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									On the mobile phone service by 2010

   Work in the phone ring so many years, very few others things about mobile phone
service. Yesterday, after-sales is also very occasionally chatted about the phone
situation. But there is no more urgent to say a few words. Home and wife chatted, we
finally decided to record the traffic circle tomorrow to upload and chat with friends.
May I say not, please help me pointers. I think the future will increasingly competitive
mobile phone market embodied in the service competition, manufacturers need to pay
more attention to the ultimate consumer satisfaction and service for the user build a
healthy environment.
First, after-sales service market size and structure
After-sale service market maintained a high rate of expansion, but the market value to
be improved. The rapid development of mobile communications market in 2009,
China's 640 million mobile phone users, the penetration rate reached 48.5 /
100 people, a huge amount of mobile phone services to maintain high-speed
expansion of the foundation. In addition, mobile phone services market matures,
product configuration, escalation, applications, and vendor and channel various
features and functions to take more active measures Yingdui intense the competition,
Du Cheng Wei phone service Chanyeguimo important driving force for rapid growth.
China's mobile phone service industry in 2009 reached 4.73 billion yuan,
an increase of 24.5%.
However, the data from 2009, China mobile phone market sales of more than 180
billion, after-sales market scale accounts for only 2.6% of sales. Although more than
2.4% in 2008 has improved, but the comparison of foreign mobile service revenue
accounted for 6%, or appliance service 10% of total sales compared to low proportion
phone service, after-sales service value far not been thoroughly excavated. In this
regard with many manufacturers and form heavier production and sales, aftermarket
light and heavy research and design input, light after-sales service into the business
are conceptual, other Yifangmianze Yin Wei Shi Chang China brand mobile phones of
many, most of the market share of small firms, limited sales of perfect service system
is difficult to support, but also fit with the scale of the layers of sales agent channel
model is difficult to guarantee the stability of the service quality.
Service business structure to adjust rapidly growing emerging services. The
diversification of mobile phone features and applications for value-added services
stimulate the broad consumer appeal, demand for personalized mobile services are
emerging, such as mobile phones beauty, accessories configuration, multimedia
downloads, mobile phone parameter settings, applications and services to value-added
services based the soft services market is expanding, structural changes taking place
in services, maintenance services from the rigid phase transition to the soft
value-added services. Manufacturers and channels with user demands, and
continuously improve services, new services into service new growth areas, the
proportion rose rapidly in 2009 to 28.4%.
Second, service status and characteristics of the industry chain development
Applications store service competition to become an important means to become
parties to a consensus, consolidate the social forces are focused on building a service
ecosystem. Application in the Apple store demonstration effect, the handset makers,
software vendors and operating system vendors and even operators are on the
application of the strategic significance of store models to be sure. Applications
developed by third parties, greatly enrich the functions of mobile phone users access
to a wide range of user experience, training to use mobile applications and mobile
Internet habits, increase user stickiness. App Store as a distribution platform, which
greatly reduces software developers reach mobile phone users access costs, as
integration software company, foundation or individual developers to create
"hardware and software vendors / operators + social forces," the
new model. App Store is mobile phone service industry model innovation, the future
competitive landscape will be a competitive ecosystem services, the
service's position in the mobile phone industry is more prominent.
The competition and the chain of channels to open up new channels to enhance the
quality of services to promote the phone. As the professional home appliance chain
stores and mobile phone store chain integration and the scale of development,
focusing on the urban market is becoming saturated, and mobile phone sales falling
profits, increased competitive pressures chain channel, in sales model, product and
price convergence in the larger environment, improve services become an important
means of non-price competition. Chain from the past a simple "selling
products" to "do service" change, integrated
upstream firms resources, improve service quality terminals to provide for mobile
phones with election-related accessories, providing a more comprehensive after-sales
service, the formation of selected mobile phones, buy mobile phones , buy mobile
phone      accessories,    download      the    network      information     such    as
"integrated" consumer experience model. At the same time, and
return policies in consultation with greater convenience to customers, to differentiate
the service for customers. In addition, with increasing network of retailers and
channel business efforts to develop sales channels for network users free extended
warranty purchase is also an important means to promote competition.
