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					Of Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee's honor list
In 1957, the Hong Kong Inter-school boxing champion.

1958, was precisely the Open Championship title in Hong Kong.

In 1971, the international martial arts magazine "Black Belt" as
"one of the world's seven martial arts masters."

In 1972, won Golden Horse "best art prize."

In 1974, Bruce Lee, the international authority of the martial arts magazine
"Black Belt" as one of the world's seven martial arts,
the American press praised him as "The Forbidden Kingdom,"
Japan called it the "force of the saints."

1979 Los Angeles city government to "Game of Death" and is
shown to date, that on July 8, as "Bruce Lee Day."

1980, was Japan's "Asahi Shimbun" elected
"representative seventies." Fuji establish a Bruce Lee statue,
people respect him as a "force of the saints."

1986, was named the University of Hamburg in Germany, "the most
Europeans know Asians."

1993 Hollywood Boulevard lined with famous Bruce Lee Memorial Star logo.

In 1993, the United States issued the twentieth anniversary of the death of Bruce Lee

In 1993, the General Assembly presented by the Hong Kong Film Awards
"Lifetime Achievement Award."

In 1998, the Chinese Wushu Association was awarded the "Award for
martial arts movie star."

In 1998, by "Time Magazine" as "hero and idol of
the twentieth century", is the only elected Chinese.

In 1998, was the United States Performing Arts Association "Lifetime
Achievement Award."

In 1999, the U.S. government awarded Bruce Lee, "Dominican Art
Award" Performing Arts Association of the United States granted
Lee's "Lifetime Achievement Award"

June 1999, the U.S. "Time" magazine named Bruce Lee, the
20th century's 100 most influential one

In 2000, the U.S. government announced the release of a "Bruce Lee, the
sixtieth anniversary of the birth of commemorative stamps," This is the
Marilyn. Monroe and 007 after the third award of the artists, is also the first Chinese

In 2000, the Guinness Book of World Records, Bruce Lee punch can hit 400 pounds
of force, the same with Muhammad Ali, and Ali's weight is 260 pounds,
Bruce Lee's weight is only more than 130 pounds.

July 2003 24, American television history vhl selected 200 greatest pop culture icon,
Bruce Lee the list.

In 2004, Bruce Lee, the British            media    associations   specially    awarded
"Legend Award."

In 2005, the Hong Kong Film Awards Assembly "brilliant century
Star" award.

In 2005, appeared in the "People", "A century of film
top ten people" one.

In 2005, won the "Outstanding Contribution Award for the film to the

In 2005, elected "China's             century of film         100 fine

In 2005, won the national "Award for outstanding contribution and foreign

In 2007, selected the British Total Film magazine "50 big movie

Brandon Lee Bruce Lee's son Brandon Lee, as detailed in Baidu
Encyclopedia Brandon Lee

8-year-old former resident of Hong Kong, 8 years old his father Bruce Lee died,
moved to Los Angeles. Johnson studied at the Boston emma card out film school film
studio, dropped out of school. Recommended in 1986 by going to acting school
classroom learning performances, starred in film after film. Age 20 starred in TV
series "Kung Fu circle" Kongfu the Movie, as Bruce
Lee's stand-in board screen blockbuster. Appeared in 1986, the company D
& B producer of the film "Legacy of Rage" Logacy of
Rage. Have appeared in former West Germany's actions Shannon Lee film.
The United States in 1990 starred in the movie "Little Tokyo
killings" Show Down in Littel Tokyo 1991 年. 1992 Hollywood film
starring "flames" Rapid Fire, was a great success. At 0:30 on
April 1, 1993, Brandon Lee Wei in the United States, North Carolina, Wilmington
City, the film "The Raven" real bullets in the studio 12 hours
later pronounced dead, the age of 28, left for a "crow" .

Bruce Lee's daughter Shannon Lee

?Bruce Lee's famous
Shannon Lee is from the film
1, in order to not to have laws to infinite as finite, is the highest state of martial arts!

2, I never said I was best in the world, but I will not admit that I was the second.

3, just know that is not enough, must be used; just hope is not enough, non-do not.

4, always someone came asked me: "Li Zhenfan - you really that
bad?" I said: "Oh, if I tell you I am very powerful, and perhaps
you will say that I am bragging. But if I told You and I are not severe, you certainly
know that I are lying. "

5, over time, as heroes and ordinary people will also die, will gradually disappear in
people's memory. We still alive. We have to realize self-discovery self,

6, empty your cup before being re-filled, in order to empty the whole.

7, the purpose of martial arts practitioners are not committed to break stones or wood,
we are more concerned about is that it affects our whole thinking and lifestyle.

8, a person with self-esteem, he can clearly go to "guide" their
move to the right path. Therefore, people should continue to maintain their own
dignity, dignity can explore their potential and advance their own work results. Not
only that, every day we have to repeat their potential is estimated to see whether

9, sometimes, dignity is not easy to get to some of the benefits, you may abandon all
dignity; or for the reputation, dignity regardless of the. In summary, the world is fame
generally enthusiastic.

10, the biggest common problem is that most people are too complacent and blindly
believe that their great, so they had a lack of ambition. The other people are too
ungrateful, greedy, no self-discipline at all, let alone self-vigilance. Greedy person can
not hide his ugly face, his body is translucent, and he lives in dramatic life, the results
themselves unable to extricate themselves caught in the abyss.

11, why be afraid? This is because we do things can not act decisively, once hesitant,
we will shrink. But if something can make clear judgments, whether or not the value,
we will not flinch.

12, want to increase their confidence and dignity, as long as the more practical action,
real action can show their mettle, and you will understand and cordial manner with

13, let your mind like water is not binding, moves and changes of great inspiration in
the water.

14, the world's most flexible thing than water, yet it can penetrate the most
hard things can exist in any space, nothing can surpass it, such as drop hollows the
stone, which is "soft virtue" is located, so that disabled Sheng
Qiang, soft can be overcome by.

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