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					Measure of well-being of citizens
   An attempt to enhance the well-being of citizens and political leaders are being
pushed in a different direction: It will be based on economic performance for his
scoring, but there are many other aspects of quality of life, including the state of the
environment. Although no single indicator can reflect our society as complex as
anything, but commonly used measure - such as gross domestic product (GDP),
implies a choice: It can only be at the expense of growth to improve the environment.
However, if we have a comprehensive index to measure happiness, we may find that
this is a false choice. This indicator may appear, with the improvement of the
environment, well-being improved, even if in accordance with the conventional way
to measure the output decline.
   This is the French President Nicholas ? Sarkozy (Nicolas Sarkozy) economic
performance and social progress in the establishment of the International Committee
(International Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social
Progress) is one motivation. I served as Chairman of the Committee, Amartya ? Sen
(Amartya Sen) as a consultant, Paris Institute of Politics (Institut d'Etudes
Politiques), Professor Jean - Paul ? Fee Tutsi (Jean-Paul Fitoussi) as co-coordinator of
the Committee The final report was published before.
   GDP and gross national product (GNP) and other national income data, the initial
aim is to measure, including the public sector market, including economic activities,
but they are increasingly seen as measures of social well-being indicators, but in fact
they are not. Of course, the best statisticians have been a warning on this error. A lot
of economic activity occurs in the family, their contributions to personal happiness
and market produce as much, or even exceed the latter.
   People also worry that the world faces global warming crisis, GDP, blindly concern
may be particularly inappropriate material. If a country decided to form leisure to
enjoy the advances in knowledge brought about by rising productivity in some of the
results, not just spending more and more goods, then we should be in measuring
performance, that it should be "punishment" then?
   We measure the objects related to our behavior. If we use a measure of error, that
we are trying to do the wrong thing. In the pursuit of higher GDP, we may eventually
lead society into this: most of the deterioration of living conditions of citizens. In
addition, we are concerned not only how we are better living conditions, but also how
our future living conditions. If we are in an unsustainable way of advance to the future,
then we should want to know.
   Flawed statistics may also allow us to make wrong inferences. In this crisis some
years before the outbreak, many Europeans are concerned about higher U.S. GDP
growth, they are attracted to the American model. If they are too concerned about the
value of income and other indicators - to better reflect the situation of most Americans
- or because the liabilities of American families and the rise in the United States been
amended, their enthusiasm cooled considerably this may be.
A good accountant will not ignore the depreciation of the company capital, but the
standard of the GDP index not only ignored this and did not take account of resource
depletion and environmental degradation factors. We value the environment of
enhanced awareness of the scarcity of resources, so that such neglect was particularly
   Progress of research in many disciplines, so we can now develop more extensive
and well-being indicators of broader coverage. Recognition of these indicators, the
impact of unemployment is far beyond their loss of income. Health, education,
security and social ties are important for the quality of life - but they have not been
fully reflected in GDP.
   Despite the recession, before the establishment of France's economic
performance and social progress of the International Committee, but the crisis that the
Commission's work has become more important. A good economic and
environmental indicators include the concept of sustainability. It has long been
concerned about the use of market prices, especially in measuring long-term
sustainability. Facts have proved that these fears are reasonable: the strong
performance of some countries appears (GDP have shown) is not sustainable, they are
based on inflated profits and output of the "bubble" price basis.
   Work of our Committee has attracted worldwide resonance, it is not surprising.
Even before we convene the meeting, Bhutan on Gross National Happiness in the
creation of a (GNH) index, Thailand is also committed to their own index.
   Of course, GDP will continue to be used as a measure of market activity indicators
to use - although we proposed reform is expected to make it a better play this role.
However, the degree of concern for the continuing rise, for example, natural assets,
including measures including the broad indicators of social wealth and what changes
will occur. About measuring social well-being, we will have to consider other
indicators. Some indicators already exist; other indicators need to be worked. Our
report on what measures need to be taken to provide the guidelines.
   We often confuse the purpose and means. In the years before the outbreak of the
crisis, we put forward a criticism on the economy is: they do confuse the two - the
financial industry is leading to more effective and economic means, not an end. More
worse, confuse happiness and well-being indicators to improve their own
improvement. We should improve our economic well-being. It is not an end in itself. I
hope we will be more effective work of the Commission to promote the well-being
indicators and the real people to help the quality of life things coordinated, and
through this to help us lead our efforts to really important things up.

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