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					On career planning of college students
  Career (CAREER) planning is life planning, today there is a satisfactory job, the
applicant's long-cherished wish of each. In fact, career planning has
already begun in high school, and a person's hobby, dispositions, learning
ability, and even the capacity to act in the 17, eight years old when, already apparent,
their future, what kind of person to be in should be considered on a student, the
University Professional of the time the election is to make it clear goals, so that even
if the ideal is not admitted to the University, future access to the community nor to
rush blindly in search of work.
First, individual employment difficult, difficult enterprise employing
  In the market economy, many opportunities for individual choice of work, there are
many vacant positions, but the "job" has become every job,
especially college students face a difficult problem. Many graduates from the campus
into the community, a lot of knowledge and useless, at least not directly translate into
the ability to work, because no relevant work experience, expectations are high, can
not or need further training to competent, they can not be satisfied work, even if they
are hired, your job, pay is difficult, "one step", the so-called
"Employment" is hard to find a satisfactory job.
  To enterprises, increased as career changers, who are reluctant to make the time,
money and energy to training and education of people, most companies need is at
once competent, and have relevant experience of staff, had just entered the
community for Students, businesses are not keen, which brought the conflict between
expectations and reality, showing a lot of job seekers, but not many people fit.
  Practitioners frequently change jobs is a major employer heart disease. University
graduates to work long jumps, and time become shorter and shorter, with a survey,
95% of fresh college graduates have "work to quit a year later"
mentality, many university graduates and even hope in the same enterprises of the
time, "preferably 3 months." Some people work less than six
months on the resignation of occurrences. Mainly due to lack of proper career
planning, in neighboring eager to find a job when they graduate, regardless of what
their actual suitable for. Even beggars, in order to gain work experience while
working, the lack of seriousness towards work, the same time, there is the normative
work, insufficient understanding of hard requirements, the problem of inadequate
  Of course, there is a lack of work units for graduates of vocational training and
guidance issues. Some people already exist provisional view that if companies simply
try to focus on performance, the lack of a reasonable education and training, or are not
good at find the characteristics of its particular strengths, generous and tolerant, and
fully motivated, then it is difficult to raise living people, these employees whenever
things happen, that will choose quit.
Second, highly educated and employable population has widened
  According to the survey data showed: lower secondary and below education, high
school graduates than undergraduates easy to find work in the population unemployed,
highly educated young face more and more.
    Less educated than high educated people who find jobs easily main reasons are:
1, the current domestic grass-roots organizations still exist within the overall quality
of staff required is low, people do not want to receive higher education, worried about
the phenomenon of bad management.
2, low education level in the work and material requirements of the treatment is
relatively low, so that there are organizations in the allocation of resources to run a
relatively simple and low cost of money sense.
3, individual students will be confused with the high capacity of highly educated,
unwilling to accept the general work schedule, or relatively low salaries, making them
high in the labor market is not a low not to the state.
4, the majority of recently graduated students, have some theoretical knowledge but
lack practical experience in the corresponding, often Zi as lofty, so that some Xi Wang
import qualified personnel organization feared Yong bad, failed to keep, 因而
refused to be.
Third, career planning is a reasonable basis for success
  College students lack awareness of career planning quite common for young people
to participate in work is no exception, so they often do not know how to deal with
career choices and to participate in recruitment activities. Both for the unemployed
educated population to participate in work groups and young people changing jobs
frequently, lack of proper career planning and design is the biggest obstacle to the
development of their lives.
  First, students must first semester sophomore or junior year studying
"human resources" or "Career Design"
aspects of the curriculum or articles of books, the young people to work also depends
upon several similar books, and strive to individual career choices and career
development theoretical perspectives understand.
  Second, we must carefully consider and analyze my life, interests and personality,
largely on this basis to form their own career direction to pursue and career choices.
  Third, understand the types of community work, I choose to achieve their career
aspirations, or in line with the direction of the work required the development of a
career, has set itself the basic career goals, mapping the stages of career development
  Fourth, the choice of professional objectives and requirements and to achieve my
specific professional phase requires the organization began his career as the first stop.
