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					Painted on the wall
What is a wall painting?
   Painted wall murals from the ancient art, a combination of Europe and the United
States of graffiti, avant-garde designers by many cultures into a modern home design,
forming a unique style of home decor.
   Wall painting in China, especially popular with young families, their individuality,
fashion, there are many creative spirit of entertainment, look to seize the young
man's heart. Many young people in the past, graffiti painter's
favorite subject, but often cause damage to the public environment, so the
development of graffiti to some extent limited. Now, fans of graffiti can find a free
space to play, that is, their skills in the home decoration. While home on the wall is
painted graffiti art win back their money, but graffiti is an obvious difference. Room
decoration in writing to take into account the appreciation of the owners used to, but
not completely with the portrait master their feelings unlimited exaggeration.
Although the hand-painted art has been a favorite of young people, but there are too
many designers do not recommend use of hand-painted at home. Because it can only
be a home decorating embellishment, if used frequently make room cluttered space.
Some consumers like to create a large wall painting, almost a full wall. Then
designers will recommend that he choose a beautiful landscape or bird to highlight the
extraordinary Yaxing owner. Or you can select some modern themes, such as cartoon
characters or comic Jimmy's work, can show host lovely, romantic. At this
time, do not enter the room created in other places, one is enough. If you choose to
create in the living room Ceiling, choose the subject of some vitality. Because modern
decorative rounded habit modification in the living room Ceiling to do so within the
framework of creation is like a small, unobtrusive area over the General Assembly,
ugly. At this time, the owners can be obvious in some places, such as wall corners or
to foot with accordingly. Some owners also like the kitchen, bathroom or even door
study carried out from time to time create, then we must pay attention not to much
hand-painted frame, refinement and works best choice Koreyoshi the simplicity theme
A designer that is hand-painted works of art since ancient times, however, the use of
decoration in the room and gradually popular the first time. Like hand-painted art and
more the younger generation, so for some time will continue to hand-painted Pop Art.
There are designers that hand-painted art in the living room just to play a decorative
role, perhaps the young owners of temporary playful preferences, it can not be called
a popular theme. Perhaps over time, people forget, or not like this way of decorating.
You may not resonate powerfully command calligraphy, you probably could not
describe a colorful picture, you probably could not refreshing melody spectrum,
perhaps you could not dance the pace of soft light, you may not nature's
intricate carved sculptures. However, you can have only their own mirage.
In China, Tibet, people draw on the wall and Buddha Thangka (a kind of leather made
ornaments), the to get rid of evil pray for peace. In all countries, all religions have the
wall sculpture, painting records, these records were the living conditions of religious
and murals, painted wall art is today. 60s of last century, the United States,
Philadelphia and Pennsylvania appear graffiti culture (graffiti), writing from simple
numbers such as tag and a combination of letters and numbers, to the early 70s of last
century began fonts, effects of studying, 40 years of development has to graffiti out of
the corner of the United States, become a global art.

■ Chinese flower and bird painting walls add classic charm
With people's living standards and improve the art culture, Chinese began
to catch on decoration
Road, Chinese traditional elements of the painting are also used to draw up the wall.
More than half use the black, gold, red to draw patterns with auspicious meanings, or
the performance of traditional Chinese painting pattern often can be a highlight of the
entire Chinese decoration. Comments: This style is with Chinese customs, the rich
Chinese flavor, rich in its cultural heritage, Chinese landscape painting flowers and
birds, or draw on the wall meticulous, a feeling of walking towards me and elegant
atmosphere. Or classical Chinese elements in the wall decorations, transfiguration of a
strong modern and unique.

