New Life Center seeks commercial space to relocate Hope's by smb11581



Vol. 15

                   This newsletter is published quarterly for the friends, volunteers and supporters of New Life Center

                                          New Life Center seeks commercial
                                           space to relocate Hope's Closet

                                                                                       gently used
                                                                                                     clothing | furniture | housewares | collectibles

                         After 17 years operating Hope’s Closet on       themselves or their children by shopping at
                        Western Avenue, we find that it is time to       Hope’s Closet. There is no charge to those
                        move on to a new location.                       receiving New Life Center services. Others
                                                                         shopping at the store generate necessary
                          We are actively looking for space in our       funds to help support the operations of New
                        local community and hoping to find a             Life Center.
                        mutually beneficial arrangement between a
                        community member and the shelter. We are           Sales will continue at Hope’s Closet while
                        seeking to secure a 5,000 to 6,000-square-       the Center seeks an alternative location
                        foot commercial space in the West Valley         and now, more than ever, your donation of
                        with a donated or discounted lease.              clothing, household items and other items
                                                                         are needed.
                           From its inception, Hope’s has functioned
                        as a donation center, retail store and, most      Anyone interested in helping New Life
                        importantly, a resource for the women and        Center may contact Paul Denial, Executive
                        children residents of New Life Center. Our       Director at 623-932-4404.
                        residents often arrive at the shelter with

                                                                           {                                                          }
                        literally nothing but the clothes on their
                                                                                        Hope's Closet
                          Community donations collected at Hope’s                    116 E. Western Ave.
                        Closet provide clothing, furniture and other                 Goodyear, AZ 85338
                        basic items needed to help survivors of                         (623) 925-0965
                        domestic violence begin their new lives. The                Mon - Sat 9AM - 5PM
                        women can choose any items they need for                  Large item pickup available

This newsletter is printed on                    New Life Center | PO Box 5005 | Goodyear, AZ 85338
recycled paper using soy inks                   (623) 932-4404 | (623) 536-1147 fax |
                     Director's Message                                              Board of Directors
                                                                                     Susan K. Ramsey
                       There is no question that times are tough. In the              President
                                                                                     Karen Ortega-Matson
                   midst of these challenging economic times, New Life                Vice-President
                   Center is faced with a serious reduction in government            Kathy Knecht
                   funding while at the same time experiencing an                     Secretary
                   increase in the request for shelter care. This inverse            Shawn M. Watt
relationship seems unbelievable and yet we continue to find ourselves in              Treasurer
                                                                                     Laura McBride
this position day after day. As more stress is placed on families, we see             Past President
an increase in the prevalence and intensity of domestic violence.                    Carrie Young
  New Life Center is no different than any other non-profit organization             Carl Erickson
in Arizona – we are all struggling to meet the demand for services in                Michael Green
a dismal economic climate. Consequently, we are making strategic                     Milt Ferrantelli
decisions which will allow us to continue to operate at our capacity of              Angie Krainik
                                                                                     Bob Lotts
104 beds. We need to be proactive and plan for a sustainable future. In              Cindi Nannetti
the end, we find ourselves having to do more with less - which means we              David Schwake
need to make fundamental changes to our daily operations.                            Ginny Solis
                                                                                     Jennifer Walmsley-Martinez
  We are grateful for all the community support we receive. We are                   Janet Weinstein
particularly grateful for the support through monetary donations, in-kind            Special thanks to our Board of Directors
donations of products and services and the precious volunteer time of                who volunteer countless hours of time in
                                                                                     their service to New Life Center.
our community members. Please know that your continued support is
critically needed and gratefully appreciated.                                        Administration
                                                                                     Paul Denial, LMSW
                                                                                      Executive Director
                                                                                     Patricia Cordova
                                                                                      Operations Director
                                                                                     Christina Dominguez
                                                                                      Residential Director
Paul Denial                                                                          Ronda Hill
Executive Director                                                                    Financial Director
                                                                                     Dawn Meadows, MS
                                                                                      Program Director
                                                                                     Carrie Vidal
                                                                                      Community Development Director
   Child Development Center

