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					My computer crashed and all the reasons - the reasons for computer crashes Complete

1. To ensure the correct Bios settings. Bios settings which must be suitable, make the
wrong Bios settings when you are running Windows crashes.

2. Regular checks of computer accessories exposure. In the case of poor contact card
can cause system crashes running, so replacement of computer parts, the board must
make full contact with the motherboard.

3. Regularly clean the chassis. Too many will make poor contact between the dust
board, cause system crashes in operation, so the chassis to keep it clean, do not let too
much dust accumulated in the chassis.

4. Adhere carefully killing the virus. On CD-ROM or floppy disks from unknown
sources, do not lightly use the attachments on the message, first check with the
antivirus software after the open.

5. In the correct order of operations shut down. In the application software is not
properly before the end of the run, do not turn off the power, otherwise it will cause
damage or missing system files, cause crashes at startup or operation.

6. Avoid multi-tasking at the same time. In the implementation of the disk order or
check the hard disk during the anti-virus software, do not run other software, or cause

7. Do not over novelty. Various hardware device drivers do not have to be updated,
because it is often developed inside the driver bug, will be harmful to the system,
causing system crashes, the latest is not necessarily the best.

8. Uninstall software, use the built-in anti-installed programs or Windows inside the
Install / Uninstall way, do not delete the program folder directly, because some files
may be shared by other programs, once to delete the shared files will cause an
application can not be used the crash.

9. Set of hardware devices, it is best to check for reservations interrupt (IRQ), do not
let other devices use the interrupt number, in order to avoid interruption caused by the
conflict, resulting in system crash.

10. When surfing the Internet, do not open too many browser window, otherwise it
will lead to system resources, cause system crashes.
11. If your machine memory is not great, do not run the memory for large programs
such as Photoshop, easy to hang or run-time.

12. For system files or important documents, best use of implied property, so as not to
delete these files because of wrong operation, causing system crashes.

13. Modify the hard disk master boot record, the best to preserve the records, to
prevent the failure can not be restored because of changes in the original boot record.

14. CPU, graphics cards and other accessories normally not overclocking, if really
need super, after the board should pay attention to the temperature of overclocking,
CPU, graphics and other long-term non-work under the normal frequency and
temperature range from automatically restart, or crash, re-burned CPU, graphics card,
How to effectively reduce the computer crashes
Computer crashes phenomenon is that all computer enthusiasts have a headache
Frequent blue screen for the computer, frequent crashes, restart again and again was a
very feel very tired. Moreover, frequent restarting the computer hardware of the loss
caused by run-time than normal to good times, which undoubtedly greatly increased
the chance of hardware damage.
But the use of a computer operating system, Windows 9X, crashes are a thing can not
be avoided, The reason is because Windows 9X operating system on its own core
Although the crash is inevitable, but I hang in the long and arduous struggle, or the
sum can be effective in reducing some ways the computer crashes, not exclusive,
close-up dedicated to you readers, I hope we can reduce the computer number of
crashes and more stability.
Generate many reasons for crashes, but in general no more than two categories:
hardware and software because the reasons. Here I come to you separately, talking
about specifically.
Hardware articles
1. Now the CPU and graphics card as the adoption of new technology, it has good
overclocking performance, but overclocking can easily cause system instability or
even crash (damage to hardware Putting aside). The crash caused by the overclocking
situation, should be down-time, or the restoration of its rated operating frequency to
ensure stable work computer.
2. The replacement of computer parts, the installation is complete, must once again
double-check to see if the hardware has been plugged to prevent crashes caused by
poor contact.
3. Sometimes, because of the conflict between the various hardware-caused crashes,
this time for the board to try to refresh the new version of BIOS, update the driver or
the device to change the system interrupt number, it does not work, please replace the
4. Motherboard's BIOS must be set properly, although now many
newspapers, magazines and web sites will teach you how to set the BIOS to optimal,
but does not know the optimal setting is not necessarily the most stable. If the BIOS
settings as improper cause crashes, should be immediately restored to the factory
BIOS default settings.
5. Mainframe computer must be equipped with high-quality high-performance power,
because power consumption of computer accessories are great, especially the use of
O'clock overclocking, power consumption will double, if Cishi power
power deficiency, lack of hardware will appear Gongdian situation, causing crashes.
6. In memory is relatively small (less than 128M), best not to run more memory for
software and games or running multiple programs simultaneously, this will result in
physical memory, causing crashes.
7. Motherboard or video card upgrade the BIOS before, we must first upgrade the
BIOS to determine the version number of the model is consistent with the board, also
strongly recommended to backup the original version, just in case.
8. The air bears a lot of dust, accumulated over time in the chassis will be a lot of dust,
then shall promptly clean up, or seriously affect the cooling effect of dust exposure
and the circuit board will cause a short circuit, causing crashes.
9. "Closely monitoring" the temperature of various parts,
especially the summer approaching, the weather hot, the temperature is too high at
this time if the parts will cause crashes.
Software articles
1. For unknown software, CDs or pirated software, must not easily use to avoid
transmission of computer viruses, cause crashes.
2. Must be on a normal computer shut down, absolutely can not directly turn off the
power, otherwise easily lead to missing or damaged system files, cause crashes.
3. Remove the software, not the directory where the software directly to remove, so
will be left in the hard disk and registry number of garbage collection over time will
become more and more, cause the system to increase the burden of the final system
will be overwhelmed and crash. The correct way is using the software's
uninstaller to remove the software.
4. Regular time on the computer or system resources running low, if you want to run
large-scale software, be sure to restart the computer, or because of system crashes
caused by lack of resources.
5. The best use of software, hardware drivers, or test version, because the beta version
there are a lot of BUG and uncertainties which could result in crashes.
6. For the best use of hidden system file attributes, so as not to delete system files
because of errors caused by crashes.
7. The Internet, the first not to open too many pages, so as not to overload the system,
leading to crashes. Again, do not open the page number is not clear because it may
contain malicious code, the system was modified, leading to crashes.
In-depth understanding of the causes computer crash
Death is to enable the operator rather annoyance. Crash when the show more for the
"blue screen" to start the system, the screen "freeze
frame" no response, mouse, keyboard can not input, the software running
non-normal interruption. Although the causes are many reasons for crashes, but the
original aim, the reason can never escape from both the hardware and software.
The crash caused by hardware
Bad】 【heat monitors, power supply and CPU heat at work is very large, so good
ventilation is very important, if overheating will cause color display, image distortion
or even shorten the display life. Long working hours can lead to poor power supply or
monitor heat caused by the computer crashed. CPU cooling is related to the stability
of computers running a major issue, but also thermal failure occurred
"disastrous." Mobile inappropriate】       【computer the move would
be a great machine vibration are often loose within the device, resulting in poor
contact, causing the computer crashed, so move the computer should avoid vigorous
Killer】 【dust can cause excessive dust inside the machine crash failures. Such as the
floppy drive the laser head or excessive dust contamination, it will lead to read and
write error, a serious cause computer crashes.
】 【Equipment such as the motherboard does not match the frequency and CPU
frequency does not match the old motherboard FSB when overclocking set too high,
may not guarantee stability of operation, resulting in frequent crashes.
】 【Hardware and software is not compatible with three-dimensional software and
some special software, some computers may not start even on the installation, which
may have hardware and software compatibility issues.
【】 Key is memory failure memory loose, Weld or memory chip itself due to the
quality. Should be excluded under the specific circumstances of memory access fault,
and if the quality of memory problems, you need to replace the memory to solve the
【】 Key is hard drive failure due to the use of aging or improper bad sectors, bad
sectors. This machine runs very prone to crashes. Can

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