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					Oxford Brookes University degree
CAT CAT course placement is the Certified Accounting Technician background stands,
the Chinese translation: generally accepted accounting technician. Subordinate to the
qualified ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) professional
qualification series, goal is to train for work in multinationals in the mid-level
personnel engaged in accounting. Upon completion of the course after all the CAT,
you can apply for professional work. While at work, you can also choose to continue
studying ACCA courses (CAT study completed after the initial three courses can be
exempted from taking ACCA), was widely recognized international certificate in hand
made ACCA for its members. ACCA in 2000 and Oxford Brookes University (OBU)
to establish a partnership, so that students studying ACCA courses at the same time,
have access to the application of accounting university Bachelor of Science degree.
ACCA trainees through the second phase (of three phases) skills examination for
some courses, then submit a 6500 word essay and a 2000 statement of the key words,
you can apply for the degree. After the adoption papers, you can also go directly to the
UK to join the school's annual graduation ceremony of a grand. ACCA
students through all the examinations can also go directly to the British school to
graduate school. High school or middle school entry requirements can apply for
admission to CAT ---- become an international financial professionals in the field of
international finance from ACCA ---- "golden passport"
teaching character study ☆ characteristics: small classes, interactive teaching mode
Chinese and English bilingual instruction. UK original material, supplemented by
schools lectures fine compilation features. ☆ Career Guidance: well-known business
schools to employ specialist human resources for career guidance to students, students
in career planning. ☆ job security: employment agreements signed with the students
enrollment, students in school and passed all courses completed, the school
recommended the employment package. ☆ time to save: the lecturer for each course
are carefully studied and accepted by the student's basic ability to arrange
lessons, reasonable settings, to protect the students quickly learn and pass the exam, to
save time. CAT can be the fastest one year certificate, follow-up broad prospects for
development. ☆ cost savings: curriculum and global synchronization, unified
teaching materials, Examination, unified international certificate, uniform degree, and
study the same effect, but the cost savings of 80% of students. ☆ tuition comparison:
Living expenses
The total cost
¥ 85,000-150,000
¥ 70,000-100,000
¥ 70 万
510 000 -75 million (3 years)
United States
¥ 40,000-360,000
¥ 32,000-80,000
¥ 30 万 -80 million
540 000 -130 million (4 years)
¥ 80,000-140,000
¥ 70,000
600 000 -84 10 000 (4 years)
      ?Beijing International Education and learning the school curriculum learning
courses tuition fees registration fees, annual fees, examination fees total phase of the
first part of the cost of course CAT9 records management control information,
financial transactions, financial records and make accounting cost accounting human
resources and systems management of the financial management of financial
Reporting tax calculation program to control and performance management RMB 2.4
Registration fee £ 56
Examination Fee £ 340
About 29 544 RMB all examinations available through the CAT (Association of
Chartered Certified Accounting Technician) certificate
Part ACCA4 course and improve the quality of financial reporting company law and
commercial law
Performance Management Tax etiquette
Financial Software Applications
RMB 2.4 万
£ 64 annual fee
Examination Fee £ 220
ACCA course of about 27 976 RMB to enter the second phase of study, students have
and the many outstanding college undergraduates synchronous learning
The third part of the ACCA two courses and papers, audit and certification services
employment guide
Financial Management thesis
Ethics and employment guidance
RMB 1.2 万
£ 64 annual fee
Examination Fee £ 110
Paper £ 73
About 14 436 RMB OBU graduate and pass the exam receive the second stage of
ACCA certificate. Alternative employment, while working to learn advanced courses
                 ?1, these costs do not include the cost of course materials. 2, the
school has full-time class teacher to guide students 3 students by 2 to 2.5 years of
study, the second phase by ACCA examinations, you can practice recommended by
the schools and employment, you can learn while working. 4, room 300-400 / month,
living their own expenses. 5, the first sexual intercourse clear all fees and enjoy 5%
discount (not including accommodation). Venue: Haidian District, Beijing North
Third Ring Road 32, Beijing International Education Hengrun International Building,
School Advisory Tel :010-62120842 62124759 Website:

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