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									Poetry is irreplaceable aesthetic and spiritual
       Poetry is irreplaceable aesthetic and spiritual
- Part-time children's poetry Ling, "a long way to
Wu Xiaochuan
That the poet has been stubbornly success mainly depends on talent, no one said to be
able to write poetry out. But I do not rule out anything other than talent. God each of
us is very fair, and he will give us one or two natural. If given you the talent you
failed to grasp, you probably be lost in this life. On the contrary, as long as you seize
one and you will succeed.
Ling child is no doubt a talent with poetry and to seize and develop the talent of the
In fact, Ling and son still have not met the poet, but he was off in recent years by
WANG Weiwei forward to the "coral" magazine, groups of Shi
Gao or read in his talent, this gift includes poetry is irreplaceable , and is a poet of
aesthetic and spiritual qualities. This time, the opportunity to systematically read his
forthcoming book, "heaven is far away," the gentle poetry, one
can tolerate disturbed mind, the pursuit of aesthetic is vividly romantic poet.
Sympathy for the suffering of a person with the ideal desire is to form a strong pillar
of the poet's spiritual life. But now the spirit in many of these poems have
gradually disappeared, neither sympathy for human suffering, and no vision of the
ideal. However, the poet is to continue to maintain sub-Ling This ethos, which makes
his poetry a more affluent audience infection charm, and sympathy for the suffering of
more depth to his poetry, yearning for the ideal is to give his poetry a kind of broad
degree. His own choice, near family sketch outlining the way the deep sense:
"the mother of her frivolous mind / incense and oil lamps in the night /
pickled pickles into two altar / altar to my father for a drinks / a forum used to feed
her three children. "(" think of mustard or pickles "),
Similarly, in the Son Ling" a posture, "also has a similar
expression:" You told me that the wheat harvest posture / person must bend
over sweat / be able to stand / very stable very straight. " Not difficult to
see, Ling child focused around the familiar image by creating a special mood for. In
the ideological content of his work touched every aspect of both of the family and
express feelings of love, but also the concern of social life, both the weak and the
lower figure of sympathy, but also the entire human environment of hardship.
To hand delivered, or to replace unpaid, sometimes can not take their own decisions,
and only suffers for tender mercies tailor. I noticed that children began to write poetry,
Ling, "very few people out to show, not out to post, insular, self-pleasure,
basically in a very closed, very self, very lonely state of poetry." For their
own write, happy and nothing can be written concerns will be pure mind, no stick no
dye, thought to have real feelings inside. As people in the diary easy to tell the truth, is
the truth. But the thing written, and whether others see it is another matter. You can
cherish it up, like a private diary or love letters, as in his own lifetime, not to show
people. You can also it be made public so that everyone will work together to share
your unique thoughts and feelings. Ling child in the "roots" in
order to recall the way as illusory, the concept of love between men and women
experience: "I think about in the quiet wilderness / only two places where
you and I / let my fingers through your hair maroon / and then gently roll up her /
rolled into a black or blue dragonflies, butterflies / in the bright sunlight Shuzhan Yu
Wing. " Another example, "missing is a drop of water / I took
her into the glass container containing / she will quickly spread into a full cup of /
take the weak light of fireflies / I saw the water overflow from the cup / I plan to open
a non-bone artery / soft flow of the most sensitive parts. "("
missing a drop of water "). Also, "Snow said in a come and / I
will cook a pot of Blue Mountain coffee / and placed in the next two cup / her
program gentle Xianzhi their path / is waiting for a knock on the door of its
own" ("Snow said in a come and"). This is our
favorite, very particular about the language, we unconsciously Wu Ling son followed
in his affections wander the river, pushed by a strong force to the intimate and
unfamiliar place. The poet in expressing his love for the dignity and value orientation,
the more personal life, personal experience and personal perception point of view, the
real art to reproduce his own emotional experience, such tracing to reproduce the
natural is not scripted will naturally make people full of harvest, that is, when the
writing process and then gives us the unparalleled taste of pleasure and satisfaction. In
addition, these poems at first glance seem a bit romantic, to grab most of the things of
nature as a pen, as it is not a poet nor ideological, artistic adventure on a kind of deep.
In the U.S., the year Emerson has been an advocate of intuition launched, following
the natural movement beyond literature, Thoreau is affected by the written of the
"Walden," a book. Thoreau had alone near Walden Pond in
Concord, seclusion, and try to live a self-reliant, the original simple life.
"Walden" is a poetic life on this scene and the sentiment of the
record. Tired of the busy and monotonous life of industrialization people, more and
more as the "Walden" that unique experience of life and life
attitude captivated. In order to narrow the high-rises and crowded streets freed, the
poet also hides the sub-Ling Xian, "Telford Lane in the cafe":
"hot and humid air in some beauty of life / the Telford Lane in the cafe /
from little by little chest piercing / thirsty mouth not stand coffee or orange juice /
highly imaginative temptation / porting cup gently to drink / touch of bitterness began
to slowly slip from the tongue. "cafe is a city the
"Walden" is an ancient poet feel the "Quiet and
tranquil, inadvertently had the urge to write poetry." With the writing
impulse, they naturally write down repeat. The inspiration that things are fleeting, like
a dragonfly flying head, you reach out and capture not live, they flew away,
it's gone forever. After that, we could through the "Telford Lane
in the cafe" experience to a life attitude in the pursuit of harmony within
and outside the natural spirit. Ling He was also good to remind the child in the
journey of life on the face of drift, fatigue, and snow, and people who love to front
row together with destiny, do not ignore things around, do not ignore the snow
landing, flying dragonfly, cicada Tweet, "Do not ignore the lingering rain /
ignore the lingering rain / you could not hear the love warm heart / who is the
city's night lights it off." ("Do not ignore the
lingering rain"). The most moving of people is "heaven is no
threshold": "Who put the water south of the bridge of your feet /
1 Yunnan and Sichuan were horses in the old town / the two white-haired old man
with a mountain of quiet look / looked black cobblestones of some people to some
people to / bamboo coffee house is drifting across a / and water as crisp Naxi music.
