; Optimization of sheet metal software professional
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Optimization of sheet metal software professional


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									Optimization of sheet metal software professional
AutoForm v4.2-ISO 1DVD (full cracked version, professional sheet metal
Optimization Software)
AutoForm v3.11 + EXCEED7.1 & 3D 7.1 + Interix R2.2.5 1CD
AutoForm Chinese manual
AutoForm User Manual

ETA.CAD.Translator.v1.200704.WinNT_2K 1CD (designed for the ETA VPG CAD
translation tools. Supported formats: Catia 4 / 5,
                       Pro / Engineer, Unigraphics, Step, you must first install the
ETA VPG v3.2)
ETA Femb PC v28.0 for WiNDOWS 1CD (a solver can be used for most
general-purpose finite element CAD software before and after
                      ?Processing software, has become industry standard CAE
application software)
ETA StrangeBrew v1.8 WinAll 1CD (a and brewing-related software, providing food,
brewing information, support feed management,
                     Database, data measurement, cost management, carbonation
process management, dilution calculations)

TRUMPF products:
Trumph TopCAD v3.0 1CD (sheet metal design software)
Trumph TopS v3.0 Support Tools 1CD

Trumph TopS600 v3.0 1CD (for sheet metal flange of the programming system)

  - Reduction of the machine parts preparation and installation time
  - Automatic generation and simulation of flanging process
  - Create Parts Installation Guide
  - Experience using the forming ratio according to TRUMPF
  - Output simulation Photos
  -Automation module (optional) module control automatic feeding
  -ToPs 600 integrated automatic module: TrumaBend and BendMaster

Thermo-Calc Software products:
Thermo-Calc 2003p for WiN32 1CD (thermodynamics, diffusion alloy system

Trane Products:
Trane.Trace.700.v4.1 1CD (building simulation software, including heating
ventilation system (HVAC), to facilitate users to assess the value of the building)

Ilight products:
ILight.FieldView.v12.0.Win32-ISO 1CD (CFD General Post Processing)
ILight.FieldView.v12 .. 0.UNIX-ISO 1CD
Ilight.Fieldview.v12.AiX 1CD
Ilight.Fieldview.v12.Hpux 1CD
Ilight.Fieldview.v12.Irix 1CD
Ilight.Fieldview.v12.Itanium 1CD
Ilight.Fieldview.v12.Linux 1CD
Ilight.Fieldview.v12.Linux64 1CD
Ilight.Fieldview.v12.Solaris 1CD
Fieldview v8.0 Help

Fuel Tech Products:
ACUITIV v3.3 1CD (U.S. Fuel Tech has developed for CFD (Computational Fluid
Dynamics Computational Fluid Dynamics) and after
          ?Processing and visualization software, in the automotive, aerospace, energy,
defense, chemicals and medicines in the fields of successful application)

Cfdesign v9.0-ISO 1CD (computational fluid dynamics software, you can import
from the mechanical CAD software, built the 3D model, do not re-modeling)
CFDesign v8.0 Chinese Tutorial
Cfdesign v7.0 Addon 1CD
Cfdesign training course

C & R Technologies products:
Thermal Desktop v4.7 1CD (electronic heat capacity modeling CAD software)
Sinda-Fluint.v4.6 1CD (thermal transfer and fluid flow design and analysis software.
SINDA / FLUINT a wide range of finite difference, lumped parameter tool.
             ?Can be used in complex systems design and analysis of thermal
conversion and liquid flow design. It is widely used in aerospace, electronics,
             ?Bio-pharmaceutical and automobile industry, etc.)
Crtech Sinapsplus v4.8 1CD (SINDA / Fluint before and after processing software)
CRTech.Thermal.Desktop.for.AutoCAD.v5.2.4 1CD (electronic heat capacity
modeling CAD software)
ASM Material Handbooks All 21 volumes 1DVD (Materials Science classic

Micro Products:
Micro.Saint.Sharp.v1.2 1CD (process modeling and simulation professional software,
the process can be very good visualization and simulation)

