Ninth Guangzhou International surface treatment_ electroplating_ painting exhibition

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					Ninth Guangzhou International surface treatment, electroplating, painting exhibition
   Industry event participation, raise the level of surface treatment
Ninth Guangzhou International surface treatment, electroplating, painting exhibition
The 9th Guangzhou International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating
May 2011 11 - 13 at Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center
(Canton Fair Pazhou)
May 11-13,2011 Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center
Sponsored by:
China Surface Engineering Association Electroplating Branch
Association of American Powder Coating
Guangdong Electroplating Association
Guangdong Coating Industry Association
Chi Exhibition Co., Ltd. Guangdong
Surface Engineering Association of Singapore
South Korea's gold-plated Industry Cooperative
Surface treatment industry guild Taiwan
China Surface Finishing Engineering Association Chapter
Coating Coating Industry Association, International
Events: International Forum on the theme of development electroplating
International Development and application of functional coating topic Forum
Switzerland MFN Shot Peening Workshop
Exhibition Overview
Exhibition area: 15,000 square meters
Exhibitors: 300
Professional visitors and buyers: 18000
SF EXPO 2011 will be "full surface treatment industry to enhance the level
of" responsibility, with China Surface Engineering Association
Electroplating Branch, Guangdong Electroplating Association, Guangdong Coating
Industry Association, based on the will and the U.S. Powder Coating Association (PCI)
Swiss metal surface finishing Magazine (MFN) reached a depth of cooperation to a
broad global resources and the fair prospect of full integration, and continue to
strengthen cooperation with Taiwan has been the surface treatment industry
association, gold-plated Industry Cooperative Korea, Japan plating industry to
Council, the British Institute of surface treatment, surface treatment of the Singapore
Association of the in-depth cooperation, for the majority of exhibitors and
professional visitors to provide a set of business cooperation, technical exchange,
high-end platform for information sharing to achieve the international exhibition,
Previous review
SF EXPO 2009 on May 18 to 20 successfully held in Guangzhou. China Surface
Engineering Association Electroplating Branch of the Tenth National Electroplating
Symposium of Japan and South Korea exchange electroplating industry, the second
coating development and application of functional activities such as Summit, held in
the same grand.
   After two years of planning, SF EXPO attracted a total of more than 10 countries
from around 209 exhibitors and common interpretation of this surface treatment
industry event. Excellent company in the industry, such as Germany Atotech,
Ruishijinma company 俄罗斯诺里尔 Minsk Nickel Company, Switzerland of the
company, Kyrgyzstan, and Chang Corporation, Branch Hill & Knowlton,
part yu company, Austrian companies are large areas through booth display; South
Korea, Taiwan Association of the first organizations displaying the latest technologies;
Japan, Singapore Association also organize buying missions to visit the procurement.
Exhibition attracted 11,479 professional visitors passengers, surface treatment of the
successive development of the largest, most exhibitors, the best an industry event.
Show superiority
First, the authority of the Chinese Association of the surface treatment industry effort
to build brand development;
Second, host --- Guangzhou, the center of the Chinese manufacturing base,
China's three major exhibition cities, with a deep brand exhibition held in
conditions of surface treatment;
Third, across two years, carefully nurtured;
Fourth, a strong database of buyers, professional visitors organization and operation,
as the show's success has provided a guarantee.
Arrangements for the promotion exhibition
1, the joint authority of the Association, planning exhibitors Promotion, customers
such as the association, promotional activities;
Second, with domestic and foreign industry associations, foreign embassies and
institutions to promote the show;
Third, use of promotional activities related to exhibition;
4, with news reports of soft paper forms to promote the exhibition;
5, using the powerful audience Organizing Committee database to direct mail, to
promote fair;
6, advertising:
1, the foreign professional media:
Metal Finishing Metal Surface Finishing (English - U.S.)
Metal Finishing China & Asia Metal Surface Finishing (China &
Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials (ACMM) Anti-corrosion methods and
materials (UK)
Plating & Surface Finishing (P & SF) electroplating and surface
treatment (United States)
Powder Coating Online (PCO) (U.S., Canada, Australia)
India Powder Coating (IPC) (India) ... ...
2, a professional media: "HC Business Advertising",
"Materials         Protection,"        "Plating",
"Electroplating", "find resources - surface
treatment," "Surface", "Plating"
" Coating and Electroplating, "HC network, the China
International Surface Treatment Network, China Electroplating Information Network
Information Network of China Surface Engineering, China Electroplating network
equipment net Chinese painting more than 40.
3, the mass media cooperation: Guangzhou Daily, Southern Metropolis Daily,
Southern Daily, Information Times, Private Economy News, Ta Kung Pao in Hong
Kong, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, Dongguan Daily, etc..
4, outdoor advertising: in Dongguan, Shenzhen and some other industrial cities in
outdoor advertising.
1, cast (spray) pills, sandblasting, wire drawing, polishing and other surface treatment
equipment and surface treatment agent;
2, coating equipment and ancillary products;
3, industrial coatings product: auto paint, anti-corrosion coating, mechanical paint,
light appliance coatings, wood coatings, marine coatings;
4, electroplating equipment and auxiliary equipment;
5, electroplating raw materials and additives;
6, anti-corrosion materials and equipment;
7, thermal spray equipment and materials;
8, conversion coating, vacuum coating equipment and technology;
9, environmental protection, safety and resource recovery equipment; cleaning
equipment, waste treatment, to remove dust, ventilation and air pollution control;
10, coating design, the whole plant equipment and the type of quality control and
testing equipment and other services.
Participation Fee
International standard booth: 3 × 3 = 9 ㎡ 36 ㎡ accrue space
International District: USD2250 / international area: USD250 / ㎡
A District: RMB12800 yuan / month A District: RMB1380 yuan / ㎡
B District: RMB10800 yuan / a B,: RMB1180 yuan / ㎡
Product technology promotion will each: 3800 yuan
Advertising costs
Cover: 19,800 yuan back cover: 18,000 yuan
Inside Front Cover: 11,800 yuan Inside back cover: 9800 yuan
Title page: full-color 9800 yuan: 4800 yuan
Black and white full version: 2800 yuan text description: 500
Tickets: 5800 yuan / 10000
Exhibition Schedule
Preparation time: 9-10 May 2011 9:00-17:00
Exhibition time: May 2011 9:30-17:00 11-12
May 13, 2011 9:30-15:00
Closing time: May 13, 2011 15:00-18:00
Chi Exhibition Co., Ltd., Guangdong (Guangdong Convention and Exhibition
Industry Association executive director units)
Address: Guangzhou City Hua Si You Xin Road on the 5th of Friends House, Room
1802 (510 600)
Company Tel :020-37599008, 37599157,37599129
Contact: Ye Ling 13724833447