market, the market of popular business, lack of competition. Maxim
digital signage is extremely competitive, much easier than the management of other
  ?2. To ensure first-class products of international standards: first-class creative
combination of traditional and high technology, variety, style diversification. Maxim
digital signage project has dozens of series and hundreds of varieties to meet
consumer demand for all types of people.
  ?3. To ensure the exclusive planning Gaorenyichou: have the best management team
with experience in international marketing. Innovative ideas, ever-changing marketing
  ?4. To ensure that careful and meticulous training in place: Technology
correspondent, an investment in long-term benefit, at any time to acquire new
products, learn new technologies. Spend a few thousand dollars, to make you great
talent, to seize market opportunities.
  ?5. To ensure that the way to guide operations, accompanied by: From a market
positioning, market segmentation, sales channel development, customer management,
advertising, unreservedly to export all of your business Cheats, full service,
year-round never stops. On any problems are found to be at any time, any advice,
guidance immediately to ensure worry-free operation.
  ?6. To ensure that invested heavily in the campaign trail: maxim digital signage
advertising program heavily Start National Show coverage from the national show to
the provincial, municipal exhibition.
  ?7. To ensure regional protection monopoly: on partners to implement the regional
protection system, within the specified operating range, as long as you do not have the
exclusive conditions to ensure the establishment of other exclusive agents.
  ?8. To ensure timely service does not drag push: on the partner services in a timely
manner, patient answers to, within its capacity to help partners solve problems, truly
benefit-sharing, win-win cooperation and common development.
  ?9. To ensure the quick faster exceedingly efficient production: high-tech as a
guarantee, backed by a new model, characteristics of the project presenting the fast,
that "investment quickly, sales channels fast, quick," is real
good fast track approach project.
  ?10. To ensure the unimpeded flow of goods bon voyage: Headquarters has a strong
logistics capabilities, no matter what time, what location, main store of raw materials
required for the partners, advertising products, will be on time, and high quality
Why choose maxim digital signage business
Digital signage is the magic weapon to meet the information age
Media dissemination of digital technology to enable new high-state indoor and
   The trend of digital media, will bring indoor and outdoor advertising mode of
transmission of the major changes with the operating model to guide the indoor and
outdoor advertising industry in China entered a new stage of development.
Indoor and outdoor digital media trends, first by the new technology in the
"old products" on the graft to achieve integration and upgrading
of products. Second is a new indoor and outdoor digital media and radio, television
and other traditional media and the Internet, cell phones and other new media
platforms, full integration, the new media will lead to spread of the large change in
the situation of cultural industries as a whole, subverting the media industry in the
original ecosystem, to the public a great impact on daily life.
   Innovative technology is the lifeblood of advertising products company
   "Innovate or perish" warning was like a red-hot Tiebian,
many companies continue to spur innovation Horses Fenti, Pentium in the flowers of
the fields. Innovation means exclusive stout market, because the new technology is
quickly converted to cash checks of wealth.
People will not forget that 15 years ago has a cutting plotter of the advertising
company, Nisshin daughter, a leader in the minds of many users. Since then, the first
printing machine purchased advertising market once again following the hot,
Rijindoujin. Industry experience has repeatedly told us that the competition between
industries is ultimately its competition with innovative technology, advanced products,
competition and competition for talent. Only by constantly updating the products the
market demands, improve technology, train personnel, to always came out top. As
modern advertising products company (and processing units), a slight mistake or
failure to make timely use of high-tech products to seize market had its own at any
time are likely to be eliminated in the competition, all worked hard to create will
down the drain.
Advertising products, innovative technology is the only means of continuous
generation of charm
   Pleasing visual environment in the modern city, common things people often turn a
blind eye. To give full play to outdoor advertising effect, it means to be innovative
with technology. Technology can not only create a new media type, technology can
also create a center to the Tour in a very good memory.
Science and technology is productivity, innovation and technology on the
development of indoor and outdoor media can be said is important, even vital. LED
light source to the traditional beats to become the new darling of the field of
advertising products; make the dim light the word door head plaque dazzling, new
look; three-dimensional imaging technology allows the visual image more impact.
From static to dynamic, from heavy to thin, from single to changes, from silent to
sound, from one-way to interactive, indoor and outdoor advertising and technology in
dance, and continue to meet the visual needs of the audience and innovative ideas,
continuously create a another classic legend.
