Photovoltaic solar energy companies lack core technology

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					Photovoltaic solar energy companies lack core technology
With unique local wisdom, the Chinese solar PV companies in almost every
"green 2.0" era, became the perfect combination of
environmental and commercial model. However, a sudden economic crisis has
stripped him of the beautiful veil of life and life: the one hand by the international
speculative capital, hold up, covering the high-tech aura of industry, in the face of
Wall Street turned to leave, it was repeatedly exposed its birth and precarious The
fragile foundation - excessive dependence on international capital and markets, lack

Thus, in 2009, around the revitalization and development of the domestic photovoltaic
solar energy industry - this seems within reach, but in fact a distant dream, is closely
tied to the interests of the business, government and commercial capital of the
interests of all stakeholders such as participated in this grand gamble: the cost of
reducing gambling enterprises, the local government's future profit
gambling enterprises.
Who will be the final winner, or lose the whole game? We have a "Silicon
Dreams", the problem is, we not going too fast?

Scattering of solar
Recently, the solar energy industry continued to be sunny policy, but in China, for
renewable energy has yet to answer a question well: namely, photovoltaic solar, wind
and other renewable energy positioning is what? Different answers to the industry will
bring a different direction
3 thread sunshine
By the end of March 2009, the Ministry of Finance released three consecutive papers,
affecting the solar industry, all concerned about people's nerves.
March 26, the Ministry of Finance on the web site "on the application of
accelerating the implementation of solar buildings" and "The
application of solar PV financial subsidies for construction Interim
Measures," two documents, proposed the Ministry of Finance and the
Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Construction Ministry launched the
"Solar Roofs Initiative," meet the conditions of application of
solar photovoltaic demonstration project for building up to 20 yuan / W subsidies.
Then, on March 31, the Ministry of Finance has issued a document on the detailed
interpretation of the "support to speed up application of solar
architecture" policy details.
A ripple. According to Bloomberg News on March 26 reported the same day,
China's solar subsidy program inspired the New York stock market stocks
soaring. One Chinese company Suntech photovoltaic industry leading American
Depositary Receipts (ADR) rose 44%, to 11.29 U.S. dollars, changed the market since
2005, the largest single-day rise. At the same time, New York, Mellon Bank Asia
ADR Index rose the day before the eight largest stocks belong to the solar energy
stocks, which rose 45% Yingli, JA rose 42%.
Barclays Capital analyst Vishal Shal in its report that demand for solar energy in
China in 2009 because it could encourage the introduction of the policy and to 58
MW (or 58 million watts, a megawatt = one million watts or 1,000 kW), more likely
to reach the 2012 level of 230 MW. Vishal Shal previously served as an analyst at
Lehman Brothers, not only to help Lehman Brothers won the PV enterprises in Hebei
- JA Solar's underwriters the right to issue convertible bonds, He has also
been most accurately forecast the domestic solar cells manufacturer's costs
and profit margins.
Compared with the enthusiasm of the international capital markets, domestic markets
were mixed. "Domestic photovoltaic applications in the spring has
come." Zhejiang Sun Valley Energy Applied Technology Co., Ltd.,
chairman of the Po Yang on "Business Weekly" concluded. In
his view, 20 yuan / watt is unprecedented subsidies, which will greatly reduce the cost
of photovoltaic power generation, contribute to the use of solar photovoltaic
Followed is based on the Ministry of Finance "opinions", the
local government actively and enthusiastically in the project application.
"This policy has been disclosed, as local governments, as raged,"
according to people familiar with the "Business Weekly"
revealed that "some local night meeting to discuss the project application
solution." Ministry of Finance "opinions" provisions,
the provincial finance, construction departments need to April 30 and August 30 will
apply for two grants of funds before the date of the project materials report,
"who grasp early, good grasp, who will be able to gain an
advantage." As the local enthusiasm for "off-site is
not," the first round deadline has been postponed to May 15. It is
understood that only a province of Jiangsu, it reported a total of 400 MW project.
Coincidentally, in the "opinions" issued the same day, the