■ South East Asia to create exotic plant
Hand-drawn images of plants is probably the most popular this year, hand-painted
walls with patterns. Among them, the Southeast Asian style, the trend has been a hot
room, whether it is mysterious Thai jewelry, or bright bold patterns of India, is
currently decorated in the common elements. Similarly, with a typical pattern in this
region, such as the large green plants, seaweed, shells, glistening green banana, have
become a favorite decoration. In addition, Southeast Asia, known for bold color style
is known, in brilliant color, "dance", the communication
implicit in diastolic, charming in a mysterious and calm in the experience of passion,
this passion for a space cherish and look forward to The occupants, no doubt full of
great charm, and the color of harmonic degree, but also to the extraordinary increase
in the bright walls and personality. Comments: This style emphasizes the use of
exaggerated color and lines to show, such as lotus slightly exaggerated, more
eye-catching black, has a different effect. Stress level on the screen is a sense of
elegant, slightly feminine.
■ Japan and South Korea to bring the romantic flavor Comics
In the minds of many women, the lovely Japanese and Korean comic books are often
the best model is a romantic dream. Now, all moved into the house this is not
impossible. Just to decorate the house with the pink and the walls also appears to lack
something, gently outline of a randomly interspersed an umbrella or a small animal
patterns, make the wall immediately to life. In this style, the cute animals, and
"Jimmy" style comics will be the young woman's
favorite. A "wind" and the waving trees, nestled in the back of a
pair, butterfly wings, or even a few drops of rain can be sentimental,
"sexually explicit" to bring home a different style. Comments:
This style of multi-line outlined with the image of male and female, to plain and slight
feeling of painting to express the romantic color to light color. The lovely cartoon
pattern are common patterns to show, the location can be a corner, low office-based,
but also highlight the creative, real ones.

■ Children's Room is ideal for wall painting
Children's room is a child's independent living space, which
placed the furniture and so has a high stress, the overall design layout of the room has
become a young father and mother concern. In recent years, more and more young
parents to choose the form of hand-painted murals for children's room to
add lively interest, both Imagine a beautiful princess prince love Winnie the Pooh
family can feel the joy of life, as well as living in the underwater world good wishes,
give the kids imagination. A hand-painted murals of the boss told reporters that all
kinds of domestic animals, cartoons, children hand-painted murals of the main
characters room, and Winnie the Pooh is one of the headlining. Choose to paint the
wall about 4-8 square meters, the painting will occupy two-thirds of the wall. If you
are happy for children to provide more space for imagination, then the remaining wall
can also be your child even more special drawing paper.
Wall painting process:
1 S pattern
Based on personal preferences and style of the selected basic pattern decoration.
2. Dozen papers
No art skills of the people, to good papers on the wall, gently tick pen a draft outline
only after satisfactory color, otherwise not easy to modify.
3. With coating
Control design results to buy paint, such as the purchase of the paint color effects to
grasp, not to rush to a decision in the paint shop, the palette or paint samples can take
home at night, natural light and observed under light paint colors . High light coating
makes the room look brighter, but also easy to highlight the shortcomings of the wall,
if the wall is not smooth, suggested the use of plain glass coating. Do not paint too
thin or they will be left in the wall flow marks. Acrylic paint may need to color,
carefully write.
4. Ready to color
First of all, to graffiti the walls covered with newspapers before, so as not to dirty the
ground. Simple hand-painted color patterns, the first thin absorbent paper and drawing
the outline of a good, then cut down into the wall correspondingly colored with
rubbing way. If the fear of the wall broke, the most convenient way is to take printing
stickers, engraved after spraying down the screen, with stickers on the wall. Acrylic
paint in the paint, if errors are found, you can take a wet rag and wipe re-painting, but
paint can not be used this way.
5. Maintain
Unfinished after going to air until the walls dry, can touch. While the acrylic paint dry
waterproof scratch, but not water scrub. Do not select the best gloss painted walls are
bright, home use, consider such factors as by light, reflectors are not too strong for the
family to create a warm and diffuse wall atmosphere, such as wall paints are generally
acrylic paint too hard, not suitable for wall painting material, large area with acrylic
paint, then there will be cold stiff feeling.

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