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[Abstract] just over 51 throughout the country off a new round of rising vegetable
prices, "whirlwind." Including grain, edible oil, vegetables, gas
and other necessities, including, Recently in prices in different degrees, and many
white-collar workers often feel that eating out, fast-food prices also appears to
continue to rise, currently in the major fast food restaurant has been difficult to find a
fast food less than 10 per ...
   Fast-food prices rose 10 yuan lunch collective sign of the dark is difficult to find
   New Express edition have written compliance Xinhua Luo Zhi Mian New Express
edition photo journalist Wang Fei Biao Ning
   "51" has just passed, all over a new round of rising vegetable
prices, "whirlwind." Many white-collar workers to eat out too
often feel that fast-food prices also appears to continue to rise, currently in the major
fast-food restaurants have been hard to find a fast food less than 10 yuan.
   Press survey found, including grain, edible oil, vegetables, gas and other necessities,
including, in varying degrees Recently prices, prices "high
fever", inflation once again hanging overhead in the haze of the people.
   Next Tuesday (May 11), the National Bureau of Statistics will publish in April the
consumer price index (CPI), although the parties concerned have been avoiding the
topic of inflation heating up, but as of May 2, the central bank announced the increase
of the third year reserve ratio, liquidity tightening regulation to control inflation
already resorted to heavy blows.
   Many experts are on the short-term price trend is not optimistic. By commodity
prices rebound, resources, product prices and other factors, the second and third
quarter of the price also may rise.
   Status quo
   10 yuan less fast food becoming less
   "Larry how it prices the package!" "51"
holiday back to work in the Tianhe Road, Miss Bai Lingyang received fast-food
capital of the leaflets can not help but exclaimed: "I used to eat beef
omelette rice was 9 dollars, starting from March 10 into dollars Larry into eating a
meal, or 17 dollars last month, this month has risen to 18 per of the. "
   The fast-food restaurants compared to the leaflets can be found in a few months:
every month a different dish prices, some cheap dishes and even direct
"disappear", such as February's menu can also find
three 10 per The following dishes, to May on the left with a less than 10 yuan a
tomato scrambled eggs. Old Canton favorite drink of the old fire soup, beginning in
April from 0.5 yuan collective prices. And this situation appears in a fast food
restaurant more than the reporter found that geese Aberdeen, Wah Fai pull intestines,
and a number of SUBWAY Restaurant Sanhe have different levels of price increases.
Huahui pull intestinal signs porridge, began in April from 3.5 yuan / bowl collective
risen to 4 yuan / bowl. Fast food capital of the corn juice from the initial 4 yuan / cup
has now risen to 5 yuan / cup.
   "Do not look at is the 12 places up, spend a month down only thirty or
forty dollars on fast food." Miss Yang sighed.
   Miss Bai Lingwang ready to give a feast, was found in a large restaurant in 2000
dollars has been difficult to find the banquet table, only a simple Yuexiu Area with
hotel banquet is 1980 yuan / table, when his colleague married late last year, this
banquet only 1780 yuan, and includes a hall decoration, and many other benefits,
"did not think early marriage is also 'a few'
ah!" Wang finally had reluctantly ordered a more than 2000 yuan /
   Most of the prices of raw materials
   Continued on the fast-food consumer prices are not just helpless, and even
restaurants for people that can not afford. Manager Chen pointed out that the fast food
capital, raw materials prices is the source of fast-food price increases, many operators
want to approach the cost of digestion, and in fact much higher than the rate of price
increases of raw materials price increases the speed of fast food.
   Manager Chen introduced this year, oil, rice, and vegetables in prices, suppliers
once a month for the price, such as rice, late last year is 98 yuan / bags (50 kilos), a
New Year's Day had risen to 100 on / bag, and now has risen to 103 yuan
per bag, and vegetables, not to mention, one day a price, especially in April every day,
rainy weather, the extraordinarily high vegetable prices. "All raw materials
prices, the cost of thousands of dollars more each month, so basically no profits in the
fast food." Manager Chen said.
