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A reading of the Bible and pray 10 minutes
2 Introduction Philemon written a book of stories about two particular Paul survived
only in private letters and Colossians five minutes of contact
Three prisoners see prisoners from the whole Bible
Chapter III of the Garden of Eden in Genesis God says you can not eat the fruit Adam
and Eve ate the day die from eating into the world is no longer a paradise but a prison
death of everyone on death row prisoner said to Moses, the years of our life is 70 ~ 70
to 80 years old on probation must have a death from the devil who became warden in
the evil world underlying the hands of those who never escaped his control of a
person to death as a normal course of time people had not thought to be nothing
special Sima Qian described as a dead person or something inherent in what, but there
are people who can tell us why the "solid" one death? This is a
problem so far can not give a medical standard answer is only Holy Bible tells us
because our ancestors abandoned the God of Adam 犯罪 Ren Lei Li Kai ending
source of life is death in the prison we have to do is the head prisoners do Bieren Pa
prison of God we become someone else tried and convicted to sue the Executive from
Adam and Eve to Cain, Abel until now the devil is still in power in the human heart
How did people respond to this situation then? Some people totally agree with the
death that he died the death to solve all, including as the lamp have nothing but only
the wise monkeys have become a point of the monkeys died, then what in the world is
so not what I did not until I After that look like life is still meaningless if the purpose
of living also very simple, if the dead are not raised, we eat and drink! because
tomorrow was going to die if not eternal then we lightly praised it as outstanding in
the aircraft that death experience so rich dinner Tebie so you will see
today's China, thus cheating the devil, communism, and before then the
superstitious idol burst is the value relativism Renmen nothing not believe what
people suppose that material can bring happiness, but you honest Ru Guo eventually
you will find material you are always only temporarily meet the needs of low-level
emptiness in your heart to meet the more because of physical torture people so what
you see so many people have opted for the suicide cause? God made man and the
periodical in turn when a beautiful eternal life on the human heart, so everyone has
eternal life, eternal heart of our soul is eternal people generally think that he will not
die if you can live forever simply can not imagine what death is the soul aversion does
not accept the death of the soul so dead who invented the religion of all religions are
attempting to transition from the case to the other side to enter the eternal being
detached from the dead, but not a real victory over death all the religious leaders of
Buddhist relic in the earth all the Islamic So people look forward to where? People
only wait for death?
A certain level, the Bible is the history of Mike escape to save his brother in prison so
he must first come to God we had him come to this world, he is only entering the
prison can we liberate the prisoners in prisons, in order to save Qiutu He first made
low became a prisoner. Second, because the world does not know him, but can not
accept him, the world hates the light, so the place ready for him the world is the
prison: From the Manger to the Cross. Third, the God of hate through the world will
offer his only son on the cross, completed on behalf of the redemption, but also
through the resurrection over death and sin, will be freed from prison. With the death
of Jesus victory over death to death to die for us our sins Jesus died for the prison into
the prison is to open the door. So Jesus, "said, I tell you, you shall see
heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of
Man" (John 1:51). Jesus said you have to enter through the narrow gate
said I am the door of the sheep and the apostle Peter also witness said: "He
took that spirit went and preached to the spirits in prison who hear" (I Peter
proposals 3: 19).
From Noah's Ark to Israel out of Egypt, Joseph was sold Samson, the
Philistines in prison in return from Babylon reconstruction trapped in Keilah David,
Daniel and his colleagues imprisoned in the pit in the testimony of those suffering ,
God tells us, "the Lord was with him." All (Emanuel) final point
to Christ who said: "This will be for future generations of people down.
Will be made public, we should praise the Lord. Because he was hanging from the
high of the holy see. The Lord from the heavens to observed. to will hear the sigh of
the prisoner. to release the dying person. people in the tin An Zhuanyang name of the
LORD in Jerusalem spread his praise. is 10,000 people and serve the Lord together,
when the nations "( Poetry 102:18-22). "Please take me out of
the land from the prisoner, that I may praise your name. The righteous will surround
me, because you hath dealt bountifully with me" (Psalm 142: 7).