                                                                                     New Life Center
                                                                                     P.O. Box 5005
                                                                                     Goodyear, AZ 85338
                                                                                     Phone: (623) 932-4404
                                                                                     Fax: (623) 536-1147
 Dress-up Clothes for boys and girls                                       
 Puppet Stage/Puppets                         "Imaginative and expressive
                                                                                    New Life Center in funded, in part, by the Arizona
 Musical Instruments                          play is critical to the developing    Department of Economic Security, Community Services
                                                                                    Administration, Domestic Violence Program. Points of
 Play sand, buckets, shovels/spoons of        child. Activities such as dress-up,   view are those of the author & do not necessarily represent
                                                                                    the official position or policies of the Department. Under
   all sizes, funnels & sifters               make-believe and role playing         the Americans with Disabilities Act, New Life Center must
                                                                                    make a reasonable accommodation to allow a person
 Science Toys: eyedroppers, magnifying        are integral in building self         with a disability to take part in a program, service, or
                                                                                    activity. For example, this means that if necessary, New
   glasses, tweezers, magnets, shells,        conf idence, fostering creativity     Life Center must provide sign language interpreters for
   seeds, rocks, leaves                       and promoting healing."
                                                                                    people who are deaf, a wheelchair accessible location,
                                                                                    or enlarged print materials. It also means that New Life
                                                                                    Center will take any other reasonable action that allows
 Play Telephones                                                                    you to take part in & understand a program or activity,
                                                                                    including making reasonable changes to an activity.
 Assorted sized wood, foam                    Glenda Henman                         If you believe that you will not be able to understand
                                                                                    or take part in a program or activity because of your
   and cardboard blocks                       Child Trauma Specialist               disability, please let us know of your disability needs in
                                                                                    advance if at all possible. Please contact (623) 932-4404.
 Volunteer                                         President's Message
 Happenings                                               I can hardly believe that summer is upon us! Each
                                                      year, as the temperature warms, New Life Center staff
New Life Center &                                     prepares for the opportunities and challenges presented
Hope's Closet                                         by the summer season. We welcome the opportunity to
                                have more one-on-one time with child residents of the Center. At the same
Volunteers:                     time, we embrace the challenge of filling hot summer days with meaningful
 Terry Cruz
                                activities for all of our residents.
 Milt Ferrantelli
 Judy Fulton
                                  With school-age children spending more of their day at the Center,
 T.J. Hall
                                we have additional opportunities to interact with each child to address
 Barbara Herwick
                                his/her individual needs. Our Children’s Program staff plan for sessions
 Dena Beth Jaffee
                                of individual and group advocacy, field trips, outings and recreational
 Carol Krusemark
                                activities to make the most of our time with child residents. We balance
 Della Lelakowski
                                the therapeutic program and needs of the children with some good old-
 Linda Oliver
                                fashion fun. This year, we anticipate having over 100 children with us over
 June Packnett
                                the summer months!
 Estelle Pilon
 Pam Rider
                                  As we prepare for the coming months ahead, we are reminded of our
 Sherri Van Schaick
                                caring and committed community supporters. It is your generosity which
 Joyce Vaccaro
                                allows us to continue to offer children and families opportunities to take
                                part in activities and events that are uniquely “summer”.
Adopt-A-Casita Teams:
 Church at Litchfield Park
 DBG of Estrella                Best wishes for a peaceful summer,
 Xi Beta

Cook for Kids Teams:
 Community Church of Joy
 Foothills Christian Church
                                Susan K. Ramsey
Gabriel's Angels                Board President
Pet Therapy Teams:
 Jean Reynolds & Nelli
 Betsy Porter & Tulle                     Volunteer Spotlight
                                  The Bug Doctor
Free Arts of Arizona
                                  Jim & Terrell Delaney
 Barbara Atkins &                 (623) 932-9777
  Cathy Larson                    The Bug Doctor provides a complete array of
 Heidi Frei &                     pest control services on monthly basis at no
  Debra DeMilto                   charge to the Center.
To learn more about volunteer
                                           Thank you Jim & Terrell for your generosity
 opportunities at New Life
  Center and Hope's Closet,                         and continued support.
     contact Kym Thill at
  (623) 932-4404, ext. 103.       If you are interested in donating services to the Center, please contact the
                                         Community Development Department at (623) 932-4404.
 Community Connections
Generous supporters, T.C. Schuttler and             Edward DeHoyos, General Manager of Walmart          Northwest Women's Club members Barbara
members of For Those Without a Voice present        Neighborhood Market in Goodyear and Gerry           McKissock and Mary Blagburn presented a
Paul Denial and Carrie Vidal a check totalling      Berger, member of Beta Sigma Phi Against            $3,000 check to Carrie Vidal of New Life Center.
over $35,000. In addition, the group collected      Abuse, present a $3,000 check New Life Center.      The club has been involved with the Center
nearly $2,000 in gift cards. We could not do this   Thank you Gerry for facilitating this generous      for years and their ongoing support is greatly
important work without such dedicated support.      donation!                                           appreciated.

