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									Major events affecting the stock market today Comments (3.19)
Today, more information surfaces, still long and short and recent, but not strong
enough to affect the broader market trend information appears on the part of industry
or individual stocks will have an impact.
Macro】 【market
CBRC: M & A line of credit loans for more than 80 billion yuan (market
March 18, organized by the China Banking Association, the bank issues a large
lecture hall on the front, China Banking Regulatory Commission policies and
regulations of the Department of Renhuang Yi said the acquisition of commercial
bank loans current line of credit more than 80 billion yuan, has issued loans to 80 M
million, involving sectors such as steel, cement, electricity, real estate and energy.
【Comments】: M & A loans and the process should be primarily, but not
the main review; should encourage SMEs M & A transactions and
syndicated loans; should learn from folk wisdom, and promote the development of M
& A loans. (National League securities)
New regulations the Ministry of Finance: State-financed non-limited reduction of full
(market good)
Ministry of Finance recently issued "Financial Administration of
State-owned Assets Transfer", standardize the transfer of state assets
financial Qi Ye's new rules, analysts believe that move is the current
state-financed background Dafei reduction behavior Quanbu into the specification
Fan Wei, Yi Jian in resolving a large non- support.
【Comments】: This is a large non-financial sector holdings or transfer of an initial
regulatory system, and avoid the purchase price of below-market phenomena, and is
conducive to maintaining price stability in the financial markets, was not subject to
transfer price parity "down!" In addition, the transfer required to
report large effect upon approval by the financial sector, will avoid a huge loss of
state-owned assets, but also put an end to the 'transfer price below the
market price to buy, then the price higher than the purchase price to sell in the
secondary market 'very unfair phenomenon. (National League securities)
State Information Center: Industrial growth will remain low short-term hovering
National Information Centre on the 19th at the exclusive China Securities Journal
published a study that, as the "capital growth" effects of
measures to gradually appear, China's Gong added value 急剧 down the
momentum contained, while industrial growth rate of short-term multi-factorial
Rengjiang hovering low.
【Comments】: undermine market confidence. (Qilu Securities)
367 listed companies in asset impairment losses of 10.8 billion (market neutral and
As of March 18, Shanghai and Shenzhen 367 annual reports were released. Data show
that the 367 achieved in 2008, operating profit totaled 91.485 billion yuan, net profit
of 79.202 billion yuan, the total net profit flat in 2007. wind statistics also showed that
367 listed companies, asset impairment losses in 2008 10.854 billion yuan, up 5.578
billion yuan in 2007 increased by 95.33%; single asset impairment that swallowed a
11.86% operating profit.
【Comments】 This side shows the domestic economy from the global financial crisis
there, many listed Gong Si's performance is affected while this influence is
reflected in the company's main income, but also reflected in the huge
Impairment of assets, the listed company if the state out of the trough, there is a long
process. (Founder Securities)
State Council: Some regional and industry economic recovery signs (positive macro)
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council on the 18th executive meeting,
the meeting discussed the current economic situation at home and abroad, agreed that
the international financial crisis is spreading deeper parts of the country and
stabilizing the economy bounced back in the industry, but the contradictions and
difficulties still Great.
【Comments】: State Council executive meeting to make some regions and industries
to stabilize the economy bounced back in the judgments of the increase of the market
bottom out this year, China's economy expected confidence is important.
The gradual emergence of macroeconomic stabilization and rebound, which means a
fundamental market fundamentals will gradually improve, although it takes time to
verify, but it will greatly encourage market confidence and popularity. (GF Securities)
Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Statistics: The main industry recovery Chongqing
Economic stabilized pick up (macro good, pay attention to relevant regional blocks)
According to Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Statistics, in February has been the
gradual recovery of the industry in Chongqing city. Influenced by the financial crisis,
the industrial economy began to recover, from the January trend into the upside down,
in February the industrial added value up 18.1%, basic electricity business returned to
normal volume. Key industries and production rebounded, the first pillar industries in
Chongqing transportation equipment manufacturing industry rebounded, which
produced 71,100 cars, up 24.4%; motorcycle production was 469 400 , an increase of
65 performance of the company changed face crisis began "in the
book" (market neutral)
As of March 18, has 76 listed companies to publish annual results 2008 amended
notice, of which 65 revised downward, upward correction of only 11.
