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?The opening ceremony, President introduced the "impact of China
Festival 2006" on the Mary Kay cosmetics company was the Year Award
and the 2006 winning grand national free products.
Brand PK public vote the best Mary Kay Cosmetics won 06 awards

Source: Zhejiang Online Release date :2007-01-16

The new network on January 16, Zhejiang Xinhua January 15, 2007, by the Tencent
network, Wharton School, CCTV global information table, co-sponsored the
Economic Observer, the world's authoritative market research agency
Nielsen data as a third-party certification unit, "influence China Festival
2006" award ceremony held in Beijing Kerry Centre, 13 championship the
property of their master. Among them, Mary Kay with high public popularity and a
good brand cosmetics won the 2006 Best Awards. Mary Kay, president of Greater
China, Mak, vice president of Coca-Cola China Beverages Ltd. Subai Liang,
president of Nokia China Giles, president of Dell China, Jun-Ling Liu, Yum China
division president, Su Deng Jun invited to participate in this this activities.
It is learned that the best cosmetics brands in the annual evaluation activities, Mary
Kay, L'Oreal, Olay, Shiseido and other 10 international famous brands
have participated in the selection. In the public voting process, the Mary Kay always
maintain the leading edge, great feedback, fully embodied in the important position of
the eyes of consumers. The face of honor, Mary Kay, president of Greater China
Region Mak said in an interview: "Thanks Mary Kay products to
consumers on the high degree of recognition, Mary Kay Inc. will continue to provide
consumers with quality products and services. "Since entering the Chinese
market since 1995, Bing Chengmei Mary Kay Inc. has been a consistent over the
years in the global customer first, quality first principle, Mary Kay (China) Cosmetics
Co., Ltd. has been actively working for the Chinese customers better products and
services. Mary Kay also for the Chinese women to pursue career and family balance
career path designed for women to bring more beautiful than cosmetic changes.
The appraisal fully use the public ballot, to maximize the brand reflects the
preferences of the masses. From November 16 to December 15, within one month
total of nearly one million valid votes cast. In order to reflect the activities fair and
equitable public, event organizers also pioneering the introduction of the authority of
this third-party data authentication Nielsen Nielsen / / NetRatings to conduct full
monitoring of the selection.
Editor: Huang Yaofen

Mary Kay Cosmetics burgeoned free products by 06 countries

2007-1-4 10:23:27 Source: Cosmetic Times - Xinhua

  December 21, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection
and Quarantine, "National Inspection-free Product certification in 2006 the
General Assembly" held in Beijing's Great Hall. At the meeting,
Mary Kay, president of Greater China Region, Mr. Mak on behalf of Mary Kay
(China) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. took over the leadership of the honor awarded honorary
medals exempt.

   In order to encourage and guide enterprises to implement "quality
win" strategy, in 2006, the State Administration of Quality Supervision on
domestic production of 65 products implementing state inspection system, defined on
the Fuge Zhiliangzhangqi stable at 较高, market Zhanyou Shuai Gao, ranked in the
forefront of economic conditions, such as the industry's products, through
municipal, provincial and AQSIQ triple stringent screening criteria, may be granted
exempt status for three years, from the quality and technology supervision
departments at all levels of supervision and inspection. Mary Kay company based on
advanced science and technology, improve product quality, and enhance consumer
satisfaction the tireless efforts of Mary Kay's skin care products and beauty
products in the selected modified through all the review was as in 2006 the national
exemption product.

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