Madman Diary: the understanding of corporate culture

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					Madman Diary: the understanding of corporate culture


     ?Madman Diary: the understanding of corporate culture
   In recent years, companies interested in the cultivation of corporate culture, or
create their own culture, from the popular brand in recent years, brand-name fashion,
really have a brand or a well-known marks as to have a sense of the world.
   Have a brand, or well-known trademark, also have high product prices, the expense
of the consumer, confused group of consumers. Early businesses to invest in brand
consumption costs, on-going back in the pockets of entrepreneurs. For the
understanding of corporate culture, what can you do?
   Aucma are home appliances business, failure is the most typical Chinese household
electrical appliance enterprises.
   Operators making mistakes can not be forgiven, Holding a heavy burden on the
government pay for the enterprise to move forward into the abyss. And who will give
   A well-known trademarks in China, a Chinese refrigerator king, you say it worth?
Government in holding a pot of hot yam to eat their own bitter fruit for himself. Not
to say that, with a well-known marks can be directly converted to the number of 100
million yuan it? Real sense of the value of Chinese brands are virtual, there is no
practical value, high-ranking officials, the so-called experts have a wealth not only to
entrepreneurs began to germinate the bitter fruit of a temporary store in the heart in
the event of sign of trouble, companies can quickly translate into a pile of worthless
scrap metal.
   Ha ha! Big joke now!
   No, that is the feel-good feel-good government and trampled people in the tax, the
value of state capital some money, where a home has become a pawn entrepreneurs,
Xpress mercy of Bale.
   Not to say that the road farther, the more hearts and they have to do?
   Corporate Culture in cultivation, in the care, the improvement in the well-guided,
not by a few quotations from his easy tolerance. The high-profile corporate culture
does not only have nothing exciting to use the internal cohesion to raise, with the
excellent quality of internal staff to blend with entrepreneurs, social responsibility in
exchange for Caidui ah!
Parenthood need to conceive in October, in the true sense of the foster children, but
also how many years? Moreover, to nurture their own culture!
   Companies need their own brands, but brands are built with independent property
rights, with innovation, with quality under the concept of quality, with carefully under
the care of cultural, if not self, 符合 demand of social development and culture, just
makes the product portfolio of large machines, the so-called international, the
world's business and no prosperity, lasting one said.
   A cycle of three to five years of life and what is not a cycle of three to five years ah!
Like when you and I can cycle of reincarnation to the heart of the corporate culture to
   Because I am not entrepreneurs, not the general public and scholars, and certainly
not experts in corporate culture.
   Madman said, is brilliant heartfelt thoughts.
   The essence of culture is derived from heart, heart, natural surge of cultural
   Madman diary, although discussion of a lunatic. Also as in carefully listening to the
voice of flowers, is from the inner feelings, is the most worthy of attention from the
internal details.
   Note: A friend Message said: "The more detached words like watching
your thinking, not reality criticism and discontent." I have no resentment,
but very satisfying their own lives, dreams and joy of the inner heart. But, you see
what they think they stand a very high high platform, puffing saliva very passionate
look, how to warn the community, his heart is in wondering how to make people
listen to my lecture, after queuing to buy my publications! Or anything from the
reputation of scholars, experts, people? Actually is the spokesman for the interests of
the company. I asked, how would you want to! A clap clap, or own thinking?

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