"The Lord of the release of prisoners" (Psalm 146:7). Notice
that the Prophet is clear that the real comfort came from the blood: "O Zion,
I was with your blood of the covenant, among exiles and prisoners of your people,
freed from the waterless pit. You are prisoners and those who have hope must back
guarantee. I am today that I will double blessing to you "(Zechariah
9:11-12). Prophet John as a prisoner confined to washing facilities, and finally all
come true in Christ. Luke records that Jesus preached in the synagogue for the first
time, open the section is Isaiah 61:1-2: "The Spirit of the Lord to me.
Because the Lord has anointed me, and asked me to preach good news to the poor
person, (or for the gospel to the poor) sent me to the brokenhearted, the captives were
released, prisoners out of jail. Report of the Lord's grace, the day of
vengeance of our God. comfort all sad of the people. " "So the
book again to the minister, and sat down. Synagogue were fastened on him. Jesus said
to them, today this scripture fulfilled in your hearing" (Luke 4:20-21). This
scene culminated in the cross scene. Please read Matthew 27:15-26, "the
governor has a common practice, that feast, with all men want to release a prisoner to
them. At that time, there is a notorious prisoner, called Barabbas." We are
Barabbas, Jesus instead of offering us a death on the cross, all the Barabbas was
declared free. Christ came to this world for us in God's image he has this
become a prisoner for us and we are willing to become his prisoner then? Paul said I
would, therefore, Paul would say he is a prisoner of Christ itself is no guarantee that
even a prisoner who qualified on the outside, this blessing: "Grace and
peace, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ with you," This In
China it is difficult to understand among prisoner who my mother would say your
mother does not believe in God? The more letters the more miserable it how? Their
God is what I burn incense and kowtow to you and you bless me peace and wealth
sons. This is in today's church is also a problem among many people to the
church not only from God to know God was blessing is the world not to give blessing
to bless God【fact, the greatest blessing of God is to him that he can do nothing for us
in his bless us】 or other medical treatment or Child-giving them just to see Jesus as a
bodhisattva foreign spirits and believe that more people like that Bale has never
entered the field of faith for such a person is how Jesus answered? When he was five
loaves and two fishes to feed five thousand people to follow him after those who are
pleased he has a large revival church but said he should not die for these things as
heaven and eternal life of labor for labor, he said the food I am the bread of life he
was always hungry to eat these words call those who chose to leave him with no
regrets and that's gone I do not re-sign so that the main lesson you never go
full discussion of people's joy and light that we must be very careful not to
say those who like to listen to the words of blessing? Should be ok? To ease? Be
healthier? Success and fame and fortune to you? An individual would. These are
certainly true, but this is far from gospel to other religions such as the Gospel of Jesus
Christ attractive to your repentance is to want you back you gave himself for the
suffering of the cross should be entrusted mainly rely on the body to death of evil to
overcome their own issue-based and live to the way Jesus gave only one end of a dead
end but that is eternal life
So the main suffering is not our shame but the glory of our Lord that the people who
persecute you because of me the name of the fabricated all sorts of bad things about
you that you slander Blessed be glad and rejoice that a neighbor just like last year,
Chen Shundi brother to bother us It has been said in the Blessed Blessed Rights
Rights Fellowship after you see this kind of thing is more blessed or more failure?
Each time the force only makes us more Mengfuyuebo 23:10 But he know the way I
have done. He tested me, I will gold to me I do not know why God let my mother go
in their very lack of those people the family does not understand God's way
higher than the road I believe he must have good purpose 【Ya Bies prayer that song I
feel wrong for not being forced from trouble Why so many Bible so we pray like this
one? Or we do not want it clear that Jesus gave himself for the suffering in the world,
how can there not be afflicted? If so want to be when we encounter trouble can we
Thanksgiving? Russian writer Dostoevsky wrote that the only thing I worry about
things that I have afflicted me as not good enough for a few days ago and I speak
Korean Pine God why not give me that kind of suffering? God have mercy on me that
I am overwhelmed that we suffered no more than we can bear the least, I do not say
that we are going to seek the suffering of the suffering you would not seek to have our
efforts toward the suffering of suffering as we are not afraid to suffer to learn
homework as God's blessings Moreover, we glory in tribulations, but also
joy. Because we know that trouble produces endurance. Patient health seasoned
veteran, hope 5:5 hope does not disappoint, because the Holy Spirit given to us by the
love of God shed abroad in our hearts. Prisoner of Jesus Christ is not to be tied, but
our glory; not our punishment, but our mission; not a trial, but judge the world, and
suffering in the final preparation of freedom and resurrection. So Paul said:
"our momentary light suffering is achieving for us an eternal glory that
very heavy" (2 Corinthians 4:17); "I think the suffering is going
to be significant if compared to Our glory, and a lack of mind "(Romans
8:18). Revelation 2:10 points to the next section comfort us: "You will not
fear torment you. The devil take some of you in prison, that ye may be tried. Ye shall
have tribulation ten days. Be thou faithful until death, I will give you the crown of life.
