Criminal Restitution

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					      Victim/Witness Offices                                          Office of Crime
                                                                     Victims Advocacy
 are located in each Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.
  Contact them for assistance with your case and
           information about your rights.                 The Office of Crime Victims Advocacy
                                                          (OCVA) serves as a voice within government

                                                          for the needs of crime victims in Washington
 Adams County       Kitsap County        Snohomish        State. Established in 1990, OCVA serves the
 (509) 659-3219     (360) 337-7174         County         state on many levels by:
                                       (425) 388-3370          •    Advocating on behalf of crime

 Asotin County      Kittitas County
 (509) 243-2061     (360) 962-7520      South Puget
                                                                    victims in obtaining needed services
                                      Sound Intertribal             and resources;
 Benton County     Klickitat County   Planning Agency          •    Administering grant funds for
 (509) 735-3591     (509) 773-5838     (360) 426-3990
                                                                    community programs working with
 Chelan County      Lewis County      Spokane County                crime victims;
 (509) 664-5206     (360) 740-1240     (509) 456-3646          •    Assisting communities in planning
Clallam County     Lincoln County     Stevens County
                                                                    and implementing services for crime
(360) 417-2368     (509) 725-4040      (509) 684-7500               victims; and
                                                               •    Advising local and state government
  Clark County      Lummi Indian      Thurston County               agencies of practices, policies, and
 (360) 699-2008         Victim         (360) 754-2989
                      Assistance                                    priorities which impact crime victims.
Columbia County     (360) 384-2285      Upper Skagit
 (509) 382-1197                         Tribe Victim
                    Mason County         Assistance
                                                             "It is the mission of the Office of
 Cowlitz County
 (360) 577-3080
                    (360) 384-2285     (360) 856-4200      Crime Victims Advocacy to identify                         Understanding your rights to
                                                              the opportunities and resources
Douglas County
                                          County           victims need in order to recover and                            criminal restitution
 (509) 884-9446     (509) 422-7280     (360) 795-3652       to facilitate the availability of those                   in the State of Washington
 Ferry County       Pacific County       Walla Walla           resources and opportunities in
 (509)775-5206      (360) 875-9361        County                  communities statewide."
    ext 207                            (509) 527-3232
                     Pend Oreille
Franklin County        County         Whatcom County
 (509) 545-3543     (509) 447-4414     (360) 676-6784

Garfield County     Pierce County     Whitman County
(509) 843-3082      (253) 798-7400     (509) 397-6250

  Grant County       Port Gamble       Yakama Indian
 (509) 754-2011     Sklallam Tribe         Victim
     ext 450        (360) 297-2646       Assistance
                                       (509) 865-5121
  Grays Harbor     San Juan County
     County         (360) 378-4101    Yakima County
 (360) 249-3951                       (509) 574-1210       Office of Crime Victims                  Advocacy
                    Seattle Police
 Island County        Department
 (360) 679-7365     (206) 684-7777

Jefferson County    Skagit County                         Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development
 (360) 385-9386     (360) 336-9460                                            PO Box 48304
                                                                          Olympia, WA 98504-8304
  King County      Skamania County
 (206) 296-9552     (509) 427-4210                                         Phone: 1-800-822-1067
                                                                             Fax: 360-586-7176
                                                                                                                    Office of Crime Victims Advocacy
   What is Restitution?                                  Important Tips                           Why am I not getting
                                                                                                  my restitution check?
Criminal restitution is money ordered by       1. If you believe you are owed restitution in    If the defendant in your case has been
the court to repay a victim (or the victim’s   a case, be sure to educate yourself              ordered to pay restitution to you, but
insurance) for financial losses. It is the     regarding the proceedings. Contact the           you are not getting money, it could be
right of a victim to be reimbursed for         victim/witness office at the prosecuting         because the defendant may still be in
losses caused directly by the crime.           attorney to get information about the status     jail or prison, the defendant may not be
Restitution is not a punishment for the        of the case.                                     making any money to pay the court, or
offender; it is a monetary debt the                                                             the defendant may not be paying for
offender owes the victim.                      2. Check to see if a hearing has been set to     some other reason.
                                               determine restitution and make sure that
You may receive restitution for the costs      you attend.                                      You may have to wait a long time for
of destroyed, lost, stolen, or damaged                                                          your restitution payments. Various
property, or for medical or counseling         3. When compiling lists of financial and         departments are responsible for
bills. It may also be used to reimburse        property damages you’ve sustained, don’t         collecting restitution money owed to
for travel costs to medical or therapy         forget to include incidental costs such as the   victims. The Clerk of the Court where
appointments.                                  deductibles for medical costs or car             the case was filed will send the money
                                               insurance.                                       to you as it is received. If you are not
Some types of losses, such as pain,                                                             receiving your restitution contact the
suffering, are usually not awarded as          4.   Be sure to provide any estimates,           Clerk’s office to make sure they have
restitution. You should contact a private      doctor’s bills, or other information requested   your correct address. If the defendant
attorney if you want help obtaining            regarding your restitution, and always keep      has community supervision or
reimbursement for those damages.               a copy of any paperwork you submit for           probation, you can also call the
                                               your own records.                                defendant’s community custody officer
In addition, the Crime Victims                                                                  or probation officer about the lack of
Compensation Program may provide               5. If you know that the defendant in your        payment.
                                               case has been ordered to pay restitution
assistance with medical and counseling
                                               and is not making the ordered payments,
costs that are a direct result of a crime                                                       Be sure to stay in touch with the victim/
                                               contact the Prosecutor’s Office. Failure to
but are not otherwise covered by                                                                witness office of your Prosecuting
                                               pay restitution can lead to the defendant
insurance or medical coupons.                                                                   Attorney to find out more about the
                                               returning to jail or prison, being ordered to
                                                                                                status of your restitution payments.
                                               participate in work release, or may
                                               constitute a violation of community

RCW 9.94A.753: When restitution is ordered, the court shall determine the amount of restitution due at the sentencing hearing
or within 180 days … The court shall then set a minimum monthly payment that the offender is required to make towards the
restitution that is ordered. The court should take into consideration the total amount of the restitution owed, the offender’s
present, past and future ability to pay, as well as any assets that the offender may have.