                                                                                                                 Join Us
                                                                                                                           for the

                                                                                                          Brighter Day Tour
                                                                                                           New Life Center is one of the
The Palo Verde Patchers gathered to deliver         A big thank you to Trisha Ondyak and Vineyard        largest providers of domestic
holiday gift items and handmade quilts to the       Church for arranging a holiday party including
Center. The group donates handmade items for        a full course dinner, entertainment, a visit from    violence services in the state of
every family. Thank you ladies for your continued   Santa, gifts and more! This was a very special       Arizona.
support and passionate commitment!                  event for families residing at the Center.             Our unique program helps
                                                                                                         families fleeing violence become
                                                                                                         independent and self-sufficient.
                                                                                                         Join us on an upcoming tour to
                                                                                                         learn more about our innovative
                                                                                                           The Brighter Day Tour is held
                                                                                                         the second Tuesday of each month.
Jay and Cathy Ladd present fresh holiday            Norma Richardson and members of Southwest
wreaths to New Life Center. Each wreath was         Valley Women's Group deliver holiday goodies
custom decorated and hung on casita doors           for families residing at the Center. The group       Upcoming Tour Dates:
and in common areas. Thank you for such             participates in numerous events throughout the
beautiful gifts!                                    year. Thank You for your continued support.          June 9th            8:30AM - 9:30AM
                                                                                                         July 14th           8:30AM - 9:30AM
                                                                                                         Aug. 11th           8:30AM - 9:30AM
                                                                                                         Sept. 8th           8:30AM - 9:30AM
                                                                                                         Oct. 13th           8:30AM - 9:30AM

                                                                                                         Other dates and times are available by request.

Lori Ward and Ruth Fisher, members of Trinity       Thank you to Refinery Christian Church                  Space is limited. Please call the
Lutheran Church delivered gifts for over 70         members: James Deems, Scott Meng, Lindsey
families residing at the Center. The group has      Harden, Chad Goucher, Pam Segal and Kevin
                                                                                                            Community Development
supported the Center for years and the gifts        Segal for their generous donation of gift cards        Department at (623) 932-4404
make the holiday extra special for families.        totalling $1,000, personal care gift bags and            to reserve your spot today.
Thank you for your amazing generosity.              under-the-bed storage containers.
Community Connections
Ann Root, far right, along with members from       A special Thank You to Nancy Herrington, Owner, Mr. Handyman of the West Valley and Shane for
Foothills Christian Church prepare for a Cook      their support in installing the bookcases, lighting and other furniture in the new Child Development
for Kids event. The group donated numerous         Center Library. The library features areas to study, play board games, relax on floor pillows and
food items, plastic wear, drinks and dessert       much more. We would also like to thank the Litchfield Park Library and Southwest Valley Literacy
goodies to serve to families. Thank you for        for their partnerships in promoting literacy.
sharing your time with the Center.

                                                                   Youth Projects

Church at Litchfield Park members spruced
up a room during an Adopt-A-Casita project
this spring. In addition to a deep cleaning, the
group provided bedding and other decorative        Ari Stork and other members of the Community       Verrado Middle School 7th graders organized a
touches. Their long-time support as advocates      Service committee at Millennium High School        multi-class donation drive for New Life Center.
for the Center is greatly appreciated!             collected teddy bears for children residing at     Over 150 students collected clothing, toys,
                                                   the Center. Through the "Care Bears" project       books along with cash donations totalling over
                                                   the students gathered and delivered over 100       $400. Thank you to Ms. Noce and all of the 7th
                                                   stuffed animals.                                   graders for their great work!

Xi Beta members completed work on the casita
they adopted over 6 years ago. In addition
to painting and cleaning, the gals donate
                                                   Nikki Ahlquist, center, and friends Maria          Brittany Cooper, right, and Psi Beta members
linens, mirrors, artwork and other items. Their
                                                   and Lydia donated cosmetic bags filled with         from Estrella Mountain Community College
dedication to the Center is commendable.           personal care items and other essentials. Thank    delivered stuffed animals from a recent toy drive.
Thank You!                                         you ladies for sharing your positive energy and    Thank you Psi Beta for your time and energy in
                                                   your enthusiastic support!                         collecting needed items for the Center.

Community Church of Joy members participate
monthly in Cook for Kids events. The group         Kelly and Debbie Seiberlich present Patricia       New Life Center's Community Development
provides special food items and a craft project    with holiday trees for families residing at the    department recently presented domestic violence
for the families to create. Thank you for your     Center. Kelly has volunteered numerous hours       educational materials at Verrado High School.
continued support of the Cook for Kids             to projects such as this. Thank You Kelly!         Thank you to Ms. De La Costa's Psychology
program.                                                                                              classes for their participation and support.
                     Thank You for Your Continued Support
           A partial list of our wonderful donors. This list includes donations recieved December 1, 2008 - February 28, 2009

