RES New Parent Orientation by lkl36201


									RES New Parent

Morning Arrival
        • Students may arrive
          between 8:00-8:30.
        • Parents REMAIN in
          their cars.
        • Parents who need to
          enter the school are
          welcome to park
          across the street and
          walk up in order to
          keep drop-off traffic
More Morning Arrival
          • Please follow traffic
            signals from teachers
            on car duty.
Even More Morning Arrival
             • Students begin their day
               by entering their
             • At 8:30, the tardy bell
               rings and students are
               expected to be in their
             • Shortly after, brief
               announcements begin via
               the morning news show.
     • At 8:30 each day, the
       tardy bell rings. Students
       who arrive later than 8:30
       will be counted tardy.
     • If your child is late to
       school, please sign them
       in at the front office.
     • For more information,
       consult the RES Student
       Handbook or
School Nurse
      • If your child has any
        medication (prescription or
        OTC) that needs to be
        administered at school,
        please fill out a Medication
        Form available from the
        front office or your child’s
      • Prescriptions must be in the
        original bottle in order to be
      • PLEASE let us know if
        your child has a food
     • Breakfast is available
       and served to students
       from 8:15 to 8:30
       each day. The cost
       for breakfast is $1.00.
Lunchtime Procedure
          • Menus are sent home
            with children monthly,
            also found on
   and local
            news media.
          • During morning
            homeroom, students make
            their choice of entrée and
            give lunch money (cash
            or check) to teacher.
          • Money should ALWAYS
            be in an envelope marked
            with the child’s first and
            last name, and purpose.
Lunchtime Procedure
          • Students have
            individual meal
            accounts with a PIN
          • Parents may pay for
            lunches in advance
            (weekly, monthly,
          • Student lunch costs
            $2.00. Extra milk is
    • Art
    • Music
    • PE- please wear
      sporty, non marking
      sole shoes.
    • Guidance

   • Teacher Supervised
   • 20 minutes daily
Afternoon Dismissal
          • Students are dismissed
            by closed circuit TV.
          • Bus and Daycare riders
            are dismissed at 3:30,
            followed by car riders.
          • In addition to being
            numbered, each bus is
            named an animal, to
            help younger students
            identify their bus.
Afternoon Dismissal
          • While waiting for
            their children, parents
            are asked to REMAIN
            in their car to ensure a
            quick dismissal.
          • Again, any parents
            needing to enter the
            school are asked to
            park in the large lot
            across the street and
            walk up.
Extended Day Program
          • Morning program begins
            at 7:00 A.M.
          • Afternoon program ends
            at 6:00 P.M.
          • Students may attend
            morning, afternoon or
            both sessions.
          • Homework time, snacks,
            crafts and socialization
Getting Involved
        • Open House: August 6th
          from 5:00-7:00. Meet
          your child’s teacher and
          tour the school.
        • Parent Orientation: held
          during the month of
          August. An in-depth
          meeting with your child’s
          teacher(s) to learn about
          specific classroom
          procedures and plans for
          this year.
Getting Involved- PTO
           • Wendy Akin, PTO
           • Yearly activities
             include: Student
             Dances, Fundraisers,
             PTO meetings,
             Family Fun Activities.
           • Volunteering for
             committees and in
Getting Involved- Guidance

             • Koffee & Kleenex:
               First Day of School at
               8:45 in Cafeteria.
             • Sailing New Seas:
               New Student Group
             • Love & Logic
               Parenting Meetings

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