Fourth, how to career planning
  Design your career based on their interests, characteristics, position yourself in a
most able to play their strengths position, can best achieve self-worth. A career goal
consistent with the objectives of life are happiness, career design is essentially the
process of pursuing the best career. According to the statistics about a site less than
10% of people have a clear career plan, others do not or are planned.
Successful in life requires proper planning, it does not matter where you stand today,
it is important where your next step towards.
1, to understand your own
  An effective career design, must be fully and correctly understand their own
conditions and related environmental basis. Understanding of self and the
environment more thoroughly, the more it can do career design. Because his career is
designed to not only help you reach and achieve personal goals, but more importantly
also help you truly understand their own.
  You need to look at themselves, know themselves, understand their own and do
self-assessment. Self-assessment, including their interests, strengths, character,
knowledge, skills, intelligence, emotional intelligence, thinking, thinking, moral
standards, and a society of self and so on.
Assess in detail the advantages and limitations of internal and external environment,
to design their own reasonable and feasible career development, through their
experience of past experience and analysis, to identify their own professional
expertise and points of interest, this is the first step in professional design .
It is worth noting that many people tend to believe that the most popular career
choices on their own would mean the most promising, in fact, choose a job is
important to correctly analyze their own and find a professional to do their best, then
strive to become the industry leader.
2, clear goals, clear dreams
  If you do not know where you want to go, then usually you can go nowhere.
Everyone has a target sight. This goal, at least in my view you are great. The goal is
not feasible for drivers, it is easy to compromise on the status quo. Gaierxiyi in the
"pioneers" in a very broad adoption of the "journey
of life questionnaire", visited more than 60,000 people from all walks and
found the most successful and most satisfied with their lives who have a common
characteristic: they are committed to their actual ability to achieve an elusive goal.
Their lives meaningful, and no long-term objectives than those who drive it forward
will be to enjoy life.
Develop their own career goals and no less difficult to imagine, as long as you want to
think about how many years within the objectives of the, and then one step back and
count on it. Goal setting to their own best talent, best personality, best interest, the
most favorable environment for other information as the basis. Target points are
usually short-term goals, medium-term objectives, long-term goals and objectives in
Setting goals is to develop critical career planning, effective design requires realistic
career goals, in order to remove unnecessary hesitation and interference, fully
committed goals.
3, an action plan
  Your job is to help you achieve the ultimate goal in life right? Is there a way to let
your existing career with your life consistent with the basic objectives?
  As a battle, a football match have the same need to determine the operational plans
and effective career design also need to have a career actually be able to perform
strategic plan, the feasibility of these specific and strong action will help you step by
step to success, goals.
  Usually the choice of career direction to consider the following three questions:
● Where I would like to develop?
● Where can I develop?
● How to develop?
  If you are a financial officer, but your 5, 10 or 20 years of career planning is to
become a financial planner. So, you should ask yourself the following questions:
● What do I need special training and learning to make me qualified to be a
financial planner?
● smooth the way for the development of magnanimity itself needs to rule out
internal and external obstacles have?
● my current boss in this area give me help? The people around me tell me in this
regard to help you?
● The current company I eventually become a financial planner how likely? Is a
greater chance than other companies?
● As a financial planner level of experience for this position and what ages? I found
this area?
4, stop dreaming, start action
  Action. This is the most difficult of all career design a step, because the action means
you have to stop dreaming and start real action. If the motive is not converted into
action, motivation is, after all, goal has been stuck in the dream stage.
Career planning success stories are a clear career goal, in the job search process
continued in line with that goal. Of course, not everyone has a vision, set their own
De objectives and plans for continuous efforts in this direction, but this plays a vital
vocational 发展 the role.
  Immediate action, whether you are in a college career journey has just set foot on the
young people, or 40 years old and is stuck in a job you do not like being middle-aged
man, are you now a good time for career planning . As long as you do not to the point
of age, any time to start your career planning is not to late.