B & K products:
B & K PULSE v12.5-ISO 2CD (vibration analysis software)
Dirac v3.1.0.Build 1704 1CD (for measuring the acoustic parameters of multi-room
Catt-Acoustic v8.0b-ISO 1CD (indoor sound field simulation software)

LMS Products:
LMS Imagine Lab AMESim R8A-ISO 1DVD
LMS TecWare v3.5-ISO 1CD (fatigue load analysis)
LMS Test Lab v9A-ISO 1DVD (noise and vibration test solution)
LMS.Test.Xpress.v3A.SL1-ISO 1CD (acoustic analysis)
LMS Virtual LAB. Rev8B Win32-ISO 1DVD (sound - vibration simulation software)
LMS.Virtual.Lab.Rev8A.SL1.64bit-ISO 1DVD
LMS.Falancs.v2.13-ISO 1CD (fatigue analysis software)
LMS.Falancs.v2.13.Addon 1CD (additional package)
LMS Raynoise v3.0 1CD (large sound field simulation software system)

Sysnoise v5.6 1CD (noise analysis software, full cracked version of the module. Must
install Exceed 7.1 + 3D 7.1 or later)
Help Sysnoise v5.6 (full version)
Sysnoise Rev 5.6 Xiangjie
Sysnoise User Manual
Sysnoise 5.5 training materials
Sysnoise v5.5 Basic Training 1CD
Sysnoise v5.5 Introduce 1CD

YMEC software products:
Diagnostic System For Sound Fields v5.0.6.1 1CD (a new research field for the
acoustic design of sound measurement and analysis system. Including:
                               Real-time Analyzer (RA), the voice analyzer (SA),
Environmental noise Analyzer (EA) 3 large module)
NOESIS products:
Noesis Optimus v5.0 Sp1 1CD (a "software robot," said the
systematic process of integration and optimization software OPTIMUS, enables CAD,
                ?(Structural, fluid and electromagnetic analysis), CAM and PDM, and
other engineering systems automation and integration, and product
                  Design and development to provide the most optimal design and
robust design features, widely used in aerospace, vehicles, shipbuilding industry,
                  Energy industry machinery, structural, fluid, thermal and other
CARA products:
CARA v2.2 Plus-ISO 1CD (room acoustics assessment tool, which is based on source
mapping theory and the back tracking process for the calculation and optimization of
building sound effects)
CARA v2.20 Plua Multilanguage 1CD
ADINA products:
Adina System v8.5-ISO 1CD (non-linear finite element system)
Adina System v8.31-ISO 1CD
Adina v8.1 Chinese manual
Adina Chinese User Manual
Adina Chinese Civil Practice Manual
Adina training materials in Chinese (all)
ADINA Structure Theory Manual (8.3 Edition)
ADINA fluid theory manual (version 8.3)

Traffic Simulation products:
AutoTURN v6.01 1CD (vehicle turn simulation software)
Quadstone.Paramics.v6.4.1 1CD (traffic simulation tool)
Torus v1.0-ISO 1CD
TransCAD.v4.5 Build 177 1CD (developed by the U.S. Transportation Caliper GIS
TrafficWare SimTraffic v6.614 1CD (Traffic Simulation)
WinTrack.3D.v7.0.5 1CD (build 3D model of road traffic tools, can build roads,
vehicles, signals, tunnels, trees, buildings and other models)
SimWalk.v1.2.7.68.WinALL 1CD (used to find the airport, shopping centers, bridges
and railway station building in such a crowded passage of a software bottleneck.
                    Can be used to design, design of public space and construction of
the security export control and improve the planned flow direction
                    Improve the flow of traffic scenes by speed)
Traffic Simulation Software PTV VISSIM v5.0 1CD
Traffic Simulation Software PTV VISSIM v4.1 1CD

Trancite products:
Trancite ScenePD v2.0.3.0 1CD (Quick Draw crime scene tool. Provides the
professional tools and symbols, measurement units, concepts and terminology, for
police use)
Trancite Easy Street Draw v3.0.4.0 1CD (used to draw a software crash scene, the
first selected blocks from the template shape,
                         ?And then modify or add the symbols of various shapes)
Trancite ScenePD v2.0.4.0 1CD (a collision scene, crime scene, domestic violence
site plan and floor plan drawing software)