" China is suffering in the persecuted church in the revival of growth
I do not know you offer themselves as slaves who obey, who would make slaves of
you? Or the servants of sin, unto death. Or of obedience of slaves to righteousness
"(Romans 6:16). The Bible does not give us the middle of a road, because
the middle does not exist - you or imprisoned in the crime or imprisoned in person, or
be Prisoners in the justice or imprisoned in God; the latter is the freedom of Christians.
freedom is not without roots you into a state, but as branches and roots to re-connect.
Paul imprisoned the surface, but the access is really free. for the truth derived free
Paul here did not use his apostolic authority is a private letter proudly told
"and" by love and pray for "a choice between. From
the body, we used to choose the former. But with Christ in Paul choices the latter. Not
only that, because of the LORD, Paul's world turned upside down. Whether
veteran, a spiritual messenger old age, or Christ, or angels) to form the spiritual pride,
or for Christ, the suffering caused by the binding self-righteousness, all
"should" form "command" other people,
and the lessons other reasons, but have become the reason for prayer. in the church,
following the main longer, more toil in the Lord and have made some
"success "The people, the more likely fall into the test, the more
difficult to hear the voice of Christ. In short, on the one hand, Paul is principled
servants, on the other hand, these principles into his gentle and humble in being - not
for Paul of, but Christ in him and he made, although in Christ to be bold and order
you do what is proper, however, that as I have with Paul, now also a prisoner of Jesus
Christ, would rather ask you with love. He had have power but not the door for Philip
he complied reluctantly and hope that your goodness would not by constraint, but
willingly Only love can only come from willing to bring people out of Paul doing? in
pray. as we Lord God our Father, pray for us as before. He was numbered with the
transgressors. he bore the sin, but also for the transgressors. you choose to divorce,
when are you going to lie, when you are starting to resent that when your dark and
hopeless, the Lord is sad to look at you and pray for you. If we believe the Lord can
hear that voice and pray. the greater our confidence, the greater the sound, until
brought us appropriate path. Christian path is composed of countless such a
crossroads, but thank the Lord, he guides us in every crossroads. He whom pray for it?
Anisi mother. This is what people? is a slave. What is a slave. slaves, neither their
own land, nor freedom, nor most other rights, are masters of the
"article", the owner the right to dispose of slaves. slaves simply
not be treated as a man. Roman people like watching sports is the slave and beast of
the battle. we have to ask? Why do people become slaves? the same answer. sin. Jesus
said: All crime is sin. We are slaves of sin. sin so that we enslaved each other. We
have all those who through fear of death as a servant of the people
Anisi mother what the name mean? Beneficial. The name of the slave master is
generally played, and some do not even have names, only numbers, not hard to
imagine, Philip Anisi mother told him the door is certainly the mother is too old Anisi
loved Philemon, on Philip the door is very good, so Philemon certainly believe him,
that the qualifications of the Anisim have fled. And Anisim certainly swept away
many of the money Philemon, Colossians to Rome from far away it is. Therefore not
difficult to imagine, Anisim on Philemon caused much damage. But Anisim or who?
Paul actually call him the son of chains in my heart, whom the mother Anisi.
Nominated by the Apostles in the Bible is their straight-born son of the gospel who,
only a few, such as Timothy Tiduo Ma accessible book Anisi mother. He may look
like Paul, we can see how, after his beloved Paul in repentance, as the son of the
father as a trouble in the comfort Paul. Formerly he was useless to you, but now you
and I are really good at this time Anisim is becoming a useful person that we think
when we believe the Lord is not the same after we honor God as the world of light
and salt
Anisim of repentance because of the slave he became a Christian in the Lord and
became a brother Philemon, Paul does not directly Anisim why the less a slave on my
side is despite the loss Philemon But what Paul is also lot of money so thought I
would have liked to have him stay in my chains for the gospel in it for you and serve
me but do not know what you mean, I do nothing, let your good deeds not by
constraint, but willingly. So here we have seen how to respect other people, Paul and
Paul to Anisim face their past, to face their responsibility and readiness to take you to
Christ your sins are forgiven by God, right? So you do not still owe money yet? Jesus
is not for you yet? This example clearly do not think you know not. However, there
are many things in life than this complicated than this is difficult to face. For my part,
I stole a lot of tape ~ ~ ~ still not yet. Those are all I have to face. The Anisim need to
face up to me than what I had not really even. In that time, dealing with escaped
slaves, the system should be your warning to others, are usually killed. And he is now
in Paul this could be a free man can not die even if they still have to go back to slave.
