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PE and VC


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									PE and VC

Two concepts
PE: International private equity funds, Private Equity Fund
VC: Venture Capital, Venture Capital
   ?M & A venture capital fund and private equity funds belong to the same
broad investment category, but the fate of the two are quite different in China. VC
investment in China in the international business widely used when the
"red chip channel", "Sina Model" While
the ingredients have been on with the gray, but for a long period of time means that
these operations have been the Chinese government's acquiescence and
even support. On the contrary, the international private equity fund in China,
especially the acquisition of large-scale activities have not yet had time to open
himself, he was asked to wear "style costume" go
"right way."
Venture capital funds and buyout funds in China face different treatment from the two
main differences in the modes of operation: VC, often through self-made
entrepreneurs to help conquer the world to make money; the typical private equity
(PE) investors, such as M & A Fund are often used by mismanagement of
the company reverted to their own and then by injecting capital and management
resources to carry out regime change on their end then camouflaging the company
shares sold through the listing.
   ?U.S. private equity funds after years of development, are trying to demonstrate
that its internal institutional strengths: the traditional securities investment fund
managers than the private equity sector to actively participate in corporate governance
greatly enhanced. More important in that access to the Gong Si PE 投资 CEO
"point of departure from the long-term consolidation company, they can
gain more of autonomy, Ke Yi put more energy Fangzairuhe the Zhanlue to achieve
long-term transformation of the company rather than Ji Du Mu Biao performance and
how to appease the public shareholders of the above. "
Private equity investment institutions such as these features make the Jack Welch, Lou
Gerstner, Drexler that the management has been an influential stars are swarmed to
start private equity sector. Drexler said he believes "private equity funds is
a real concern to long-term shareholder value in the form of ownership."
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