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									TRANSIT RESERVATION FORM                                  PLEASE CHECK IF
Reservations with a chauffeur                             CHANGE ORDER
EMAIL ADDRESS IS REQUIRED FOR CONFIRMATION: _______________________________________________
Transportation Services
443 UCB
Phone: 303-492-6603 Fax: 303-492-1554        Approved By:_________________________________________
Email: BuffBus@Colorado.edu                  EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER AFTER HRS:
                                             CELL OR HOME PH#________________________________
Date of request: ___________________________ Fax Number: _________________________________________
Department,     Requester,          Speed         Trip    Vehicle      # of      Passenger     Pick Up and Return Times            Destination                  Remarks
or Group        contact name        Type #        date     type       vehicles     count          & Locations(address)               (address)          (e.g. drop off only, dress
UCB             & Phone #           (8 digits)                                                                                                         code, lunch for driver, etc.)

2010-2011 Reservation policy:                                                                                                           Vehicle Type
Reservations should be made 7 working days in advance if at all possible. Reservations made less than 5 working                          60 Foot Bus
days before pick up time will be assessed a premium service fee. Any changes to a reservation that occur less than five               (59-68 Passengers)
business days prior to an event will be charged $25.00 per change. These changes include but are not limited to any              AVAILABLE FOR BOULDER
change that affects driver and/or bus type (i.e. change of pick up time or location, upgrading to larger bus size, etc.).            TRANSIT ONLY!
Cancellations less than three working days prior to the event will be charged a 2-hour minimum. Any hours of operation                   40 Foot Bus
beyond the details listed above that are extended by traffic, weather, event timing issues, or circumstances beyond the               (36-44 Passengers)
control of Transportation is charged to the Requestor, to include over time rates for drivers. Any vehicle expense, such                 30 Foot Bus
as parking, toll ways, etc. will be recharged back to the Requestor.                                                                  (22-26 Passengers)


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