Individuals              Carolyn Brown            Jacque Dehz               P. Galbraith              Renee Hill               Kate Krob
                         Joe & Claudia Brown      Eloise Dejarnette         Diane & Russell           Ronda Hill               Leo & Carol Krusemark
Gary D. Abel             Larry & Chris Brown      Jim & Terrel Delaney         Galewski               Greg & Stephanie         Amanda Kuhler
Harry Ackstein           Mark Brown               Debra DeMilto             Adolfo & Tinea Gamez        Hillebrand             Heidi Kummetz
Gabrielle Aguayo         Robert & Judy Brown      Ala Denny                 Veronica Gamez            Jaci Hirschthal          Cheryl B La Motta
Andrea Aguilar           Robin Brown              Richard DevLaemincle      Sam Garcia Jr.            Shirley Hirth            Yolanda Laborin
Megan Aja                Nell Browning            Jeffrey & Deborah         Elizabeth Garcia          Cynthia Hoak             Jay & Cathy Ladd
Cherry Akers             Connie Brownlowe            Devries                Sharon Gass               Debra Hobbs              Kathleen Lally
Lisa Albrald             Jeanne Bruce             Danielle Diaz             Bee Gatliff               Katie Hobbs              Rex & Shirley Lambert
Nancy Albright           Mabel Brunner            Janet L. Diggs            Gary Gelzer               Pam Hobbs                John E. & Doisey A.
Lois Alexander           Paul & Nancy Budge       James & Carol Dilgard     Connie George             Marie Hoger                 Landry
Donna Allen              Donna Buell              Bruce & Delores Dixon     Tracy Gerard              Sharolyn Hohman          Susan Lantz
Dorothy Allen            Mamie Bullock            Sue Dolman                Bernadette Gibson         Jane Holdcroft           Cathy Larson
Karen Allen              Eileen Bump              Tammy Donahue             Sherol & Dudley           Henry & Marilyn          John C. & Marilyn
Jan Allison              Wanda Burkholder         Delerese Douglas             Gibson                   Holland                   Larson
Laura Allred             Danny Bushey             Virginia F Douglas        Bernard & Grace           Arthur R. Holmes         Rose Latino
Ronald & Janet Altman    Marlene Calder           Kathy Drennen                Gilreath               Bjorg (B.S.) Homan       Cindi Layer
Deborah M. Alves         Rita Calderon            Wendy Drewes              Barbara Glascu            Sara Homan               Carmele Le Gorburu
Sylvia Amaya             Catherine Hoben          Tracy Duncan              Stuart Glenn              Susan Honson             Mary Leister
David & Ingeborg            Calhoun               Pat Dunham                Barbara Glover            Doug Hood                Anita Leitner
  Anderson               Glenn Calvert            Mary Eaton                Gino Gnauden              Scott Hoppa              Della Lelakowski
Susan Anderson           Betty Campbell           Chris Edens               Cheryl Ann Goar           E.R. Horn                Andy & Gail Lesko
Rob & Amy Antoniak       Charles Cano             Lynn Edens                Susan Goetz               Barbara E. Horner        Holly Levin
Asan & Julaiha Ariff     Sasha Caporrimo          Tiffany Eichler           Irene Gonzales            Kim Stanley Howard       Lou Lewis & Linda
Chris & Lacy Arneson     Olivia Carey             Bradley & Diana           Darryl & Ann Goodale      Yvonne Howell               Strauss-Lewis
Bill & Joey Arnold       Julie Carlson               Eklund                 Mr. & Mrs. Terry A.       Jean Hudson              Annette Lien
Martin Aronov            Kelly Carmody            John Eklund & Muriel         Gould                  Ginger Huff              Cassandra
Yolanda Arroyo           Bob & Jane Carne            Gregg                  Granger Family            Jim Hughes                  Lightenberger
Craig Artrip             Ann Carter               Merhl & Secelia May       Gail Gregg                Bette A. Hughes          James & Kathleen
Claudia Artz-Ramos       Joan Casale                 Ellsworth              Natosha Griffith          Tom & Sharon N.             Lindstrom
Fabiola Arviso           Bertha Casillas          Arlene Engelbert          Harrison Griffith           Hume                   Bob & Terri Lisowski
Mary Aubuchon            Rebecca Castaneda        Patrick & Joann           Cheryl A Griscko          Janice Hupperts          Diana Lopez
Jason & Faye Auch        Jim & Dawn Cerven           Enyeart                Virgil & Fran Grumbling   Meredith Ihrig           M & A Lubimir
Joanne Austin            Debie Chambers           Gary & Ann Marie          Karen Gueltzow            Donna Incognito          Robert & Judy Lucca
Lawrence & Henrietta     Irene Chapman               Eppen                  Laura Ingalls Gunn        Harold & Marilyn         Grover & Catherine
  Auterino               Dr. William & Kathleen   Ann C. Erickson           Kathy Gurley                Ingholt                   Lumbard
Gene & Linda Auville        Chleborad             Dennis Erickson &         Don & Melissa Guth        Mary Insera              Daniel J. Lyddy
Esther Avila             Kathy Choitz                Kathy Bushy            Thomas Gyder              Ann Jackson              Mary Mack
Joni Babbitt             Laura Clapper            Saundra Erickson          Kathy Hageman             Mae Jackson              Judith Madden
Glenda Baca              Betty Clark              Carol Escajeda            Frances Hager             Cathy Jacobsen           Tina Madrid
Rena Backhaus            John S. & Isabel         Marie Espino              M. Haley                  Dena Beth Jaffee         Barbara Madson
Jane Bacon                  Clarke                Dora Espinosa             T.J. Hall                 Terry & Linda Janquart   George & Terri Magee
Betty Bailey             Stephen Cleveland        Cindy Esterly             Norm & Shirley Hall       Nadine Jeffries          Cindy Mahan