Ris National Laboratory products:
WaSP.v9.1 1CD (wind assessment industry standard software)
WaSP.Climate.Analyst.v1.1.0.105 1CD (meteorological data analysis tools)
WaSP.Engineering.v2.0.0.121 1CD (speed limit, wind shear, wind pressure coefficient
and complex terrain turbulence estimation tool
                   ?Support the complex terrain of wind turbines and other civil
engineering structure of load calculation)
WaSP.Map.Editor.v9.1 1CD (wind weather forecasts and wind turbines and wind farm
production forecasting of PC platform, a tool, it is the industry standard for wind
assessment software)

Adasim products:
Adasim v1.1.9.205 1CD (deformation analysis software)

BSI Product:
FB-Pier.v3.21 1CD (non-linear finite element analysis software for analysis by the
non-linear cylindrical bridge piers and the building structure consisting of stigma,
             Support for nonlinear soil in the linear and nonlinear post pile caps / pillar
NE.Nastran products:
NE Nastran v8.3-ISO 1CD
NE Nastran Engine v8.3.1 1CD (finite element analysis software)
NE Nastran Modeler v8.3.0 1CD (for the finite element analysis model to provide an
initial post-processing software)
                    Combustion analysis; engines and parts of the kinematic and
dynamic simulation)
Compendium-TA Product:
Compendium-TA v1.4.39 1CD (a set of icon tools, sketch tools, such as physical
cross-reference tool for the integration of a powerful integration tool kit)
Compendium-TA v1.4.29 1CD

AICON products:
Aicon 3D Studio v3.6.00 1CD (professional three-dimensional measurement system
that can quickly and accurately from a variety of measurement modules to record and
analyze the data)

Raindrop GeoMagic products:
Geomagic Studio 10 SR1 1CD (produced by the United States Raindrop Geomagic
reverse engineering and 3D Studio software can be easily detected from
                  Scanned point cloud data obtained create the perfect polygon model
and mesh, can be automatically converted to NURBS surfaces.
                  The software includes Qualify, Shape, Wrap, Decimate, Capture the
five modules)
Geomagic CADMus Fashion v6.0 SR1-ISO 1CD (CAD reverse engineering software.
For surface and industrial design, design into CAD model)
GeoMagic eShell v8 1CD (hearing aid design)
GeoMagic Qualify v9 SR2 1CD (which can be computer-aided design (CAD) systems
have generated the actual parts and components or between components in the CAD
system generates between
                  Geometry automatically and error analysis. Use Geomagic Qualify,
inspection personnel, technical personnel and personnel and design
                 Engineers can quickly and easily detect and report any of the
process of designing and manufacturing quality, to achieve effective and accurate
product testing)
Geomagic Qualify 5 Chinese Operation Instructions
Geomagic Studio 5 English Version operating instructions
Geomagic Studio Product Sheet
Geomagic Studio examples tutorial
Geomagic experience
Geomagic reverse engineering

TransMagic Inc products:
TransMagic v2005 1CD (3D CAD processing software, including 3D CAD file
translation, repair, CAD model and the adjustment, compatible with a variety of CAD
Transmagic.Plus.v2005.SP4-ISO 1CD (latest version)

Actify Spinfire Complete Pro v2004-ISO 1CD (professional 2D/3D CAD / CAM
Design View Software)
Actify.SpinFire.Pro.v2004.SP2.830.WinNT_2k_XP 1CD (professional 2D/3D CAD /
CAM Design View Software)

Steinbichler Cometplus v5.11-ISO 1CD (reverse engineering, surface treatment
auxiliary software for The COMET / COMET VarioZoom)
Steinbichler Cometinspect v2.0-ISO 1CD (easy to use monitoring software, and the
nominal non-contact and compare the actual value set provides the applicable
                           Comprehensive tool, compare the nominal and actual values
can be conducted online or offline, provided the measurement results for the user
                           Useful for basic information, and can be used to set and
related tools, calibration)

