; Prepare probationary period
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Prepare probationary period


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									Prepare probationary period
Since last week, after hand-written more than 10,000 words, I am more and more of
hate to take notes.
Tonight is back copy many forms, so I kept the nausea.
Last week, a cold, I put on a sweater, the official arrival of winte r, northwest wind
Evening to receive your message, I want to go back in Shanghai.
Receive your messages at night, I am a bit depressed, I was rejected in love.
Receive your message the next day, I'm sorry, I am sad.
Excuse me you do not.
I continue to sleep.
Britain woman this week went back to Fuzhou.
A week ago I decided that something was site of the Nanjing Normal University,
Nanjing University's goal is to Ouyang.
In fact, the doctor would like to Tongji University, a small, but too small to see the
doctor of Budehaosi, so a bit scared.
Things nosedive, I went to had a curling iron, saying my hair is not only to a point Qi
Chloe students, I ......
Room length and rice porridge, after I woke up, no hair said, how such a retro Egg
It does not work, I give it three days later to resume stood to.
In fact, I still have a bit of expectation.
The worst thing is yet to come, the principal's wife, talk, party constitution,
and nausea.
Thursday to buy books.
Q Peach recent flood, laughing the next.
I want to watch movies, not enough time, I go to bed.
                                  ?-------- 2008.12.08 22:31:00

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