  Scheme can not change fast. Affect your career planning a number of factors, some
variables can be predicted, and some variables are difficult to predict. To make
effective career planning, it must continually assess on career planning, career goals
amendment, career strategies, the appropriateness of the program to be able to adapt
to changes in the environment, while the next round of career planning as a reference.
The design needs a successful career change from time to time examine the internal
and external environment and adjust their own pace. Existence of a target only the
forward direction for you in one direction. And you are its creator, you can at different
times under different circumstances to change it, make it more in line with your
When you design for their own career planning, you are using the minds of the
Ordinance to achieve goals for themselves to set a time schedule, that is, setting a
milestone of your life.
  Career planning, once set, it will always be reminded of what you have achieved
success and your progress. Without a plan there is no goal in life is like a football
match: the players and spectators are dull.
Step one: analyze your needs:
  You may ask: This step how? Try the following two methods. One is the brains,
write down 10 the next 5 years do you think they should do, to be exact, but do not
have their own limitations and concerns which can not be done, to his mind the full
space. The second more directly, complete this sentence: "When I die will
meet, if ... ..." Suppose you think will be dead soon, what kind of success,
status, money, family, social responsibility, the situation make you satisfied.
Step Two: SWOT (strengths / weaknesses / opportunities / challenges) analysis
  After analyzing your needs, try to analyze their personality, strengths and
weaknesses of their environment. And what opportunities there may be life; what
career might be a threat? This is asking you to try to understand and answer their
question: Where am I?
Step Three: Planning long-term and short-term goals
  Determined according to your needs, your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and
to outline their possible long-term and short-term objectives. For example, if you
analyze your needs is to teach, make a lot of money, have a good social status, then
your career path options will clear up. You can choose to become a lecturer in
management, which requires your strengths include a wealth of management
knowledge and experience, excellent presentation skills and communication skills. In
this long-term goals, based on short-term you can set their own targets to achieve step
by step.
Step Four: Assessment of obstruction
  Rather, write down hinder you attain your goal of his own shortcomings,
disadvantages in their environment. These shortcomings must be associated with your
goals, but not all of the shortcomings of their own. They may be your quality of,
knowledge, ability, creativity, financial aspects or behavior deficiencies. When you
find yourself enough time, they determined to correct it, it makes you progress.
Step Five: Upgrading Scheme
  Now write down what you need to overcome these deficiencies a plan of action.
Must be clear, there must be time limit. You may need to master some new skills,
improve some existing skills or learn new knowledge.
Step Six: seek help
  To analyze their own behavior and shortcomings in not difficult, but going to change
them is difficult. I believe your parents, teachers, friends, supervisors, professional
consultants can help you. With external assistance and supervision will help you more
effectively to complete this step.
Step Seven: analysis of their role
  Develop a clear implementation plan: According to the plan must be clear what you
do. Well, now you already have a preliminary program of career planning. If you
currently work in a unit, for you to further enhance the very important, you have to do
is to role analysis. Reflect the unit to your requirements and expectations are. What
contribution can you make the unit stand out? Most people tend to work in the
long-term numbness, and clear on their roles. But, as any product in the market should
have its unique positioning and selling points, so you must do something, some
relevant, meaningful, positive impact but unconventional things, so this unit know
what you exists, recognized the value and performance of your. Successful individuals
will continue to control the input units to assess their output value, and maintain its
own contribution to the requirements of the unit above.
If the above work (hard) have already begun, then the only thing always is:
"adhere to." "Therefore, a short step, without which
thousands of miles; not small streams, not into a mighty torrent. Steed leap, not ten
steps; nag 10 driving, through perseverance. Qieer care of, dead wood does not break;
perseverance, stone to engrave. earthworm no pawn of the benefits, strength of bones,
the food Egyptian soil, under the drinking deaths, heart of a also. crab claws six Guier
2, the point of non-snake eel, no sustenance those impatient heart also. "
  Let us Xunzi in the "Encouraging Learning" reasoning set out
to "uphold" it.