Industrial Conference held in Jiangsu Province, as the photovoltaic province, Jiangsu
Province has for solar power, wind power industry development and equipment
supporting the three-year plan 2009-2011, identified all Province, 260 megawatts
within three years of solar power financial subsidies.
However, the positive declaration of the project at the same time, more companies and
experts believe that the solar PV building applications for the "New
Deal" of uncertainty. Affirming the "New Deal"
good of the market, investment projects, two solar cells Vosges stake in the
"New Deal" announcement after the introduction of the
company said, in view of "solar roofs" program of financial
assistance aimed at the city building-integrated photovoltaic applications , as well as
rural and remote areas, building photovoltaic use, not directed at solar cell
manufacturer, the company responsible said, "the company achieved
financial subsidies Cunzai Nengfou great uncertainty". In Baoding Yingli
Group Co., Ltd., the Chief Strategy Officer Ma Xuelu held the same conservative
attitude that he "Business Week", said: ""
opinions "is more symbolic than substantial, relying on the revitalization of
the photovoltaic industry subsidies, obviously unrealistic. "
Domestic photovoltaic business, "New Deal" adopted the
attitude, it is up to the present, the amount of funds the subsidies were not disclosed.
Insiders on the "Business Weekly" said, the Ministry of Finance,
Ministry of Construction and Development and Reform Commission meeting is still
open to question on the amount of funds, the specific figures put take some time.
Analysis of Ping An Securities analyst Wang Fan also said the central level under the
2009 expenditure budget for this year's state budget spending for
renewable energy is about 400 million yuan, that is, all of which 400 million yuan for
the "solar roofs" program, a total of subsidies only to 20
megawatts of photovoltaic projects. If the current 1 MW solar cell production requires
8 tons of polysilicon to calculate the "New Deal" can pull up to
160 tons of polysilicon demand.
This is enough to go round. China is the world's largest producer of solar
photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic cells in the top ten worldwide manufacturer of PV
companies in China accounted for four seats. 2008, China produced 3,000 megawatts
of PV cells is estimated at -4000 MW, accounting for more than half of the world.
Most of these batteries sold in Europe, a small amount sold in the United States, a
small proportion of the domestic market consumption. From the fourth quarter of
2008, due to financial crisis, foreign markets shrinking and the polysilicon material
prices plummeted, the Chinese PV industry overall loss. Those in the past two years
have increased investment upstream production of polysilicon solar companies are
now faced with the dilemma: polysilicon, while excess capacity and foreign market
Therefore, the Ministry of Finance introduced the solar "New
Deal" can stimulate domestic demand, boosting domestic market, is now in
"dire straits" into the hearts of the domestic photovoltaic
companies there's the biggest question mark.
"Accident" behind
For many industry and analysts, the more the question mark is for the
"opinions" launch itself. "The Ministry of Finance
introduced subsidies, we are very unexpected." Great Wall Securities
analyst Zhou Tao told "Business Week." Previously, solar PV
market has received positive signals after another. March 19, President Hu Jintao
visited the 2009 China International energy saving and new energy technology fair, it
said that "efforts to enhance energy conservation and new energy
technology development and promotion"; March 23, as the
country's first solar power concession tenders, "10 megawatts of
Dunhuang in Gansu solar grid field in power generation demonstration project
concession project" Start open international tender. Zhou Tao told reporters
that his prediction was that "the State will soon introduce the photovoltaic
grid planning and substantially increased long-term planning policy."
However, to his surprise, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Construction of
the "Solar Roofs Initiative," would first baked.
In fact, since 2007, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Construction has
launched a "renewable energy special fund for construction
applications," promulgated in December 2007 the "Renewable
Energy Interim Measures on Management of special funds construction
applications," noted that this central special financial arrangements to
support the application of renewable energy construction funds will mainly be used
for "and the building integration of solar energy to provide hot water,
heating and cooling, photovoltaic conversion, lighting and other key
project", that is
t is