If you are Anisim what will you do choose? Here we see why Paul loved him so he
fled to his obedience to Christ who can stop it? He returned he looked forward to what?
But Philemon to accept love on his brother. We think about how to respond to
Philemon. In Philip also has a cross in front of the door, his wounds healed faster in
this order, but this time to bring the man to his injury actually is back, and with
Paul's letters he knew that in the Lord, he should take 纳阿尼西姆,
however, where his injuries and from the comfort of it? He should ask a question,
Lord, ah, when I injured you where?
Brothers and sisters do not have the time? Of a person is forgiven because he can not
forgive can not give you the hurt you say Why me? Why put these people on my side?
Anyone can give me is not work for him. No matter if you blood gas you might even
say that such a man let him go to hell it deserved. Such a person is fit for the kingdom
of heaven. Brothers and sisters. If we write this, our hatred is a slave to yourself. We
all know that the Lord said to pray for your enemies we know we know the Lord
before we are all sinners, just like them still, however, the cross of Jesus we pray
Father, forgive them, they do not know what to do. If the injury is not so deep that a
pardon and from where the shocking human heart? We all know these but we are still
unable to accept that person is not only the greatest tragedy of life is often put in harm
and tragedy, it is the tragedy of injury and can not find the reason, can not give
yourself a way out. We can not find the tragedy in the world and beyond the tragedy
according to the method. We are eager to be hurt by the use, we just can not bear
injuries is even more intolerable harm meaningless, inexplicable and bizarre injuries,
and injuries in the state of absolute orphans, the absolute bitter and completely
deserted and cold despair. Thus, we can not be the tragic fate of the love of God, if the
use was hated by the use of Satan - we must all bear his own reflection to the world,
in retaliation to find relief, relief must fail in this deteriorates. This is the crossroads of
life and every land, which is our common destiny and spiritual history. Paul Philip,
however, how kind of comfort to door?
He separated from you, or tell you to have him. Dear Philip doors hurt when you
know God, God let this thing become a miracle while he escaped, but found he was
God, God is now brought back and now he is a really useful people. Is no longer a
slave, but more than a slave. Is a dear brother.
Just as Joseph's brothers sold him, but God did take this matter to save the
whole house of Jacob, Joseph 【You intended to harm me, but God meant it for good,
to save much people life, success in today's circumstances create 50.20】
Our cross is not without reason, not just a bitter cycle of the industry or the child debt.
Not. Greetings brothers and sisters, we are all hurt, in the old people, is God discipline
us; in new people in, but God's will should we put him in, put his plan in
history; and our personal He is also part of rescue plan. We not only can be easily
seen in such places erase all the damage suffered by the past, and can be obtained
from harm valuable equipment and experience, we can confidently rely on the grace
that would meet the harm - because we already know, this momentary light suffering
is a very important achievement was originally for the eternal glory (2 Corinthians
4:17). In Christ, bitter water sweetened, but to always have temporarily lost;
reluctance to become reconciled to, the crossroads of all the stations are Mara. We
know that all things work together for good to those who love God, that is, the people
called according to His purpose. Because he knew beforehand by the person, the
manner of time set to follow his son's appearance, so many brothers and his
son be the firstborn. whom He predestined, He also called them. The people who
called in, also known for their righteousness. The righteous people, also glorified.
Injury at the beginning, in the shadows of the past, we can not see them for
Christ's sake, even buried with such a big blessing. This blessing is the
elimination of a slave, get a new life; elimination of an enemy, was a brother; the
elimination of a useless sinner the gospel, the Gospel has been useful work with - all
of this, Philemon was asked for in faith, God promised a wonderful way to his prayer.
God is indeed God hear prayer, but not according to our way, but according to his
own way.