Barbara Baker            Anthony Cluff            David Evans               Steven & Cathy            Nadine Jeffries          Edward Maisel
Larry & Margaret Baker   Nancy Clyne              Helen Evans                  Hallenbeck             Glenn & Sharrie Jerdee   Heather Malchesky
Paula Baker              Ashley Anne Coates       Joe Evans                 Todd & Sandra             Lori Jeschke             Anna Mancilla
Phylllis Baldwin         James D Coffman          Ralph Evans                  Hammerschmidt          Darlene Johnson          Nancy Mancoso
Ron Bales                John H. Cole             Diana Evers               Shannon Haney             Durke Johnson            Andy & Cheryl
Richard Ballsmith        Leticia Colin            Marie Ewers               Dennis Hanley             Erin Johnson                Mandala
Sherri Bandera           Christina Collins        Deb Fahey                 Elizabeth Hanna           Fred & Lucy Johnson      Barb Manlick
Stanley & Catherine      Bill & Carolyn Colton    Sherrie Falk              Diane Hanrahan            Kris Johnson             Lisa Mansfield
  Bane                   Amy Colyer               Blasdell Family           Karen Hansen              Mavis M. Johnson         Kathy Marcoox
Bea Barnett              Nicole Comber            Elliott Family            Kelly Hansen              Tori Johnson             Vera Margolis
Robyn Barry              Kelly Comstock-Snell     John Farry & Anne         Roger & Jeanette          Cornelia Jones           Maria Mesquita
Dora Basaldua            Bev & Bob Comyn             Scott                     Hansen                 Dawn & Michael Jones     JoAnn Maroutsis
Mike Basalo              Timonthy & Bernice       Ken Fauth                 Randy & Kathy Harris      Travis Jones             JoAnn Maroutsis
Wes & Lupe Baysinger        Coogan                Frances C Fee             Calleen Harrison          Norbert Jones            Cheryl Marrs
Nicole Belden            Corinna Cooke            Carole Felix              William & Janet Hart      Julie Jordan             Brenda Martin
Ronald & Barbara         Sue Cooney               Milt Ferrantelli          Carolyn Hatfield          Karlah K                 Ron & Caron Martin
  Bennewate              Brenda Cooper            Robert & Lois Ferris      Nancy & Charles           Charlotte Kafitz         Marjorie Martin
Gerry Berger             Jennifer Copeland        Donald & Donita Fick         Hawkins                Walter & Faith Kalback   Luz Martinez
Sylvia Bernardi          Patricia Cordova         Pam Fields                Venita Hawthorne          Thomas & Danuta          Candy Martz
Rose Beymer              Norma Coria              Mary Fightmaster             James                    Kalisz                 Flora Massaro-McCoy
Teresa Biurson           Justine Cornelius        Donna Filloon             Diane Hayes               Nelda Kane               Bruce Mauger
Cynthia Black            Alexis Cottman           Lucille Finnstrom         Tom Hayes                 Karen Kaplan             Kenneth Maus
Sue Black                Donald & Joyce           Beverly S. Fisher         Steve & Darla Healey      Lucas Kearney            Corey Maxwell & Kym
Lyn Blackston               Craddock              Anita Fisse               Richard T. Heary          Randall & Jean Keele        Thill
Marie A. Blackwell       Bob & Jane Crane         Mary Fitzpatrick          Jane & Edward Hee         Mar Sue Kelley           Eugene May
James Blades             Terry Cruz               Marilyn Fogal             Geoff Heidke              Francis & Sandra Kelly   Richard & Karen
Barbara Blankenship      Gitta Cryder             Rose Forbes               William & Joanne          Eugene J. & Louise          Mayfield
Robert Bleecker          Monte & Marge Curtis     Suzanne Fortunato            Heiner                   Kerkhof                MC Laughlin & MC
Marva Booker             Cushing Family           Carolyn Foster            Carole Helland            David Kerns                 Laughlin, Inc
Debbie Borre             Lindsey C. Dailey        Bonnie Fournier           Estelle Helman            Mildred Kilberg          Amanda McAdams
Brenda Bosch             George Dallas            Chris France              Shirley Hemphill          Brenda Kilhoffer         Laura McBride
Stacey Bowsman           Sally Daniel             Peter & Kim Frasquillo    Yvonne Hennam             Lucinda Killion          Gary McCarthy
Russell Braden           Chris Daugherty          Barbara Fredericks        Fay Henning-Bryant        Raye Anna Kish           Julie McCarty
Marylyn Bradley          Felicia Davis            Heidi Frei                Gail Hernandez            Gene Klarer              Diane McCormick
Brandick Family          Larry Davis              Burt & Ursula Freireich   Mauricio Hernandez        Larry Kleindl            Kathy McCoy
Kim Brant                Tom Davis                David & Sheila Frens      Virginia Hernandez        Steve Klimaszewski       Marilyn McCulloch
Lindsay Brassfield       Luhleem Davison          Dr. Trisha Fritz          Marion Herrera            Ed & Elaine Klugman      Steve McDonad
Chris Brelje             Sharon Dawe              Pat Fulgham               Harry & Arlys Hertless    Charles & Susan          Beth McDonald
Chris Brennan            Kristi Dawson            Dianne Fulmer             Barbara Herwick             Kraemer                Lee & Marcia McDonell
Wally Brooks             Edward De Hoyos          O.K. & Judy Fulton        Helen Heyl                Sonya Kramp              Gloria & JL McElroy
Barbara Brown            Cathy Deadman            Dave & Jenny Gaiser       Lupita Hightower          Dorthy Kreibich          Irene McGrath
                       Thank You for Your Continued Support
           A partial list of our wonderful donors. This list includes donations recieved December 1, 2008 - February 28, 2009

