Modern apparel design and manufacturing system by fdjerue7eeu


									Modern apparel design and manufacturing system
The so-called modern clothing design and manufacturing system is to apply modern
computer technology and network technology, fashion design, processing, marketing
and other control and management of the whole process. Specifically, modern
clothing design and manufacturing system means: Apparel Industry Information
System (GIS), computer aided garment design system (referred to as CAD), computer
aided manufacturing system clothing [referred to as CAM, automated cutting systems,
and flexible embedded processing systems sewing (referred to as FMS)] Clothing
Computer Aided Process Scheme (CAPP), automated ironing clothes storage systems
and three-dimensional packaging, apparel e-commerce systems, computer online
detection system, garment enterprises Computer Management System (MIS) and so
Apparel clothing design must first have a good job market information, apparel
popular (fabric, style, color) information, so, using computer technology, network
communication technology, the establishment of China's garment industry
information base, which to clothing production, supply, marketing, clothing popular,
clothing technology and incorporated in the database, which is a communication of
information with domestic and foreign libraries, information highway conditions can
be registered, which is the modern fashion information system (GIS).
Apparel CAD / CAM technology is based on computer and automatic cutting machine
as a tool for painting the past artificial style renderings, sample design, grading,
marker, cut the whole process of clothing piece by computer graphics and
computer-controlled machines, cutting machine to complete. Apparel CAD software
modules usually have fashion style design, system design system clothing samples,
clothing samples grading system constitutes a marker. Now China has its own CAD
technology development and application of the garment, and garment enterprises in
the application of domestic and imported clothing have CAD application on the
quantity and quality of convergence.
Most of the clothing companies use sewing machine, bag sewing machine for
processing various types of clothing, special machine applications less than 10%, and
thus internal process backward, process planning irregularly arranged irrational
process, and some very backward so modern clothing technology plan, process and
production planning must be incorporated into computer-aided design, which is the
so-called process planning (CAPP).
Modern apparel garment processing enterprises, 80% of the time consumed in the
sewing steps, garment processing can therefore respond quickly to the key to the
modernization and production sewing equipment organization. Home and abroad now
have more advanced flexible manufacturing system clothing (FMS), for example:
hanging by a computer-controlled transmission-type production system, the U.S.
GM-300, China's DF2000-based system; by the modular production
system consisting of Japan QRS-11, China's VZS701-based systems. The
technological transformation of China's garment enterprises to provide the
equipment condition.
Technical units from the above plus a few modern computer management, storage,
tunnel ironing, quality control and electronic trade system, computer network
communication technology to be integrated to form a garment computer integrated
manufacturing system (CIMS). CIMS is a garment enterprises of the most advanced
and most modern technology, all world countries for the realization of CIMS
applications to clothing. China's "Eighth Five-Year
Plan" period, in accordance with basic requirements of CIMS, initially
established a modern production line suits demonstration for reform and promote
scientific and technological progress in Chinese Apparel Industry has set an example.
However, labor-intensive garment enterprises in China can not be changed within a
short period of time, therefore, can only be achieved CIMS technology in the
production of high value-added products and clothing for more variety, small batch,
fast delivery to market needs The garment is possible for CIMS and the cell
technology transformation and equipment renewal, the real fashion design into a
modern manufacturing system.


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