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					Origin of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce,
?Chamber of Commerce, originated in the Guild (Guild), with the social and
economic development, the early traders, artisans to help each other to maintain the
interests of the industry to establish with industry organizations. Our line will be
organized early origins, has a long history. In the 6 century the beginning of the Sui,
Tang and Song Dynasty City restaurants already have a "line",
industry organizations, led by the "first line" "line
first," and "old," said.
   Yuan, Ming has been around, "120 OK", "三百六
十行" Sayings. To the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi and Qianlong,
Tongzhi, Hsu, has been the emergence of many craft guilds organizations, such as
Hubei Huangpi Hosiery Association, the Guangdong Foshan fulfill Tong Fuk the
footwear industry and Confucianism assumed tang. Meanwhile, the business line will
("the hall" and more) also came into being. Such as
Shanghai's banks, flour, grains, wool fabric the same industry, were
organized hall. In 1918, Beijing released by the Ministry of Agriculture and
Commerce "Business Association Rules", the industry
organization will be called the "Trade Association."
   By the same industry and trade organizations formed the progressive development
of trade associations, foreign than China's early. France in Malaysia in
1599 set up the first ear City Chamber of Commerce, Canada in 1750 appeared a
national chambers of commerce, the British island of Jersey in 1768 set up the first
Chamber of Commerce, the United States in 1768 established in New York State
Chamber of Commerce, Japan in 1878 in Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe has established a
"chamber of commerce." In China, the 1840 Opium War, the
surge of foreign capital and imported goods, causing the Chinese economy and
rapidly changing market.
   In 1874 the Qing Dynasty Tongzhi, Liaoning business set up a "public
discussion is," is the earliest trade associations, and the agenda to begin to
establish Chamber of Commerce in the early 20th century. In 1900 the Qing dynasty
26 years, announced the Huai Ren Sheng Commerce Minister, in Shanghai, about
when the amendment advocated the establishment of foreign chambers of commerce.
He said: "The China Business of the doldrums, Taishuai do not speak as
Business, commercial law are not fluent, chambers of commerce do not
move", advocating a "wide Business to plant the material
together in order to pass the gas chambers of commerce, will be special law to
peacekeeping commercial, agriculture workers to deepen commercial sources,
efficiency Fazio, shake Trade War ", which" especially the
creation of associations for the start to end. "Of course, Sheng's
idea is a class nature, his revitalization of commercial and autonomy, the maintenance
of the Qing Dynasty rule, thus winning the recognition Empress Dowager Cixi.
   The following year (1901), in Sheng, driven by the Event of Conflicts (Jiang
Customs Road) and strict letter of thick (total trade bank director) invites the gang
DONG, set things Negotiation to set up a Chamber of Commerce to develop a
temporary constitution 6. Guangxu 28 years of the first month on the 15th (February
22, 1902), "Shanghai Business Conference hall" was
established. 1903, set up a business hall of Tianjin. In the same year, Hangzhou
Chamber of Commerce has set up (then called the "Business
Association" or other names wait for verification). Guangxu 29 years on
November 24 (January 11, 1904) to advise the Ministry of Commerce Office of
Chamber of Commerce played the Empress Dowager Cixi, the emperor.
   Memorial to the effect that the Western countries attach importance to business
school, business to business trade "shall be deemed a matter of physical
and mental life, with energy above the five continents REN Zhiyuan."
Property resources in Japan than China, although very different, but the business
thriving, "quite enough to contend with Europe and the United
States." "Overview of what Asian countries, intercity traffic, the
almost compete to win business trainer to the rich and powerful war Kok. Jue origin
of the Premier, Sagaing effective in the Chamber of Commerce.
"" Chamber of Commerce, it had business interests through
Business insurance, there are contact without strife, there is danger of faith without
fraud, it can diligently emphasis on those countries, such as its business of operating
Zuoquan Hing. "memorials in spoke Boycott wide open, "States
increasingly compete for profit group, and Huan Chinese business power in the
situation" after the situation, said "most urgent task today,
non-establishment of Chamber of Commerce is not power."
   The role of Chamber of Commerce, said, "Cardiff Chamber of
Commerce about the essence of the second side: The first expression within the
disadvantages of removing; a foreign intelligence investigation say."
Constitution along with concise Chamber of Commerce 26. Articles of Association, in
the past called "commercial hall", "Business
Association" and other names were unified renamed "Chamber
of Commerce," Business prosperity rich region "to establish
Chamber of Commerce", followed by setting up a little branch. Since then,
Shanghai, Tianjin and were renamed "Shanghai Business
Association" (April 22, 1904), "Chamber of Commerce in
Tianjin" (1905), 1906, Beijing established a "Capital Business
Association." This year has been set up around the Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Commerce 110.
   After the Revolution of 1911, the Kuomintang government and local business
community does not recognize the Qing government appointed by the Chamber of
Commerce, Chamber of Commerce have set up the restructuring. In 1912, Shanghai,
Hangzhou, respectively, said the restructuring of the "Shanghai General
Chamber of Commerce", "Hangzhou General Chamber of
Commerce." In 1914, the Northern Government Department of Trade and
Industry announced the 60 () Chamber of Commerce Act, the provisions of provincial
city, the prosperous commercial port and other business of the Regional Chamber of
Commerce was established.
   The same year, Shanghai-China Chamber of Commerce held the First Congress
established the first Chinese head of a national Chamber of Commerce - All-China
Federation of Chamber of Commerce. This year, the establishment of chambers of
commerce throughout the country, General Business Accounting 1099. In 1915 the
Kuomintang government promulgated the "Chamber of Commerce
Act." August 1929, the Kuomintang government set up the Department of
Trade and Industry, "Business rules to discuss its" re-enacted
the "Chamber of Commerce Act." By 1930, all over the country
Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Chamber of Commerce has established 2046.
After the victory, they have received over the restructuring, rehabilitation or
reconstruction of Chamber of Commerce.
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