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									Mao chess game of Lu Xun (reposted elsewhere)
Mao chess game of Lu Xun
Zhang Shan
No. 6, 2009 Spring magazine Yanhuang

    - From "If Lu Xun were alive," Speaking of

Lu Xun

Lu Xun Mao Zedong loved what?

Zhou Haiying Lu Xun's son, "written by Lu Xun and I seven
years" (South China Sea Press, September 2001 Edition) is an important
book that the political circumstances: the summer of 1957, Mao Zedong met in
Shanghai, entertainment personalities, translator Luo Ji South to participate.
Conversation between the Luo Ji south to Mao Zedong put forward a bold question:
"If today's Lu Xun were alive, he might like?" Mao
on this bold design question very carefully, thought for a moment, replied:
"In my estimation, (Lu Xun) is locked up in prison or even writing, or his
cardinal principles was silent. "suspense of a close inquiry, was actually
received such a severe response. Luo Ji while surprise South, do not sound.
Luo Ji South made the proposition, involving China, the two icons of modern history.
To Mao's answer, executive authority in the era of Mao, Lu
Xun's position two, and only two: one silent, one prison, there is no other
choice. But anyway - silence or go to jail - that the subject of ridicule, into the article,
Lu Xun is no longer true colors. This means that the original is considered to
complement each other heart to heart, two prominent leaders - are viewed as
representative of a correct political orientation, a culture represents the right direction
- the fate of a camel walk after the founding of two opposite poles.
However, general view of Mao Zedong's writings in his life involved in Lu
Xun's words, people see is that he respected and loved Lu Xun to
Mao's personal statement: "Lu Xun and my heart is
In 1933, Mao told, Mao's poetry is full of Lu Xun said, "Shanda
Wang Qi," Mao laughed to hear, do not think that disobedient, anti-proud,
is the heart of Mao Lu Xun obtaining the evidence. December 1949, when Mao
Zedong's first visit to the Soviet Union, to cope with intense diplomatic
activity in the margins, also read the writings of Lu Xun carry, and the staff said:
"I love the book of Lu Xun, Lu Xun's heart and that we have
forged. I read the night in Yanan Lu Xun's books, often forget to sleep.
"July 8, 1966 Mao again in a letter that" I told Lu
Xun's heart is connected, "and said, "I like him so
frankly. He said that his anatomy, anatomy others are strict. In the fall, after a few
setbacks, I am often the case." lives close to the countdown in November
1975, Mao also proposed by Lu Xun Zhou Haiying book publishing and the
study's recommendations to make instructions, "Please week
(Haiying) Political Bureau issued a letter and discuss the time, decided to implement
immediately." "Complete Works" Mao's
instructions for speedy publication.
The confidant of Mao's self-care, Lu Xun deceased Zuoheganxiang, people
naturally do not know; but why, as Lu Xun Mao Concert, then can get a glimpse of
Mao's text.
As early as October 19, 1937, held in memory of Lu Xun in Northern public schools
the first anniversary of the death of the General Assembly, Mao Zedong made a
speech, highlighting that: "Today we commemorate the Lu Xun ... ... not
only because of his article, well written, is a great writers, but also because he is a
pioneer of national liberation, a great help to the revolution. "It is clear that
Lu Xun Mao respect one of the reasons that he thought the cause of Lu Xun and his
pursuit of consistency. So, although he thought Lu Xun "is not one person
in the Communist Party organization, but his thinking, actions, writings, are Marxist.
He is a non-Party Bolshevik."
However, the best move of Mao Zedong, so that he cited as the fellow is Lu
Xun's character traits. Lu Xun's life Jieruchou, no compromise
on the old forces, especially his "Dalashuigou" spirit of struggle,
and until his later years for his opponent "a no forgiveness" and
pull off, are very consistent with Mao's stomach, his congenial personality;
More importantly, the hair seems to draw from the Lu Xun, where the power of
example, as he learned from Marx and make use of Chinese, life as a magic weapon
for the "philosophy of struggle" to find the alliance. So
he's fighting spirit and toughness of Lu Xun praised the preparedness,
praise of Lu Xun, "consistent with the feudal forces and perseverance to
make a resolute struggle against imperialism, the oppression of his enemy, destroy his
hostile environment, he felt, against the ... ... is full of the spirit of arduous struggle.
"He believes that Lu Xun's life has three characteristics:
the" political vision; fighting spirit; spirit of sacrifice. "However,
these three characteristics, Mao Zedong's most important is undoubtedly
the" fighting spirit . "
If you say that before the founding of great importance in Lu Xun's
"fighting spirit" to seize power of the objective need, then the
establishment of political power, Mao Zedong did not compromise the contrary, even
this "fighting spirit" innovation, creativity to flourish, to be used
flexibly . The early 60s, in a conversation he once again referred to Lu
Xun's character, that "Lu Xun's fighting method is
worth learning": "Lu Xun An important feature of the fighting
method is that all the arrows to shoot him, all took it, grasping live and hold the first
opportunity to archery who attack. They say he spoke accent, he a
"northern and southern mobilization." Liang said that he had
betrayed the old society, surrendered to the proletariat, he was a
"Janus-faced set." People say that his article with a flower
border         up,       he      went        out        "Snappy".
"declaration" of the 'free talk' editor by
the pressure of the KMT, complaining that the "free talk" not
about politics, only about the Romantic, He went out of the "quasi-brothels
and on." KMT call him a corrupt scholar, his pen name on the paper with
the fall. He died, also said others died to repent, forgive their enemies, but his own
'Yuandi ',' Let them hate to go, do not forgive me
'. We should learn from Lu Xun's that fighting spirit and method.
"shows, where he came to realize that Lu Xun was a consistent of
the" fighting spirit. " He Bi Shengzhen and maintained as
described youth Chi famous invention "and the days of struggle, endless
joy! And to struggle, endless joy! And human struggle, endless joy!"
Shows his "philosophy of struggle" is what the love. He has
done since its founding, indeed as it said, was "all shot the arrow to his, all
took to our focus on the first opportunity for people to archery attack."
Even with his common destiny, fellow of the criticism of his mistakes, once he
considered "the arrow shot him," he would be "an
opportunity to people to archery attack." Peng, the tragic death of Liu
Shaoqi, Deng Xiaoping and cracked down, are proof.
Lu Xun to live in the dark ages of the Chinese society, literature and art as a weapon
he carried out resistance against the emerging power of the old social forces and
transform the efforts of the old cultural traditions, so his lifelong
"struggle" against the old forces and their maintenance are
persons; as a writer and thinker Lu Xun, if living to 50 years later, of course, will not
soften its criticism of society's edge, to give up critical social obligations.
Mao Zedong seized power before, in the form of armed struggle to criticize the old
system, the same as the old regime, Lu Xun rebels; but the difference is that Lu Xun,
Mao Zedong or the establishment of the new regime, he mastered the supreme
authority, the habitually to "philosophy of struggle" and
"fighting spirit" to protect their political power, not only
"philosophy of struggle" sharpen the sharp spearhead a new
enemy that threatens the regime, but also ruthlessly point to disagreement with his
former through fire and water with them, fighting alongside his comrades, so, Peng,
He Long, Liu Shaoqi, Deng Xiaoping and so became his "philosophy of
struggle" of the victims were dead, wounded and paid a heavy price; when
he feel the need to mobilize all people to participate in the struggle to maintain their
political power, then at "Cultural Revolution" that destroyed the
national economy and civil strife, finally directed a settlement of the entire Chinese
nation untold miseries havoc through the ages, but for the defense of all this, is he set
of to "philosophy of struggle" as the core of the sounding of the
so-called "continuing the revolution under the dictatorship of the
proletariat's theory." Starting point of this theory of Marxism
Mao unique "understanding": "Marxism is too
complicated, In a word, said, rebel." "Marxism thousand words,
words, class struggle." This theory has been advocated as the instrument of
public opinion at his disposal, "a major development in
On the struggle of love, or say hobby, throughout the life of Mao, even in the life time
of the fire will go out, he never forget the class struggle. The day before New
Year's Day 1976, Mao Zedong met in the library Former U.S. President
Richard Nixon's daughter Julie Nixon Eisenhower and son David
Eisenhower. Conversation, so that the two surprise guests, Mao Zedong on the
"struggle" nostalgia theme of passion. He said: "We
have a class struggle, classstruggle (class struggle)! The people there fight. The
Communist Party inside a struggle." He seems to declare he used life
energy to find a truth: "No struggle can not be progress,"
" 800 million people, do not fight you?! "Julie, David noted that
efforts had been exhausted Mao apparently hit the" struggle
"topic," as excited as the young "," his
mind than even China The younger generation is more dynamic, more eager to
struggle. " The young couple not help exclaiming: "Regardless
of how the conclusion of history, Mao's lifetime will certainly be a striking
manifestation of human will power." Pursuit of the struggle into a hobby,
do anything to, to know if Lu Xun underground, how to The evaluation of him as a
confidante to the "struggle on" hero?

