Marketing and Marketing Management

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					Marketing and Marketing Management
   Marketing refers to the individual and collective by creating and exchanging
products and value with others access to their wants and hopes for things required of a
social process. In other words, marketing is the means to meet the needs of our clients
from starting their own rational allocation of resources to meet other needs through
the course of activities to achieve their goals.
   1. Market and marketing of several key points.
Contains three main elements of the market, people in need, to satisfy this need of
purchasing power and purchasing desires. Market, these three factors are mutually
constraining, are indispensable, and only three combine to form the reality of the
market, can form the exact size of the market and capacity.
   ?How to judge a marketing person. Marketing activities?
First of all we can to those who understood marketing and market-related human
activities, marketing person to meet the needs and desires of people for the purpose.
For the exchange of the two sides, if one side is more active than the one. More
positive for the exchange, the former is called marketing, the latter as potential
customers. Marketing is the hope that those who obtain resources from others and
willing to exchange for some valuable things. Marketing may be a buyer, the seller
can be. Marketing is the number of people [or a few manufacturers] the same time
selling a product, and every person [or manufacturers] all want buyers to buy their
products to the form of gifts or points to stimulate the customer, thus creating the
marketing activities.
   2. Marketing Management
   In the modern market economy, enterprises must high value on marketing
management according to market demand status and trends, planning, allocation of
resources, through effective to meet the market demand to gain competitive advantage,
seek survival and development.
   Eight different demand conditions
   1. Negative demand, most people do not like the product or annoying things.
Should be timely market research, analysis of the market why not like this product,
should it be through re-design products. Lower prices and positive promotion of the
marketing program to change the attitude of the market.
   2. No requirement that the target market have no interest in a product demand
conditions. In the case of no demand, marketing, management, marketing task is to
stimulate, through the vigorous promotion and other marketing measures to the
product can provide benefits and people's natural needs and interests
associated with them.
   3. Latent needs, consumers need a strong product, but in reality the product or
service and can not meet a demand situation. The task of marketing management is
the development of marketing and then develop effective goods and services to meet
market demand.
   4. Decreased demand, market demand for the product downward. Marketing
management task is to revitalize the marketing analysis reasons for the decline,
opening up new target markets, improve the appearance and characteristics of
products, using more effective communication means to re-stimulate demand.
   5. Irregular demand, that demand constant change in a year. January. Day changing.
The task of marketing management is to coordinate marketing, through flexible
pricing, strong marketing and other stimuli to change the situation.
   6. Sufficient demand, and expected that sales of products similar to. The task of
marketing management is to maintain marketing efforts to maintain product quality,
customer satisfaction measurement into a degree, to maintain reasonable prices to
encourage sales personnel to sell strongly.
   7. Excess demand, market demand for certain goods than they can provide the level.
The task of marketing management is to reduce marketing, raising prices, a
reasonable distribution of products, reduce the level of market demand.
   8. Harmful demand, market demand for hazardous materials. The task of marketing
management is anti-marketing, to persuade consumers like hazardous materials, and
vigorously promote the dangers of hazardous materials, a significant increase prices
or stop the supply.
   Reduce marketing and anti-marketing difference: the former is to take measures to
reduce demand, which is to take measures to eliminate demand.