Individuals (Cont'd)     Renee Ostin               Dennis & Carol             Sue Taylor               Robert & Nancy               Engineering
                         Patricia Outram              Rowland                 G. Taylor-Dorsett          Williams                Girl Scout Troop 2639
Kelly McHugh             Robert Owen               John Ruck                  Marina Tew               Joan Williamson           Great American Title
Robert & Rae McMillan    June Packnett             Nellie Rudolfo             The Reynolds Family      Rosemarie Williamson         Agency
Mandi McMillen           Paul & Jerry Palmisano    Paco & Christine           Neil & Diana             Sonya Williamson          Hi Fashion
Maureen McMinn           Mike & BeBe                  Rudolfo                    Thibodaux             Warren & Ruth             Holiday Inn Express
Steven McNally              Parascandola           Kenneth & Karen Rupp       Laurie Thiebert            Willingham                 Phx/Goodyear
Eleanor McNamee          Brenda Parker             Denise & Fred Russell      Charles & Sandra         Joanne Wilson             J.P. Morgan Chase
Frank & Marge Mead       Hayley Patterson          Frank Russo                   Thom                  Randy Wilson              Jana’s Bakery & Deli
Rose Means               Sal Peluso                Daniel Saban               Mary Lou Thomas          Janet Wilt                JMH Trucking
David & Susie Meese      Sarah Pendykosk           Chris & Pamela             Darci Tipton             Judy Wineland             John Manobianco,
Nancy Mellody            Barbara Peskin               Sabonis                 Cindy Tollefson          Jan Winestein                State Farm
Gage & Sydna             Heather Peterson          Joan Salik                 Elroy & Jerilyn          Diana Witzke                 Insurance
   Mersereau             Susan Petty               Beverly Sampson               Tomanek               Charles & Pamela          K Designers
Barb Meyer               Carole A. Pierie & Jane   Holli Sandeen              Debbie Torres              Wodrich                 Litchfield Park Rotary
Gerald Michatetz            T. Cook                JJ Sandifor                Roni Tortorici           Bryan Woelfel &              Club
Sandra & Boyd            Estelle Pilon             Gina Sandoval              Stella Trevino             Kristina Lang           Lockhead Martin
   Mikesell              Darla Pilon               Carolyn Sands              George Turnbough         Deanna Woodward           Lord of Life Lutheran
Audrey Miller            Lynne Plotner-Pierce      Christopher Santa          Robert & Judy Turnen     Beth Worsnup                 Church
Pamela Miller            Barbara Pogue                Cruz                    Sharon Turner            Beverly Wright            Millennium Student
Mike & Polly Miller      Martha Polk               Linda Satterfield          Mary Ellen Turnmire      Kim Xourafas                 Council
Robert Miller            Julia Poon                Robert & Julie Schilling   Charles Tye              John Yarling              Moms Club of
Leslie Benton Miller     M. Porter                 Richard Schlotzhauer       Jessica Tyer             Kim Yedowitz                 Goodyear North
Bill & Vera Minkel       Harold W. & Barbara       Fred Schmidt               Juliana M. Umstattd      Bruce & Johna Young       Otto & Edna Neely
Gabriele Mirick             Porter                 Lila A. Schneider          Joyce Vaccaro            Carrie Young                 Foundation
Dottie Mitchell          Cynda Post                Dan Scholl                 Beecher & Linda          Rev. Pat Young            Northwest Valley
Patti Modderman          Alice Powell              Dean & Karen                  Vaillancourt          Susan Youngker               American
Diane Moliter            Jerold Power                 Schroeder               Jo Ann Valdez            B. Zelenka                   Association of
Heather Montasir         Carol Pribich             Michele Schuchman          Roger & Susan Vallie     Erica Zuniga                 University Women
Jennifer Montasir        Anne L. Price             Carol & Robin Schultz      Sherri VanSchaick                                  NT Consulting
Elishah Montijo          Bedie & Chad Price        Steve Schwartz             June A. Van              Businesses,                  Company, Inc.
Marge Moore              Laura Price               Elizabeth Schwob              Valkenburg            Clubs &                   Order of the Eastern
Marie Moore              Lorri Panton              Frank & Rosemary           Bert Van Wagner          Foundations                  Star Acacia #46
 Sharon Moore            Jeanette L. Pyle             Scott                   Nancy VanPelt                                      Palmbrook Country
Derek J. Moore           Ron Quain                 Vickie Seders              Richard & Peggy          123 Dental Care              Club
Yolanda Mora             Rosalinda Quezada         James & Marian See            Vasiloff              Agua Fria Union High      Palo Verde Patchers
Cenobio Cruz Morales     Bibiana Quintero          Deborah Seiberlich         Gregg Vervaet               School                 Palo Verde Patchers