Most of the Asia-Pacific stocks of Japanese stocks rose the highest close for five
weeks (overall good)
U.S. stocks rose last night, Wednesday, the Asia-Pacific stock markets opened higher
after the general trend of differentiation. As at today's close: The Nikkei
rose 0.3%; the Korean stock market closed up 0.52%; the Australian stock market
dropped slightly by 0.21%; the Taiwan stock market rose 0.12%. Japanese stocks in
the highest five-week closing price.
World Bank lowered China's GDP growth forecast to 6.5% deflation risk
The World Bank is expected that China's gross domestic product (GDP), or
an increase of 6.5%, below the previous forecast of 7.5%, mainly on account of the
deteriorating global economic situation. Which the government direct expenditures or
contributions for the entire GDP growth of 4.9 percentage points.
【Company】 industry
Fastest growing new medical reform plan introduced today and tomorrow (industry
Revised or new medical reform plan announced today and tomorrow, along with the
new medical reform plan also released a complete series of medical reform
implementation plan.
【Comments】: Chinese stocks on the formation of good, but short-term bearish
pressure atmosphere of speculation. (Qilu Securities)
Steel prices fell to 15-year low in the steel, it is requested to improve the export tax
rebate (good industry)
In the domestic steel prices plummeted by the end of February once again the context
of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, held last Friday at the standing director
unit of production and management part of the forum, participants basic domestic
large steel enterprises before the 20 leaders. China Steel Association estimated the
size of the domestic steel prices in March will show a worsening trend in loss;
because steel prices have dropped to 1994 levels in March in China may become a net
importer of steel.
【Comments】: or the formation of positive expectations on the industry. (Qilu
Ministry of Commerce Ministry of Commerce shall prohibit Coca-Cola acquisition of
Huiyuan (the industry good)
March 18, said Coca-Cola Huiyuan deal did not pass anti-monopoly investigation,
because the acquisition will affect or limit competition is not conducive to the healthy
development of China's fruit juice industry. Followed by Coca-Cola
announced that no bid.
【Comments】: Ministry of Commerce said in a message released by the review, the
focus will have adverse effects on competition. Coca-Cola Company after the
completion of focus may use its dominant position in the carbonated soft drink market,
tying, bundling fruit juice, or to set other conditions for exclusive deals, concentrated
fruit juice drinks market, limit competition, resulting in consumers being forced to
accept higher prices, fewer types of products; the same time, both brands on the role
of market access restrictions, potential competition is difficult to eliminate the effect
of restricting competition; In addition, the concentrated juice is also squeezing the
domestic small and medium enterprises survive, to the Chinese juice market
competition pattern of adverse effects. (Far East Securities)
Land transactions in February to double the national increase in living space the most
significant (positive industry)
Central China Real Estate Institute of the monitoring data show that 1 in February in a
continuous sharp surge in new home transactions under the background of the land
market, there have been some degree of warming. Whether it is residential land,
commercial land, or industrial land, a substantial increase in volume than in January.
Tianjin Port to introduce strategic investors, the transaction amount is about 11 billion
Hong Kong dollars (good company)
Tianjin Port Corp. and Tianjin Port Development Holdings Limited and significant
innovation Investment Co., Ltd., the three parties signed a share transfer agreement,
the transaction involving an amount of about 110 million.
International orders will be held in April and six major coal power enterprises or the
next one 4 million tons (industry good)
18, an executive five power generation groups, told reporters that, given the recent
introduction of coal-coordinated program more likely, "the first
international coal orders will be held in April." Five Power Generation
Group has so far not made a ton of coal enterprises contract. First International Coal
orders by Huaneng, China Power Investment, Datang, Huadian, China Electric Power
Group and China Resources and other five co-sponsored power, include some of the
local electricity prices, the proposed purchase of coal by way of large-scale overseas,
the pressure imposed on coal enterprises to coal contract prices this year reached a
key lower than last year's original intention, which ended months of
stalemate coal both the Bureau of the top cattle. (This article Source: NetEase
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