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									Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce is the resettlement of ethnic Chinese
businessmen to unite the Chinese community to coordinate protection of Chinese
business interests, the development of Chinese economy and business community
organizations set up.
   Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce appeared in the late Qing Dynasty.
Guangxu 27 years (1901), played the prospective establishment of the Qing Minister
Sheng Shanghai Business Club, created China's first modern trade
associations. Affected, Chinatown also went overseas a number of names from
different organizations, business groups and organizations. Guangxu 30 years (1904),
the Qing court to appoint Taipu Si Qing Zhang Zhenxun to Southeast Asia to study
business. Southeast Asian Chinese businessmen were many, according to Min, wide,
tidal, King, passenger and other dialects, each of the mountain, cross international
boundaries, communities everywhere. Zhang Zhenxun has arrived in Penang in
Malaya and Singapore, called on Chinese entrepreneurs to bury the hatchet and
helping to create override the interests of all gang associations, in order to contact
together, and take care of each other, so that Business Communication, Business
development. Zhang Zhenxun also the first to donate 3,000 yuan, that all business of
the advocate. Inspired by their local community leaders, quickly set up a Chamber of
Commerce. Guangxu 33 years (that is, 1907), the Qing court then sent the Department
of Agriculture, assistant minister Yang Shiqi as imperial commissioner, Hai Qi,
Hairong two ships to visit Manila, Saigon, Bangkok, Singapore, Java and other places,
preaching speech, promoting the establishment of chambers of commerce. After the
affected overseas Chinatown lodged effect of, organized the Chinese Chamber of
Commerce. To Xuantong (1911), Malaya, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia,
the Philippines, the United States, San Francisco, Japan, Nagasaki, Kobe, Yokohama,
Seoul, Korea, flat manure, Sinuiju, Canada, Vancouver, Victoria , Khabarovsk Russia,
Mexico, the capital and other major business in Chinatown with reference to the clear
statute issued by the Ministry, the formal establishment of the overseas Chinese trade
   Overseas Chinatown Chamber of Commerce names are not entirely consistent,
called the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, also called the China Chamber of
Commerce, or the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce. But no matter what port,
Chamber of Commerce has been the largest Chinese community in community
organizations, its president, director of almost all of the local Chinese leaders,
businessmen and other wealthy elite, have been members of public recommendation
to the local government for registration. Than those who dialect, geography, kinship
and the formation of the various Hall, Chamber of Commerce override the interests of
all parties to help, thus more representative. Same time, because the nature of their
own civil societies, chambers of commerce activities, less than consulates are limited
in the law, which has its flexibility between. In fact, overseas Chinese Chamber of
Commerce since its inception, has become the overseas Chinese business
organizations and even the whole Chinese community center. It's 活动 In
addition to protecting the interests of Chinese business, overseas business
development, liaison and coordination between the Chinese business relations with
the native country Habitation States trade Zhi Wai, Huan Xie Tong Zheng Fu Chinese
Consulate Yu local representations, Wei Hu Huarenshekuai rights and promoting
overseas Chinese and local Renmin relationship. Meanwhile, the Chamber of
Commerce and the motherland for the local, national organizing charitable cause,
such as raising funds, disaster relief donations, welcome welcome to come back to
invest in the Chinese community to maintain schools, hospitals, welfare homes,
cemeteries, clubs and other communication charity. In launching patriotic movement,
strengthen the ideological identity of overseas Chinese to the motherland, to solve
major problems facing Chinese society and the major issues, the Chinese Chamber of
Commerce, have also played the role of organization and leadership. Despite the fact
that after the establishment of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, through the Qing
Dynasty in China, the Republic of China and new China, a major change in regime
change, but the Chinese Chamber of Commerce as an associate Chinatown and to the
main link, its status is not affected. Especially in the 1911 Revolution and the
Sino-Japanese War, the Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce, more moral and
material played a significant role.
Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the impact of a large Chinese Chamber of
Commerce in Thailand. It was founded in 1901, the Council has formed the 40th,
successive leaders in both Thailand and China highly respected community elders and
businessmen. Currently chaired by Mr. Zheng Mingru. Thailand and China Chamber
of Commerce by Thai royalty and government attention, the Chinese community has
a broad appeal. Founded in 1904, the Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce of
the Philippines Manila, the oldest and largest Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the
Philippine Chinese community to enjoy all the lead agency status, its activities, the
nature of the Philippines has a wide, well-known community leaders served as the
president of the Iron Cage. Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce to the
80's when the nearly 6,000 individual and corporate members. In addition,
Chinese entrepreneurs in Myanmar Chamber of Commerce, London Chamber of
Commerce of justice, the Cuban Chamber of Commerce, Chinese Merchants
Association, Mauritius, Reunion of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce,
Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Seoul, Korea, China Yokohama, Japan Business
Association, Vancouver, Canada, the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce,
Chinese General in San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, New South Wales,
Australia Chinese Chamber of Commerce and City of Victoria Chinese Commerce
Association, India and China General Chamber of Commerce, the Malaysian Chinese
Association of Commerce and Industry, Indonesia and China Chamber of Commerce,
Federation of Chinese Chamber of Commerce in New York, the United Kingdom
Chinese Business Association, Chamber of Commerce in Toronto, Canada , Chinese
Business Association of Northern Ireland, Spain, Chinese Business Association, are
more a long history, there are certain economic and cultural strength, the unity of
Chinese business, contact the overseas Chinese feelings, to help Chinese business
commercial and industrial development, safeguarding the interests of overseas
Chinese, and promote the country of residence and the motherland trade relations and
a lot of work, both in local and world influential overseas Chinese Chamber of


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