Roseanne Moran           Deanna L. & David         Kelly Seiberlich           Lucy Vesterby            Albertson’s               Paradise Bakery
Ernesto Moreno              Rada                   Charla Seitz               Scott & Peggi Vigil      All About Catering        Pebble Creek Ladies
Catherine & Gerry        Richard & Roberta         Lenore Semmler             Elizabeth D. Vlassis     Arizona Nursery              Golf
   Morgan                   Rademacher             Euna L. Sexton             Dan & Suzy Wachtler         Assoc. Foundation      Prayer Assemby Cosic
Richard & Brenda         Tom & Joan Rafferty       Laura Shank                Joyce Wade               Arizona Republic, The        Youth Departmart
   Morgan                Valerie Ragland           Bill Sharp                 William & Diane          Arrowhead Community       Quilting for Others
Michael J. Morris        Joan & Carolyn            Nita Sheely                   Walenda                  Bank                   Refinery Christian
Theresa Muecke              Ragsdale               Mara Siegel                William C Walker         Assistance League of         Church
Edwin & Gayle Mullins    Walter & Faith Ralback    Aaron Sierra               Carolyn Walker              Phoenix                Ruth Circle of the First
Tanja Muncey             Bill & Linda Ramirez      Olga Silva                 Krystal Walton           Aten Insurance               Christian Church
Yolanda Munoz            Jim & Susan Ramsey        Leonard Silvester          Angela Waltz                Service, Inc.          Pendergast Elementary
Kayla Murillo            Jeff & Michelle           Andrea Simpkins            Chad Waltz               Barbara Atkins               School
John Murphy                 Ramsouer               Bob & Cathy Singleton      Dorothy Ward             Don Bennett &             Shear Staci
Patricia Murphy          Bruce & Christy           Donna Sirounian            Lorri Ward                  Associates, Inc.       SK Ramsey, Inc
Peter & Lori Murphy         Raykowski              Susan T. Sjostrom          Sandy Ward               Borders                   Society of St. Vincent
Marilyn Nagy             Philip & Donna Razon      Klien & Julie Skousen      Carol Waring             Beauty Brands                de Paul
Thomas J. Nannetti       Sunny Read                Fred Sleeper               Hortensia Warner         Care 1st                  Southwest Valley
Cindi Nannetti           Tamara Rench              Debra Smith                Lola Warner              Christ Child Society of      Women’s Group
Cheri Nelson             John & Karen Reuland      Kathy Smith                Erin Wathen                 Phoenix                St. Thomas Aquinas
Kim Nelson               Maria Reyes               Teresa M. Smith            Gina Watkins             Christ’s Church of the    Sun City Festival
Linda & Rhuno Nelson     Jean Reynolds & Nelli     Chuck Smythe               Jan Watson                  Valley                    Quilting Bees
Robert & Blanche         Camille Richards          John Snyder                Shawn & Emanuela         Church at Litchfield      Sun City West Rotary
   Nelson                Dirk & Norma              Frank & Jeanette              Watt                     Park                      Club
Shannon Nelson              Richardson                Soare                   John & Carolyn Watton    The Church of St.         Sunrise Foundation
Shannon Nelson           Pamela & Donald Rider     William St. Bernard        Jennifer Webb               Joachim & St. Anne     Sunshines Cleaning
Dr. Richard & Dorothy    Christina Risley-Curtis   Sandra Staflin             Donald & Diane Week      City of Goodyear          Valley of the Sun
   Ness                  Corina H.Rivas            Wally & Pat Staflin        Leonard & Jeanne         City of Litchfield Park      United Way
Ron & Kitty Nettie       Mary Lou Rivera           Robert Statzer                Welborn               City of Phoenix           Walmart Neighborhood
Alice Neuwirth           Barb Roberts              Dina Steinberg             John Wenslau                Finance Department        Market #3604
Pam Newman               Elizabeth P. Roberts,     Stephanos Antoniades       Betty Westfahl           City of Tolleson          Wellpoint Associate
Craig & Judi Nielsen        TTEE                      & Olga Tsoudis          David & Jackie Wetta     Community Church             Giving Campaign
Sally Nielson            Gail Robinson             Linda Sterry               Sue Whaples                 of Joy                 West Valley Crisis
Helen Nienhouse          Stephanie Rodin           Chas Stewart               Scott & Kathy White      Crown of Life Lutheran       Center
Dale Nokes               Angela Rodrigo            Georgiane Stewart          J. Whitehead                Church                 West Valley Hospital &
Susan Noleen             Jay Rodriguez             Mary Stewart               Karen Whittney           Cummins Rocky                Medical Center
Sten & Sally Nordh       Peggy Roesch              James C. Stone             Nancy Wick                  Mountains              Westside General