   Through in-depth analysis above, we clearly see the advertising products industry is
a vibrant, full of opportunities Hongli industry, "the world's
second superpower advertising" market space and international platform,
so that each one has career ambitions fighters jumped into the hero of the series
possible.乱世出英雄, flourishing more than the rich. An old one: as long as like, you
   To become a successful businessman, it is necessary to have the strategic sense of,
to always accurately grasp the dynamics and development trends in the industry, but
also have the tactical mobility, can accurately and quickly bring innovative
advertising products, grazing pocket. If we are ahead of the strategic situation, then
everywhere flourishing Carol, "the situation is excellent" in the
context, how choices of innovative products? Where to choose products that
advertising products? Maxim digital signage, has been specifically designed for you
all good. Provide digital signage products, so you worry-free operation, the problem
left to solve the team motto. Maxim profit you complete solutions and provide
effective training in marketing mode.
The origin and development of digital signage
   ?When all the information to quantify, they mean that we enter the new wave of
digital media era, thus, the digital information age is characterized by the earth.
   ?All the information media of today are no longer just used to represent analog
information, but expressed in numbers. Of course the computer is a digital code to
represent information, from the digital computer, the development of the digital
network, digital high-definition TV, program-controlled digital telephone, IP phone,
motto promotional billboards, until today's triple play.
    In addition, there are graphic images are digital, there MP3 and digital cameras,
has entered into every aspect of daily life. However, people in today's
feelings in everyday life may be the largest "digital signage"
What is Digital Signage?
    ?Digital Signage (Digital Signage) is a new media concept, refers to the large
shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and other crowded
public places, by large-screen terminal displays speaker playback device, release
business, financial and professional audio-visual multimedia entertainment system.
Seeks to a specific physical place, a specific time period for advertising on a specific
population characteristics of information broadcast, allowed access to the advertising
    ?Abroad, it was also the paper media, radio, television and the Internet tied,
known as the "fifth media."
Digital media distribution system has the following characteristics:
1. Fool of program editing interface, the operator without special training, editing and
publishing software can be applied at any time release a variety of arbitrary text, icons,
animation, video, audio, information, and integrate digital information into a
"digital signage" to ad form of the video.
2. Maintain. The system automatically plays, without expert management operation,
even if unexpected power player terminal, when in power again after the system
automatically re-play, without human action.
3. A powerful multi-layer mixed function, support composite video, component video,
HDTV high-definition video and other mainstream formats, to achieve any window,
transparent overlay, special flip, scrolling text and other means of mixed display.
4. Use a variety of media expression (video, audio, pictures, animation), said the
narrowcasting system.
5. Is a dynamic advertising, allowing the content to constantly changing with each
passing day.
6. Similar to TV commercials and web ads, but it is targeted, flexible form, content on
demand. So it can borrow the existing types of production tools (such as: Web page
production, VCD production, FLASH production) mix.
7. It is the network technology, multimedia playback technologies, and software
component development and integration technology, fused with the new technology.
8. Is a user-oriented production techniques, that is, users can easily learn to create
their own variety of signs.
9. This is a rapidly developing technology, and is moving towards maturity, including
technical, market, and the line
The structure of the industry will tend to mature quickly.
A few years ago, only in a few places there are electronic signs, if the bank with the
CRT touch screen ATM, promotional billboards, train station concierge desk. But in
recent years can be seen everywhere, and in supermarkets, hotels, buses, restaurants
and even cafeterias. This year in particular, come to where there can be met with
digital signage.
The development of "digital signage" in the three conditions.
Data plate of the device mainly consists of three components: planning, control and
play the audio part of the display device, which is among the three parts connected by
the network. In addition to hardware systems, the digital signage still needs the
development of the following three conditions: advanced technology, reasonable
prices, huge market demand.
The key technology is now cross the border. Media Signs interface and messaging
communication protocols that are already international standard XML (Extensible
Markup Language can be) and Web Service communication standard, to enable a
variety of display media can be accepted only with programming software to meet the
display system interface on the line, easier than the DVD device.
Production systems need to provide a variety of tools and the media, graphics, images,
audio, interface templates and other media information database. Now the focus is
how to use technology tools already integrated a development platform for teaching
word signs, and has easy to learn and easy to use fool-type production function, and
now constitute the platform of the effective ways is to:
Development of production platform = common platform-specific tools + area +
media library.