We should go to preach the gospel. Gospel of outcome, less is more than a brother a
So what happens? If Philemon did not take 纳阿尼西姆 this letter may be passed
down it? Impossible.
In the main the latter ○ seven years Bishop Ignatius of Antioch (Ignatius) was
brought to Rome, Antioch Government, prepared to face martyrdom. The way he had
the opportunity to one of about 64 km from Ephesus called Smyrna (Smyrna) in the
square where a few days, and get the soldiers promised to his followers and bishops
around the meeting to accept their inquire. Have the opportunity to meet with his
traffic, the Bishop of the church from Ephesus, and faithful. Ignatius also wrote a
letter to the faithful church of Ephesus, to the bishop back to Ephesus. Ignatius
repeatedly referred in his letter that the Bishop of Ephesus, also gone to great lengths
to praise him. Is likely that the Anisim.
There is a problem also needs to resolve Why Paul did not oppose slavery then?
Should say why the Bible does not oppose slavery? This is the doubts of many people.
Slavery is certainly not displease God. Old Testament Jubilee will be released each
slave. Our history of slavery through the style to be repealed. But from the first
century AD, the Christians and the slave has become the brothers receive Holy
Communion together before God. 2,3 AD century, Christians began a large number of
release and redemption of slaves. Some amendments will be up to the fifth century of
the time constantly among the redeemed Christian slaves from the Moors. 3 century, a
slave named 卡里斯图斯 a priest, then as bishop of the Roman Catholic Church and
even listed him as one of the early popes. The 6th century, Emperor Justinian built the
then most majestic Cathedral of St. Vita Seoul is to 4th century Christian martyr when
a slave and named. In fact, slavery in Europe with the disappearance of spreading the
Gospel. 1102, London synod recognized that slavery and the slave trade illegal. In the
Enlightenment, far from the arrival of the 14th century, slavery has been eradicated in
Europe and the United Kingdom. 17th century colonial Africa have brought a
resurgence of slavery. But it also brought a new round of evangelization.
Anglo-American abolitionist movement has two power and two symbolic characters,
one life to fight for the abolitionist that "good fight" of
Wilberforce and his leadership of the "carat friends Union," the
second is to promote the slave Gospel Great Revival of missionaries. Maulawi such as
the famous Brethren, they break the traditional church and other times, are brothers of
proportionality. To preach the gospel to black slaves, or even deliberately become a
slave, endure adversity everywhere in Africa, claiming to be "hidden
seed." The late 18th century, "Carat friend Alliance"
to promote the success of a colony to allow missionaries to preach the gospel of the
legislation, the major Protestant churches such as Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian,
etc., all to the colonial evangelical leaders cited a large number of black Slave to
Christ.       Anglo-American          abolitionist    movement        is      universal,
"liberalization" and "Gospel" of the result
of merging the two efforts, one for "less of a slave", one for
"The more brother."
Health children equal. Created equal. People's will be done on earth.
Father's will be done on earth. When Wilberforce wrote his first article
against slavery, the entire Congress, he is the only one who believed that
"trinity" of God. In 1789 he first proposed Emancipation Act,
all Members do not know when he is a political Tangjikede. The performance of his
film in particular isolated in the legislature, suffered ridicule of the situation. 40 years
later, Wilberforce out of political circles. At this point the upper and lower houses of
the British believe in "31 God," Christians, more than two
In 1815, Britain defeated in Europe. Insistence in Wilberforce, the British and the
meeting in Vienna to States only requirement is the abolition of the slave trade. In
1833, Wilberforce died three days, the British adopted a final Emancipation Act,
declared slavery illegal, and £ 27 per person, a total of 20 million pounds to pay the
ransom, the release of the entire territory of the British Empire 75 million slaves.
February 23, 1807, "Trade Abolition Act" through the day, the
British Parliament the audience rose to applaud his confidence in the great man to pay
tribute to Wilberforce House corner, tears kneeling in prayer scene, will always
remain in the Human political history, a rare but real shine the light of faith.
We have to ask: Today's slaves in Shanxi, where today's
Human dignity is not respected.
Wilberforce said: "Christians do not love the world, not to escape the
world to prove his is not a world, but into the world, live in the crowd for the
testimony of Jesus Christ, and no turning back.
We say we have 100 million Christians. When injustice occurs around the time.
Where are we?
Response to prayer.