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					Last Name   First Name   College        Department          Tenure EOP Date        Email Address

Saunders      Marnie       GS      Biomedical Engineering      9/10/2013      mmsaun2@email.uky.edu
   Shin     Hainsworth     GS      Biomedical Engineering      9/16/2014            hy.shin@uky.edu
    Yu       Guoqiang      GS      Biomedical Engineering     10/21/2014          gyu2@email.uky.edu
 Cowen        Joshua       GS          Martin School           6/30/2015            jco223@uky.edu
 Oluwole    Adetokunbo     GS          Martin School           8/15/2014         toksoluwole@uky.edu
Petrovsky     Nicolai      GS          Martin School           5/31/2016      nicolai.petrovsky@uky.edu
  Farley      Robert       GS         Patterson School         7/31/2013        rmfarl2@email.uky.edu