"Here, the poet would like to deepen the life of the proposition, but the
expression has been Thoreau's literary meaning not the simple inheritance
and regression, but at a higher level of variation and sublimation, which broke the
single intention that the pursuit of self, and strive to better ourselves.
If someone says that poetry can be individual games, personal healing thing, and this
is not the poetry of a very noble function. Today our society has changed greatly,
becoming extremely complex. Today's poet should be feeling good at
thinking poet, poetry should be written every one is very complicated. If today also
write poetry, it took a very complicated rhetoric, because our feelings are complex.
"No longer say that love": "A door has been shut
down / a door is open / closed is lonely during the day / night to open the warm / in
between closing and opening / we do not say love." Ling child seems
sensitive and rational way to say something, that love and marriage, or family ethics,
is the joy and sorrow sink or bearish vicissitudes of life, his priorities, perhaps
corresponding to the harmony of gender relations. In the "season of change
in the glass" in: "You are the way butterflies arrived / Black like
the eagle block of oppression / north a new teahouse / sake may be too dark / I can not
see the season / from the glass cup began to change / fold up your pale face / and a
nostalgic old songs. "integrity of your eyes with a naive look at this
complex world, it can write good poetry. We often because of various interests, power,
standing on the side or standing on the other side. People grow up no longer naive,
very difficult to be honest. So walk a pair of innocent eyes and integrity is a basic
quality of the poet.
Poetry, irreplaceable body than other forms of work are set out more stringent
requirements, not only shoulder the heavy responsibility of the spokesperson, also
must have the concentration, suggesting that, Lenovo, sublimation and other
characteristics. As an independent personality of the poet, the nature of the use of
poetry to convey their are thinking and feel, but is not a casual thing to do. Ling
child's poem in mobilizing more of his fall, winter snow, night, rainy
season, and even cicadas, fish, geese, apples, coffee, hair and so beautiful imagery,
these images continue to stack now, so that each people, every thing, every flower,
every tree, in the eyes of the poet is to have deep feelings for each specific or
merciless existence, he had a large office or from high to see it, so that his poetry will
no longer stick to the face of the metaphysical, he could see in his imagination in the
nature of things. Ling son in "red apple" describes an ordinary
Apple: "Put your hands on the touch / and then quietly clenched / This
leaves the emotional care of the flowers / fruit gave birth to slowly wither on the / /
clench your like holding my wife / or your love. " Write good poetry is
sometimes also depends on the height of poetry, the poet's thought is high.
Ling child thinking about human dignity and historical process, to look up too far, in
"another war" and "Another Desert,"
other works, the poet, the strokes directed at the war, directed at environmental
protection: "burning people sun, sky, peace / a few pairs of high heels
proud foot / footprint engraved deck of your tough / issued piercing shrill voice / such
as war and peace can not let women walk away / tear soft spot in a brutal Lan sky
"(" another war "). "Walking along the
dry bed of white / flower and leaf fall in the hands quietly withered"
("Another Desert"), disclosed the poem is a real strong sense of
criticism and historical criticism, is the world of peaceful coexistence, human
environment and other issues linked. As a poet would have to pay more personal
sacrifice, they also face the pressure of the surrounding environment and distortions in
the poet's soul hidden corner, filled with more worries and troubles,
loneliness and solitude, poetry and self-examination sense of self-dissection also
Poetry internal rhythm, also I have been paying attention to and explore things. Ling
Dai Son beloved poet once said: "Poetry is not words rhythmic cadence,
while the mood of the cadence in poetry, that is the extent in poetry." And I
think that poetry is the driving rhythm of the motive highlight the poetic rhythm is to
deepen and make it a natural continuation of things. Whether today's
avant-garde, aesthetic school, spoken poetry, or like "pear body"
or "lower body" writing as soon as it leaves the
"rhythm" to it and can not be a poetic achievement. No poetry
come from poetry? Better to write essays, write essays than fiction. Read Ling son
"remember July 7," "Beautiful Lady Yu",
"Season in the glass in the transformation," "Black
Spring" and other poems can suddenly be struck by the rhythm of his
poetry, these poems in common One is that it layers to promote the rhythm, Take the
"think of July 7" is from Bao Dai extended to Vega, extending
from the Shima Hui Shan Bo for British units to see, but readily accepted,
approximate the reverberation of a Virtual World, can sight, smell, hearing, touch
completely mobilized. Ling's works are mostly sub-tempo style and diverse,
both the atmosphere, suave romantic side, there are gentle enough, and touching the
other side fine.
Pasternak said: "Poetry is no need to look for heaven, but to be good at
bending, poetry on the grass." Really true of poetry from the
poet's life and produced on the basis of this real deep feeling of life and
spiritual experience, this poetry of light from its interior, simpler, more fundamental,
closer to the presence of more explosive and better able to more stirring. To this end, I
was full of talented Taiwanese seaside Remote Blessing Ling and his son, and, like all
people who love poetry, as always, to poetry as a life career as a soul. And thus
encourage each other.
Song is irreplaceable aesthetic and spiritual

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