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					Price reduction on the impact of the Chinese economy
 ?With the implementation of China's macro control, to further reduce
prices, on the surface, it seems, people, especially low-wage, for those who can not
afford a house is a good thing, allowing more people to buy homes in mind, However,
lower prices, while its hidden behind it?
  First of all, from the favorable terms on the one hand,
   ?1, China is at 80 after the first nest building period, so the short-term rates lower to
achieve their desire to buy a house so that they get a little psychological satisfaction.
   2, government intervention, making the real estate business can not behave like a
large increase in housing prices, short-term suppression of their wanton acts, but also
can effectively control the gap between rich and poor, the rich will not be so quick to
get rich to the poor little sense of balance, slight improvement in the social order.
?Second, speaking from the negative side
   1, housing prices fell, after all, so reducing the profits of developers, or even
negative profits, so some businesses will change jobs, this way, the real estate sector
will be sluggish, short-term slump, is the precursor to the outbreak of developers ... ...
reduction, real estate is bound to reduce, but after 80 is a huge crowd, they are now at
purchase period, when the house is in short supply, even if the government control of
market forces, prices still soaring, this way, the wisdom of more many people can not
afford housing, this is only first, second, we should see prices rise, people rush to buy
a house will be increased, so, they mortgage, long-term way, the real estate bubble
will be produced, the sub-prime financial industry also will not be easy, way, will
inevitably lead to a new round of financial crisis. Because of our situation, a crisis
may break out of the Bi Meiguo 07 more intense, amazing!
 ?2, housing prices fell, the same developers to reduce the situation, and real estate
related industries, including: iron and steel, cement, glass, paint, decoration materials,
cable and other initial and home appliances, lamps, bedding, a sofa, etc. series of
industry demand will reduce the demand determine supply, demand reduction, supply
will be reduced, reducing the supply situation, the manufacturers will not support a
large group of nothing to do white workers in the factory and the
company's work! It also is directly related to the industry and real estate, if
the raw materials from these industries, processing machinery talking about, then,
almost no industry and real estate are not related to the. This situation, covering
almost 60% of the country then, if 60% of the surface with 10% of laid-off surface,
then such a base in China's large state, how laid-off will be a huge number?
 ?I believe that as long as the economy a little, who should all agree with my
 ?So, now, hope that the government intervention in the real estate can be reduced as
long as house prices under control, do not it's up to be a significant, if that
really want Fangjia lower, then a new round of financial crisis, say China will become
a reality!

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