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					Modern masters of classical quotations
1, business is people - the Japanese god of business Matsushita
2, Enterprise greatest asset is people - the Japanese god of business Matsushita
3, the employer is not how to reduce the people's shortcomings, but rather
how to play to people's strengths - the famous management expert Peter.
4, effective managers are good at the length of employment - well-known
management expert Peter. Drucker
5, made man before creation - the Japanese god of business Matsushita
6, staff training is minimal business risk, the largest strategic investment income - the
famous business management professor Warren. Bene?
7, doing everything possible to please a brilliant idea of the expert doctors on call and
might as well hire a cheap quack - management scholars James. Collins
8, a company to develop rapidly effective in the employment of talented people,
especially the need for smart people - the world's richest man, Bill. Gates
9, 20 of our top talent poached, then I tell you, Microsoft will become an unimportant
company - the world's richest man, Bill. Gates
10, the right people on the bus, please, please get off the wrong people - management
scholars James. Collins
11, talent is the most profitable product, good personnel to operate the enterprise is
the ultimate winner - Lenovo Group chairman Liu
12, quality is the best guarantee to maintain customer loyalty - General Electric CEO
Jack. Welch
13, the 20th century was the century of productivity, the quality of the 21st century is
the century - the famous American scientist Joseph Quality Management. Dr. Zhu Lan
14, of product quality is not 100 is 0 - the god of Matsushita of Japan operations
15, the world did a poor quality, cheap products alone can survive for long - ASUS
General Manager Xu Shiming
16, the quality is equal to the profit - management thinker Tom. Peters
17, will be scheduled for the 85% yield, then allow 15% of the errors that exist - the
quality management guru Philip. Klaus
18, the product quality is produced, not test out - the U.S. quality management guru,
William. Dr. Dai Ming business success by the team, rather than individual
19, enterprise success by the team, rather than individual - management guru Robert.
20, co-prosperity of all the fundamental group - the United States Liberal Party leader
David. Onset Still
21, the best CEO is to build a team to achieve their dreams, even Michael. Jordan also
needs his teammates to play together - Charles, chairman of General Telephone and
Electronics Corporation. Li
22, big success by the team, a small success to the individual - the world's
richest man, Bill. Gates innovation is the only road to big companies
23, no innovation, there would doom - founder Henry Ford. Ford
24, the only sustainable competitive advantage over competitors from innovation - the
famous management consultant James. Morse
25, the only innovation is the way big companies - Management Master Jeffrey
26, the customer is an important source of innovation - management expert Tom.
27, innovation is the only way out, out of their own, or competition will be out of us -
Intel CEO Andy. Grove
28, creative imitation is not a parrot, but beyond and re-creation - Harvard professor
Theodore. Levitt
29, innovation is to create a resource - management guru Peter. Drucker
30, management is communication, communication and exchange of views - General
Electric CEO Jack. Welch
31, communication is the management of concentration - Wal-Mart CEO Sam. Walton
32, manager of the most basic ability to: communicate effectively - British
management scientist L. Wilder
33, not good at listening to different voices, is the largest managers of negligence - the
U.S. women entrepreneurs Mary. Kay
34, enterprise management in the past is communication, it is communication, the
future of communication - the Japanese god of business is the management
decision- making Matsushita
35, management is decision- making - American management scientist Herbert. Simon
36, every 100 bankruptcy of large enterprises, 85% due to accidental causes enterprise
managers in decision- making - the world-renowned consulting firm - U.S. Rand
37, right from the wisdom of the decision- making - U.S. sociologist T. Dey
38, for a successful decision-making, information is equal to 90% plus 10% of the
intuition - U.S. entrepreneurs SM Walson
39, indecision can certainly remove the possibility of some mistakes, but lost the
chance of success - Chinese-American entrepreneur Dr. Wang An
40, in the absence of disagreement, not to make any decisions - General Motors
president Alfred. Sloan
41, Do not put all your eggs in one basket - U.S. economist Tobin
42, a good retreat and a great victory should receive the same reward - the Swiss
military theorist Fei Mini
43, seized the opportunity and rapid decision- making is key to the success of modern
enterprises - United States Professor Eisenhardt Stein
44, must not, without choice, to make major decisions - the United States Chrysler
president Lee. Iacocca
45, if you have a project, we must first consider whether there is to do, if people do
not have to give up, this is a necessary condition - Lenovo Group chairman Liu
46, love your people right, he will love you a hundred times the business - a famous
French business
47, management is a serious love - chairman of American International Agricultural
Business Silos. Mei Hancock
48, is love than by fear of corporate cohesion to maintain the company to secure more
- Southwest Airlines CEO Herb. Kelleher
49, emotional investment in all investments, spend less, the highest rate of return on
investment - Japan's McDonald's Chairman and Fujita field
50, in addition to be thankful is not enough, we must also put their hands together,
with Buddha-like devotion of the heart to lead the staff - the Japanese god of business
51, beginning to the end putting people first, respect for employees are the key to
success - IBM founder Thomas. Watson
52, is to support the company's employees - Georgia's richest
man Li Ka-shing success of the enterprise, 20% in the strategy, 80% in the
implementation of
53, to develop the right strategy is important, but more important is implementation of
the strategy - Lenovo Group President and CEO Yang
54, the more refined strategy, the easier it is to be fully implemented - Citibank
Chairman John. Reed
55, third-point plus first-class execution, than the best ideas always flow of execution
plus three more - chairman Masayoshi Son, Softbank Japan
56, to process words, the process is that the only way into doing - strategists Jiang
57, execution of enterprises rely on is discipline - China Taiwan Hua Jian Xin,
President Roh is inseparable from the modern enterprise risk management
58, a great company, never to be cautious towards success, such as ice cover - Haier
Group CEO Zhang
59, the crisis has not only brought trouble, but also boundless opportunities -
Continental Airlines CEO Greg. Brenneman
60, Microsoft's bankruptcy is always only 18 months - the
world's richest man, Bill. Gates
61, prevention is the best way to resolve the crisis - a crisis management expert
Michael England. Regester
62, what reward will be what - management expert Mitchell. Labo Fu
63, we announced that stress performance, results-oriented, but often rewards those
who specifically will do superficial, opportunistic people - management expert
Mitchell. Labo Fu
64, can not engage in egalitarianism, egalitarianism punish good performance,
encourage poor performance, and obtained only a bad team of workers - management
scholars Steger
65, not only reward success, and reward failure - General Electric CEO Jack. Welch
66, can not be assessed, it can not be managed - management expert Jean. Margarita
67, you can not measure it, you can not manage it - the management guru Peter.
68, what if the stress, you check that; you do not check, it means that no attention -
IBM CEO Lou Gerstner