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Over the past couple of years, on the execution has been very popular topic, even
some people called last year of implementation, but a couple of years have passed, but
the number of enterprises have more to enhance enforcement, the number of
companies as learning the Yu Shiwei, Jiang Ruxiang their lectures and the real will
implement its strategy. Former IBM CEO Lou Gerstner said that the implementation
is to check, check, check again. I find this true meaning of words of the
implementation, the implementation of nothing more than a feedback system with a
strong entrepreneurial forces or a strong leadership team. View all of the
implementation of strong public enterprises and the total set of system execution
Why do many business executive power is not strong? Walked a few companies, there
are always some feelings.
1, anticlimactic. Leadership in the company plan and a proposed program, always
heroic spirit, but not take a few days, if things is not important up to the end to
nothing, year after year, naturally we advance the company developed program
dismissed is a company formed gradually on the implementation of such a weak
2, there is no supervision on the process. Remember the former president is a great
character, is the 2003 winner of the GTA market, the company years ago, more than
all the branches of the middle-level staff meeting called headquarters closed, and
down to communicate one-year business objectives, and quantify every sector,
identified key areas and confirmed the responsibility of each target person, also
analyzed the risks and resources, the operating budget for the plan from the beginning
point of view, this course of action is perfect, but at the end of the year we see today
Actual results and the original are poles apart.
3, the lack of implementation of the culture. The company is currently serving a
50-year-old state-owned enterprises and restructuring, and a 500 joint venture
companies, existing companies are still wearing new shoes take the old path of
thinking from top to bottom or state-owned enterprises, foreign parties to appoint the
Deputy past general do not understand China's national conditions,
basically scarecrow-type figure. From the company's decision-making to
the middle are not implemented Di thoughts, business objectives quantitative fuzzy,
almost anything on the line, the error does not increase on the Ren Wu Guan Zhu, do
not do not feel Juedezhongyao.
4, there is no established institutional system. System is the company's
legal system, lack of supervision of the system, the formation popular in possession of
the dead situation, there is no system to provide protection during the execution of
what are often deformed. In the past has engaged in a company, the boss hands-on, be
decided what wants to control, supervision and nothing good results, and worked to
death, might be the next Wang Yao. The company always at the people who control
the situation. Also this is why some people can take control of tens of thousands of
people, some bosses can control dozens of people's sake.
5, nepotism. This is the practice of many family business, not to say that family
business is not good, the world's many large enterprises are family
businesses. Like Wal-Mart, HP, etc., and anyone who like to use their own familiar, as
we believed in intelligent extraordinary elders Luyou Jiao Huang Rong, causing
Gaibang decline. People familiar with their own cost and trust can reduce the cost of
communication. But people familiar with their own when there is no doubt a system
to check him, so better to do good, if done wrong anyone to take up this responsibility,
I am confidant that some business owners can arbitrarily change the boss's
orders, in Comparison of the market economy today is absurd. So good people are
free, mediocre talent is expensive, when leaders lack the courage and nepotism, it
means the biggest waste of assets.
How to solve the above problems and the establishment of an executive-based
company, which is the result of collaboration up and down, to resolve implementation
problems are largely high-level problem or the problem is leadership. Not refer to the
implementation of the Executive who, more than the implementation of only
subordinate thing, execution is from top to bottom all the while carrying out the
implementation of the company to develop a culture and create a strong executive
team's leadership philosophy.
First, do not take responsibility for subordinates. We too will play Qian Kun Da Nuo,
slightly to consult the leadership of a problem, this matter of responsibility shifts to
the boss's shoulders. Why not have the time General Manager, subordinates
did not always work is for this reason, as long as the boss is not all work full stop.
Therefore, the responsibility as the lead staff who always want this to be
communication with staff about their duties and responsibilities of significance.
Second, the elimination of incompetent staff. Welch has said that the leadership of the
most important job is not the worst performance of the employees into good
employees, but to become a good performance of the best. Many companies are not
out mechanism, I think the surface is a concern for employees, in fact, the
phenomenon of South Orange North trifoliate orange everywhere. Did not see today
have starved to death, so weak, I leave that to him a better chance to play the stage. In
an enterprise or a strong inside-out the weak, strong or weak assimilation. This is the
forest law.
Third, select the implementation type of staff. Had the well-known company said that
a company's success or failure depends on the capacity of its personnel
department. Personnel department to do the right from the start, behind things easy to
solve. As long as the correct personnel to have the correct strategic thinking, and only
the correct strategy can ensure the correct operation. It was also said that if the
strategic error is to run the wrong direction. Personnel to ensure the implementation of
the most important factor. I feel more inclined to the implementation of
capacity-based staff of employees, active and perfect type and type of staff in the
implementation of the peace process, performance and operations staff as
capacity-based, so I think in a perfect character type other side of the leaders of three
Monkey King must have a type of support staff.
Fourth, the establishment of a capability does not depend on the implementation of
the system. Establish and improve the institutional system of addressing
implementation of the premise, the system of the design process from start to finish
when, from the process specification system; Juti clarity of things, so that each person
have Mingque own work; explicit content of the operationalization, Bi Xu will the
work of decoding the contents of specific issues can be manipulated. System design
strategy is to design assumptions can not be implemented; assumed measures is to
implement not go on; assumption check is useless.
Fifth, the shape the implementation of culture and to cultivate the implementation of
attitude. If Mao was a master corporate culture, then, Mr. Deng Xiaoping is the
implementation of the expert. Move troops and horses, and cultural advance, decided
to conduct the so-called thinking. First of all, attention to what the company formed to
check what employees will do. Implementation of the final analysis, is the attitude, Mr.
Mao Zedong said, afraid afraid of the word seriously, as long as the correct attitude,
the first serious, smart, second, incentives seriously and punish the bad attitude, the
implementation of the culture is taking root.