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PLM and BOM core technology by fdjerue7eeu


									PLM and BOM core technology
This article first PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), this idea of manufacturing a
new information management has done a resolution, pointed out that the BOM is the
organic integration of its information ties with IDEF0 and IDEF1X BOM
configuration management is given the function model and information model to
these models based on many years of combined work experience, gives a very
practical value of the BOM configuration management core layer depth algorithm
model --- BOM tree traversal algorithm model.


   The 21st century consumer market mechanism is based on market mechanisms
wizard, that is: the product must meet enterprise customers changing needs.
Consumers usually contains five aspects: product quality, product price, service,
environmental protection and personalization features, so companies want to compete
in the increasingly fierce market in an invincible position must be less new time to
market (Time), better product quality (Quality), lower production costs (Cost), better
service (Service) and meet the environmental requirements (Environment) of the
"TQCSE" five elements and more to win users large market

   To achieve this goal, the manufacturers have the advanced product development,
production, organization and management technology into the enterprise, resulting in
the production system (J IT: J ust In Time), computer integrated manufacturing (CIM:
Computer Integrated Manufacturing), parallel Engineering (CE: Concurrent
Engineering), Agile Manufacturing (AM: Agile Manufacturing) and other advanced
manufacturing model. These advanced manufacturing mode of manufacturing
enterprise information to reflect the direction of development: (1) integration, mainly
refers to information integration, process integration, enterprise integration; (2)
coordination, including internal coordination and collaboration outside the enterprise;
(3) knowledge management , including the knowledge and knowledge management
both precipitation.

   Currently, a variety of manufacturing concepts can truly organic integration of
these three aspects together should devaluation Product Lifecycle Management (PLM:
Product Lifecycle Management). PLM will be the advanced management ideas and
first-class information technology organically into a modern enterprise of production
and business operations, so that enterprises in the digital economy can effectively
adjust their methods and management. Its main meaning is: in the product life cycle
through a set of applications within the enterprise information integration and
business collaboration within and outside the all-round and can effectively capture
product knowledge assets. In the PLM collaborative environment to enable all sectors
of the organic link to the main link is the BOM (bill of material).

  BOM is essentially a reflection of relations between the product structure. BOM in
PLM in the configuration management includes three aspects: the definition of
product structure, product structure, configuration management, integration and
product structure associated with various kinds of information related to. Figure 1 is a
PLM system, BOM module functional model.

    1 BOM configuration management of function model

  In different stages of product life cycle, BOM different representations view, in
order to accurately reflect its functional model, we used IDEF0 modeling method to
describe its details shown in Figure 1.


   Figure 1 can clearly see: BOM configuration management throughout the life cycle
of the corresponding products can be divided into four phases: topology formation of
product demand, BOM configuration design, manufacturing BOM configuration,
sales and maintenance of BOM configuration.

   (1) the formation of product demand topology information it is based on market
research and product development strategy combines enterprise formed through the
needs analysis, on this basis, we use Quality Function Deployment (QFD: Quality
Function Deployment) through specific The matrix construction of quality housing,
expressed in the form of a graphical user needs, product characteristics and the
relationship between the works, and then by using fuzzy mathematics method to map
the needs of users at all stages of product life cycle;

   (2) design the configuration of one configuration to complete BOM product design
structure, the other hand, the product design information (drawings, design
specifications, quality documents) associated with the appropriate BOM node;

 (3) manufacturing BOM BOM from the design configuration of manufacturing
BOM, configuration, there are two cases, one is the manufacturing BOM for assembly
configuration, the other is self-made pieces of BOM configuration. The former is the
product assembly information (such as the assembly process routes, production lead
time, virtual pieces of identification, etc.) associated with the appropriate BOM node,
which is self-made piece of material information, production process information,
inventory information, and integrated into the self- Parts;

   (4) Other BOM configuration mainly for marketing and design BOM BOM, the
BOM they are designed based on the configuration according to certain criteria for
allocation is made. Mainly used for product sales and maintenance of late.

    2 BOM configuration management information model

  In the functional model shown in Figure 1, based on BOM we IDEF1X established
configuration management information model, shown in Figure 2.


   Figure 2 shows the information model in two areas deserve special note: First, the
infrastructure entity BOM BOM structure of single layer. Structure of the so-called
single-layer BOM is the parent of child with the same item instance in the database
only records 1; Second, the design BOM entity, manufacturing BOM entity, other
entities have adopted multi-layer BOM BOM structure. The so-called multi-layer
structure is the BOM tree each node has been recorded in the database. This data
structure has two side storage advantages: ① BOM BOM infrastructure using a
single data structure, so can different versions of the same number of components
parts examples of organically integrated, very user-friendly option, and zero
subsequent versions of parts management and change management foundation. ②
specific BOM BOM structure data using multi-layer structure, so that its structural
information can accurately and clearly documented.

    3 BOM configuration management of the core algorithm

   Figure 2 shows the information model can be seen, BOM structure is stored in the
database-many of the non-linear structure, it showed in the tree view interface. BOM
configuration, storage, reading and information, operation involves traversing the core
algorithm is an instance, but the complexity of the BOM structure itself makes this
traverse is very complicated. The following is the author engaged in BOM
configuration module development, through the Institute received a more practical
model of BOM structure deep traversal algorithm, the algorithm has two main core

   ?1) instance of each package as the composition of BOM structure contains an
attribute node, the relationship between the complex structure of information, so use
this information to the node before the package is a unit of all object instances, then
the relationship between these examples constitute Figure 3 shows the children -
brothers list. The list on the left node pointer field that the parent - child relationship,
the right node pointer field that brotherhood.


  (2) Figure 3 shows the depth of traversal with the object instance list, we can as
shown in Figure 4, the computing processes traverse operation.


  Figure 4 shows the logic flow chart of procedures to achieve recursive algorithm to
be used. Recursive algorithm is described as a language:

    Procedure deepSearch (F) (...

    If - Children (F) (... C = F. Children...)

    If - Brother (C) (... F = C. Brother deepSearch (F))

4 Conclusion

   ?BOM configuration management of a successful enterprise accurate, timely
production of consumer satisfaction with the product plays an important role. This
article mentioned the BOM-based configuration management PLM functional model,
information model and the core algorithm is the author of BOM configuration
management for many years engaged in theoretical research and programming efforts
cemented the practice.

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