My story of eight with Huawei

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					My story of eight with Huawei
   Tsinghua University this morning, sitting in a classroom, watching a suit
Shidishimei are anxiously preparing for the case to answer, I seem to have returned 67
years ago. I am a 98 full-time classes Tsinghua MBA, in this building for two years I
spent an unforgettable time. Shun Tak House was yet to begin construction, the SEM
showed only "L" shaped Wyler floor; now add the other half,
forming a small square courtyard. Walking in the middle of the grass courtyard to
operate this small little way, feeling that time flies when your able to return to
Tsinghua University, "battle-back re-reading"?
   This is "IT managers in the world" for the first time and
Tsinghua Case Competition organized. Last year, the Tsinghua SEM also have had the
case of competition, but at that time were selected on the Harvard Business Review
cases of foreign unknown company, China's MBA discussion up,
inevitably there are nowhere near the feeling. This year with the "IT
managers in the world" provides two cases of local Chinese companies, but
also what is happening, no wonder the enthusiasm of MBA students that high up.
   Heat a total of 30 teams, each with four team members, in several teams in from
overseas, I also see white players and, speaking in English-Chinese players. A
question to know, now Tsinghua's international class is also quite
international, and from non-mainland students has more than 100 people. I recall
when I was reading MBA, just a few a few students from overseas is really a lot of the
   Indeed is the case, if China like Huawei local companies to achieve international,
go overseas; then we have business schools in China, why not speed up the
internationalization, the world's top business schools to find their own
place in it? Our business management class in China, what is the media not to give
some of his much grander vision, not just focus on domestic economic events, but to
pay attention to China-related world events? Last year, we sent the first time the
magazine and photographer for the first time I went to Europe on-site interviews
Huawei's overseas market; this year, the magazine has their own money to
send another of our senior Syrian journalist to interview Chery and other Chinese auto
makers in the development of the Middle East situation, sent me an interview to
India's development of its manufacturing status; we have to do, because we
are concerned companies have globalized.
   Shidishimei are for "the development of the second limit
Huawei" The case put forward their own solution. Tsinghua MBA which is
really Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, which originally was a junior in the sector
work in Huawei, with mixed feelings after he took office, and analyze the advantages
and disadvantages from Huawei also very touched, and this is selected the business
case benefits Whoever might have experienced the development of this enterprise -
you will feel more than just a director, you are still an actor in the scene in the show,
we can understand it as the real business world Show it.
   After listening to so many groups to speak, feeling Huawei to today, its future
strategic choices can be described with one word: contradiction. Huawei in the end is
the concentration of forces on the carrier market, or to further develop corporate
network market? The development of core network, or to vote heavily in the business
network market? Is listed or a strategic alliance or acquisition? First priority of
income or cost? That they gathered in the Third World market or accelerate heavily
into the European and American markets of developed countries? Huawei 3Com is
buying or selling?
   If you are Zhengfei, when you are faced with so many choices, so many
contradictions, you will feel the same puzzle. Trade circulated a joke, is that one day
in previous years, IBM CEO Lou Gerstner's visit to China, and to visit the
IBM's Shenzhen production base. One day, Gerstner was driving a car in
Shenzhen, north of Beverly Boulevard, Central running sluggishly. Suddenly, a
Mercedes sped from the back, driving position is sitting on Huawei's
president Ren Zhengfei. Gerstner met with the moment, Ren Zhengfei loudly shouted
to Lou Gerstner: "You held a Mercedes it?" Gerstner thought
that this man with his car, a step on the gas super-passed. While, Ren Zhengfei open
"Big Ben" has to catch up, also has Gerstner shouted:
"You held a Mercedes it?" Gerstner went one step on the gas it
over. But soon to be Zhengfei "Big Ben" catching up, Ren
Zhengfei shot him shouting: "Do you ever driven a Mercedes in the
end?." This time, Gerstner does not play, and never Buda Li Ren Zhengfei,
still sluggish to open their Beverly car. A few minutes later, suddenly in the street to
see Ren Zhengfei Gerstner's "Big Ben" hit the fence
on, get off in the past to help. Ren Zhengfei said: "Why do not you answer
me, you know what I would like to ask you - do you know where the brakes
Mercedes?" Although this is only a joke, but vividly demonstrated Huawei
currently Puzzles .
   Although MBA students are also divided on, but everybody on the Huawei
company of this world-class standard express deep feelings, a student even said that
he hoped "Huawei's red flag all over the world."
   In the analysis Zhong, we also used the lot of their own analytical tools learned,
Xiang what BCG matrix, fishbone diagram, SWOT Fenxidengdeng, Ti
Chu's solution Fangan Ye strange: there Ren Wei Huawei should Zhuanzhu
on manufacturing Zuo large-scale of; also the need to quickly develop services
business, as the telecommunications industry, IBM's; there that Huawei
should be listed as soon as possible ......
   Group proposed a more explosive program: Huawei acquired all the shares of
China 3, take this as a bargaining chip with the Cisco negotiations; the fixed network
business combined with Cisco to integrate into a company with a complete line of
world-class fixed-line operators, while The two sides each other's market
opening, the joint fight alone; a longer period of time, the Huawei will own a separate
core wireless business overseas market, and invest in business and software services
such      as    new      class    of     business.    Judges    also    the    program
"petrified", not only "asking" how can
these two old foes to reach full cooperation? !
   In fact, the mall is different from the battlefield, neither permanent friends nor
eternal rival, and some are only ever commercial interests. In the
"Huawei's world," begins with the reference, Cisco
CEO John Chambers last year (This guy has just promoted, and became chairman of
the board) to have visited Shenzhen Ren Zhengfei, the two sides have discussed the
possibility of cooperation. Therefore, if one day Cisco and Huawei really, we would
not be surprised.
   In fact, we want to see the future layout of the traces of Huawei, Huawei 3Com
only need to wait for the end result can be, and we can digest my words.
   Was also reported a good news, next week will be held at Tsinghua SEM Case
Competition finals, after the relevant six Huawei Team will meet new challenges. The
famous Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Professor Kan Kaili will
also visit the site, let us look at this door the famous "guns" and
also what kind of shells fired it!

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