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November 9, 1958 Born in Shandong Binzhou; 1983, graduated from Shandong
University with a Bachelor; 1987, graduated from the University of Pittsburgh,
Master of Business Administration, majoring in finance; 1987, joined China
Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd. ; in March 1990 the directors of China Resources
Enterprise, Limited and Managing Director; 1999 Chairman of China Resources
Enterprise, Limited, China Resources (Holdings) Limited and China Resources
Corporation Chairman and General Manager, China Resources Beijing Land Limited;
In 2004 he became chairman of COFCO. He is "very influential"
figure: 1999 was "the most influential global financial industry
are" title; from 2003 to 2006, was named the year for 4 years, 25 of the
most influential business leaders in China.

Hobbies bookstore Ai Kanshu

The most influential book "Das Kapital"

Wu Jinglian one more respected

More agreeable to the entrepreneur Zhang

Capital master operation

Ning mentioned one of 26 cats and a tiger story.

There was a wolf encounter 26 mountain cat, the face of many cats, wolves can not
help but feel afraid, but forced by hunger, wolves, or bold enough to hand down a cat,
cats are many, but not together is extended finally escape, the results were all wolves
eat the cat. Taste the sweetness of the wolf eat the cat one day, quite satisfied. Another
day, encounters a tiger and the wolf, mistaken for a cat, Yushi of the illegal
immigrants Tiger food.

From which he concluded: "Big Cats of non-cat, cat Dacheng tiger, a
tiger's strength is far more than 26 cats."

Ning once large and small capitalization CR 119 into a profit center, has a historical
legacy, but also new. He said: "Resources will be increasingly involved in
trade within the focus to 10, related to the implementation of limited
diversity." And that "the foot in the industry, Resources must be
in the top three."

COFCO helm, he continued to promote the idea of this business to build another tiger.

Last year, he announced the strategy for the future development of food groups: In
addition to bio-energy outside the system, the flow of grain to be food, grain and oil
processing, brand food, hotel real estate, financial investment, such as 5-8 Tuxu Chan
establish industry leadership in the industry .

Occupation "Fangniu Wa"

Ning claimed to be professional managers for the state-owned enterprises
"put out to pasture." His professionalism has also been
recognized by the market.

In recent years, the financial crisis and the governance of the company itself, in Hong
Kong greatly reduced the overall image of Chinese enterprises. For example,
bankruptcy of Guangdong International Trust and Investment Corporation,
Guangdong        group     insolvency,      Quang     Nam       Group     burst     out,
"corruption" scandal, China Travel Group executives were
arrested and so on.

However, under the leadership of Ning, China Resources Group, Enron not only to
avoid financial crisis, and the other eye treatment by the market. In early 2004, China
Resources Group successfully obtained a more than 3 billion syndicated loan.

Ning was asked how to form such a strong style. And he says: "Actually no,
it is not a style, but only the proper training of professional managers. Professional
managers are supposed to be professional."

Ning also requires staff were professional "Fangniu Wa."

According to the food habits of many years, the annual March of work arrangements
will be conducted throughout the year. After he took office, will this work session will
be turned into a training manager.

In 2005, for many years maintained a "middle management cadres of the
General Assembly in grain" into the "person-years in the food
manager will be."

COFCO director, General Manager of Top Glory International Sun Zhongtong people
are feeling is: "mid-level person-years will be renamed as the manager, is a
qualitative leap. Name change, both on the repositioning of the meeting, also contains
a re-orientation of all participants. "

Resources moved from the grain, the first thing he did was within the Journal will be
renamed as the "enterprise good people", to imbue the staff as
"professional managers loyalty and conscience" management
Ning in the latest issue of "corporate good people," published
article "layered", the manager of the food made in a higher
demand: not only do business in the business strategy and execution, but must make
the spirit of innovation and progress being rooted in the organization; not only
promote the growth of the minority, but also promote the growth of the organization;
not only promote competition, but also to promote the corporate culture of innovation.

Ning continue to guide middle and top management from the "state-owned
enterprises cadres" to the international-type "professional
managers" change. Because he knew that only by maintaining high-quality,
efficient and stable professional talent chain, will it be possible to create Everlasting

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