Vicki M. Norrie          John & Gay Romack         Ari Stork                  Dick & Jane              Davis Home                   Practice
Phyllis Norris           Elizabeth A. Root         Gerald Strick                 Wiederhold               Furnishings            Wildflower Bread
Kathleen O’Connell       Betty Rosenberg           Charlotte & Richard        Michele D. Wiedower      Desert Palms                 Company
Carol O’Connor           Jerry & Cherie               Stromfors               Stuart & Mary               Presbyterian Church    Women of Peace
Charles & Linda Oliver      Rosenquist             Mike Susic                    Wilkening             Estrella Mountain            Lutheran Church
Beth Olsen               Steve Ross                Carolyn Suttles            Peggy Wilkerson             Church
                                                                                                                                 Every effort is made to ensure
Helen & Laval Olson      Lyle & Joan Roth          Andrea Swartwood           PN Williams              Estrella Rotary           the accuracy of the names & at-
Janet Olson              Pat & Walter Roth         Scott Sylvan               Bill Williams            Estrella Toastmasters     tributes of our donors. If there
Jim & Linda Olvey        Charles & Alyce           Tanja Tanner               Daphne Williams          Faith Quilters            is an error in your information,
Ruben Ortega                Rothacker              Laura Tarditi              Dottie Williams          Femail Creations          please accept our apologies &
Karen Ortega-Matson      Debbie Rowe               Patsy Taylor               Terry & Julie Williams   Fuzion Visual             call the Community Develop-
                                                                                                                                 ment Dept. (623) 932-4404.
WISHLIST                                                 In addition to safety and shelter, New Life Center provides
                                                          food, clothing, personal care items and other necessities to
                                                          over 100 women and children each day. The following list
  are items that are in constant rotation and must be purchased on a weekly basis. Your support in providing these
       items allows the Center to continue the important work of helping women and children escape violence.
     Baby/Infant Items
Sippy Cups
                                  Current Stock
                                                        Non-Perishable Food
                                                    Salad Dressing
                                                                              Current Stock
                                                                                                 Your   Support
New Baby Bottles                    None            BBQ Sauce                   None
Diapers (Sizes 4, 5, 6)             None            Fresh Fruit                 Low            Makes an Impact
                                                    Jelly                       Low           The community has responded with
Formula                             Low
                                                    Condiments                  Low            great enthusiasm to the changing
Baby Shampoo                        Low
                                                    Crackers                    Low               needs of New Life Center.
Diapers (Sizes 2 & 3)               Low
Diaper Cream                        Low             Healthy Snack Items         Low               Donations of paper products,
Baby Wipes                          Low             Canned Goods                Low            diapers and non-perishable foods
   Personal Care Items                                      Campus Items                       totalled nearly $2,000 last month.
                                  Current Stock                               Current Stock
Hairspray                           None            Ziploc Bags (Sm. & Lg.)     None           This generosity allows New Life
Hairbrushes/Combs                   None            Laundry Detergent           None          Center to provide safety, shelter and
Feminine Items                      None            Glass Cleaner               Low              services to a women and her
Deodorant                           Low             Paper Products              Low               children for over a month.

                                                                                              Thank You
Shampoo/Conditioner                 Low                • Bath Tissue            Low
Razors                              Low                • Paper Towel            Low
Lotion/Sunscreen                    Low             Bleach                      Low

       Please share & recycle this newsletter. Thank You.                                            Vol. 15  09        Spring

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                                                                                         PO Box 5005 | Goodyear, AZ 85338

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