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					Microsoft hot for soccer robot simulation game
Microsoft hot for soccer robot simulation game
    (Reporter: Huang, Song Zehai) the morning of December 5, 2009 RoboCup China
Open Robot Competition and second in the Division Series at the grand opening of
our hospital. 9:30, Microsoft, robot soccer simulation match the information on my
hospital floor, kicked off the fourth floor.
    When we interviewed editorial team to the venue, they will see from the players,
Dongguan University of Technology before doing the final commissioning, they told
us that although the first time to participate in this national big games, but has done
Well, well prepared, and also believe it will achieve good results. The knockout is
under way inside, with broadswords incredible breakthrough, there are dazzling
passes with some sharp offensive team, but the defense is not weak, counter efficiency
is still very high, extremely exciting contest, Attraction look under the
audience's eyes, brought great joy. Intense competition, the semi-finals also
produced, in our hospital, "Venus, a team of" carefully selected,
in 15:30 for the Microsoft robot soccer game 5 on 5 games, scored a runner-up good
results, champion from Northeastern University's "East Great
Cow" team won, third place winner is the team of Northwestern
Polytechnical University.
    Game finished, they accepted our brief interview. Wang Liang talked about
players in our hospital, because for the first time to participate in the contest, the lack
of a number of field experience, but they are not discouraged and has been actively
preparing for. As a home player game, there are certain advantages, which can be
handy to complete the tournament. And Northeastern University, said the players,
usually work efficiency Gao, making safe, Zhunbeichongfen, and how has last year,
up experience, innovations on this basis, Shi Chengxugengjia perfect title is
Tamenqude tips.
    In this, the above team to achieve good results expressed warm congratulations
and wish the team in tomorrow's game can also play a super-achieving.
And wish RoboCup 2009 China Robot Competition and Open success.