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									                   Thesis Statements and Introductory

        A thesis statement is just like the topic sentence you write when you write a
        paragraph. Like a topic sentence, the purpose of a thesis statement is to identify the
        topic (the occasion—the reason for writing) and the position (your opinion—what
        you plan to prove or explain). This statement controls the rest of the paper.

A thesis statement:
    • Is the heart of your paper
    • Gives the main idea of the essay
    • Contains words and ideas that indicate the focus of the essay
    • Presents a general idea that will be supported by reasons, details, or facts in the essay
    • Might be called your position, assertion, premise, or controlling statement
Review the thesis statements on the following pages.
1. Although Florence Nightingale could have had a life of luxury and ease, she chose to leave her
wealthy British family and dedicate her life to helping others.
2. Even though Thomas Edison had only three months of formal education and went deaf at the age of twelve, his life
was filled with accomplishments.
3. The elderly couple did not want to sell their home and move to the retirement community, but they
realized there would be several advantages to living in a condominium.
4. In order to understand mass and line in architecture, our class looked at and compared several famous
buildings; two that impressed me were the Parthenon in Greece and the Great Stupa in India.
5. The telephone representative gave four reasons why consumers should buy his company's product.
6. Middle school students should learn a number of strategies for reading textbooks.
7. With support from family and friends, many senior citizens are able to live successfully on their own.
8. Throughout the Civil War, women in the North and in the South made incredible sacrifices.
9. John Muir, an immigrant to the United States from Scotland, dedicated his life to writing about the
American wilderness.
10. Washington D.C., our nation's capital, is a great place for a family vacation.
11. To prepare students for college, teachers must set high standards for all assignments.
12. To relax I listen to classical music, read poetry, and take long walks in the park.
13. Methadone is medication that helps some heroin addicts, but it is also a synthetic addictive opiate.
14. Newport, Rhode Island, a popular seaside resort, offers a variety of cultural events.
15.1 love my new car; it is reliable and safe.
16. Changing jobs causes stress; it can also relieve stress.
17. Good citizens stay informed and vote their conscience.
18. Well-trained dogs make good pets, impress friends and neighbors, and become lifetime companions.

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