Pass a variety of key technologies have to provide "digital
systems" companies sprang up like mushrooms, such as the media
company motto, only a few years time a network has grown to over 100 companies.
The current cost of the equipment users in general can afford. As the transmission
media, cable, coaxial cable, five lines, wireless communications, and routers, the price
is very cheap convenience.
Especially the ever-growing consumer market to promote the "digital
signage" rapidly developed.
The information age, the development of the media label as
"unlimited". The emergence of various digital media technology
and development, in particular the popularity of flat panel display devices, digital
media distribution system in recent years to promote widely used.
Outdoor advertising into the peak period of development, industry, the rise of a large
number of cutting-edge
Successfully held the 2008 Olympic Games, China will also be accompanied by the
concept of technology, green, humane Beijing Olympics set off again in the climax of
the global village. With the scientific development and building ecological civilization
and harmonious society, a more open, innovative and take responsibility for the
pursuit of China, general dance world economy, China's advertising
industry that the development of an unprecedented development opportunities, but
also usher in higher standards of full range of challenges and urgent need in the new
coordinate system, positioning us in the future.
1. China's sustained economic growth prompted the advertising industry
booming demand and supply
   ?Continued economic prosperity and the prosperity of the advertising provides a
sufficient client resources. In recent years, China's economy maintained a
continuous double-digit growth, its economic output has ranked fourth in the world.
China's sustainable economic prosperity, sustainable development of the
advertising industry, the basic premise and strong support. Manufactured in China to
China's development process to create change, business needs stronger
branding, advertising is more promising.
   ?23 industries will further promote the prosperity of the advertising industry.
"Let some people get rich first" time is long past, with the
arrival of China's reform three decades, will enter the great imbalance in
governance of social adjustment. Zai Chinese social structure from a pyramid in the
process of transition to the olive Zhong, a large number of Chan Jieceng the
emergence, leading to the community of rational and Wen Ding, Ye brings consumer
to upgrade and Fanrong, will effectively support the 23 industries Di Chixufazhan and
prosperity progress, of which advertising industry as a natural leader, enjoying the
2. The Olympic Games, World Expo is the largest outdoor advertising campaign
   ?2008 is Olympic year, 2009 is the 60th anniversary of World Expo 2010 is China,
the events one after another. The Olympic Games are top of the sport, but also spread
the top of the outdoor campaign, the Expo itself is a major national outdoor
advertising as the main body. After the Olympics, the World Expo baptism,
"campaign, Make Life Better", "Better City, Better
Life," "advertising, so the city better."
3. New construction in rural and urban areas has brought a huge expansion of
advertising space
   ?The abolition of agricultural tax, rural land contracting long-term, market-oriented,
and fundamentally to ensure the development of agriculture and rural prosperity.
Well-off society in China's overall advance in the new century, a large
number of agricultural population into the cities and towns, which grew the pace of
urbanization. Affluent rural areas as urban, rural surplus levels of urbanization,
China's 34 line construction of the city's rapid development will
soon become the next focal point.
4. Second-tier level of urban development and promote the following rate will exceed
the traditional expectations
   ?Currently, a city's market saturation, rising costs, more and more
enterprises recognize that 23 cities and areas of new rural development model huge
market potential. As China's urbanization and new rural construction
accelerating pace, three, four cities will become China's new economic
growth point, attracting many vendors ahead. Internet age, information and goods
between urban and rural consumption, smaller and smaller, advertising
communication can be synchronized across time and space, can be expected in
domestic demand driven and investment promotion, advertising to promote the speed
of second-line following cities will exceed people's expectations, become
the industry's future new profit growth point.
Cooperation process
1. Adage about digital signage products, corporate philosophy and cooperation.
2. Accepted maxim digital signage products and market demand.
3. On advertising products have full understanding of market prospects, and have the
appropriate sales channels.
4. Previous product telephone consultation, ask for relevant information.
5. To our customer service staff will provide customers with detailed product
description and explanation.
6. If the customer interest on the product and select the agent area, the company will
provide marketing guidance to customers free of charge.
7. Customers order products and sign an agency contract with the company.
8. After the client signed a contract to play section.
9. Headquarters delivery.

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