Extended warranty service has more room for development, but still need to step up
the promotion and the breakdown of user requirements. In recent years, shorter
replacement cycles, but the "extended warranty phone time"
remains the best hope to improve the user's Warranty Services, indicating
the potential extension of insurance services to a larger market space. Although the
joint part of the chain a few years ago, manufacturers introduced the extended
warranty service, but according to the relevant data, only 16.7% of users used the
extended warranty service, up 59.6% of the users have not heard or did not understand
the business . Because a large number of channels the user is not in the chain to buy
mobile phones, extended warranty service to be the leading mobile phone
manufacturers and to strengthen efforts to promote and enhance the awareness among
users. In the extended warranty time, choose to extend the "one
year" and "more than a year and a half" of the user
are around four percent, replacement cycles corresponding to different groups,
manufacturers and channels should be aimed at different segments of potential users
needs, further adjustments in product design.
3G changing user expectations, diversification of value-added business needs.
Consumers interested in the 3G value-added business, video class services and
enhanced voice services where there is a certain decline in consumer voice their
demand for additional services related to the progressive attribution of rational, instant
messaging, location services, and WEB browsing proportion obviously l high, that
started with the promotion of 3G services, mobile broadband users growing awareness
has changed the user of the application and business expectations, consumer demand
is at its consumer culture period. Individual business users demand, while the
proportion of each business users tend to select close, that the gradual diversification
of consumer demand, more segmentation of user needs, the needs of different user
groups are different.
Third, the development trend of mobile phone service
45 market is vast, and after-sales service channel sink. With the low-end mobile phone
prices and call rates down, suburban counties, towns and villages the explosive
growth of mobile communications market. 45 markets grow rapidly, driven prosperity
of the local cell phone retail, sales channels in the county market in full swing. China
Mobile and China Telecom and other carriers and "Ten Thousand
Villages" market works together to make a point of promoting the service
to the farm shop. Perfect after-sales service system is the retail channel and mobile
phone brand selection an important consideration, mobile phone manufacturers will
roll to the county market, sales channels, they will vigorously promote the service
channel sink, the market closer to 45 users. With the advance of home appliances to
the countryside across the country, operators and mobile phone chain channels for
distribution companies to rural areas will accelerate in the township, the rural market,
sales channels and strategic distribution channel services.
The proportion of customized mobile phone sales growth of mobile phone service
operators to upgrade the industry's influence. The arrival of 3G era,
different carriers use different formats, cell phone manufacturers and operators to
work more closely together, operators and terminals for the increased business
promotion efforts, and will increase the depth of different custom size of mobile
phones Jicai. With the customized mobile phone operators to expand and deepen their
involvement in the scale of retail terminals, custom cell phone service ownership,
maintenance management and maintenance of efficiency and other issues are
increasingly prominent, and this part of the phone service is not properly handled will
directly affect the customized mobile phone players brand satisfaction.
Operators and the industry chain to take a variety of other forms of cooperation be
enhanced phone service:
First, the industry leading position with carriers jointly launched major mobile phone
manufacturers free extended warranty services, enhance the customized machines
compared to the advantages of non-customized machine;
Second, operators select third-party maintenance organizations as a professional
custom machine the only service platform to a unified brand and image of the brand
for more than one mobile phone users;
Thirdly, the designated carrier to the mobile phone companies to grant third-party
partners to customize the terminal maintenance qualification authorization;
Fourth, the mobile phone brand manufacturers in the service sector entered the
terminal operator's customized sales channel;
Fifth, the mobile phone companies customer service functions into customized mobile
phone menu, the mobile phone users a convenient after-sales consulting services.
Software and applications increase, consulting services and software maintenance
services, the proportion will increase rapidly. From both supply and demand side, 3G
mobile phone software applications and business era will usher in rapid growth. On
the one hand, 3G bandwidth bottleneck of the breakthrough release of the user
expectations and accelerated the tail the process of user needs, consumers
personalized applications and business growth in demand; the other hand, mobile
phone manufacturers, software vendors and operators, and other industries chain link
in order to strengthen the attractiveness of products to users, have introduced a variety
of software applications and services to meet user demands. Affected, with software
and application-related consulting services and maintenance service needs will
gradually become one of the mainstream demands, complexity and diversity of its
service will bring new challenges.

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