   Geese fast food shop owner Mr Lai Tsai told reporters, because raw material prices,
a way had to raise prices to maintain their operations, from the beginning in March
abolished the "free plus rice" concessions, "we do
not want prices However, if the next raw materials continue to rise, then he was
forced to have to follow up, wants the state to introduce policies to curb the
phenomenon of grain and oil prices. "
   Daily necessities "going up" a
   Some varieties of vegetables, over half of the price increase over last year
   This reporter has learned, along with vegetables, fruits, grains and other daily
necessities in general, "high fever", inflation once again
shrouded in haze on the top of the head people.
   Overall increase in prices of vegetables
   Price departments of Guangdong Province announced the day before yesterday, by
the low temperature last winter, the beginning of spring "late
spring" weather continued and the production and distribution costs and
other factors, the province this year, the overall increase in vegetable prices.
   Reporter visited the city yesterday, the market found some meat dishes, while
vegetable prices have come down some time ago, but a lot of variety compared to last
year's price is still rising. Xiancun meat dishes in the market for 2 yuan
(unit of 500 grams, the same below) following very few vegetables, only lettuce and
lettuce is 1.8 yuan, the two most common vegetables in 2007, and as low as 0.3 yuan ;
last year sold only 1.8 yuan in open heart dish is the current price of 3 yuan, broccoli
last year the retail price of only 3 yuan, while the past month have maintained high at
4.5 yuan.
   Grain and oil prices rising
   In many things under the pressure of price hikes, as the necessities of life in the rice
and cooking oil was up a very subtle way. Reporter learned yesterday from the
supermarket in Guangzhou more than last year, rice prices have risen at least 0.5 yuan,
oil prices have risen.
   In Hongcheng supermarket, a bag of 20 kg packs barrage special still 64.8 yuan Yu
Jien rice, this rice last year, only 58.8 yuan original price, and often to 49.9 yuan
   Edible oil, olive oil, edible oil and other high-end market strength has not resulted
in other varieties of edible oil price cuts, but boosted oil's price increase.
Trust-Mart supermarket in the last year, selling only 45 yuan / barrel (5 liters) of a
certain brand of edible oil, is now to 49.8 yuan of special promotion, the original price
will need to 54.5 yuan, an increase of nearly 10 yuan.
   No pressure on gas prices
   Long-term stability of gas prices is also rumored to price increases.
   Recently years, many cities have raised the domestic price of natural gas pipeline.
Fortunately, the Guangzhou Gas There is no pressure on prices.
   Short-term price movements can not be optimistic
   Next Tuesday (May 11), the National Bureau of Statistics will publish in April the
consumer price index (CPI), declined in March after a brief rally to regain the parties
has been generally accepted point of view.
   National Bureau of Statistics in 50 cities nationwide survey conducted, April 11-21
days, Chinese cabbage prices in March rose 40% on the same period, tomatoes,
potatoes, respectively, in March increased by 10% -13% over the same period.
   Expert analysis, fruit and vegetable prices is only appearance, deep-seated reasons
for the upstream production costs rose. These costs include pesticide and fertilizer,
transportation, storage costs, as well as labor costs. Experts believe that higher
international commodity prices has increased the oscillation imported inflation. The
last day of April, the international crude oil prices break 86 dollars / barrel, the market
is estimated that this year's target price is likely to 100 U.S. dollars / barrel
up and down. In addition, labor costs early this year "labor
shortage" was significantly higher. May 1, the Guangdong began to
implement the new minimum wage, the average increase of 21.1%, an increase of
19.8% in Guangzhou. This will also increase the cost of production.
   Currently, many experts said, by the rise in commodity prices, resources, product
prices and other factors, the second and third quarter of the price situation is not
   Well-known economist Andy Xie predicts, in spite of official statistics in the first 3
months, only 2.2% CPI, "but may soon onto double-digit

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