Materialise products:
Materialise Magics v13.0-ISO 1CD (STL treatment options automation tools)
Materialise Magics Tooling v5.1.1 1CD (perfect mold solution)
Materialise Magics Tooling Expert v2.1.1 CD (mold quotation software)
Materialise Magics RP v12.01 Win32 1CD (STL files for rapid prototyping
processing, auto-generated support, etc.)
Materialise Magics RP v12.01 Win64 1CD
Materialise.Mimics.v10.0-ISO 1CD (a CT and MRI images are displayed and
segmentation tools, but can also be rendering 3D objects.
                      Therefore, can be used in medicine MIMICS diagnosis, surgical
planning or preparation before surgery)
Microkinetics MillMaster Pro for Windows v3.2.17 v2.3 1CD
Microkinetics TurnMaster Pro for Windows v2.3 1CD
Materialise.SurgiCase.Planner.v3.0 1CD
Materialise Simplant Planner v8.3 1CD (a prediction of dental implant treatment CT
software to support 2D and 3D)

Floating Point Solutions products:
Floating Point Solutions Point Cloud v1.01 1CD (a lattice image processing software
reverse engineering. To provide point into the merger, point to a line, point to a plane

Datasqueeze products:
Datasqueeze v2.0.7 1CD (X-ray analysis software, the GUI interface can be
two-dimensional X-ray diffraction analysis of probe data,
               ?Particularly suited to analysis of powder diffraction data, polymer or
liquid crystal scattering, colloid, polymer, gel
               ?Body or the solution of small angle scattering, which is Windows
Datasqueeze v2.0.5 Linux 1CD (This is the Linux version)
Datasqueeze v2.0.5 MAC 1CD (This is the MAC version)

Esteco products:
Esteco.modeFRONTiER.v3.2.0.SUB100-ISO 1CD (optimal design)

Ship design software:
ASC.AutoShip.v8.2 (including Autopower3.0.5, Autohydro5.3.2, Autoplate8.2,
autoship8.2, Autoyacht8.2, ModelMaker5.3.2)
AutoShip v8.0 (including ABUILD4, AHYDR51, APLATE8, APWR301, ASHIP8,
AYACHT8 ...)
FORMSYS_MAXSURF_V9.52 computer aided ship design and construction
Ship Constructor v2001 (AUTOCAD development of three-dimensional ship-based
construction design professional software) 1CD
AutoYacht.8.2.0 (Autoship boat designer for the company to use the shell design and
appearance modeling tools)
FastSHIP.V6.0.40 (fairing the hull form design software)
FastSHIP.V6.1 (fairing the hull form design software)
HydroComp.NavCad.2004.v5.08 for the ship speed and dynamic performance
prediction and analysis
HydroComp.PropExpert.2004.v5.03 for work boats and pleasure craft propulsion
system selection and analysis
PROTEUS.ENGINEERING.MAESTRO.V8.7.6 shipbuilding design software
Proteus Engineering RhinoMarine v4.0.3 plugin for Rhinoceros vessel design and
Shape3d.V6.10 waves and sailing under the concept, design panels with CNC
machines and other specialized tools 3d graphics. It has two modes, wave pattern
design editor, and computer numerical control molding machine.
Shipping Software Tribon M3
Cadkey Products:
CADKEY 19 RELEASE 1 (full version, aviation, marine, automotive design leader)
The world's largest resources industry software download
softwaredownload, contact QQ1061936992
E-mail mail: zwcadd@tom.com 1061936992@qq.com
Customer Service QQ: 1061936992 1061936992
MSN: ywcwsoft@hotmail.com
For more go to: http://hi.baidu.com/zwcadd/
Note: Non-free software download, all software is the software I get a charge,
software Jingguo I of Anzhuang test, Wanquankeyi Wu 任何 functional limitations
to use as your request Lian Ji, I e-mail or QQ, please contact O'clock
indicate your name and address, What can select to specify e-mail software name, I
will respond to you the first time, if they can not get immediate response, please
contact another e-mail me, thank you.

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