Mao Zedong's "saints" ideal and the evolution of the
status of Lu Xun

When a person awake, but also sleep; to understand a person, while awake to hear
him say, but balderdash be useful, it enables people to know his subconscious desires,
people know he is not conscious like the idea of the defendant; through his
performance in the very state, people can see the true content of his unconscious.
December 15, 1964 to January 14, 1965 work meeting between the Communist Party
of China Central Committee, Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi wrath on the offensive, in front
of everyone for Liu wrote: Do you have any great, I move a little finger can bring you
down! (See Liu Yuan, He Jiadong: "Liu Shaoqi, Mao Zedong and the four
clean campaign", "Southern Weekend" on Nov. 20,
1998) Liu Mao's position in mind this "gaffe" in the
phrase truly revealed. Similarly, Mao Luo answer should be the same.
The summer of 1957 Mao "If Lu Xun were alive," answered a
question, inadvertently reveals the new environment of their innermost secret: crisis is
over, Mao Xun has become the dominant condescending attitude. This situation is
very similar to the Tang defeat Turks, hesitant proud occasion, casually say
"to those countries, grassroots, overlord (emperor) to the people, therefore,
to concede defeat on the Turks," and so on, said Li Yuan had to concede
defeat to the Turks a terrible secret.
However, Mao is not the moment the secret inner product of emotional impulse, but
the ideals of his life.
Mao Zedong all his life for the ideals of heroism agitation. Set at a young age he was
"confident life two hundred years, Fen when splashing into the water three
thousand miles," rhetoric, aim high, pointing country, "asked
the vast land, Decisive Force." However, Mao's ideal resolution
and more than that. He believes that "th

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